Cold Saturday, 12-3-22

Very cold today – below zero wind chills when we got up but now that the chores are done I can watch soccer, football and basketball while I sew. Supper is leftover roast beef, carrots and potatoes so the day is mine. What would the world be like if the everyday running of the household were left to the men?

Netflix – I also watched From Scratch and enjoyed it. Yes, 1899 ended up weird and I liked the first part better than the last couple of episodes – pretty stupid if you ask me. I liked Inside Man but disturbing.

Wind in our area last night gusted to 50-55 mph! It was roaring out of the northwest – much better today.

I’ve got a bunch of reader quilts today – here we go!

And one reader is working hard on her QuiltAlong Fresh Air blocks!

This is Keeper and Aviv – they are great friends now and Aviv will be back on Monday. Simka was not happy here – she sat by the gate and cried for Cathy – I felt so bad for her. She might stay home on Monday – she’ll probably be happier. We’ll see.

December 1, 2022

The number for December is 4 – four.

The color for December is Black.

I do understand that it’s December and everybody is going to be busy with Christmas but try your best to eek out a little sewing time. Christmas can be stressful so a little time at your sewing machine will help.

Now – about the Christmas Sled #603. I FOUND IT! Misfiled which is why I didn’t find it the first time – ugh. I’m so sorry I created all this angst and worry. You can order it immediately for $5.00. Address found under our picture.

And now an explanation – when we retired and closed in 2014 it never once entered my mind that in 2022 I’d still be mailing out patterns. I was just so tired of having no privacy that we made the decision to close. I wish I had stuck it out because now quilt shops are few and far between. Quality fabric is scarce but we had over 5000 bolts. My little farm haven became a public space and not everybody who visited Country Threads liked my animals. They had to be locked up every day until 5:05. I hated that part.

Several asked about this red and white runner.

I have this pattern and it can be made available for $5.00. Oh, we designed hundreds of patterns – many Christmas projects, too many to show them all here.

This Santa pattern is called Winter from one of our early books. The pattern is several large sheets of templates increasing the cost to $10. You can order it now.

This pattern is in the Country Threads Quilt Shop Series book so if you have that book, you have this pattern already.

It’s very windy again today making it nearly impossible to take quilt pictures outside. I have two new dogs here for doggie daycare, Simka and Aviv. They belong to our neighbors, Tom and Cathy who sadly are dealing with daily radiation treatments for Tom’s Stage 4 brain cancer. Keeping their dogs in the quilt shop is what I can do to help them and I wish there was something else I could do. We all wish for that but he is terminal.

I’ve watched a couple good Netflix series – Inside Man and 1899. Anybody else have recommendations?

That’s it for today – remember Number 4 and Black.

The Sled Quilt, 11-29-22

Okay, okay! I’ll search for the Sled pattern! Haha! Surely we still have one copy I can make copies from. We are really having a bad weather day today but tomorrow the search will be on.

Reader quilts

And just outside the window the sparrows are enjoying those tumbleweeds – great shelter for them.

Hazel needs to play ball before I go back to the sewing machine.

Tomorrow – the Sled pattern!!!!