Shopping and Bullseyes, 1-21-21

Interesting date, huh? 12121

Here’s what we bought on Tuesday.

Wasn’t that fun? Now to start deciding what goes in what quilt.

Remember how dangerous the roads were on the way home? One of our readers sent me an email that her grandniece was in a bad car accident due to the weather that afternoon. The car she was riding in was blown into another vehicle – the young woman is in a coma in Des Moines. Let’s all remember her in prayer for a complete recovery.

And now for more bullseye quilt photos!

And this last bullseye is the exclamation point!!!

That’s all the photos I’ve received however – IF your quilt has not been shown, send it to me again. Imagine saving this many pictures of basically the same quilt and trying to remember which one is which. Did I save this one? Did I post that one? It was everything I could do to keep them in order of receiving them but if I screwed up, I’ll be happy to repost.

Connie and I could not be more thrilled to see this many bullseye quilts – I had no idea what I was in for when I asked for pictures – haha!! I loved seeing the emails in my inbox and I know it took some effort on your part to get the picture taken and sent to me. Thank you to everyone who sent a picture!

Would you be surprised to learn that I haven’t gotten much sewing done since I asked for these photos? Now I’ll go back to showing you what’s new in the online store. I’ll leave that for tomorrow!

Cut this by February 1, 1-20-21

Are you joining the Bullseye sew along? Please have these pieces cut by February 1 when we will begin. Our finished quilts will be lap size of 48 blocks arranged 6 blocks across by 8 blocks down. Adjust your cutting to make a different size quilt. All directions will refer to the lap size quilt.

Background: 48 squares, cut 9″ x 9″. This is generally light but if you choose dark backgrounds, then your circles should be dark.

First circle: 48 squares, cut 8″ x 8″. This is generally dark but if you choose dark backgrounds, then your circles should be light.

I am still receiving photos – wow! Here’s a personal goal of mine – this blog has 2,848 readers and I want 3000 readers – help me reach that goal. Do you have quilter friends who might enjoy our group? Send them to Blog signup. And thank you for your support!

Here are 10 more bullseye quilts. You’ve all done a fabulous job!

Later today I’ll post pictures of the new fabric we bought yesterday on our trip to Des Moines. Stay tuned.