Such pretty trees! 12-2-23

Thank you for sending me pictures of your decorated trees. I’m going to devote the entire post to trees tomorrow after I clean up all the miscellaneous photos and info tonight.

This morning was the Christmas Brunch at church – it’s been held on the first Saturday in December for 44 years! The women enjoy brunch and the men serve and clean up.

Quilts made by the Sew and Sews are awarded with your brunch ticket being pulled. If my name is ever called, I’ll make them draw again!

Then it was home to start watching basketball and football which is still happening now. Here’s an update to my den – I hung pictures during the game. At least I didn’t fall off the ladder today.

I purposely leave the thrift store price tag on the glass just to give credit to the maker who worked so hard and did such beautiful work only to be so undervalued many years later. I feel like I’m rescuing these old beauties!

You might remember a reader who commented as Beamer’s mom. Beamer was preceded by Bentley who came here to visit as you can see here.

Greeting Mom after she had traveled to Europe for several weeks – such a joyful reunion!

Here’s my favorite picture of Bentley.

Bentley died in June 2022 after a short illness which was likely cancer. Two days after he died Michele emailed the breeder to tell her about Bentley’s passing. The following day the breeder called as she had a male pup that someone who waited 2-1/2 years, had to suddenly turn down. That pup became Beamer.

A few months ago Beamer died instantly in their yard – one minute he was playing and the next he was dead. Nothing concrete could be detected and the answer will never be known completely but he possibly died of a heart attack. He was only 17 months old.

I tell this story because I know how many dog lovers are reading this. No autopsy was performed – the heartbreak was just too complete. Michele no longer comments as Beamer’s mom even though she still is, isn’t she?

And now the next chapter–

Ruby, the mama golden, gave birth on November 17, 2023 and one of pups will be coming to live at Garner!

Is this just about the sweetest picture you’ve ever seen?

I tell you this whole story so that when this pup comes to visit you’ll know the back story. It’s been such a sad time for Stan and Michele and I know how much they’re looking forward to their new baby! I’ll keep you posted.

Please make a note – If you want to send me something, do not send via Messenger because I’ll never get it. Send to my email or text only. And if you forget and wonder why I have not replied, that’s the reason.

And a giggle at the end – last night I went out for supper with a friend. When I ordered my beer the waiter asked if I wanted a can, bottle or draft and I said draft would be fine. When he returned he sat down a very tall tankard of beer – very large – to which I replied, “wow, that’s a big one!” To which the waiter answered, “Huh, that’s what she said!”

Yes, he was very cute and about 20 years old!!!

Dirty Dozen Day, 12-1-23

The number for December is Number 9 – nine.

The alternate color is BLUE.

I’ve been reading the comments while drinking my coffee this morning and have decided to ask for photos from readers of their favorite Christmas tree if they have more than one – only one photo per reader. By requesting only one photo per reader it will make my end much easier. Send your photo to

Here is my unfinished neutral project from last month:

My tree isn’t up but I did decorate the mantel – I do it different every year and this year I put my nativity there.

More tidbits unearthed from my office – this little stuffed cat that was part of a pattern and would make a great ornament. We sold the piece of mottled black fabric along with the pattern. The mottled fabric was created by spilling bleach on black fabric.

Country Christmas quilt designed for Martingale many years ago. We own the pattern and I am making it available for $5.00 and a SASE.

I have the original quilt around here somewhere – I hang it every year.

Isn’t this a great reader quilt?

Yes! This was in the box from Dollinger Tree Farm in Shannon, IL. From Janee Dollinger – thank you so much! It’s beautiful with cat ribbon and the freshest smell you’ve ever smelled!! I will hang it today – thank you, Jane!

That’s a lot for today but I had to include it all with the Dirty Dozen post so I didn’t forget any of it. After my day yesterday I’m heading to the chiropractor this morning. Probably no surprise there, huh?

Thursday, 11-30-23

Let’s start with reader quilts.

So back to the redecorating.

The ladder – it goes up to my bedroom but I built this years ago when I was younger. I never use it – and I keep it locked so I don’t attempt it at night.

Scary, huh? The landing is a favorite cat perch. There’s a small window there and a table right underneath that the cats use all the time. Visiting kids think this ladder is pretty fun but I don’t let many climb it – I can just see them bouncing down the ladder from the second floor!

On my way to the grocery store today I stopped at the thrift store and saw this chair.

Pretty good lookin chair and not a bad fit – not perfect but will work until I find MY chair. It was $30.00. One of the rules at this store is you load your own purchases including furniture so I drug it out the door and gave a mighty heave ho to get it into the back of my van. I’ve moved so much furniture lately that I’m used to it. Oh, and I fell off the top step of the little ladder this morning, too, but other than crushing a plastic tub on the floor, I survived. The last time I fell off a ladder I broke or cracked 7 ribs – the day before our Sewing Room Tour!! Anybody remember that day?

So when I got home I managed to get the chair into the house but I’m glad no one was watching. I’m sitting in it watching women’s basketball tonight. It’s fairly comfortable but would be better if I had the correct ottoman.

Next comes the fun part of hanging the pictures. That’s tomorrow or this weekend. The desk/table is really too big but it’s fine for now.

A reader just sent me this picture of our Wear Warm Clothes fabric from many years ago – she’s making a red and green pineapple quilt! That would be the third one mentioned here.

Tomorrow is Dirty Dozen Day, December 1 so get ready to find your project. My neutral project from last month is hanging on the design wall – in pieces. Dang.

So this box arrived today and I know what’s in it! I will show you tomorrow. I already love it! I’m so tired of cleaning and redecorating I can hardly wait to sew something again. Do you have your tree up and decorated?