PINK! 7-29-22

Here is my July pink project – I took many pictures and couldn’t decide which I like best.

I love this simple quilt! I don’t love sewing long rows of squares together however so this quilt is a series of positive and negative 9 patch blocks. Those blocks were all scrappy with 5 different darks and 4 different lights in a positive block. I really used up my 2-1/2” squares in all shades of pink from soft pastel to dark rose along with shades of red, burgundy, orange, some gold, some teal, some yellow. It’s a real mishmash but I love those combinations.


This paper pattern is available for $5.00 sent to Country Threads. It will be online very soon. If you already have lots of 2-1/2” squares cut in all colors, it would be a smash hit! So colorful and small units, 9 patch blocks, to sew.

Reader quilts – some are part of the pink challenge and some are dirty dozen projects.

Nice to see your smiling face, Sue!

I left JB3 (Hopalong) alone in the quilt shop too long this morning. He left a bit of destruction.

The corn is needing some rain – Tim’s irrigation was running yesterday – can you see it against the line of trees?


Do you ever pick up a bird nest and examine it? The engineering involved in constructing a nest is simply unbelievable.

I’ve been told this is against the law – to keep a nest but would it be better if I ran over them with the lawn mower???

I tried to mow today and broke a belt – Rick to the rescue. There’s always tomorrow to mow, right?

This is Nathan who got a blue ribbon for his original Lego fire engine – he goes to my church and I just had to take his picture.

Summer by With Thy Needle and Thread

Monday is August 1 and I will post the next Dirty Dozen number as well as the color for the month. If the color turns out to be a Dirty Dozen, all the better for me. Just be thinking about which way you’re going to go come Monday.

I am loving our perfect weather but next week it’s getting hot again – enjoy these days while they’re here!

Good Summer Eatin’, 7-29-22

Look at this ear – filled to the last kernel!

Connie has been busy at counted x stitch and here is her latest spectacular finish!

Reader quilts:

If I missed a reader quilt, please let me know. It’s a lot to keep track of and I could miss yours.

JB3, or Hopalong as we sometimes call him, thinks I need help.

My new book came in the mail today – I need this book.

Does anyone have any of this very old fabric? I’m making a donation quilt for the shelter and all I have is 1/2 yard.

Diana Standfill – I tried to email you today and it bounced back – do you have a new email?

An observation – when many people text, they use no punctuation or capital letters! What’s with that?

Pattie – how’s the trip going? The transports? Your 3 dogs? We need a trip update from SC.

Time to close the barn.