Indiana! 2-22-24

Indiana held Iowa to 19% tonight and beat Caitlin and the Hawkeyes soundly 86-69. It was a hard fought game attended by a record amount of people from Indiana, most were there to see Caitlin. But I remember last year when Caitlin’s three pointer at the buzzer put an end to Indiana’s season. The shock for those same players I watched tonight was mind boggling – payback is hell.

I really enjoyed the spring horse chatter.

Here is the recipe for Chicken and Stove Top Dressing:

The directions are so sketchy – does the recipe mean to sprinkle the dry stuffing mix or make the stuffing as instructed on the box and put it on top of the chicken and the cheese? That’s what I did and it was fine but what do you think?

Reader photos

On my longarm today

Boho Heart by Jen Kingwell made by Barb Veeder. This is over the top gorgeous! I did ask Barb about the directions and she said they were horrible. Jen Kingwell – can’t you do a better job writing a pattern? I love your designs but after making Gypsy Wife, I said never again. I love Barb’s color choices and after Joyce quilts it, the quilt will be a prize winner for sure.

A reader had a question about Delectable Mountains. Here’s the story:

In 1981 Country Threads did a series of patterns exploring the delectable mountains block and assorted layouts.

This was featured in the Premier Issue of American Patchwork and Quilting, April 1993.

A year ago American Patchwork and Quilting published a 30 year anniversary issue.

Here is the back page:

Yes, I can make this pattern available for $5 and SASE – you know the drill. I love making these blocks and could start again – if I’m not careful. Haha!

Would anyone be interested in sharing soup recipes? The only way I can do this is for you to take a picture of your recipe card and send it like a photo. I simply cannot retype all the recipes. Thoughts???

I watched Oppenheimer a few nights ago and absolutely hated it – the most boring movie I’ve ever watched.

Did I cover all the questions you asked? I’m working on directions for the horse panel. can’t think of anything else.

What’s going on at your house?

Great Talk! 2-21-24

What a great discussion, chat, conversation about those wonderful old spring horses! Sometimes when I mention something I see, it just sets off a wealth of memories from my readers and that’s what the spring horse did. It was in the window of the thrift store and since it’s now vintage I think the price was $175. Can that be? I must have that wrong. Hmmm.

Beamer’s Mom will remember this scene at the old Memorial Building in Garner about 40 years ago. Once a month or so Stromer’s would have an auction in the basement – it took all day on Saturday and I can see several things right now in my sewing room that I got at the auction. I wanted this horse so bad that I asked one of the auctioneers if he would auction it before I had to leave and he did. I think I paid $35 for it which was quite a lot of money for me.

Here is Danny’s first birthday.

I loved the story about the little girl who tied her imaginary horse to the bumper of the car when her family went somewhere, always looking out the back window to make sure the horse was still there.

And when I saw this……

the memories of the Wonder Horse surfaced and I had to post the picture. I love it when a simple photo sparks such great conversation. These photos from a reader are too sweet for words!

I put my new $2 casserole to use tonight – chicken with stove top stuffing – delicious. Blog acting up – will finish in post #2.