Enthusiasm! 3-27-23

I am so pumped about the Iowa women I dreamed about basketball last night. The game was so fun to watch and Caitlin is such a phenomenal player even the analysts are out of superlatives.

Even if you’ve never followed women’s basketball you’ll find the Iowa Hawks very fun to watch – just almost unbelievable and records are being broken in every single game. Do you know what a Logo 3 is? Caitlin shoots from the logo in the middle of the floor and usual makes it.

Would it be too much to consider that they could win it all? I hardly dare think about it so I’ll just look forward to the game on Friday night. Sorry to go on and on about this game but I’ve always said this is a blog about nothing except what’s on my mind which is never earth shattering, controversial or serious! Just everyday life as we all live it and I’m guessing we all can identify with ordinary days.



Iowa Women led by Caitlin Clark are headed to the Final Four! If you love college basketball then you know how excited I am – it’s been a great month of basketball games and I always wonder what I’ll watch when it’s all over. I decided to bind a quilt during the game so I wouldn’t be so anxious about the score – tv is just in front of me and half the cats I own had to take their turn laying on the quilt – here are two of them, Deano and Heidi.

I’ll take a picture of the quilt tomorrow but since the pattern is not available and Martingale is ending all their e editions the end of March maybe you can just use it as a guide for color or even pattern. It wouldn’t be too difficult to piece on your own,

The little kids from church brought me a thank you today for the snacks I delivered to them last month. I got a kick out of their note.

Can you tell I brought them Doritos, goldfish and gummy bears? Haha!

Such a sweet picture from a reader!

Could they crowd me any more? This is JB and Three.


Guess who wants my sandwich!

So glad you liked the tutorial about putting your name on your photo!

This is how Finn and Keeper like to play.

And if you’re a cat owner then this will look familiar – right on my book!!!

And then there’s Deano on the island……..I’ll say no more.

Congratulations to the Iowa Women’s Basketball team – it’s been so much fun watching you all season! I’ll be cheering on Friday night.

Adding Your Name, 3-25-23

To add your name to your picture:

Click Edit

Click on the pencil icon

Turn markup off (a window will pop up with this choice of yes or no)

Hit the + sign

Hit text

Text window will appear in center of photo

Drag TEXT to bottom of photo

Click done

Double tap the text field and the keyboard will pop up. Type your name in.

Try this and let me know.