T-Shirt Quilt Info, 10-16-21

Here is my t-shirt quilt made in the mid-90’s.

This was my favorite t-shirt.

I put it on my bed last night because it was chilly.

Here’s the other end.

This pattern is still available from:

Sharon Henderson

24 Suffolk Pl.

Lilburn, GA 30047

Cost is $10 plus $3 postage.

Here’s what I like about this pattern – any size t-shirt design/logo can be incorporated into the quilt! And it’s so much easier than trying to make all the blocks the same size to fit neatly into rows. If a t-shirt quilt is on your upcoming quilts to make, you really should consider Sharon’s pattern.

The bridal shower was very nice this morning – the brunch food was delicious and a real treat. I also took the bride a Christmas cactus plant in a vintage pot that I started from our neighbor Emma’s plant years ago.

The Iowa football game was horrid – I took the dogs for a walk at the third quarter. Number 2??? I don’t think so!

Follow up post, 10-15-21

I have absolutely loved getting all your comments and suggestions about my hands. I’ve actually tried nearly everything – here’s my current supply.

Tonight I have ordered two new creams that were suggested. I also use a hot wax bath real often which feels heavenly. You gals are my support system! Thank you!

This is one of Blanche’s bad habits – chewing up and destroying anything she can find including my sneakers which were in the entry.

My back wouldn’t even let me bend over to pick up all the stuffing until afternoon. I wonder what will be in the yard tomorrow morning.

I do want to get rid of some of my plants – but how? I threw a piece of a broken plant in the trash and Rick said he didn’t believe it. Haha! The fun is propagating a plant but I guess I’ll have to give that up.

Another thing I’ll give up is my dream of a greenhouse – you all have convinced me!

I’m going to a bridal shower in the morning and the bride loves old books so this is how I’m gifting her some of my mom’s books from around 1940.

Reader quilts:

And today I hung one of my favorites, an old Jan Patek design that I still love!

These flowers are called Prairie Mallow and I started with a teeny tiny pill bottle full of seeds from Rick’s mom – she called them miniature hollyhocks and they self seed EVERYWHERE!

I used to harvest the seeds and sell them in the quilt shop.

Thanks again for all your suggestions for my cracked fingertips – I’ll resort to bedtime gloves again tonite and they really do help. I just think they’re hot!

I’ve got a t-shirt quilt to talk about in my post tomorrow! It’s the best pattern out there – in my humble opinion.