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Let’s try a post! 6-25-22

Once again technology problems – I don’t think it was me but I also don’t know how to fix it when something doesn’t work. I’ve had another bump in the road – tendonitis in my left foot. It’s been hurting for months but lately has gotten worse to the point I can hardly walk and by bedtime my foot is swollen, puffy and hurts all the way to my knee.

A visit to the podiatrist put me in this boot for 3 weeks – ugh. I have a plastic bag to put over the boot when I go to the barn so keep it clean. I can do almost everything but slowly and awkwardly. At least it’s my left foot so I can still drive.

Ciara (I thought it was Sierra) is doing well – she is a loving puppy, 4 months old last week but sadly there have been no inquiries about her because she is a pit mix which is crazy. I put some pictures of her on the Patriots for Pets Facebook page. I have always thought pit bulls were raised to fight because their owners wanted them to be aggressive – not because they were born that way.

Yesterday Sam came out with Ivy and her 7 month old puppy named Finn – this is what Ciara needs – a dog to run and play hard with – my dogs at age 5 and 11 are no longer interested in “rassling”. Moe is also here for the weekend, too – but she’s also 5 years old.


The kids ate mulberries.

Ivy, Finn, Lucy, Aidan

Reader quilts

Loved this coop sent from a reader -thanks, Jan.
My orchid cactus is blooming!
Colton in the birdbath

It rained so hard in the night and we got almost 1.5” of much desired rain. And now the heat – perfect corn growing conditions.

Before I show any more $5 patterns, I need to address the ordering rules – when you just put $5 in an envelope how am I to know what you’re ordering? When this happens I simply can’t believe it. And when you think you’ve told me in a comment or an email 2 weeks prior, how many text messages, emails and comments do you imagine I’ve had in the past 2 weeks? I’ve had HUNDREDS! I can’t search for yours – it takes hours of my time – hours that I simply don’t have.

So before I sound too grumpy I’ll close and get to work – have a great weekend. Don’t forget to organize your Dirty Dozen projects before July 1.

Foster, Anyone? 6-21-22

I’m missing the puppies – they left yesterday.

Deb was picking up this gal named Sierra at the vet office so she swapped with me. (I think this was a good thing because I wouldn’t have to drive them to the shelter and drive away without them.)

This is Sierra, a pittie mix puppy who was hospitalized because of an abscess on her cheek. She cannot be adopted until this is healed so she’s living the good life on the farm for awhile.

This is easily as hard as the three puppies because she is not housetrained at all. If she has lived her entire life in a kennel, she thinks it’s correct to pee and poop on a hard surface. We walk all around the yard and when we get back she poops in front of the door! Or in the house as soon as we come in. Ugh.

She sleeps in the kennel at night and the kennel was very messy this morning – but I just don’t know why she’s isn’t trained. I came across this poster about fostering –

Get ready for some great reader quilts!

Tomorrow I’ll introduce two new $5.00 patterns.

Connie laughed when I said she was a woman of few words – she thought she wrote a lot yesterday! Haha! We both agreed it’s good I’m the one who writes the blog!