Catching Up, 1-9-22

Here are quilts sent to me –

Here’s some of what I’ve been working on:

I have a high shelf on one wall of my living room – everything up there is a dust collector so I decided it was time to wash everything. These folk art houses are so precious to me – Connie and I both bought several of these houses in the ‘90’s.

This cleaning took me almost to the edge of the kitchen so tomorrow I will continue. Deep cleaning could kinda grow on a person – it’s very satisfying – haha!

The paper mache rabbits are antique candy containers from Germany.

When I opened one of the antique trunks today, my heart nearly stopped. There was Janey’s coat that I have searched everywhere for – I was sure I’d find it in the grove but when I didn’t I decided she must have gotten it caught in a brush pile and walked right out of it. I think I probably put it in that trunk because I didn’t want to see it after she was killed on the highway – and I forgot it. A sweet but sad reminder –

Look at the little note in this old box:

I have more to post tomorrow – I’m considering the large pincushion display case – emptying it, cleaning and reorganizing – I’ve added lots of pincushions in the past couple of years that have just been tossed in the door.

A new reader asked me to explain the Dirty Dozen – on July 1 we all picked 12 unfinished projects and numbered them one through twelve. Each month on the first day I pull a number from the fishbowl and post it here on the blog. You agree to have it finished by the end of the month. If you’re just starting you could pick 6 UFO’s so you’d be done with the rest of us by July 1. And here’s the real scoop – use this blog as inspiration to finish something whether it has a number or not.

Just a note – if you ask me a question, I will answer in the comments section – it’s up to you to follow up and read it.

That’s it – tomorrow starts another week in the winter of 2022.

Done but not happy, 1-6-22

Remember this pile of fabric?

This pattern?

If I had looked at the size printed on the back I would never have bought this pattern – it’s twin bed size but there’s nothing in the picture to show scale. We always put something in each photo so people could imagine what size the quilt was. I thought this was a wall hanging.

Happy New Year and Dirty Dozen, 1-1-22

It’s bitterly cold here today – good day to stay inside and sew, watch football, snack and talk to you guys. I cleared myself a place to work – it’s not totally cleaned up but better. TheDirty Dozen Number for January is 6 – number 6.

Remember Henfolks that none of us knew about? Here it is.

Here are more projects for today:

Here is mine:

And now since this is my blog I can give my speech. When hanging a quilt vertically the blue field should be in the upper left. How do I know you ask? Years ago when I had a flag painted on my haymow door I painted it wrong with the field in the upper right as if you took a horizontal flag and just tipped it to vertical. My painter was actually a schoolteacher who didn’t know either. I had military people that I didn’t even know stop and point out my mistake. It got so bad I was forced to hire a painter again to change it, long before it needed repainting.

I want to hang this quilt vertically in my porch so I am changing it. I did email the designer but doubt I’ll hear back.

So now to work on the flag and watch Yellowstone!