A Visit To the Care Center, 5-13-21

Becky and I visited Concord Care Center today to play some songs for the residents – old folk tunes like Home on the Range, Oh, Susannah!, You Are My Sunshine, Take Me Out To the Ballgame, It Is No Secret and God Bless America. Just a funny song list – we loved it and they loved it! We haven’t seen these people since February 2020 – we were tested as we came in and wore our masks the entire time.

We are happy to be Concord Volunteers!

Don’t Hate Me! 5-12-21

Those were the words Connie said to me when she handed me the Uncle Sam on a bike quilt – after I had searched high and low for it.

Well, the saga continues – look what I happened to find in the shop when I was getting ready for the sale! Two more big Uncle Sams and the little quilt! When I handed Connie the bag of quilts, I also said “don’t hate me!” Haha!

So I definitely won’t need to remake it, will I?

This morning is book club at the library – I’ll post the favorite book titles tomorrow.

So hard to get pictures of these beautiful birds, the rose breasted grosbeaks!

I have never seen so many special birds as I have the past few days! So fun to sit and watch the feeders!

And look, Moe Baly, what I ran across! My PD pin!

Siri watches me from the window – she is so skinny and I have no idea what more I can do!

Off to book club!

Meet Jill! 5-10-21

Remember last winter when I made Jill’s quilt? It’s a red and white Farmers Daughter pattern chosen for Jill because she’s a farmer’s daughter. Jill is here from California to see her mom who is in Westview Care Center in Britt.

I joined the family group at the care center today and took the quilt along for Jill to see even though it’s not quilted yet. When she returns to Iowa in August I’ll have it finished to give to her.

She loved it!

Here’s her 96 year old mom who greeted me by name the minute she saw me!

Here are a few Dirty Dozen quilts:

One more picture of Jill, her brother Kent and the quilt.

Brrr – we’re under a frost warning tonight – I moved all my flowers into the garage – it’s, May 10, isn’t it?