Brrrr! 2-27-24

Right now it’s 9 degrees with a wind chill of -14 degrees! Just checked the barn to make sure the heater was working because it has not been on for awhile now.

I finished up two projects today but hoping for the wind to go down so I can take the pictures.

Reader photos and recipes

Tomorrow night is the next Caitlin game – I’ll have to leave choir practice early to get home by 8:00. The last game of the season is Sunday – how can it already be over? (Rhoda – thank you so much for the newspaper articles from Honolulu and Las Vegas – so much fun to read them both!)

Lots of time to sew these days – but no time to clean!

A Warm Day, 2-26-24

Gorgeous day – 70 degrees! Time to do some yard work – this patch of viburnum has been here many years and I’ve never cut them to the ground.

What a mess!

Cleaned up and now hauled away!

Look how sad this is – no grass!

Fun in the grove

More soup recipes


I’m going to finish watching the movie NYAD before I go to bed.

An Extra Post, 2-26-24

Guess I didn’t talk about the Iowa-Illinois game yesterday. Iowa won 101-85 and Caitlin had a stellar game again. Just two more games and then the tournament March 7-9. What will I do when it’s all over? No games to look forward to – ugh – although I will start following the men’s final four which starts when the women are done.

Everyone is wondering if Caitlin will stay at Iowa for another year or enter the draft and end up at Indiana. If YOU are a Caitlin follower, what do you think she’ll do?