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Just as I was leaving for church at 1:00 the vet called. He can see spots on Telly’s liver which are likely cancerous. He can’t say for sure unless he does a biopsy and I won’t allow her to have surgery. He sent her home with medicine for nausea and something for liver function – gonna look that up online.

This afternoon I gave a talk to our Women’s Fellowship group and guests about Quilts and the Bible. I have had this afternoon on my calendar since last August and have done lots of research and have sewed assorted blocks that I gave away – I forgot to even take a picture of them!!!!

The quilt behind me is Jan Patek’s Bible Quilt that I have had hanging in my house for years – one of my all time favorites!

It was “hat day” and everyone was supposed to wear a hat. My hat belonged to Governor Hammill from our neighboring town of Britt, Iowa. Many years ago my friend Darlene and I went to his estate sale and I bought the beautiful hat box and his hat was still in it. He was Governor of Iowa in the mid 1920’s and the price on the hat box is $10.00.

All I could think about during this talk was Telly. When I got home she was here, acting very normal and I had already cooked chicken and rice for Siri. The vet said Telly didn’t eat but she ate two bowls of chicken and rice for me! Yay!!!! We’ll just love her as long as we have her and we will not let her hang on and suffer because it might be easier for us – I hate when pet owners do that. It’s such a coward’s way out and the pet suffers.

So my day has been hectic and I am looking forward to a beer!

A Stressful Day, 4-7-21

Telly has not been eating her favorite food for several days now. As Rick and I talked we realized she had thrown up several times, too, and yesterday she was panting so I called the vet. Our vet is VERY busy and I could not make an appointment for today – my only option was to take her there and leave her for the day and they would see her when they could.

The afternoon got late and I started calling the vet clinic because I was so afraid they’d say they needed to keep her overnight. I could not get through on the phone! Come to find out Rick had called and they told him they would need to keep her overnight. I was furious! I would have taken her back tomorrow morning if I needed to but by then the decision was made and I was reminded of Faye also being there at the clinic for several days and nights and I swore I’d never leave another dog there again.

Poor Telly! I am worried. I’ll report tomorrow.

Congratulations to Baylor! 4-6-21

The Zags ran into a buzz saw last night – the Baylor Bears scored 9 points before I could even look away from the tv! Don’t we all wonder how the December game would have turned out if it hadn’t been cancelled due to Covid. The Bears were big, strong and could rebound under the basket! It was a sad end to the Zags spectacular year at 31 – 1 but I can’t help but think that Baylor as #2 all season had something to prove – and they did!

So now what can I get interested in? Golf maybe? I don’t have the patience nor the desire to golf – in fact I hate participating in games of any kind. Weird, right? Maybe I should finish all those quilts I have in progress. Just a bit of yard work today – I overdid it yesterday and my old body is screaming at me this morning.

Becky stopped to see Hazel yesterday – and she brought toys!

This is Hazel’s “kiss”!

She was a happy doggie!

This is what’s on my design wall waiting to be sewn together.

And just one Dirty Dozen.

Just hearing about the Olympics on the news – will they happen? We can only hope so!