A Visit To School, 3-1-24

I visited Lucy’s 4th grade classroom today as she demonstrated how to make a rug.

I was so proud of her – she did such a great job that afterwards the other students wanted to give it a try.

Well done, Lucy!

Another student demonstrated making waffles and the last student made paper airplanes.

Reader photos

You may have seen a floppy fish for dogs – they’re rechargeable and turn on with a switch. Here are the remains of the one I gave to Hazel after discovering it in a cupboard where I had probably put it to save its life!

On the longarm:

From a reader – so true

I think we’ve all been suffering with the high winds – miserable and I can’t wait till it changes directions. But in CA winds are up to 145 mph? That sounds like a tornado – and then they’ve got many feet of snow, too. How terrible for them! Any CA readers out there who are experiencing this brutal weather?

Good Night, Friends of Mine!

Going out on top, 2-29-24

Here’s my latest finish – a red, white and blue version of Beautifully Done by Anna Fournelle – I believe it was a free pattern online.

By now we’ve all heard that Caitlin is going pro! And why not? There are no more records for her to break and even though it’s been so much fun for all of us, she needs to move on with her life. Depending on who drafts her, I’ll now become a WNBA fan. Who’s with me?

The USA backing fabric was a gift from Rose and the dog sashing fabric was a gift from Cyndy.

The red floral was one of those fabrics that I loved too much to use – ugh. I’m not going to be that kind of quilter any more.

Binding fabric from 1987!

Has anyone tried to find a built in Featherweight table? This dealer said it’s listed at $1000 on EBay – she has this one she’ll sell for $500.

After seeing this drawer unit on Marketplace for $20 I went to a neighboring town to see it – and bought it – along with several other things including these dogs.

Also this sewing basket stand – needing paint

Hansel and Gretel
Keeper and Delectable Mountains/Point of No Return

Reader Photos

I’ve got another great house tour for you coming up!

Did anyone see my layout mistake in the red, white and blue quilt? I didn’t see it until I hung it up to take a picture. The dogs who enjoy the couch will never care but good grief. Too late now.