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More progress! 5-18-22

The Orkin supervisor visited today – I knew the barn smelled like dead rodents and sure enough there was a very disgusting dead rat in one of the bait traps. A reader wondered if I had considered a professional exterminator – Orkin IS a professional exterminator! I will say no more.

I am sitting on the porch with a beer and my IPad writing to you – it is just perfect out here – no wind, the mourning doves, the woodpeckers, goldfinches, nuthatches, orioles and even a cardinal in the grove are all singing and chirping. This is good for the soul – anyone’s soul but mine in particular.

Our Xerox copier has been on the blink for several days because I needed a toner waste container – the copier gave me that message. I have tried repeatedly to reach Xerox online but I had to tell them my password. I’ve never had to contact them so I didn’t have a password. Our Xerox rep is no longer with the company but nobody told me and I’ve also never had a new rep call on me even though we have a leased copier and a contract. No copier = no patterns. I had our past repairman’s phone number so I called him. He gave me an 800 number for Xerox – it was all automated and my call was dropped twice after being on hold for 12 minutes each time waiting for customer service. Called the repairman again – he can’t place an order unless he is responding to a service call into the company. I can’t make a service call – nobody will answer. When I tried online of course I needed that password – no password ever. I finally came apart at the seams and told the repairman – who was nothing but helpful, I might add – that I was hauling that ———-copier to the landfill for as much good as it’s doing me! We have been a customer in good standing for 40 years. The final word? The repairman ordered the part for me – like he should have done 5 days ago. How much frustration can one person handle?

Had a simple doctor appointment today – she has banned me from taking Ambien anymore – I can’t remember anything- sound familiar? I told her I wondered if I had early onset dementia and she informed she that early onset dementia happened in young people – not people my age. Oh for cryin out loud – hahaha!!!

On this day in 2016 our little dog Faye died. My friend Jane in Michigan also lost her little JRT named Ember the same day. Faye was not old – about 4 when she died of kidney failure and nobody knew why. I can still feel that heartache of losing her – tears in my eyes as I write this.

Faye and Telly

Bear with me – I’ll get over this rough patch – thanks for letting me vent to all of you. I do appreciate my blog friends so much!

Progress! 5-17-22

Today was a better day but still stressful. The overhead door guys came and my garage door is operational again. The poor barn swallows that used those few days to build their nest in the garage will have to find another spot. I go through this every year.

Then one of the turf companies showed up – after their receptionist was reluctant to even give them my request. When I say I have some spots in my yard that need reseeding, she thinks I mean a 20” x 30” spot – haha! No – the spots I’m talking about are as big as a lawn in town! A second company is coming to give me an estimate, too.

Then I needed to get groceries which is pretty discouraging – if the item is on the shelf, it’s much more expensive. And I’m not really complaining for the two of us – I can’t imagine how families are managing.

No dead rats today but….the 4 small poison cakes I left in the feed room last night were gone this morning and I put 4 more in there which were gone when I did chores tonight. I am mortified!

I’ve been just waiting to move this glass cabinet into the front room for my overflowing pincushion collection – I will take pictures as I unpack them and fill the shelves.

Monday, 5-16-22

Yesterday was graduation parties in North Iowa – fun to see everybody! Amy Larson – it was pointed out to me that when I gave you your quilt I called you my cousin when in fact you’re married to my nephew. I apologize – I have made so many quilts for actual cousins that I misspoke.

This has kept me busy – opening the porch.

And this big project – moving the plants – and I’m not done yet!

I still have the desk and other plants in my sewing room to move out -maybe today – but I have no help and I don’t think I can lift that desk on my own.

And then there’s the rat problem in the barn – they are definitely eating the bait making them slow and Hazel is on it! One dive into that rat hole and she’s got one in her mouth. You will be as shocked as I am to know that we killed Number 44 yesterday! I find it disgusting and I get nervous just walking into the barn to check on my chickens.

And that’s another issue – I lock everybody up at dark and out when I get up in the morning. Seeing those piles of feathers and dead chickens give me nightmares – along with seeing rats in my sleep. To say I haven’t slept well lately is an understatement.

I have tried unsuccessfully to get a lawn service to spray and fertilizer my lawn – I’ll try again today. My grass has never looked this bad in over 40 years that I’ve lived here and I love my grass! What good is an expensive irrigation system when the fill dirt I paid good money for is no good – just another problem to deal with.

Last night the garage door wouldn’t close all the way – it would get within 2” of the floor and go up again. I have cleaned off both the electric eyes and can find nothing that is interfering – I will call the overhead door people today.

I have been texting tirelessly with a reader who wants to adopt the special needs kitten – that story is just too long to tell at this point.

I opened my kitchen towel drawer last night only to find mouse poison pellets – obviously mice have carried it up into the drawer! What is happening???? So today all those towels will have to be washed, dried, folded and put away.

This morning Hazel chased a squirrel that ran up into the engine of Rick’s pickup and I could not figure out where the release button was located – when she started crying and couldn’t get out – had to ask Rick. Good grief.

I’m still enjoying all the bird at my feeders – no grape jam in Garner. Everybody must be feeding the orioles.

So that’s why you haven’t heard from me – and sewing? What’s that? I have no time. Oh, but I watched a great Netflix series called Anatomy of a Scandal – really good!

Now I’m going to make another cup of coffee before I leave the porch and get to work.