Friday, 5-27-22

Let’s start with the projects:

Yesterday Hazel got rats #51 and 52! This morning I got 4 guineas who are known to kill rats. Just one more possible solution to my problem.

This is my pretty barn.

This is the southwest corner where the wind has blown off the fascia board. The construction company was here early this morning to take pictures of what they’ll need to fix it. Always something.

Tim’s corn is up!

Around the barn this morning-

Here’s another project – the pond needs to be dug out again – ugh.

Has anyone seen this aerial farm picture? I know I’ve seen this before and really studied it but I don’t know where. When I saw it at the thrift store for $5.00 I had to buy it. Any info is appreciated.

Here are two more $5.00 patterns – several patriotic holidays coming up.

Star pincushion

Flag tablerunner

Send cash or check to Country Threads, 2345 Palm Ave. Garner, IA 50438. Each pattern is $5.00 and I would so appreciate a SASE or at the very least an address label so I don’t have to write out the envelope. These are simple one sheet patterns with no color photo – you should save the color photos posted here. Please make note of these patterns now – save them or put them in a folder – whatever – because I won’t necessarily post them again and they are not in the online store.

I’m off to the cemetery with flowers to put on Mom and Dad’s graves. I’ll bet you’re doing the same.

Wrong title – 5-26-22

My post yesterday had the two stories reversed – the shocking rat story should have been a postscript to the kitten rescue! How could I have reversed them? The rats are on my mind 24/7 and I just hate that they’re in my barn – I always loved going to the barn and now I’m almost afraid to step in the door. Ugh.

Short post – just wanted to thank everyone for sending thanks to Mark and Cyndy! Compared to the news it’s a pleasure to read about these lucky kittens, isn’t it?

Just Shocking!!! 5-25-22

I stepped out of the barn tonight after closing it up for the night and there was Rat #50 dead on the ground! Fifty!!!!! Hazel got this rat sometime today and I honestly do not k ow when exactly.

The last couple days have been a blur and numbers 48 and 49 happened then. You cannot imagine how shocked I am – to have discovered 50 dead rats after living here for over 43 years. Our friend Jo from Wyoming sent me a homemade rat remedy which I mixed up today and hope it works.

Remember this tiny special needs kitten?

She was born with twisted back legs and I posted her picture here on the blog to see if I could help find her a home. A reader contacted me almost immediately when I said I would consider paying to have her euthanized. The reader named Cyndy F. said she’d pick up the deformed kitten and her sibling, an orange tabby boy, on Monday.

Mark and Cyndy to the rescue
Mark, Cyndy and Heather

Now for the shocking detail – MARK AND CYNDY LIVE IN CALIFORNIA!!

Yes, they drove 26 hours to pick up these lucky kittens. They are now on their way home to California with the two luckiest kittens in the entire world. Please help me extend my thanks and gratitude to Mark and Cyndy!

I am thrilled to write this rescue story – it’s what I do best! And while I’m writing I’m also watching the American Rescue Dog Show.

More farm news tomorrow!