Sunny Sunday, 4-14-24

It was the perfect day – 72 degrees and no wind! After church I decided to start on the porch. I’m ready for the power washer next.

Reader photos:

Vintage Country Threads fabric on the back!

So remember Points of Interest last winter? Now we’re going to do outdoor and spring points of interest. How do your flower beds look? Yard? Outdoor patios? Lawn????? We all start over every spring unless you live in such a warm climate that you don’t need to winterize. Here’s my porch while I was cleaning it today – wish I had thought to take this picture before I moved out two huge wood boxes!

The outdoor covers are still on – maybe tomorrow we can do that.

I will take a couple more pictures tomorrow of some very messy areas that require clean up. We’ll do this again mid summer when everything is at its best. You in?

Signing off…..

Spring Planting, 4-13-24

Farmer Tim planted across the road today.

Isn’t that a sight? I love it and it means porch time to me.

Chicks are doing fine – I had to raise their heat lamp it was so warm. I visited The Hankster this morning.

She’s yelling at me not to take her picture because she doesn’t have any makeup on – this wind could blow your makeup right off your face!!!

Too much cuteness!

What is everybody working on or are you getting outside when you can? A friend just said that by next week temps will be down in the 20s at night again. That will be a shock, won’t it?

Friends were here this evening and Hazel proved what a little ______ she can be, barking and bringing the ball, jumping up even on the counter which she knows she can’t do but like a kid she takes the chance when somebody is here. And you wonder why we don’t invite friends here very often?????

Reader photos

Planted! The next time I show you this field the corn will be peaking through. Anybody want to take a guess when that will be? What do you think, Farmer Tim?

CHICKS! 4-12-24

I went to Alisa’s farm today to pick up the chicks – they’re about 10 days old now. While I was there Alisa gave me the tour – this reminded me so much of my place 30 years ago when I had a bit of everything.

Alisa with Naomi, Madeline and Than
And remember when I introduced you to Jerry Reed? Oh, what a sweet kitten!! Can you tell it was windy today?

So many chickens and the two cutest gray and white kitties I’ve ever seen. Such fun to visit someone else who loves farm animals as much as I do. Thank you, Alisa for taking the time to show me around.

So off for home with the chicks. Here they are all moved into their pen in my barn. They are so cute, so pretty, such great markings – I love them already!

This little pen is actually the infirmary where the one old hen with the bad feet is living. I wonder what’s going thru her mind tonight!

Pam found the one spot of sun from the skylight today.

Follow the notes on each of these calendar pages.

Each month started with my deep conviction that I don’t want to garden!!!!

This is April 11:

It has to stop here.

Reader photos:

This is my simple 9 patch with the edges faced instead of using binding.

I’m going to visit Hank tomorrow – I’m probably going to cry when I see how big he is. Oh, I hope the wind stops tomorrow.

Have a great Saturday!