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Dirty Dozen, 10-2-23

Your Dirty Dozen number for October is 11 – eleven.

I chose the color RED on purpose so you could make something in plenty of time for Christmas.

I am too mentally worn out, disappointed, disgusted and discouraged to write a blog post right now. I’ll get over it – I have lots to tell you but I need a day off.

Actually this is pretty fun, 9-30-23

97 replies to my last post! You might even think I did this on purpose just so I can see who’s paying attention – haha, but I didn’t. I keep checking and I, too, am quite sure it’s nothing I did but for cryin out loud, can’t the Apple people do their job? If they want to update, don’t make all of us suffer.

The day hasn’t gone well – I have saved all these Fiestaware plates for 60 years and I put them in a box to give to Sam. As I’m going to the truck to put them in the front seat, the dogs ran to the door and the top plate slid off and broke on the garage floor. No!!


Every move I make involves three dogs and I’m very careful but one of these days I’m afraid they’re going to knock me down. I wouldn’t give one of them up but on the other hand everything I do takes longer and, if you hadn’t realized this by now, I want to do everything in my life FAST!!! Don’t laugh too hard –

I have gotten the ok from Sheryl to print Norma’s address and she just sent me a profile on her mom so we’ll all know more about her. I’ll get that together and post it tomorrow.

Reader photos

This is awesome, SUSAN!

And Grandma reads Oh, Susannah!

If you don’t get these pictures, don’t fret – by next week this will be resolved and I’ll repost them. Here’s the red box.