Thursday, May 6, 2021

Several photos and stories are waiting for me so that’s today. Years ago, in the mid to late ‘80’s we began to write a quarterly newspaper called the Goat Gazette. We printed 10,000 at a time and sent nearly half to paid subscribers.

Today the Goat Gazette has changed its name to Chicken Scratch online – the concept is the same with news from the farm, quilts from customers, personal news, recipes, patterns for sale – just like this blog! I’ve changed the “vehicle” but the content remains the same.

One of our good friends, Moe Baly, recently went through 40 years of Goat Gazettes and painstakingly cut out articles for both Connie and me.

It was such a trip down memory lane for us and even though we have a single copy of every issue, we haven’t bothered to read them in a long time. Moe was cleaning her basement and the Goat Gazettes had to GO. As she reread each issue, she cut out those articles she wanted to send to us, and then fed the remainder into the fire pit, reliving 40 years of friendship. Thank you, Moe – we really loved our packed envelopes of articles! I might reprint some as time permits.

How many of you got the Goat Gazette in your mailbox? If you did, you’ve followed Country Threads for many years. We thought our journey was over when we retired in 2014 but those old patterns don’t go away! We are putting all patterns online – eventually. Please don’t mail money to me for patterns – download them online, please! If we’ve gone to the trouble of putting them online as a pdf download, please don’t ask me to handle your order. I’m going to start returning them instead of spending time mailing them.

So it’s a busy day for Connie and me, Amy and Anita – setting up the garage sale! Kind of exciting really! And yes, I will post pictures here on the blog!

The Lost Is Found! 5-5-21

When I got to Connie’s today, she said “Don’t hate me!” What???? She then handed my the Uncle Sam on a Bike quilt! Hahaha! I have searched 10 acres for this quilt and it was at Connie’s house the whole time.

The wrens came back today and the cardinal is singing from the top of the trees – the barn swallows arrived on Monday and a couple goldfinches were at the feeder today. It’s been a feast for the eyes and ears!

I gave Jenny some vintage clothes and of course there’s always Governor Hammill’s hat!

I made Tom a birthday cake – Country Threads Heath Bar Cake.

Here’s the recipe. And don’t give me any flack about those raw egg yolks in the frosting – we have eaten this for years and it’s never been an issue.

Sam, Owen and Ivy will be here soon – I’m going to let Owen plant some seeds and then we’ll watch them each week. I think he’d like to plant them in one of Rick’s old work boots.

So that’s today – more tomorrow!

A Morning In May, 5-4-21

What could be more pleasant than going to the barn on a May morning? A little cool this morning – 40 degrees – but nice just the same.

And this unfortunate incident – my guess is a cat jumped up to get a drink and over it went!

Quilts from our readers:

Rick removes the lid of an old school desk so I can plant it full of succulents!

I have more to catch up on – maybe later today!