$5 February Friday, 2-24-22

Since you all know we are going to Mayo early tomorrow morning I’m going to post the last February Friday $5 pattern offer tonight. Please note: Kayla will not have them in the online store yet but you can mail your order to me if you choose.

Here it is in two versions – same pattern, different fabrics

Fun With Dogs, 24” x 30”

And what little girl wouldn’t like this pink ballerina quilt for her dolls?

I made this in a hour with what I had on hand – you can, too! It’s not quilted yet but maybe I can do that on Saturday.

And with this pattern order you’re going to get a bonus pincushion pattern – Connie made this, too.

We all buy novelty fabric because it’s just so fun, right? But then I get it home and wonder what I’m going to do with it and I don’t want to cut it up. Some grandchild would love this little play quilt!

Here is a one woman quilt show like I’ve never posted – simply gorgeous, wonderfully made and each one special in its own way. These were made by our friend Twyla and they are very special – perfect in every way!

Look at this appliquéd quilt! I love it!
Lots of tiny triangle squares

Twyla – I counted 7 pictures of prize winning quilts – did I get them all? Thank you for sending these – I aspire to your level of expertise!

A reader’s sweet pincushion made many years ago:

A Thimbleberries quilt –

More pincushions from around my house and shop:

Connie made this one

Thank you, Janine!

I still have another whole box gifted to me in 2019 – some really special ones in it! I need to buy another display case – Connie and I will have to go shopping!

I had several questions about the Hoya plant – I have several and have taken pictures – I’ll talk about that on Saturday.

Here is the 9th rat and Hazel got it yesterday! My good little rat killer! She’s in the barn tonight staring at the rat hole – I’ll bet there’s another one just teasing her from inside the wall. I’d like to go to bed by midnight however and I’ll have to drag her out of the goat pen.

Such an ugly creature! Ick!

Whew! What a blog post! I think I’ll have a glass of wine and hope that Hazel gets the rat before it’s time to go to bed!

29 thoughts on “$5 February Friday, 2-24-22

  1. Lynn in Scottsdale

    Praying for you and Rick tomorrow.

    Thanks for all you do Mary.

    Lovely quilt show.

    The pincushion that looks like a letter to a friend is really original.

  2. Jacque

    Mary – Beautiful pictures as always! But the last 4 were from me, not Twyla! I’m sure it’s easy to get them mixed up, you get so many!

    I’m having surgery Friday and will be happy to get back home and back to quilting quickly!!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Jacque – oh, I’m so sorry! They are such lovely quilts – I will post them again – do you have your name on the photo? If you don’t, this is the reason you should – when I receive your photos I have to upload them to another program not connected to email and how can I remember whose quilt is whose when I move them? I get sooo many emails and photos. I will make this right, Jacque,because these quilts, all of them, are perfect in every way. I am so sorry.

    2. Janet S

      They are all beautiful award winning quilts. I especially love the baskets. Good luck on your surgery and a fast recovery.

  3. Susie Lenz

    Can you please check with Twyla and ask about the pattern for the basket sampler quilt? Is it her own design or a pattern company? I love all her quilts but the baskets speak to me! Thank you.
    I hope your day at Mayo goes well.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Susie Lenz – it’s a Edyta Sitar quilt – go online to look her up

  4. Kim from TN

    Fun with dogs is a super cute pattern and what a lovely way to show case fabric that I don’t want to cut up. Your pin cushion collection is so sweet, and I hope you show us more of them. Good luck at Mayo, I will be thinking of you both.

  5. Jo in Wyoming

    Mary, you make me laugh. All the beautiful pictures and pincushions, then you finish with a rat!!!
    Twila is a fantastic quilter. Thanks for sharing.
    I hope your trip to Mayo is successful. I’m confused, will Rick come home Friday after the surgery? Then back on Monday for ultrasound? I would hope they keep him overnight. I guess it’s modern medicine.
    Take care of yourself, we all love you.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Jo in Wyoming – yup, 3 hours of surgery and we drive home! Then drive back on Monday for an ultrasound to check for blood clots! Argh!!!! Yes, that’s me – gorgeous pincushions, a beloved little dog and a rat! A typical day for me – oh, except that I fell last night into a door and really hurt my side – it’s very tender but since I don’t bruise much there’s nothing to see – just sore. I actually fell to the floor after hitting the door – I caught my foot in music bag as I was leaving the piano room. I have fallen down more in the past 6 months than I have in my whole life! Another sign of old age. Sad.

