A New Project, 7-10-2020

This little quilt was made from a Papillon charm pack and I used Lori Holt’s method for making four patch blocks.

The sashing between the blocks is cut 1-1/2″ x 4-1/2″.

After you’ve got your row pieced, measure the length and cut your long pieces of sashing 1-1/2″ x the length of your row.

I didn’t add borders. I should have quilted it heavier than I did. I will do that on the next one.

I like these fast and simple projects to make for gifts.

Connie’s quilt, Courage and Valor, sold in something like 30 seconds. The next time I do this, I will not respond to all of who who wanted to buy it but weren’t the first to email. If you don’t hear from me, you didn’t get it. Fair enough?

We’re all pooped tonight – I seeded the ditch after 2-1/2″ of rain yesterday – more rain is headed our way and I didn’t want to miss that opportunity to get my grass seed watered by Mother Nature. Haha! I think I should simply throw my rubber shoes away – I scraped them off with a putty knife many times but the mud is really ground in.

The beautiful fields of corn and beans are looking good today after the rain – as all farmers tend to say, “it was a million dollar rain!”

Dirty Dozen:

And this is on the longarm machine here – a very simple jelly roll 16 patch.

My quarantine is over tomorrow – yay!!! Just think how many projects I finished in the past two weeks! Quarantine is not all bad, is it?

Two Posts Today! 7-10-2020

I always have something to say, don’t I? Today I’m going to write two separate posts. The first one is a small quilt FOR SALE! Connie made this single block quilt called Courage and Valor from our book A Country’s Call. It measures approximately 22″ x 22″.

I don’t like to put too many quilts on this blog for sale because I can only sell it to the first one who tells me they want it. There is only just this one quilt. It would be best if you used my email to contact me marye@ncn.net. We no longer accept credit cards so you would have to mail a check.

Here is the wall quilt, Courage and Valor. Cost is $32 plus shipping.

First one to email me gets it for $32 plus shipping.

Next post today will be later – outside work calls me!

Dirty Dozen #5, 7-9-2020

We heard you, loud and clear. DD#5 will be available for $5 and a SASE sent to Country Threads. We aim to please!

And here’s a picture of the elderberry flowers turning into berries.

More DD pictures. Thank you!

Remember Baby Luna and her big sister Stella? They’re growing!

And for you Ernie Joe Mauer fans, here’s the big guy relaxing! Takes two tables for him to stretch out!

Another finish! Just a charm pack made into triangle squares but isn’t it pretty with the hydrangeas?

I couldn’t have said it better!