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Dirty Dozen Day, 7-1-2020

Today is the day we start the Dirty Dozen game again and I’m ready, how about you?

The number for July is —— 5.

Grab your project numbered 5 and get to work on finishing it. You have the whole month to work on it and then you’ll be rewarded with that feeling of accomplishment a finished quilt brings. Number 5 for me is a stack of blocks – once again my love of making blocks has ended with 10 blocks stuffed away in a zip lock bag. And they are really quite homely – don’t know what I was aiming for but here they are.

And here is Connie’s Number 5 – applique! I would hate to do it but would love to have it when finished!

She has 57 circles finished! Now maybe a narrow sashing between blocks? And did you notice her blocks are kept in one of her cute project bags? We will show you our finishes by the end of July. I’ll be looking for your finished project in my email.

If you don’t know how to send a picture, ask for help – everybody’s computer is different so I can’t help you. I only know how to do my own – sometimes. And you cannot post pictures to the blog site – I am the only one who can do that as owner of the blog.

Connie is working on Oak Leaves and Acorns in some new fabrics and changing things up a bit. I made a charm pack of 4 patches last night in record time using Lori Holt’s fast method. It was a wonderful and quick way to make four patches that are all different and it worked perfectly! I’m going to do it again – I have dozens of charm packs to use up,

And – drumroll, please! Betty is 2 years old – her birthday was June 29. She has such a sweet personality but she could knock me over in one happy greeting! She’s a big strong girl!

I walked across the road to Tim’s cornfield to see if it was going to be knee high by the fourth of July. Hahahaha! It’s as tall as me – 5’3″ – I couldn’t even see over the top of it!

And here’s the ditch as of yesterday afternoon.

Bill is back this morning and will continue to bring fill dirt. Think what a job this is going to be to seed it down.

So that’s it for today, July 1.

NUMBER 5 is your Dirty Dozen number for July. Finish it and send me a picture to post.

And don’t forget to BE STILL.

May Dirty Dozen Number

Haha! Ya think I have other things on my brain? Forgot all about posting the May number but since there’s only two numbers left, you could have picked either one to finish.

May’s Dirty Dozen Number is 10 – Number Ten.

Good luck to all of you finishing another project in your pile!! And when you finish, don’t forget to send me a picture! Thanks!

Let’s Talk Dirty Dozen, 4-13-2020

I don’t want to get behind posting these wonderful finishes.

Once again, if you have not seen your DD posted please resend it to me.

Yesterday on Easter Connie’s church made this cross display outside on the lawn. People brought flowers and decorated the cross during the snowstorm and isn’t it beautiful?

Did you listen to Andre Bocelli sing Amazing Grace outside the cathedral in Milan? Another goosebump moment.

Last night I was glued to the tv watching Jesus Christ Superstar and remembered that Donna M. sent me an email in 2018 when she learned the answer to the question of why the resurrection was not covered in this play. The story is being told by Judas who committed suicide before Resurrection Morning. It all made complete sense as I watched last night. (Yes, I kept her email since then because I LOVE this musical!!). I hope you watched and enjoyed it.

I have appreciated all your thoughts of sympathy. The loss of the puppies was a low blow indeed but I really did do the best I knew how and those puppies were loved while in my care. As of tonite seven of the nine puppies have died. Those seven puppies are now romping with their grateful momma over the Rainbow Bridge. Isn’t that a sweet visual?