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And this is why, 10-3-23

For four days I checked the blog nearly hourly to see if the pictures were there. It was exhausting, disappointing and aggravating. What had I done to create this mess? I believe it was last September when the blog crashed in some way -now I can’t remember what the issue was – and now it was happening again? It ruined my weekend. I couldn’t think of anything else and being quite stupid where technology is concerned I didn’t know how to fix it. Richard was very busy and I didn’t want to bother him.

I looked up everything I could think of online and even though there were dozens of solutions, I felt brain dead. Several readers finally had the answer which turned out to be correct but nobody bothered to tell me what to do to fix the problem.

I would never attempt to change any settings on my IPad – what do I know? Nothing. I can only write this blog and I know you enjoy it. I enjoy it, too, and I would miss it terribly if it weren’t in my life. I feel I could write stories/essays forever but that’s where my ability ends. How I wish I had a kid who could help me but I really hate to ask any kid from my church. I know how busy they are and why would they want to help an old lady write letters to her friends?

The blog is nothing without the pictures. Every time I post a picture from now on I’ll worry. And now the answer – Apple had an update! Thank you, Apple, for screwing up my life for 4 days. I assure you I changed nothing – I would have no idea what to change and why. So technology got the best of me again.

I will end with a picture of the sunrise this morning over Farmer Tim’s harvested bean field. I will hold my breath and say a prayer.

I changed my mind – I’ll try the picture in another post. I don’t want to lose everything I just wrote.

Dirty Dozen, 10-2-23

Your Dirty Dozen number for October is 11 – eleven.

I chose the color RED on purpose so you could make something in plenty of time for Christmas.

I am too mentally worn out, disappointed, disgusted and discouraged to write a blog post right now. I’ll get over it – I have lots to tell you but I need a day off.