Goodbye Winter, Hello Spring! 3-3-21

It is a sunny 54 degree day here in North Iowa – the air is warm and there’s no wind! It was time to retire Wear Warm Clothes until next January and replace it with Trip Around the World that I finished last winter.

Now before any of you ask how I hang quilts, here are my tools.

Please notice that my walls are actual wood – soft pine that I can staple into very easily. They are not paneling which you can’t staple into. I’ve also done this with dry wall but you have to be careful not to staple in the same area each time. I know I’ve posted this before but I don’t think you understand that the staple is not going to damage the quilt. And even if it did, I wouldn’t care because I’ll always be making another quilt of some kind. Easy come, easy go!

Brrr also came down in the entry.

Replaced with Devils Claw.

Here’s the red and white Big Star – available in the online shop as a pdf download. Will hang in the house soon.

(It took me almost 6 hours to bind this quilt by hand because of my stiff arthritic fingers! I hate getting old!!!)

This area is one I’d like to change – these little quilts have been up for 8 years now – I think they should come down. What do you think?

This could be my new goal – making small quilts for this area.

This quilt has been identified by many as Christmas Pickle by Linda and Nancy of Possibilities and the Great American Quilt Factory, old friends that we knew years ago. I was able to order a used copy from Amazon – I’m definitely going to make this quilt – I already knew how I would draft it but now I won’t have to. Yay!!

The snow is melting and we have mud but we also have spring! I love it!

Connie Is Home! 3-2-21

A month on Sanibel Island? Like I said – poor thing. Haha! I think they had a great month away from winter in North Iowa – the first two weeks around here were brutal. Now I believe spring has arrived – not summer warm but not even hardly freezing at night. That’s progress!

Our walk through the grove is icy as well as muddy but Hazel and Telly don’t care!

Here is Connie’s #10 – yummy colors, isn’t it?

Found in this book:

I’ve decided I need to make use of some 2-1/2″ strips so that’s next for me. Today I got Jill’s quilt all together – just borders left to do. It is turning out to be a classic beauty! I love it and so does Jill. I’ve never made a quilt specifically for someone who was able to follow my progress and makes some decisions along the way. I have enjoyed it very much! Here it is:

And here are the Dirty Dozen quilts:

This next quilt is not mine – I saw it online, Pinterest, Facebook…..or somewhere. I saved the picture because I loved it so much!

I hope I’m not breaking some rule posting it here – I’d love to credit the maker if anyone knows.

I hope the “comments´┐╝” issue is fixed – I was able to see all the comments so I have no idea what went wrong. Just blame it on the blog goblins!

So that’s Tuesday – Wednesday looks to be about the same except I went to Bible Study this morning – I think every woman over 65 years old in our church was there – a crowd! Next month they will resume Women’s Fellowship and I’m the program – I’d better start getting my act together!

Commenting Update

Hello all! Kayla here with an update on commenting.

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