Shocking! 7-12-24

On June 28 I had a CT scan because I’ve had a pain in my midsection since last winter and it was finally so bad I went to urgent care. On my 76th birthday during the party my Dr. called and said that the CT scan showed a mass in my midsection. A biopsy was set up for Tuesday morning.

I arrived at 7:15 – Rick dropped me off at the front door of the hospital and would come back in a few hours to pick me up. This was expected to be a simple needle biopsy and that in itself was pretty easy.

I was taken back to recovery when suddenly I had extreme pain. They rushed me to CT scan again and found that the mass has begun bleeding into my abdomen from the biopsy.

They ran, literally ran, me to surgery and the dr. went up thru my groin and cauterized the bleeder.. I remember them telling me to calm down. I asked them to put me under and they said the couldn’t, there was no time. I learned later this could have been fatal.

I was admitted on Weds and I’m still here. My belly area is distended with all that blood. They gave me a blood transfusion so think of all that blood they replaced that has to be absorbed by my body which can take awhile. The blood in my belly area is what is so painful but now I think they’ve got the pain meds figured out.

The first night I was in such pain I couldn’t wait to get home so I could kill myself. I cried most of the night.

It’s gotten better and I might even go home today. Keeper is so upset – I disappeared from his life in a blink of the eye and he’s spending the time in my van or under my sewing table. He will be wild when I get home but I will have two bed pillows over my belly so if he jumps I’m protected. Hazel, the sheriff, will be thrilled to see me but her size is easier .

I have not even seen Eric, Nikki and Camber but it’s an act of God that they’ve been here to help Rick. I am relieved that somebody is doing chores and cleaning litter boxes.

Isn’t it unbelievable that I said July 10, the day of the surgeries, was the deadline for the patriotic patterns? I’m sure I have orders at home but they might not get filled quickly.

Shocked hardly describes it!

Reader Photos, 7-9-24

It’s late and I’m just going ahead with reader photos. Please answer comments among yourselves.

Eric, Nikki and Camber are coming tomorrow for several days – I’ve been busy with cleaning, laundry, cooking, baking and shopping. We’re looking forward to their visit!!

Chickens and More, 7-8-24

I’m writing this from the porch – it’s such a beautiful evening. Someone asked for a chicken report.

Big Red crowed this morning for the first time – it was pretty garbled but he’ll get there.

Remember when I planted those tiny hydrangea twigs along the fence last fall? Some are even blooming this year! I can grow a hydrangea anywhere on this farm – even under the steps going up to the haymow!!

I can’t grow anything else however.

Old JB
I’m afraid I’ll lose a lot of my cacti and succulents due to the excess rain but I’ve decided to take a chance and leave them outside.

My friend Helen sent this – look at the ticket price and where that seat is located! I wonder what a seat down front must cost!

About 40-50 miles from here around Eagle Grove this is the sad scene today after hail last night.

Corn shredded nearly to the ground
I have to leave my car door open because this is where Keeper sleeps during the day – in case I go somewhere he doesn’t want to be left at home!

Reader photos – some quilts, some flowers, gardening, fabric – enjoy!

Notice the price of 10 cents!

It was so fun to hear from so many of you! More tomorrow!