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Saturday Night, 3-25-23

While I’m watching more basketball I’ll start the quilt show!

Thank you to those of you who DID put your name on your quilt photo!


Finn and Ivy are visiting today – I call Keeper and Finn “peabrains” – they are constantly on the go and rassling and playing, sometimes too much.

Ivy is mature and very well behaved. She and Hazel enjoy each others company.

This is Finn who is young, adorable and trouble waiting to happen. He and Keeper have a great time together but a day like this is exhausting for me as I don’t dare let them out of my sight. And Hazel wants no part of it.

Saw my first robin today. And the only thing I’ve caught in my live trap is the goose who’s laying the eggs!! Haha!

Working on the book! 3-24-23

I am taking my first draft to our printer this morning and just hoping that they can see my vision of Oh, Susannah! If we aren’t on the same page, so to speak, I’ll need to find another design department and printer. Keep your fingers crossed for me.

Reader quilts – you’ll love this quilt show!

I made this divided 4 patch from one charm pack and when I need mindless sewing while watching games I will pull out another charm pack and make another one the same size so eventually I can put them all together for a quilt. Now that will be a very wild quilt, won’t it?

Got these pics for Pet Parade – see what these two sweetie pies are sitting on? Yes! It’s a Bullseye Quilt!!

Meet Fluffybun who now lives in the quilt shop. She was Cathy’s cat who can’t move to OK with her so like all my other cats, she moved in here. I’ve never looked for a cat – they all found me.

Found online and couldn’t resist posting it here – they are so happy!

Have a great Friday –

From the blog about nothing!

Surprise! 3-23-23

Remember how I complained about the dire warnings our weathermen go on and on about for days and then we get nothing in terms of a storm? They are so bored with their job they love an “event” to talk about. The last time they warned us for days they were shaking with excitement about the 8-12” of snow we were going to get. We got maybe an inch.

This is the farm this morning – 4” of new snow not even mentioned last night on the 10 o’clock news.

I recently wrote to the tv station weather department about wind direction and why don’t they mention it. With animals and a dog door flap, wind direction is the first thing we worry about. If you live in town you probably don’t even know it’s windy. End of rant.

And this is what I’m consumed with – the Susannah book. Every time I think I’m happy with the pasteup I think of something more I want to add. It’s bittersweet studying these photos of my sweet Susannah.

All of my photos were taken as film photos not digital so these won’t be as sharp and clear as I’d like – she was born in 2001 before there was an IPhone in my pocket 16 hours a day. It is what it is – I’ll do the best I can because I really want to write this book.

Family health news – Rick’s sister, Nancy, married to Dave, has lived in California for 30+ years. Last week Nancy suffered a fatal heart attack just like her mom 23 years ago and last night Dave was taken to the hospital with a blood clot between his heart and lungs. What??? Their two kids are overwhelmed and extremely sad – shocking for everyone.

Connie and Roy are on their way home – from Key West to 4” of snow and icy roads. Connie said Betty will love the snow – unlike the rest of us.

No sidewalks are shoveled yet so I haven’t been out to the shop – I’ll save “what I’m working on” for a later post. Right now I need to get to the barn – I set the live animal trap last night after finding all the goose eggs broken or gone Tuesday morning which means some predator/varmint/critter visited the lean-to outside the goat pen in search of something yummy to eat.

Just now I got a winter weather advisory on my phone – after we we got 4” of new snow last night. Idiot weathermen! Also waiting for Overhead Door repairman – can’t get the opener to work so couldn’t get my van out last night to go to choir. If it’s not one thing it’s another. Sound familiar? Robin – we’re all thinking of you.