The Cat Discussion

1. I have 10 cats in my house now and all I do is clean up after them.

2. We have a dog door for the dogs but all the cats use it, too. There’s no way to make him live in the barn – he figured out the dog door right away.

3. The shelters are full.

4. The shelter I foster for takes dogs only really and if they did agree to take him, they’d ask me to foster him until a home could be found.

5. I have tried very hard to provide for all my animals upon my death but I’d rather have them euthanized than be abused.

6. In 10 years I’ll be 84 years old – and this cat will only be 10!

7. I promise I will try to find another rescue – I’m sure I’ll have time to do that, too, along with everything else.

8. And thanks to the low life who dropped him off here.

You’re a tough crowd.

A nice cat for somebody! 7-5-22

Like all my cats, this guy was dropped off here last week – young, male, not fixed and very friendly! At age 74 I have made a point of not acquiring any young animal that might outlive me so I’m looking for a home for this guy. If someone wants him but absolutely can’t afford to pay for his neutering and shots, I will pay the vet bill.

Such a sweet cat – he doesn’t deserve to be abandoned by his owners. I’m trying to help him find a home. If I can’t find one I will euthanize him before I get attached.

First there was Jack Benny. My photos on my IPad don’t go back that far! But I know you remember him.

Then there was JB (Jack Benny).

And now there’s JB3.

Here’s hoping I can find him a nice home!

What a mess! 7-5-22

Nope, those weren’t the winners – stay tuned. I have spent hours reading all these guesses and comments. I jumped the gun – NO WINNERS AT THIS TIME. Technology has once again raised its ugly head and I will need to sort it out. – comments that come to me directly vs. comments left as a reply on the blog site. I need to review the rules I set at the beginning – what I see on my end regarding comments is unbelievably different from what you are seeing at your end. I am so sorry.