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A Stressful Day, 4-7-21

Telly has not been eating her favorite food for several days now. As Rick and I talked we realized she had thrown up several times, too, and yesterday she was panting so I called the vet. Our vet is VERY busy and I could not make an appointment for today – my only option was to take her there and leave her for the day and they would see her when they could.

The afternoon got late and I started calling the vet clinic because I was so afraid they’d say they needed to keep her overnight. I could not get through on the phone! Come to find out Rick had called and they told him they would need to keep her overnight. I was furious! I would have taken her back tomorrow morning if I needed to but by then the decision was made and I was reminded of Faye also being there at the clinic for several days and nights and I swore I’d never leave another dog there again.

Poor Telly! I am worried. I’ll report tomorrow.

Congratulations to Baylor! 4-6-21

The Zags ran into a buzz saw last night – the Baylor Bears scored 9 points before I could even look away from the tv! Don’t we all wonder how the December game would have turned out if it hadn’t been cancelled due to Covid. The Bears were big, strong and could rebound under the basket! It was a sad end to the Zags spectacular year at 31 – 1 but I can’t help but think that Baylor as #2 all season had something to prove – and they did!

So now what can I get interested in? Golf maybe? I don’t have the patience nor the desire to golf – in fact I hate participating in games of any kind. Weird, right? Maybe I should finish all those quilts I have in progress. Just a bit of yard work today – I overdid it yesterday and my old body is screaming at me this morning.

Becky stopped to see Hazel yesterday – and she brought toys!

This is Hazel’s “kiss”!

She was a happy doggie!

This is what’s on my design wall waiting to be sewn together.

And just one Dirty Dozen.

Just hearing about the Olympics on the news – will they happen? We can only hope so!

WINDY, Again! 4-5-21

How will I ever get the yards cleaned up with 40 mph winds? I went out early today while it was pretty nice but here it is noon and the wind is so strong I can’t rake. Grrrr. When spring first comes it all looks so overwhelming but once I get started, there’s nothing I’d rather do than work outside and I’m sure many of you feel the same, especially you farm wives who know it comes with the territory! Haha!

Who loves a great house quilt? No one more than Connie! Here is the latest house called “Somebody’s Home” which measures approximately 28″ x 38″. “Somebody’s Home” is now available in our online store. Please refer to the directions about downloading your purchased pattern.

Connie is working on another house quilt now – why don’t YOU start making small house quilts? They look great hanging as a group on a wall or stairway wall which is how Connie displays her collection.

Remember Connie’s #2, the Red Cross quilt?

A reader sent this photo:

More from readers:

Here’s Siri in her favorite spot – the rolled up foam mattress.

Who’s watching the game tonight? Me, me, me, me!!!!!!