Happy Memorial Day, 5-29-23

Since I can’t figure out how to post a very short video here on the blog, I’ll send you over to Instagram to hear a very short patriotic song. Anybody know what I’m doing wrong?

It’s a beautiful day on the porch and I’ve got a good book to read. Last night I watched The Son on Netflix with Hugh Jackman and I’m haunted by it yet this morning. If you have a teenager in your life I would recommend it.

I finished Season 2 of Firefly Lane on Netflix, too, and loved it! Today I’ll start something else to watch while I sit in the porch. I might have to clean a bit since I have company coming tomorrow.

Reader photos of assorted things we all love!

Yesterday one of the eggs hatched!
Cool, huh?
Hazel and I joined Becky on her porch yesterday.

Once again if I missed your photo, you need to tell me. Have fun today!

The Red, White and Blue Dress, 5-28-23

The choir is singing this Salute To Veterans today in church. I’m playing the accompaniment but each branch of the service is represented by their theme song. I’ll bet you can pick them out.

Well, that was a bust – it’s 6 minutes long and my IPad won’t let me play it here. Darn – this was going to be so good! (The blog is living up to its name (the blog about nothing) today.

Our choir director requested we wear something red, white and blue and I said right away that I had a great dress from years ago. The key here is “years ago”.

The dress is so old it has shoulder pads which I took out. As I struggled to get it over my head I began to panic. When I did get it pulled down, the buttons wouldn’t even meet! Oh, good grief! I was skinny in the mid ‘90s, I guess. It was such a colossal failure it began to get hilarious!

So I’ll be wearing a black skirt, white ruffled top and a patriotic scarf – haha!! And when I get home from church maybe Becky can help me upload the song.

I quilted this old Sandy Gervais panel for the outdoor hanger. I took closeup pictures of this hanger for someone – I asked for their email to send them but never heard. Was it YOU?

Off to church!