Monday Night, 11-30-20

Yes, I’ve been having technical issues – again. It is such a helpless feeling because I never know how to fix it. Somebody said I needed a teenager – no kidding!!

This happened just tonight – I lifted Jo out of her bed (I’ve done it the past 3 days) but tonight she stood in front of me for several minutes and looked me in the eye. Two days ago she panicked and cowered in the corner. This definitely is progress.

It’s nice to be missed! All is well – WiFi is working again and I’m going to change servers ASAP which means a new email address for me. Ugh.

I’ll have more time tomorrow – tonight I’m going to watch Bull and then go to bed.

Two Wins For the State of Iowa, 11-27-20

Both Iowa State and the University of Iowa won exciting football games today! So many games – football and basketball – and we watched as many of them as we could. I also follow Gonzaga when I can – who wouldn’t want to cheer on the Number One Team?

During one half time I moved the pumpkins out, the winter living room rug in and hauled the Christmas tree into the front room – all on the run! Didn’t want to miss much of the game! So I waited till dark to put the lights on – only to discover they were all spotty with many bulbs unlit so tomorrow means a trip to Mason City for lights. And maybe a Whopper?

Jo eats most anytime from my hand now – she still stays in her bed when I come into the building but I’m patient. I cut her old collar off and will get her a new one – looks like this one has been on quite a long time. Talked to a couple dog behaviorists today and hope to try a couple things soon – a collar and a short leash to leave on Jo will be the first thing I’ll try. I want her to be comfortable with the leash and not be terrified. Some things she’s just going to have to face so she realizes she’s still in a safe place. I will keep you posted about her progress.

I set up the mantel this afternoon but I’m not sure it will stay this way. I found another very large double sham with hand done redwork and a ruffle which I put on the mantel – tucked the excess behind the mantel. I think I’d rather have the vintage handknit white socks.

Both of these quilts came from the Country Christmas book from years ago.

When Amy was here last month she gave me this panel and I added borders – quilted, bound and hung it outside my sewing room.

Just a note about this and what I wish I’d done – since it’s directional and hung in this hanger, I wish I’d added a spacer at the top so the little squares wouldn’t get lost under the hanger. I just didn’t think of it.

JB, Hazel’s favorite cat, relaxes in Telly’s chair.

Remember Chicklet? Here he is with his crowd – even a couple friendly roosters!

That’s all I got – just a lot of blabber tonight but now it’s back to the ballgames. Be still.