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New Fall Patterns, 10-7-21

Some of you will recognize these past Country Threads patterns but there’s another whole group of you who have recently discovered Country Threads – I’m guessing these will look new to you!

Witches #464

The Great Pumpkin #462

Black Cat #528

Leap #477

There’s some great fall quilts here, aren’t there?

I’m working on a fall improv project – great fabrics but no pattern in mind. Guess I should look in one of our books, huh?

Last night I fixed the green beans and bacon – cook the beans separately and drain. Fry the bacon and onion in the frypan and then stir fry the green beans into the bacon grease. Add a bit of sugar and vinegar at the end. This is not a healthy meal but one we look forward to every year.

I took this picture of the five girls running outside this morning. Bob just sits because he’s too big to balance on his legs – that’s why I think he’s a broiler and was a mistake in my box.

I have two reader quilts to post:

Saw this panel quilt online and thought it was such a great idea!

I’m a huge fan of Susan Ache and this is what she’s working on these days. I love everything she does!

Blanche is doing well – I don’t want to take my attention away from Telly and Hazel only to concentrate on Blanche so it’s a constant balancing act and since Rick is farming, Telly is already feeling forgotten. My days are so full and so busy! I want nothing scheduled on my calendar to add to the stress although today I have a hair appointment which I’m looking forward to!

Happy Fall, Ladies!

Wednesday, 10-6-21

Today was a funeral at our church and Margaret was able to play with me again – I have missed her! Alberta loved music and on top of her casket was a toy grand piano – it was very sweet!

For those of you who are church musicians, I know you can sympathize with me. First of all we had our songs timed and in order when one of the grandchildren asked me to come to the basement to practice Jesus Loves Me with the great grandkids. That threw our order off and then I mistakenly turned two pages right before the piano solo – argh!!!!! Good grief – my heart nearly stopped while Margaret tried to tell me which page I should turn to. This issue on top of my piano glasses were missing from my bag when I got to church. I have another pair in the piano bench but they’re not as good as the pair that was missing. I found them in the car where they evidently fell out of my bag.

So….it all turned out fine but anxiety is my middle name.

When I closed up the barn tonight, I heard Bob’s first baby crow – err – er ahah uh – very scratchy and hoarse sounding – he’s a teenager!

Rick is working for a farmer friend so he leaves early, comes home late and goes right to bed.

No news from the farm – just beautiful fall days – probably at your house, too. Better enjoy them while we can.


Monday, 10-4-21

Mondays are hard – I always bite off more than I can chew in a workday and tonight my back aches to prove it.

I’m catching up with reader quilts:

Remember these blocks?

Longarm next!

Blanche is so thin that I made up a batch of a high calorie food called Satin Balls – recipe can be found online. It’s a raw food combination of a lot of stuff mixed together and then I made meatballs.

Hazel loves them but she doesn’t need more weight.

I freeze them on a cookie sheet and then put the frozen balls in a ziplock bag for the freezer. I take out what I need each day.

And remember Siri? I wonder if there’s a high calorie food for cats. She is so terribly thin and when I pet her, I’m stroking fur over bones – that’s it. She loves to sit on my lap – she’s here for an extended stay and lives in the quilt shop. She is so fragile, I wouldn’t dare bring her into the house with dogs, cats and a million hiding places!

That’s all for me tonight – updates from anyone who commented last week?