Good News and Bad News, 11-24-20

Bad news first – I was scheduled for carpal tunnel surgery on November 20 – I called them on the 18th and asked why I hadn’t heard from them for a pre-op. Oh, they forgot to schedule me. So they scheduled me for this Friday, 11-27, the day after Thanksgiving and I asked several times if they were sure the dr. would be doing surgery that day – he only does this surgery on Fridays. I was assured that he was. They called this morning and cancelled me. Not only am I disappointed, I am mad. I have been off my ibuprofen since last Friday and having pain during the night. I said that date was getting close to Christmas – I meant playing for church BEFORE Christmas and she assured me my hand would be unwrapped by Christmas- duh! How stupid and how uncaring.

But now for the good news! Late last night as I was sitting by Jo’s bed I was lightly petting her across the top of her head and…….. SHE RAISED HER HEAD AND SHE LICKED MY ARM!!!!! It was so emotional, I cried – silently. I didn’t look at her and I didn’t move! This was the first sign she’s ever given me that she might trust me some day.

Every dog behaviorist office I’ve called or emailed has not gotten back to me – I guess I can assume they don’t give a rip and I’ll continue on my own with lots of patience. I am so relieved, I can’t tell you. I was afraid it might be ME that she would always hate or not respond to.

It’s a cold rainy day in North Iowa – slushy snow on the ground and still raining. But these two boxes were worth driving the golf cart to the outside parking lot. Just look at these gorgeous fresh wreaths! I have never had such a huge fresh wreath – ever!!! And Connie’s has a black dog on the ribbon and my ribbon is multiple dogs – just like we are!

Janie Dollinger of Dollinger Tree Farm, in Shannon, IL, sent these to us as a thank you for the blog – oh my gosh!!!! Thank you, Janie! The blog is our pleasure – our touch with the real world, now more than ever. I chat with all of you throughout the day – my life would be very empty without you blog readers.

My day went from pretty discouraging to just wonderful with the arrival of these wreaths – what a boost to my attitude. Now it’s time to go back and sit with Jo – maybe today will be another milestone. Be still. This is my motto for dealing with Jo.

Heart Attack Potatoes, 11-23-20

This is Connie’s recipe – add or remove according to your taste – eating a steady diet of this delicious dish will certainly add to heart stress!

2 lb. bag shredded hash browns, thawed

1/2 c. melted butter

1 can cream of chicken soup

2 c. sour cream, (don’t use non fat). Of course!

2 c. shredded cheese – I use Colby/Jack and any other small bits in the frig

2 T. minced onion

1 t. salt


Mix all together.

Press into 9 x 13 pan.

Top with:

2 c. crushed potato chips

1/4 c. melted butter

Shredded cheese as desired

Fry 6 strips of bacon till crisp – crumble on top of potatoes

So what do you think? DELICIOUS, right? But healthy? Nope. But a worthy side dish at Thanksgiving!

I’m so glad I mentioned the jewelry tree – here’s another hint. If you already have a tree pattern, use it. You could also cut out a tree and machine stitch to a background – mine is even raw edge applique. We all have jewelry from a relative and nine of us can bear to throw it away.

My friend, Brenda, sent me this jewelry tree – it’s a big wow!

We had to go to the insurance office this morning about Medicare so we stopped at Tom and Becky’s driveway for a quick hello. We turn down that street and Hazel gets excited – how can she possibly know we’re going to see Becky? They do love each other!

Dirty Dozen:

More Country Threads Christmas patterns:

Candy Cane

Merry Merry Christmas

Winter from the Quilt Shop Series – NOTE! We have 5 single issue patterns available for sale originally published by Martingale – $10.00 each – mail check to Country Threads and be sure to tell me what you’re ordering.

Took this picture in the piano room as I was washing windows – it was just a lovely little tableau.

Love those tiny little salt shakers! Some are cut glass. Tomorrow I’ll show you the backs of the redwork – I now know which were done by hand and which by machine. Thanks for prompting me to investigate further.

No new changes with Jo – I sit by her and talk and pet and one of these times I’ll get a reaction. I’d faint if she licked my hand!

Wow! Two posts and it’s only 3:30 – tonight I sew!