Monday, 3-4-23

Wasn’t that a great tour of Gloria’s quilt lodge? She took all the pictures and sent them to me – she did a great job! Yes, there’s lots to look at in each picture.

We had a death in our church family last week and today I met the soloist at church to practice. This afternoon I hung out in the quilt shop finishing up some things.

I would add “….in the porch.” The best memories are made between the months of June and August – in the porch.” I’m going to hang this in the porch next summer.

I still have that neutral quilt to bind and today I put this on the longarm.

This is a tough picture for me to post here but I’m sending this to our vet tomorrow to see if there’s anything we can do for Telly. These bumps are appearing everywhere on her body. She’s in good spirits, eats anything, trots along on the wilderness trail but looks just awful. Maybe there’s something we can give her to make them go away and keep more from appearing. I can’t find anything online. Does anyone have any experience with this?

Reader photos

Ivy and Keeper

Iowa and many others are still enjoying Caitlin fever!

I’ve had so many messages and emails telling me they first heard of CC on this blog and became interested even though they typically don’t watch sports. Some even said they enjoyed watching sports but only the men. I don’t even dare go into that rant.

House Tour #2, 3-3-24

I have visited Gloria’s home and studio and I just stand in awe of her collections and know it’s just not possible to see it all. Gloria is the friend who has the tiny little poodle named Angel. (I’m afraid to leave this page and look for the picture – I might lose my post!)

Thank you, Gloria, for this very fun tour! Readers – did you enjoy it? Does anyone have home pictures they’d like to share? I will take photos of my dog pictures to post here very soon.

Congratulations, Caitlin and the Iowa Hawkeye women! You have provided many happy moments for me and many others. Country Threads Chicken Scratch thanks you!

A Huge Win, 3-3-24

Avenging their lost to Ohio State in January, Caitlin and the Hawkeyes won today 93-83 in another record breaking game. Her childhood idol, Maya Moore surprised her before the game – even Jake from State Farm was there! She surpassed Pete Maravich in scoring and she has set the bar high for those coming after her. I can’t tell you how much I’ve enjoyed watching her.

The Big Ten Tournament starts later this week – Iowa drew two byes and won’t play until Friday night at 6:30. I’ll be watching.

I didn’t post last night because I was getting ready for the game today – hahaha!!!!


I promised another house tour and tonight’s your lucky night. My friend Gloria lives in a gorgeous house but we’re going to tour her Quilting Lodge. Yes, that’s right – an entire building – kitchen, living room, bedrooms and her sewing room – all in a building located not far from her house in the woods.

The remainder of the tour will be on post #2.