Meet Jill! 5-10-21

Remember last winter when I made Jill’s quilt? It’s a red and white Farmers Daughter pattern chosen for Jill because she’s a farmer’s daughter. Jill is here from California to see her mom who is in Westview Care Center in Britt.

I joined the family group at the care center today and took the quilt along for Jill to see even though it’s not quilted yet. When she returns to Iowa in August I’ll have it finished to give to her.

She loved it!

Here’s her 96 year old mom who greeted me by name the minute she saw me!

Here are a few Dirty Dozen quilts:

One more picture of Jill, her brother Kent and the quilt.

Brrr – we’re under a frost warning tonight – I moved all my flowers into the garage – it’s, May 10, isn’t it?

A GREAT SALE! 5-8-21

The sale is over, I’ve hauled home what little fabric I had left as well as all the chairs, dishpans, milk cases, and other display items – all except the wash tubs and the tables. I need help with those.

The working crew: Amy, Anita and Connie

Before I went home I picked up Ivy and Sam had left me the white tulips, too! Gorgeous!

And here are the tulips tonight – with Heidi!

It’s raining, blowing, snowing and our power is out – I took a nap – and now I’m looking forward to an evening at the sewing machine when the power comes back on.

We have prepared for this sale for months and it was so good! We will be having a repeat sale next spring during garage sale weekend in Garner. Mark your calendars – probably the first weekend in May but watch the blog for details.

Years ago on the first Saturday in May we were in Pella for Tulip Time – it was very cold that day, too.

Oh, the adventures we’ve had for 40 years!

REUNION! 5-7-21

What a wonderful day it has been – our big sale day! Our many customers/friends showed up and it was like a reunion – old home week – a meeting of friends! We just loved this day – reconnecting with so so many of you who we haven’t seen since the store closed in 2014. Yes, you bought fabric, antiques, birdhouses, project bags, quilts, kits and baskets and greeted us like old friends!

Amy and Anita handled the check out so we could talk to you – catching up with your lives, families and of course your dogs! Remember Angel?

This is the luckiest little dog in the world!!

Quite a few years ago I attended an auction in a neighboring town and had to leave before the wheelbarrow sold. I asked my friend Joyce if she would bid on it for me – she did and to my surprise the wheelbarrow became mine! I’ve had it in my garden all these years , Rick rebuilt it and I decided to sell it. Guess who bought it? JOYCE! Haha! What goes around comes around! Isn’t that a great story?

During a lull this afternoon I cut out the start of a new quilt – red and white.

This is what Rick built for me today – I had an old footstool from the ‘50’s that was just worn out except for the great cast iron legs. Now they have new life!

When sitting with Rick having a beer I kept hearing two distinct birds singing so I tried to get their picture. As I looked up into the trees the color was just so spectacular – dense and saturated with shades of green against that crystal blue sky.

Our thanks to Amy and Anita for being such great help, to God for such great weather and to our customers and friends who we were delighted to see again. We open at 9 tomorrow morning – hope to see you there if you are local. More pictures tomorrow night!