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Moving Day, 9-20-21

Yesterday was a busy day for me but I had to take the time to move the chicks to the barn. They definitely needed more room and they are loving their new home!

It won’t be long until I open the gate so they can wander outside on a nice day. Meet Bob!

I think Bob is probably a mistake that got into my box at Bomgaars – I think he’s a broiler but of course he’ll live his life as a regular chicken here. It’s just that he’s so BIG!

Reader quilts –

This is my #9 on the quilting machine! Jo inspires me every time I see how many quilts she has finished! On to binding – this time by machine.

I haul rain water from the barrel every few days – it’s a big barrel!! All my house plants and succulents have had nothing but rain water this summer and I think it’s made a huge difference in how well they’re doing. I use these plastic kitty litter jugs to haul the water.

The corn is ready for harvest.

Colton really knows how to pick the best places to nap, doesn’t he?

Oh, I forgot to tell you about Little Red – tomorrow for sure!!

Quilt Show, 9-18-21

Let’s catch up with reader quilts.

This is my Jellyroll project from last year – so easy and so fun to put on my table in the fall.

Connie has a finished Country Threads pattern update – Wild Rice! She had a layer cake to use.

She used the rest of the layer cake to piece the back!

This is Connie’s Jellyroll project. Do you have a Jellyroll project planned for today? I’m afraid I’ll be mowing grass today but maybe tonight I can sew. There’s all those college football games to watch, too!

So what are YOU doing today? Sewing up a Jellyroll perhaps?

Jellyroll Day, September 18, 2021

This is late notice but I thought Jellyroll Saturday was next Saturday the 25th! It’s the day after tomorrow!!!

Here’s Connie’s plan:

I will figure mine out tomorrow – I can’t believe I had the date wrong. I hope you’re going to join in the fun! Everyone has a Jellyroll in their sewing room, don’t they?

More on this tomorrow!