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Rose’s Visit Post #3

We have talked and laughed more than we’ve sewed but here are Connie’s two finished blocks.

Here is what I got done.

Here are Rose’s blocks so far.

Rose brought us fabric strips that she cut with her die cutter, the Accuquilt Go.  Rose suggested going to their website to watch the tutorial.  I cannot give you any information about it since I have no experience using one successfully but Rose loves hers!

Rose wanted Ernie Joe Mauer to “bless” her quilt by the same name – see the backing fabric?

Bill and Rose are on their way home to Illinois – we had a fun “mini” camp.  Connie and I both came away with more ideas and inspiration than we had prior to Rose’s visit.  That means more unfinished projects – ugh!  But oh so much fun, too.

I believe I will start the Christmas “sew along” on Monday so we will be finished before December 1.  Our books arrived so yours won’t be far behind.  Have a great weekend, everybody!

Everyone Has Arrived!

First the 3 golden doodles arrived.  Elmer,  the old man of the 3, is the first dog I ever boarded for anyone several years ago and I fell in love with golden doodles.  His parents then got Ruby, a black doodle who had a litter of puppies and they kept the apricot colored puppy who is Lucy.  The 2 girls are inseparable and Elmer now takes life at a slower pace.  


Next the kids arrived – you met Jax when he visited one Monday morning a couple weeks ago and he brought his little pal Snickers.  I wish you could visit these guys in person!  Their little voices and their little jumps off the chair are too precious for words – maybe I could get a video?

Look at the dogs making their acquaintance!  As if to say, these are strange puppies!

And I have finished my low volume scrap vortex.  I learned this technique from Crazy Mom Quilts and there really is no pattern. It’s just a matter of sewing scraps together, straightening the edge and combining larger sections to the desired size.  Here are a few photos of an antique quilt top I purchased many years ago of an ultimate scrap vortex quilt.  Those ladies didn’t waste a piece of fabric, no matter how small.

Here is the antique quilt top that truly is a one of a kind “use it up” masterpiece!

Check out Crazy Mom’s online tutorial for making a scrap vortex quilt.


I feel like an old lady – I’ve just gotten up from my 2 hour afternoon “nap”!  Still am wiped out after I do any little thing like housework, laundry, litter boxes but that all has to be done.  Rick is home for the weekend so I’ll try to rest more while he’s here.

This has been my sewing therapy – my low volume scrap vortex.  This does not require any thinking on my part so I can just sit and sew pieces into strips, strips into units, units into blocks, trimming as I go.  It’s up on the design wall now and I just have to add fillers to get sections to meet.  And it will be whatever size I end up with.  I love sewing like this!  I learned this technique from Crazy Mom who has a great tutorial on her website if you’d like to give it a try.

Keep working on your rugs.  I’ll watch the comments and my email very closely for questions.  I don’t want you to get hung up all weekend.  Happy rug twining, All!