Something New, 11-22-21

I have come up with a name for my favorite thing to do: scrap improv piecing! I love to get out the scraps, leftover triangle squares and strips, separate into colors and just simply start sewing. There are NO RULES!

Here are two I’m going to bind tonight – fresh off the long arm machine.

I’m short on time tonight but I can’t wait to tell you about the wedding on Saturday – Tim’s youngest daughter got married and I’ve got some fun pictures to show you!

Calendar Quilt, 11-19-21

We are thrilled to thank the wonderful folks at Martingale for using our quilt called Soldiers All Around on the cover of their 2022 calendar.

This quilt was originally in our book A Country’s Call.

I have always thought this was the most beautiful shot I’ve ever seen – the quilt in the snow is breathtaking and evidently Soldiers was taken at the same time.

The complete directions to make this quilt and 11 more are included in the calendar. Connie made this quilt and there’s so many things to love about it – the size, 42”x52”, the colors of pink, red, salmon with a bit of brown thrown in, the rounded corners, and the straight line stitching.

Jo in Wyoming sent me this calendar as a gift and I’m going to hang it up now to enjoy January for an extra month. I know I couldn’t keep up with this idea but wouldn’t it be great to make each month’s quilt throughout 2022?

Becky came to visit the kitties today.

New Phone, 11-18-21

Here’s my phone:

A closeup:

Yes, I’ve dropped it many times – without the case. I finally gave in, had time and went to Verizon. And here’s the kicker – they have no phones! Haha! If I ordered one it would be 4-6 weeks before it came and that’s IF they could get it. The guy was nice enough to send me to Batteries and Bulbs just down the street.

After a new screen and a new battery for $170 I have what is comparable to a brand new phone! The guy there figured my savings at $928! The new Apple phone was priced at $1100 before taxes, fees, etc.

Rick and I have decided that we are the forgotten segment of the population when it comes to technology. I haven’t used my desktop for over 18 months because I can’t understand what’s wrong with it. Sigh.