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The Sled Quilt, 11-29-22

Okay, okay! I’ll search for the Sled pattern! Haha! Surely we still have one copy I can make copies from. We are really having a bad weather day today but tomorrow the search will be on.

Reader quilts

And just outside the window the sparrows are enjoying those tumbleweeds – great shelter for them.

Hazel needs to play ball before I go back to the sewing machine.

Tomorrow – the Sled pattern!!!!

Windy Monday, 11-28-22

We are blowing away today – not cold but too windy to be outside so it’s a sewing or decorating day. I have started putting up the Christmas quilts.

Here is where this quilt is hanging – since I was already up there on the ladder I decided it would be a good time to clean the fan blades so I pulled the chain to turn it off.

GOOD GRIEF!!! The chain came out in my hand!

The fan is going as fast as it can creating a wind through the living room. Now what? Today Rick went to the basement electrical box and flipped switches until we found the one that turned off the fan. Remember what Connie always says – you can’t make this stuff up! She’s right!

Tomorrow is the next installment of the Fresh Air Quiltalong and I’ll be posting the link as well as some sample blocks I made last night. You’ll want to see Connie’s king size quilt – it is spectacular!!!

This is one of my favorite pictures of the cover quilt – there’s just something about that green grass that enhances any quilt and the light outside in the “fresh air” is always better than inside a building. Get the pun?

A reader sent me these blocks – aren’t they wonderful?

Right now I’m waiting for the feed truck. I’m not needing it quite yet but since we supposed to get snow tomorrow I called today. Here’s my nearly empty feed room.

Reader quilts

Only one – 😕

More Christmas quilts through the house –

Remember this?
Better – I replaced that dark pink piece.

If it weren’t so windy I could show you the blue and hold bars – if YOU ordered this very simple pattern I need to write it up first.

I almost forgot – maybe because I want to? Both Iowa State mens and womens basketball teams got beat last night – and not by just a hair! They got beaten soundly and without any doubt. Sad.

So that’s it for today – I’m going to the barn to clean out the feed room before the co-op gets here.

Stunning Win! 11-26-22

Iowa State Mens Basketball team beat Number 1 North Carolina last night at the Phil Knight Invitational Tourney in Portland!!! Remember I talk about mundane subjects that I’m interested in and we are excited!! They play in the championship game late Sunday night and I hope I’ll be posting another win on Monday morning.

Mollie has spent Thanksgiving with us and she and Keeper have had a ball.

It’s been awhile since I posted and I’m not quite sure where I left off on reader quilts so

Don’t know if I saw this block or if somebody sent it to me – I love it!

Another great idea for all those strips!

Now my finds at the antique mall:

Broken glass – $5.00 – I’ll have it replaced.

Since Becky’s last name is Rose I had to get this at the Salvation Army store.

This is my favorite chair so I wanted to buy a new one for the front room – I asked to see an old lady glider at the furniture store – ha! No such thing – they must not even make them anymore. I got this one at the thrift store and I think it’s perfect. I had settle for this small rocker – I brought it home in my van where it’s still waiting to be unloaded.

I finally finished quilting the blue and gold quilt which I’ll bind today and then take a picture.

Wow! That’s a long post – I got behind with Thanksgiving thrown in there. You loved the picture of the golden retriever eyeing the treat! Time to get the chores done so I’ll be ready for the Ohio vs Michigan game at 11. It will be a great college sports weekend!