Storm! 6-15-22

Last night I could not get to sleep so I went to my recliner on the porch and within a few hours of just sort of half sleeping during all the lightning and thunder I was suddenly hit with rain blowing in 15’ across the porch! I moved in a hurry! Oh my, did it rain – we got over 2” but south of us got 4-5”. Now the weeds will get ahead of us all and it will be just easier to give up – too wet to hoe for awhile and by then it will be a total mess.

Shelf cloud this morning before another downpour

My 3 amigos are so busy – honestly I just sit with them either outside or in the porch and watch them play – I’m not sewing, reading, cleaning, cooking – or posting new patterns. They will just have to wait until next week when the little boys go for their surgery and then their adoptions. Just cut me some slack until Monday and then I’ll be back at it.

Digging under the playhouse
Following Dianne
Meeting a goat
My rickety old lawn chair that I sit in while Hazel is rat hunting.
They just don’t know what to think of the chickens.
Too wet for these succulents
This was fun, too!
Faded but it’s my belief – a house is not a home without a dog. Thank you, Amy!

Had to show you my friend Pam’s dog – Spur! He is so handsome!

Only one reader project

Time to put the puppies to bed!

PS – for some unknown blog glitch you received an old post about the kitten last night – don’t ask me why! I’m sure it confused you and when readers started commenting I simply could not understand why. I apologize – technology – I do not understand!

Happy 25th Flag Day Anniversary, 6-14-22

Yes, it’s today! I’m thankful it wasn’t this hot 25 years ago!

The reception was held in the haymow with many American flags hung from the rafters and little white lights strung throughout. When I look through these photos I see so many folks that are no longer alive, kids that are grown with families of their own and friends I haven’t seen in years.

And believe it or not , the bride was NOT as interesting as what might be in the barn downstairs! Haha!

(Ellen – recognize anyone here? Smile!)

Here is a photo taken at a Christmas event just to show the decor.

Prior to the reception we rented scaffolding to clean the beams and rafters and to hang the flags. (I have spent way too much time searching for those pictures – when or if I ever find them I’ll add them to a post. Ugh.)

So I am celebrating today by corralling the puppies and Rick is on his way to Mayo – no pet sitter and it’s too hot to leave them home alone.

I wrote about the wedding and all in the Goat Gazette – there was even a special Wedding Edition! Sounds pretty funny now.

So it’s really hot today and we’re staying inside as much as possible. I’ll be refilling water buckets several times for chickens, goats and geese. The pond has not been cleaned so the geese can’t swim to cool off.

Stay cool, All! One of my next posts will be questions to readers so watch and answer. I keep notes and those who have had surgery for example, need to provide updates. I’m also going to review our old book At the Lake – there are several great quilts that I can offer as $5 patterns. Does anyone remember our very first book On Behalf of Chickens? Take a look at the cover quilt – Connie is working hard on this remake.

I know UPS just dropped a package at my gate and I know what it is! It’s an advance copy of our new book coming out in September- I gotta go get it!

Happy Flag Day!

THEY’RE BA-ACK! 6-13-22

Couldn’t sleep last night – maybe because Hazel had just gotten rat #57? So at 3:30 I got up – decided to made a dessert salad that was on my list and as I was working in the pantry at dawn, who should casually stroll by the window? Four serene guineas just catching bugs and making their rounds. So that’s it – I’m not worrying about these guys anymore. Honestly I wish I hadn’t gotten them because I don’t need anything more to worry about or take care of. End of that story.

Thanks to all who answered Lora’s plea for a home for her scraps. I am happy to post things like that if and only if I don’t have to make any arrangements back and forth.

Remember this sampler I showed you?

A reader, Jane V., sent me this picture of the same sampler which she made in 1964 at age 11. Fabulous workmanship, Jane!

It was a Better Homes and Gardens kit. Here’s another one she did at age 11.

Guess I’m featuring Jane in this blog as she has also just finished these quilts. I think she’s just trying to make me feel bad. But then, I’m busy killing rats, remember!!! Yuck.

And this one from Kathy H. looks like a zipper to me.

We had a severe thunderstorm with hail this morning about 8 am – only quarter size but it could have been bad since all the crops are up and looking so nice.

The puppies are enthralled with Ernie who is NOT INTERESTED!

I think I’m caught up for now. The puppies need to go to bed and I do, too.