      1. Launa

        Praying for you and Rick! You must have healthy bones, Mary! Thankfully nothing was broken!
        Good for your sweet rat 🐀 catcher, Hazel, too,
        Sad to read about your friend losing her dog. Am thankful there is a doggie door into heaven for our much loved dogs.

  6. Diane, Squeak, and Buddy in Central Ohio

    Twyla and Jacque—great quilts, beautiful work. Jacque, One of our Guild members was making that basket quilt at our retreat Feb. 3,4,5. It is beautiful.
    Mary, my best to you and Rick at Mayo. I receive a newsletter from them and it is sooo good.
    Keep us posted on how it goes, please. Freezing rain coming down now. Ugh. I stay in after breaking my ankle on ice in 2008.

  7. Kathy Hanson

    Such beautiful quilts! What an amazing pincushion collection!! Another darn rat! Good girl Hazel!!! Hope you got to bed!

  8. Beryl in Owatonna

    I will be praying for your trip to Rochester tomorrow. We are getting snow and it looks like they are also. The roads should be plowed by morning. We have had at least an inch here in Owatonna.
    Those quilts are beautiful! I am glad there is someone who likes to do all of those small pieces…not me! The small triangles look like diving birds to me!! The basket one is gorgeous.
    The rat is nasty!! So glad you got another one!
    I am so glad I haven’t fallen since my knee surgery. I would not be able to get up. Hold on to things as you walk around. I’m glad you weren’t hurt worse. Be careful!!
    I love all of the pin cushions! Wonderful collection!

  9. Alice Brown

    Love all the different pin cushions! What a lovely collection! The quilts are so pretty & so enjoy seeing what everyone has created! I’m working on Bonnie Hunter’s latest mystery quilt. Someone added up all the pieces & it has almost 2900 pieces! Oh my….no wonder it’s taking a long time to piece this quilt top!! Love the colors though! Good luck tomorrow & travel safe!!

  10. Jean

    I will pray for a good outcome for Rick’s surgery. What in the heck would he do without you?!
    I LOVE Twyla’s appliqué quilt. Going to edyta’s site right now to try and find that quilt!
    Hope your sore body will be okay with the long day you have ahead of you.

  11. Jean

    I’m so mixed up. I like twyla’s appliqué quilt and would like to know what that pattern is not edyta’s basket quilt.

    1. Twyla

      Hi Jean, the appliqué quilt is “Fairhaven” by Linen Closet Designs by Dawn Heese. Hope this helps everyone. I just loved it!!

  12. Carla

    Prayers for your DH and safe travels are going up. Such pretty things to see with this post. My mom has one of those crochet sun hat pincushions. It’s been really fun seeing all of them. Have you ever watched the movie Ratatouille? Lol, just curious…

  13. Lois Ann Johnson

    I hope all goes well for Rick’s surgery today. I also pray that your trip to and from is uneventful with no problems. The photos of the quilts yesterday were awesome. I loved all of them but especially loved the one with all of the dogs on it. Kudos to Hazel for getting that last rat! She is a good little hunter, isn’t she? I think my Bailey would do good, too. She has, in her short life, killed 3 rabbits, a mouse and a squirrel!

  14. Susan K in Texas

    Beautiful quilts by Jacque and Twyla. So many pieces and the colors!
    I’m sorry you fell and hope you’re feeling ok. Good luck to Rick and safe travels to and from Mayo.
    Extra treats for Hazel on the rat!

  15. Debbie

    Love the quilts. Is there a pattern for Twyla’s last quilt. It looks like it might be a jellyroll quilt.

  16. Jeanine from Iowa

    Beautiful quilts today. I am not an applique person, but very well done. I, too, thought the envelope pin cushion was so unique, simple, but unique. Praying you get good results at Mayo today. Good job Hazel on getting that rat!! They are ugly animals.

  17. Jan Wical

    Is there any chance that you have a “Harvey” the rabbit pattern available? I have always loved the long skinny snowman (finally made him last year) and would like to add a Harvey to my long wallhanging collection.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Jan Wical – yes, of course Harvey can be available- send $15 to Country Threads, 2345 Palm Ave, Garner, IA 50438 and I’ll send hi, to you!

  18. Jean

    Twyla THANK YOU so much for communicating the name of the pattern for your beautiful quilt but that is waaayyyy out of my budget for a pattern.

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