$5.00 Friday, 3-3-23

Next week will be our last $5 Friday – it’s been a great diversion for us all through the long winter but now I believe spring is on its way. Last night after I checked the barn about 10:30, I stepped outside to the sounds of a group of coyotes to the east of me – it sounded like a large group and they were all yipping and howling. It scared me – I shined my flashlight to the east but of course I couldn’t see anything. I guess it’s probably mating season. I thank God for my extensive fencing!!

Here’s todays $5.00 pattern called TAKE TURNS. The original was made in pink and brown but Connie updated it to red, white and blue! You’d have time to get this made before all the patriotic holidays coming up.

I believe she used and Minnick and Simpson charm pack – but any charm pack will do.

Take Turns

Pattern available $5.00 to Country Threads.

Our friend Betty from Rapid City recently sent me a fun envelope of pictures of her past work – I thought you’d like to see her needlework.

See that middle picture on the bottom? I’ve had this hooked picture in my entryway for many years.

And this sweet kitty that I’m going to frame.

I wonder if spring is arriving in Rapid City.

Pet Parade 14 will arrive later today! I am still accepting pet photos if you haven’t sent yours yet.

I have a couple of fun stories to write before spring has fully arrived in North Iowa – Country Living Magazine, Two Bostons, The Journal Quilt, and good books. I will also write about Rugs From Rags after I compose myself.

Cathy asked me to meet her at Pasta Bella for lunch today – I’ve never eaten there because Rick won’t go. I’m so glad she asked!

13 thoughts on “$5.00 Friday, 3-3-23

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Except for close to the house all my fences are 6’ – thank God! I’ve asked coyote trappers if a coyote would go over a 6’ fence and was told it was not likely because there’s so much food around here – dead hogs outside of confinement buildings. Ugh. But I still worry.

  1. Jeanie S, Central IL

    Betty from Rapid City,

    Your quilts and needlework pictures are beautiful!
    Also Betty, I always look forward to reading your comments; you have a wealth of common sense, not to mention a great sense of humor. Keep them coming!!!
    Thanks for posting, Mary 🥰

  2. Jo in Wyoming

    Betty…those are beautiful!
    We get coyotes here too, that’s why Loretta doesn’t go out after dark by herself.
    That is a happy remake of the quilt pattern. I wonder how Connie feels about the thieves?

  3. Susan Boyd in VA

    I love the cross stitch kitten. Did you do that? We have a white cat named Casper. My daughter would love that cross stitch!
    Don’t you hate that you can only eat at places your husband likes? I’m glad someone invited you to a place you haven’t been. Enjoy!

  4. Joy n NW iowa

    Hi Mary and everyone!
    Weather…39 and sunny! Muddy gravel road! Some of u don’t probably know what a gravel road is….come visit….I’ll show you 😂
    Worked on sewing and made some birthday cards today. I have taken A break for a a bit with the quilts and working on a mission project. Getting rid of a. Inch of scraps! Woohoo!
    Love all the pets ! Our fur babies are so special.
    Wishing everyone a great weekend!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Joy – our gravel road is pretty muddy as is our yard and grove – it will get better!

  5. Pamela Dempsey

    Beautiful work Betty! Pasta Bella sounds so good. I have checked animal shelter websites around here and I need to fill out applications, interview and then an appointment to meet animals. The cats are so sweet and it won’t be easy, I am hoping to get 2. The Lambchop stuffed animal has helped to sleep next to but I am still missing my Emily terribly. I expect to see her in every room and then get sad again. Thanks so much for your prayers ❤️

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Pamela – if you need references, I’ll bet anybody number of us would support you!

  6. Kathy in western NY

    Thanks Betty for sharing your lovely pictures. It’s so fun to see what others make. Hope you had a nice lunch out Mary.

  7. Diane, Squeak, and Buddy in Central Ohio

    Hi Mary, Another fun post. Betty, your pictures show a wonderful combination of stitching. They are lovely. Thanks for sending them to Mary. Pam D. I get what you are saying. When our lovely kitty, Socrates, was gone, I kept looking for him in his favorite places. Two babies that the Vet had up for adoption, then came into our lives. I do recommend getting two that get along. Warmer today, but going down next week. We almost blew off our hill on Friday night! The big, heavy bird feeder came down.

  8. Betty Klosterman

    Thank you for your compliments. I love needlework and quilting, Cleaning house….. Well, I will never be remembered for a clean house, which I consider a waste of time. Counted threads is so easy, thread by number and some of the patterns are wonderful. Yes, I did the kitten. It is a pattern from Holland, Lanarte 33570 worked on linen with DMC thread, 17 sts per inch over 2 threads. Working on linen is great. I have another adult cat from this series about half done. They come to life right before your eyes. My eyes aren’t so good now.
    Along with others, I’m at the time of life trying to figure out what to do with my ‘treasures.’
    Always enjoy what you are making.

    Always enjoy what you do.

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