WINDY, Again! 4-5-21

How will I ever get the yards cleaned up with 40 mph winds? I went out early today while it was pretty nice but here it is noon and the wind is so strong I can’t rake. Grrrr. When spring first comes it all looks so overwhelming but once I get started, there’s nothing I’d rather do than work outside and I’m sure many of you feel the same, especially you farm wives who know it comes with the territory! Haha!

Who loves a great house quilt? No one more than Connie! Here is the latest house called “Somebody’s Home” which measures approximately 28″ x 38″. “Somebody’s Home” is now available in our online store. Please refer to the directions about downloading your purchased pattern.

Connie is working on another house quilt now – why don’t YOU start making small house quilts? They look great hanging as a group on a wall or stairway wall which is how Connie displays her collection.

Remember Connie’s #2, the Red Cross quilt?

A reader sent this photo:

More from readers:

Here’s Siri in her favorite spot – the rolled up foam mattress.

Who’s watching the game tonight? Me, me, me, me!!!!!!

The Perfect Day! 4-3-21

This was that one day that I dream about all winter – warm, 70 degrees, no wind, sunny, the absolute perfect day to work outside. The only problem is that I can’t rake and clean flower beds all day like I used to and that makes me so mad, disappointed, disgusted – you name it! I had to come in and “watch” the first game – actually I fell asleep in my chair and then I went outside again. I cleared the area alongside the ramp – raked and cut down the dead Karl Foerster grass and raked the front yard.

I am moving hydrangeas into this area this spring and moving the grasses out. There isn’t enough sun to support the grass but it will be perfect for the hydrangeas and I’ll put up the iron fence sections along the hydrangeas to keep them from falling over.

Moving on to the “rock garden area” which also has too much Karl Foerster grass – I’m going to take down the landscape block that keeps tipping over anyway. If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em, right? It will be easier mowing, too.

This is definitely a work in progress!

I have three definite areas to work on but will try to do only one per day. I have the lily bed, the hydrangeas and the area next to the quilt shop on the north side of the sidewalk. When the day comes that I can’t do this work anymore, I’ll know it’s time to move to town and life as I’ve always known it will end. It’s too hard to think about.

In the meantime, here is Connie’s #2 for April. I love it!

And I haven’t looked for my #2 yet. I have 3 projects going right now, 4 if you count the bird quilt on the longarm machine! Yikes!!

Have a blessed Easter, Friends!

PS – I got so involved in the game that I forgot to hit “publish” – have you ever seen such an ending? College basketball at its finest!

He is risen! He is risen indeed! Happy Easter to all of you!

News of the World, 4-2-21

Yes, the movie “News of the World”! I went to see it tonight at our local theater opening and I LOVED IT! Tom Hanks will surely be up for many awards himself as well as the movie – a western taking place in 1875 in Texas Hill Country which I also love. A great evening and now women’s college basketball is on TV.

The wind blew 48-50 mph today from the south but I braved it and went outside to rake from south to north letting the strong wind help me move the debris in the lawn. Oh, so many sticks I picked up and the wind has now littered the yard again. Ugh.

Did you read my post yesterday to say that the April Dirty Dozen number is 2. Here is Connie’s #10 from last month.

Here is my #10, an old Country Threads quilt called Morning Glory.

Now, I’m going to set the records straight – I never said I created the Easter basket with the crosses and the tomb. I saw it online and you guys just assumed I created it which was very sweet of you but wrong, so wrong! I should have said more about it but I don’t know anything except it popped up on the feed somewhere and I loved it. I can tell you liked it, too. Next year I’m going to make one myself.

We had a Maundy Thursday service last nite and I missed the cross walk today because I went to Mason City to get a pedicure and I eventually waited over an hour. After 30 minutes I decided it was going to be too long to wait but they just insisted I was “next”. Ugh – next was another 30 minutes – so I missed the Good Friday cross walk.

So tomorrow is a ballgame Saturday nite and Moe is coming to play for the day. Fun for Hazel and Telly.

I don’t have time to tell you what I’ve been working on but I will. Connie and I are going to have a rummage sale with the city wide garage sales May 7-8. Yikes!!

More tomorrow! Good night!

Guess who came back today for an extended stay? Siri!