Great Talk! 2-21-24

What a great discussion, chat, conversation about those wonderful old spring horses! Sometimes when I mention something I see, it just sets off a wealth of memories from my readers and that’s what the spring horse did. It was in the window of the thrift store and since it’s now vintage I think the price was $175. Can that be? I must have that wrong. Hmmm.

Beamer’s Mom will remember this scene at the old Memorial Building in Garner about 40 years ago. Once a month or so Stromer’s would have an auction in the basement – it took all day on Saturday and I can see several things right now in my sewing room that I got at the auction. I wanted this horse so bad that I asked one of the auctioneers if he would auction it before I had to leave and he did. I think I paid $35 for it which was quite a lot of money for me.

Here is Danny’s first birthday.

I loved the story about the little girl who tied her imaginary horse to the bumper of the car when her family went somewhere, always looking out the back window to make sure the horse was still there.

And when I saw this……

the memories of the Wonder Horse surfaced and I had to post the picture. I love it when a simple photo sparks such great conversation. These photos from a reader are too sweet for words!

I put my new $2 casserole to use tonight – chicken with stove top stuffing – delicious. Blog acting up – will finish in post #2.

Telly to the groomer! 2-20 – 24

Telly earlier today –

After grooming –

She’s beautiful! Soft and silky and smells so nice!! And I’l bet she feels like a million bucks!

That was this afternoon – late this morning Becky came and helped me move some furniture upstairs. Didn’t have time to clean and decorate – another day.

When I had to leave Telly for 2 hours, I drove on to Algona to pick up chicken feed at the farm store and then uptown to the thrift store. And it was a good day at the thrift store.

This heavy white casserole for $2.00 – I’ve looked up BIA but can’t confirm source.

No lid

Roseville 7” bowl – $3 – great for cat food

This vintage yellow basket – $.50. Paint is not new, some wear but tasteful and I don’t want it to look new.

10 stuffed animals – $.25 each. I picked the ones without beads in the stuffing. My arms were full and a little girl asked why I was buying so many – her eyes crinkled when I told her they were for my dogs.

One book – $.25. I read the books and return them – it’s like a rental system.

And Be Still for $1.00 – it’s going in my window sill.

Now wasn’t that fun?

When I picked Telly up I was thrilled! She’s pretty tired tonight and I’m just hoping she doesn’t roll in something nasty for a couple days.

So remember these quilts from last Christmas?

Here are some others that are waiting for quilting.

I believe all are Susan Winget but the horse that I’m working on is this:

I need to look up Steele Creek Studios.

When I was at the farm store this gal parked beside me with this bird backpack on. Inside is a conure, a small parrot-like bird. This little sweetheart is named Periwinkle!

I was flabbergasted – of course I had to ask if I could take a picture.

Reader photos

Thank you to everyone who sent postage donations and such nice letters – they nearly bring tears to my eyes. And another newspaper story about Caitlin came from Helen in Texas. She’ll be playing Thursday night against Indiana – it will be a tough game which is on Peacock again.

This horse was at the thrift store which brought back memories of Danny riding the spring horse I gave him. Becky said it was the best present he ever got – he wore the springs out 3 times! Haha!

Did any of your families have a Wonder Horse? Such great memories here.

Had to include this picture, too.

Later this week I’ve got Twyla’s favorites to share with you. It’s been a good day!