Happy Valentine’s Day and Bullseye #2, 2-14-21

Artwork by Mrs. Rose

And the Valentine’s Day quilt – Picnic by Country Threads remade in red, pink and white.

Are you ready for Step 2 of Bullseye? Here we go!

Background with circle #1 and 6″ square for circle #2.

Next deadline is February 28. It’s too cold to do anything but stay inside and sew. Wind chill this morning was 42 below and I give thanks that our consistory cancelled the early service so I didn’t have to get out.

Happy Valentines Day!

All Is Well In the Barn, 2-12-21

I took these pictures during chores this morning – everybody is comfy in the barn where the heater is working well and the egg production is steady – ha!

And Hazel is sure something is down this hole in the floor!

Someone asked what she’d do if I didn’t empty the cupboards for her – she would sit there and bark which I could easily ignore but Rick can’t stand that barking so I give in to her to keep peace. Sound familiar to anyone?

Hazel is a bossy little thing, that’s for sure but she comes by it honestly as a Jack Russell Terrier or terrorist as someone called her. Here was another game of tug last night.

Here’s a finish using the X Tool that was so popular years ago.

This afternoon I’m going to bind the pink and gray quilt and take pictures for the online store where the pattern called Scrap Roll Adventure will be available. I told Kayla to wait for this new picture to post because this is the quilt that will look familiar to you.

Here is our crowded little booth at Junkin Gal – Becky added artwork and leather bracelets. It’s too cold for anybody to be out shopping however.

Stay warm, Everybody and Be Still!

Thursday, 2-11-21

Had a dental appointment today to fix a broken bottom front tooth that I chipped opening a pistachio – that was expensive little snack and the last pistachio I’m ever going to crack with my front teeth!

Very cold again and it’s been lightly snowing all day which doesn’t matter unless the wind comes up – then we’ll certainly be snowed in.

Last night Hazel insisted I empty the lower cupboards and like many toddlers, I had to keep emptying because she was just sure she heard something. Maybe she did, maybe she didn’t but it entertained her for quite awhile.

Put this pink and gray quilt on the machine yesterday – tonite I’ll bind it.

I also started cutting out Jill’s quilt Farmer’s Daughter so I’ll have it for her in August when she’s here from California.

I started this new Kristen Hannah book last night and the very first morning it came downstairs with me! It’s already hard to put it down.

Here’s the quilt show:

And that’s a cold day in February in North Iowa!

Today’s eggs – the dark brown one is from one of my new hens.