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Farmhouse Flowers, 6-16-24

You all know Farmer Tim and now I want you to meet his wife Ellen. Ellen loves flowers and a couple years ago started working on succession perennial flower beds in her yard around the house. Now she has blooming flowers all summer and has jumped into succession cut flower gardening.

Here are examples of her lovely flowers:

Beautiful Blooms Abound, 6-16-24

Read that title and try saying that 3 times in a row – fast! Haha! A real tongue twister!

I have gotten many gorgeous bloom photos – this is a real treat and I know you’re going to enjoy it!! Shown in no particular order, here are your beautiful blooms:


More on Post 2.

Flag Day, 6-14-24

I had planned to ask for flag pictures for Flag Day and then the blog fell apart so from now till Fourth of July, let’s celebrate flags! I’m going to find some of mine this afternoon. I got so hung up on fixing issues with the comments that I forgot to announce this. I might be getting too old to run this blog.

Today is our 27th wedding anniversary. Thanks for all the wishes!

Reader photos

Remember last winter when I pulled this out to quilt before Flag Day? Haha!

I think we’ve solved the blog comment issue – you must now go to the blog to read and leave a comment. You cannot do this from the email you receive.

After I click on “publish” I can’t forget one more step – if you can’t leave a comment, I have forgotten so then you’ll need to slap me around a bit and tell me to get with the program.

Anybody got more flower pictures you’d like to send me? I’ve got some beauties coming up from Farmer Tim’s wife, Ellen, who is starting a new business called Farmhouse Flowers. I’m looking forward to the flower show! Send me your flower pictures!