No Sewing, 12-9-23

Yikes, I didn’t sew – ran errands, filled pattern orders, organized more in sewing room. Here’s another blast from the past – remember log cabin vests? Here’s mine – I remember wearing it to the first quilt meeting I attended.

Remember Marie’s Wild Rice quilt?

Here’s the original – pattern is $5.00 with SASE

Hazel finally got a bath tonight – it was badly needed but she wasn’t happy about it.

Maggie Hall – 101 on December 15

PO Box 14

Onawa, IA 51040

Reader photos

Before I put this in a frame I wanted to show you this beautiful crocheted edging around this embroidery piece. I almost hate to hide it in a frame.

And Greta’s keeping me company tonight.

Just happened to see this ad – doesn’t anybody proofread these days?

Muslim???? Really? I’m sorry – I had to post it.

Friday Night News, 12-8-23

I have so many things to write in this blog about nothing that I had to make notes to myself today!

Could you please send another very special card? Bonny Hall who is a reader told me about her mom, Maggie, who is going to be 101 years old on December 15 and I’m going to send her a birthday card. Here’s what Bonny had to say about her mom:

She has lived with me the past year, but considers herself a lifelong resident of Little Sioux Iowa. She has outlived her siblings, and has been widowed 25 years. One son died 20 yrs ago. An outbreak of Shingles totally changed her health…GET VACCINATED!

  She loves to read.  She dearly loved the Kitchen Klatter program and magazine, flavorings, and cleaning products . Through a friend, we have scored 70 years of back issues! Oh the pleasure these bring!!

Pretty crisp mentally. Plays a mean game of Uno and loves a good dish of baked beans loaded with bacon.

Here is her address:

Maggie Hall

PO Box 14

Onawa, IA 51040

Happy 101st Birthday, Maggie!

Reader photos:

Squares are 1” finished
Wild Rice by Country Threads

I need to reconsider Wild Rice in a new palette because I love this!

Marie finished the cross stitch, the wild rice quilt and the dresser since last summer. I admire her ability to stick to a huge project – I am too easily discouraged and can’t keep with it. Wow – just wow! Well done, Marie!!

This would be such a fun toy for a little dog that isn’t quite as aggressive as Hazel – haha! Actually Gracie and Greta thought it was great fun until Hazel hauled it outside. And just so you know, Amazon advertised this as a dog toy originally. It’s no longer on their site and I guess we probably can guess why. All is well – Hazel is fine but she had a wonderful time for 6 minutes.

A package arrived in my mail today – this sweet little stuffed goat from Terry N. It’s so cute! Hazel is begging me for it already.

I cleaned my sewing room today – I even scrubbed the floor! It’s amazing what one finds.

I’m a sucker for these old filet crochet pincushions.

I found more framed needlework, too, so I’m still working on my wall.

This unbelievable warm weather is worrying all of us in farm country. No rain or snow means no moisture for the crops next year. The farmers can’t grow corn and beans without moisture.

Since my sewing room is clean that gives me permission to start something new, doesn’t it? First I’m going to write a card to Marie! How about you?

P.S. This is a poor photo but this gray and white cat has been hanging around for several weeks now. I put this picture on the North Iowa Lost and Found pets – if someone is missing him, I hope they see the post.

This and That, 12-7-23

I’ve got a couple of finishes to show you tonight – nothing really major especially this snowy panel to hang outside when the temperature is 54 degrees!

Another finished top – next to go on the longarm – a divided four patch. This was my neutral project for November. Yes, November!!

I’ve been trying to get these blocks sewn together for several days and this is how I found them every morning. Gracie had a good time!

Hazel was very bored today so I gave her a toy that her Aunt Rose sent some time ago – after she destroyed the first one.

And this is 6 minutes later – total destruction!

And that was our day! Here are a few more reader photos – please send your Christmas tree photo if you have one.

Reader said this is a dress form

Poor Telly is so tired. 🙁