Game! 5-25-24

Caitlin and The Fever won their first game last night against the LA Sparks – so much fun to see them win. Another game tonight in Las Vegas where Caitlin’s Iowa teammate, Kate Martin, is on the team. Coach Bluder will be at that game, too! As far as I can tell we will be able to see the game on TNT at 8 pm but check your own local channels because this is very hard to determine.

Reader photos – I don’t want to get behind. Remember – if you don’t see your picture in a reasonable amount of time, let me know.

Isn’t she lovely?🎶

I’m missing Hank – hope I get to see him this weekend.

I’m heading to the cemetery this morning. Becky and I mentioned last night how much Mom would have loved watching Caitlin and the games. She loved sports and when she was a country schoolteacher, she played softball with her students. She was an avid Twins fan and watched lots of sports on tv. Just thinking of you, Mom.

Take care this Memorial Day weekend if you’re traveling.

Game Alert! 5-24-24

My schedule says there’s a Fever game tonight at 10 ET against the the LA Sparks. My IPad says “watch on ION or you can subscribe to watch this game on the app”. I subscribed to the WNBA League Pass for $35 for the season awhile ago so I’m hoping that’s what this means. I guess if you’re interested you should check your local stations. I’ll be checking my IPad at 9 pm.

That’s all – I promised to keep you apprised of game times. I’ll do my best.

Falling Behind, 5-23-24

My exciting news is about Little Quilts! I’ve been in touch with Mary Ellen and like Country Threads she has lots of “stuff” left from many years in business such as quilt models, patterns, fabric, samples , etc, etc. I’m going to show this business collection of great stuff here on the blog. There will be a picture, a price and Mary Ellen’s email. You will order directly from her. I will only be the facilitator and it won’t all come at once because it will be more than I can handle along with my own blog. See? Won’t this be fun??

I’ll bet many of you have this well known book! I do! I’m going to take a picture of one of my favorite quilts upstairs – a crib quilt by Little Quilts.

It was another full day of yard work. Here’s a sample of the twigs I picked up.

We have several brush piles that we leave for the birds.

This is some of the mowing. About midafternoon I don’t know what happened but hordes of flies arrived eating poor Telly nearly alive. The flies covered her ears, feet and tail. We forced her into the house, put repellent on her and locked the dog door. I hope this fly invasion is shortlived.

Reader photos

Sent by a reader who did not make it but knew I loved chickens

These are from Anne who just wanted to “keep it real! And she’s right – these look like a hard working wife who not only cooks and cleans, she mends and does yard work when she can find the time.

Sharon’s “pet”

Gail is staying at her family’s cabin and sent me these shots of pictures there because she knew I loved vintage dog pictures. And I do love these!!

I have this one.
This is my favorite.
This one is too sad to look at.

Two geese are sharing the nest of eggs and the other three evidently think they’re needed to stand guard. Oh, I hope none of those eggs hatch!

Remember I’ve said before, be careful what you wish/pray for? I complained about having too many plants so the squirrels have eaten almost every one of the jade plants. This is not the way I wanted to downsize.

Almost finished with curtains and then I can start something fun. Thunderstorms are predicted for after midnight so that means Hazel will be interfering with my sleep again.

I took the pretend grandkids to Subway last night. We got our sandwiches and brought them and the dogs with us out to the farm to eat on the porch and check the pumpkins. Probably half the hills are up.

Nothing earth shattering today – and tomorrow will likely be the same. I hope so.