Cardiac Ablation, 6-19-24

Rick will be undergoing cardiac ablation tomorrow morning due to continuing Afib. He took a tumble this afternoon in our yard – said his knee just gave out.

I have several patriotic patterns to make available to you so I took them to the post office to make sure what postage I should require from you. Closed – June Teenth? How did I miss this becoming a national holiday? I can’t take them tomorrow either so bear with me – I’ll get them posted asap.

It would be a good children’s book – Greta and the Big Bad Truck – if only I had an illustrator.

Reader photos

Three – I’ll never have to worry he’s stuck high in a tree, will I? He’s too fat!!

Remember Gloria, Gaylen and tiny little Caitlin? They came to pick up the succulent desk tonight – I knew you’d want to meet her.

Isn’t she sweet? You might remember Caitlin was a foster through Jo’s rescue and Gloria had recently lost Angel. It’s a match made in Heaven, I’d say.

Someone asked about those hydrangeas I moved last fall – they’ve got a ways to go but they all came up and are growing along with the weeds.

Jo in Wyoming sent these pictures – the huge truck hauls coal and the other is the picture of the road collapse in Yellowstone. I didn’t know they made trucks that big.

Huge limb came down behind the house last night in the storm. I told Rick it’s in a perfect spot – not in the way of mowing and I can’t see it from the house. He won’t be doing any wood cutting for awhile anyway.


Good Night, Everybody!

I hope the comment box remains in place for you all.

Distraught! 6-18-24

For the past 3 days I have been distraught, terrified, helpless and in tears – Greta climbed 40+ feet up a tree with no lower limbs and was stuck there crying pitifully for us to get her down. Don’t ask me why this happened because I simply don’t know but there she was literally higher than the house and we had no way to help her. We tried everything we could think of to coax her down. We even clamped a long limb in the loader bucket and raised it as high as we could to get closer to her thinking she might be braver to come down on a limb.

I could do nothing but sit in the chair and plead with her to come down. I looked online where there are many instances of cats leaping safely to the ground but just as many who leap to their death.

Last night I left her an open can of cat food on top of the ladder as well as water – the days have been very hot and she hadn’t had anything to drink for days. The ladder was tipped over this morning and the food gone.

We closed all the windows so we couldn’t hear her crying, I went to the sewing room and avoided the porch and I haven’t slept well for several nights.

This morning I simply couldn’t take it any longer and I called a tree service. I couldn’t get an answer – the voice mail didn’t work so I drove to their business north of Garner, Malek Tree Service. In tears I told him what I needed and he said he’d come after he finished the current tree trimming job. I drove home and within the hour, their truck pulled in.

As he parked under the tree I warned him the cat, Greta, would claw and bite and was already terrified but as he pulled on his leather gloves he assured me he had done this before.

As he rose higher and closer to the tree I could see Greta getting nervous and I ran behind the house. I couldn’t look! When I returned 20 seconds later they both laughed when I asked where she was. She was already down the tree and back in the house!!!!! Evidently she was so scared of the truck and the guy coming towards her that she scampered right down the opposite side of the tree in nothing flat!!

Becky dubbed her Little Dumb Ass – here she is tonight.

And here’s the stormy sky earlier tonight – the storm that’s been predicted for days – the storm I dreaded if she were still in the tree.

You can’t make this stuff up, Folks! I was thrilled to post all the pictures the last two days without narrative since I was so worried I could hardly talk. Now I feel as if I’ve just written a book. Sigh.

Reader photos


Farmer Tim’s corn across the road

More corn pictures tomorrow – I think I’m past my limit.

I know I’ll sleep tonight without worrying about Greta in the tree. Honestly, it’s always something, isn’t it? I’ll bet you think I just make this stuff up to entertain you. Haha!