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Dirty Dozen, 6-1-23

This is our last month for Dirty Dozen until we get organized to start again July 1. I will go through all the rules again for any new readers who want to join.

Our last three numbers are 3,7,8 so I would say pick any of those numbers to work on and put the remaining two into next year. The color is purple. I think I’ll have to do the color challenge as I’ve never done much with that color. Now there’s a challenge!

Look at what greeted me this morning –

Isn’t it just breathtaking?

Marie sent some of the greatest pictures of their calves – I remember their hard foreheads and rough tongues.

Aren’t they cute?
I am picturing all my dogs looking down – I can’t wait to see them all!
Ernie isn’t acting right this morning – he’s going to the vet.

Chris immortalized her beloved Bailey in this quilt.

I’m writing from the porch this morning and the vet just called – I can take Ernie in about 9 am.

Warm and Windy, 5-31-23

If it doesn’t rain soon my garden will not come up! What a lot of work and expense for probably nothing. Friends from Illinois stopped on their way to Colorado so we ordered our favorite pizza from Casey’s. What we got was nothing even recognizable – so disappointing. I went in today to complain only to find out it was a young man’s second day on the job and the fellow training him went home instead. They made it right but it was a big disappointment.

I attended Lucy’s birthday party and then Mollie came here this afternoon – it got pretty hot really so now I’m spending lots of time watering plants.

This Girl Is On Fire!

This beauty just opened tonight – I’ll get one more photo in the morning and then it will be done for another year. Sad.

The plant, night blooming cereus, is not an attractive plant – I have to be so thrilled with the 24 hour bloom that I take care of it for the next 364 days.

Photos from readers:

Pamela’s blue bottle tree
All my half screens are in this cupboard – I’m making progress putting them on.
Think Ernie might have a shedding problem?
Becky and Hazel

Tomorrow is Dirty Dozen Day!