Windy Monday, 4-12-21

Honestly, will the wind never stop? And it’s only 40 degrees this morning – my list of work is long for today and I didn’t sleep well so the day itself will be long.

This is what is on the longarm – “Daughters of the Regiment” from our book “A Country’s Call”.

Here is the original in the book – what a difference, huh?

And Connie is working on Prairie and Pine – here it is in progress.

Remember this nice pile of fabric?

Soooo nice!

And for those of you who still ask about this neutral 4 patch quilt,

here it is in the book “Scrap School”.

Look at Susan’s great coat!

And for those who asked about Telly’s meds, this is what she’s on. Many of you have had previous experience with liver function in dogs and have used this medication.

(This is a private message to my friend Carol who is having trouble with her subscription – please let me know if you got this blog post in your email box. I’ll keep trying to figure out what’s wrong and why you aren’t receiving it.)

Thanks for reading, Everybody! Happy Monday!

Finishing Up, 4-10-21

Since the day was so cloudy and dreary I spent the day in the shop finishing up as many things as I could, piecing backs and designating fabrics to projects. Whew! Here are a few of my “finishes”:

I finished pressing this one – just look at this back with all of those seams! I am so relieved this is going to the quilting machine soon.

I made the binding for this quilt and stored it in the same bag.

This really old applique piece didn’t have borders so that was next and the backing and the binding are stored with it. This one actually went to Sue to quilt and I visited with my buddy Dougal while I was there.

Another small quilt is already on the longarm to be quilted tomorrow. No picture tonight – sorry.

The last pieced white border was added to this blue and white Feathered Tee quilt and it is ready to be quilted.

Remember Jill’s quilt? I had to piece the last border which has now been added. I still have to prepare the backing but I have the fabric on hand.

Of course you knew Hazel would lay on it, right?

I am going to consider all of these close finishes as my Dirty Dozen #2 for April.

I also have two table runners to quilt and 16 blocks sitting here in front of me to put together. So many of these projects will be going to our sale on May 7-8 at Connie’s house in Garner. I am packaging fabric as fast as I can – wonderful, beautiful, perfect half yards of fabric that I’ll never get used before I die! And not only that – we’re sick of those colors and want new colors! Haha!

Made chicken and rice for Telly and Siri and maybe tomorrow I can do some more cleanup outside. I know the hydrangeas are shooting up green leaves and need to be uncovered.

I’m hoping to hire some kids from church to haul big tables from the haymow into Connie’s house for the sale. I hope if you’re anywhere near Garner, Iowa that you will come to the sale May 7-8. Right now I’m so tired I can’t even think about how much work is still ahead of me before then.

Here’s Telly tonight – she is literally acting completely normal but remember, she’s on liver meds for two weeks and then the vet will reassess. I intend to make life as good as I can for Telly for as long as she’s with us. I know you all agree and thank you!

The sheet is over her chair which is a dark solid red – not exactly a good choice for a household that has two shedding white dogs!

Church tomorrow morning – the adult choir does not sing on the second Sunday but the children’s choir does – it’s always an easy Sunday for me. And I am looking forward to it!

Friday Night Update, 4-9-21

I know you’re all wondering about Telly and I’m happy to tell you she is eating well, sleeping, going outside with us, acting completely normal! I just want you to know what we’re thinking – she might have had these spots on her liver for a long time, with meds she might live a long time and be very happy. If the spots are cancer they could be slow growing, they could be benign, they might not be anything – we just don’t know and we will not subject her to surgery. We will give her our very best for as long as she’s with us! Thank you for all the well wishes – they are so appreciated by Rick and me.

It’s been a couple of dreary rainy days and I’m itching to get back outside to continue working in the yard. There’s always sewing to keep me busy. I FINALLY got these blocks together – I am really sick of this quilt by now – lots of piecing with no color which got very boring. It’s going on the longarm ASAP.

Here is the quilt in the book.

I love it! I love the colors!

Here’s Connie’s next color palette for another Country Threads updated pattern.

Hazel and her hedgehog!

Dirty Dozen:

Siri says “hi”!

Keeping this acreage looking nice is my main job. This hatchet job was done by the county in the right of way. It makes me so sad as I drive by, walk by or look out my north windows. These trees were not in anyone’s way. Since they had the use of a boom truck they could just as easily have trimmed the branches that could have been scraping farm equipment. They just cut them down instead. I can never make it look right again in my lifetime. I hate cutting down trees!!!! It brings tears to my eyes to even show you but like everything else that happens on this little farm, I share it with all of you on this blog.

It just makes me sick and there’s not a thing to be done about it.