4-H Cactus


Way back in 1980 a neighbor and I started our township’s 4-H club called Garfield Go-Getters. One of our members gave me this cactus in a little paper cup and look at it now ! It’s huge and I moved it into the house today. Wonder if I could cut it off about 12″ high so it wouldn’t be so top heavy. Think how many plants I could start in paper cups!

10 thoughts on “4-H Cactus

  1. brenda A

    Yes, you can cut it off. Dry out the cuttings for a week or so and then toss them in dirt. We have two of these in our front yard in AZ and I don’t now the name offhand, but they will root. The cut ends will look awful for a while but then should produce “babies.” I have to encase the bottom in chicken wire as the hungry rabbits gnaw on the stems. BTW, we had 4″ of rain here last night/this morning. More than we’ve had all year.

  2. Leslie

    THAT is neat! You could get some bamboo stakes and green twine to help support the top if you don’t want to cut it. Thanks, as always, for sharing!

  3. Jane

    A genuine antique plant!! I wouldn’t have the heart to cut it. How do you keep dogs and cats away from it?
    I will miss having you share things like this!!!

  4. Miriam

    That’s so beautiful! I was going to suggest cutting off one “stalk” at a time to see how it does. Since Brenda said you could cut it off, perhaps you might do half of them and stake up the remaining ones. When the cut ones start “producing”, you could cut the rest of them–kind of a camouflage effect.

  5. Lee

    Mary, just a note. The Hoya plants you sent to North Carolina are doing well. It took forever for them to root, but now they ae potted and thriving. If I didn’t have to have furniture in my condo I would only have plants and a chair…oh, and also my sewing machine!
    Keep in touch. You have made so many friends along the way. I guess we are Country Threads groupies.

  6. Ann Barlament

    I love it when people “share” cuttings!!! Two of my cactus plants were from cuttings and were still producing babies after 30 years!! Then I came to Assisted Living and nobody cares to keep them watered (at my house). Sadly they will probably bite the dust….

  7. Nancy Finch

    You and my mom are the only 2 people I have met who can grow anything. I swear. She brought some plants home from work when they were dying and in a years time, whey were growing so well, they were leaning across the ceiling. Love it.

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