A fun day at Connie’s! 9-21-23

Becky and I went to Connie’s house at Okoboji today – I had never been there since she moved 18 months ago because of Rick’s health issues. I loved seeing all her treasures that she acquired through the years – many on trips we took together to market, etc. Seeing them in a new environment was so fun!

On our way we drove by our mom’s stone cottage which isn’t far from Connie’s house. So many memories here.
Connie’s house street side
Lake side
Elevator down to the water
Cover of Fresh Start Quilts
Awesome Land from Oh, Scrap! By Lissa Alexander
Becky and Connie

We ate outside at the Taco House which was DELICIOUS! And then we had to head for home – too many depending on me here.

We stopped at the antique mall and thrift store – quickly.

Look! Debbie Mumm fabric and I’m going to use it in a fall quilt.

Such a fun day! I have several questions and comments to discuss but I guess it will tomorrow – thanks for all the fun with My Black Hen!

My Black Hen, 9-20-23

“After some research, I learned that My Black Hen is no longer available to purchase. I also learned the FB group called Quilts By Cheri – Friendship Group is now closed to new members. The only way in is to be referred by a friend that already belongs to the group. There are many of Cheri’s patterns in the album of the group, including My Black Hen, however, not all of her patterns are available.“

So I got this information from a reliable source and no, I won’t copy the pattern for anyone. I’m so sorry I created this furor. I had no idea of the circumstances behind the pattern. I will just enjoy my quilt and I’d better just be showing you Country Threads patterns that I have access to and know about. I don’t have the time to constantly research patterns so I’ll be very careful in the future.

Rosie who is getting weaker by the day – so sad
Prairie Mallow which I’m hoping to harvest seeds for anyone who is interested.
Even maple trees coming up in my plants!
I use this sometimes on top of the soil instead of chemicals
Some of my precious vanilla pots – if they’re empty I have them on display in my laundry room. They get scrubbed, too. Remember when plant enthusiasts painted their pots?
Tiny Red

Made from a Little Quilts design MANY years ago – I copied it color for color and have loved it for years.

Hoping for rain in my barrel so I can fill my containers for winter use

Harvest time in North Iowa! Isn’t it gorgeous?

P.S. even though your requests were for naught, I enjoyed seeing so many of you engaged in the blog content and comments. Sometimes I feel like I’m talking to the wall – thanks for writing.

Can’t Find It! 9-20-23

We’ve all searched for the Cheri Friendship Group and none of us can find it! Good grief! I’m going to look for my copy and if I find it I’ll copy it for you – I know personally that copyright laws aren’t worth the paper they’re printed on!

I’m having coffee with all of you this morning but nearly all the conversation is about the Black Hen pattern. I’m on it!