A Basketful of Show and Not Much Tell

I’m pretty busy cleaning because the carpenters finished yesterday and Rick left for work so I  came across the basketful of “stuff”.  I dumped it out and took pictures and now I’m going back to work. No time for any “tell” – ha! 


23 thoughts on “A Basketful of Show and Not Much Tell

  1. mary margaret

    Lots of forgotten treasures there!! Hope you get all cleaning done! Steps towards spring cleaning! 🙂

  2. Martha Engstler

    What fun to see an OLD basket of “stuff.” They are truly treasures of yesteryear. I have needle books given out by the Story City Butter Tub Company. My grandfather, Hector Hill, then his sons Bert and Torkel Hill owned the company.

  3. Mary McCarron

    What a treasure trove! Nice surprise ,what are the three wooden handle things for?

  4. Betty Klosterman

    Cleaning is a good thing, but don’t overdo it so you are too tired to sew?? I have a needle book that my Dad got from somebody over 60 years ago. I treasure it. Very interesting stuff in the basket!

  5. Marian

    Oh, I love all your treasures! I have a similar cache and I can’t part with any of them, especially a little crocheted chicken; mine is white with a red comb and not as fancy as yours! LOL! Thank you for sharing. I just love your blog and hope I never get booted off! 🙂

  6. Launa

    Wow….What lovely stuff you have, Mary!!! Made me think back to all the cute crochet items my grandma used to send along to my grammar school teachers on holidays. I like the hand pieced blocks, too and the scrappy quilt showing off your great “stuff”.

  7. Sara Reynolds

    Oh, my! I love all the treasures, too. I especially like the crocheted chicken and the little crocheted baskets. I have a lot of old buttons and snaps that were my mother’s and grandmother’s. Looking at all your things brings back so many memories!

  8. Emily

    Be still my heart. Look at those polka dots squares! Love seeing the vintage quilt blocks.

    Thanks for sharing your lovely items!

    Take care.

  9. Diane

    Love all you treasurers. I have similar from my Aunt Ruth. Do all of us of a ” certain age” have an Aunt or mother in law or grandmother named Ruth? Diane

  10. Arla Ballesteros

    I so see myself in you because I have a lot of the same kind of things and I love it all. Arla in Arizona

  11. Jeanie, sw IL

    Oh, Mary, these pictures are just precious. During the past year, we disposed of my parents’ home and belongings–end of an era. I found similar sewing memorabilia and even old tins of buttons from my great aunts. However, I did not find any handmade clothes pins–so cool! I also love the quilt blocks. Thank you so much for sharing.

  12. MaryLou

    So fun to see all those treasures – love your blog but having trouble subscribing to it – use
    To get it but something happened & now will not let me subscribe.
    Thank you for interesting post

  13. Janet Snyder

    How can your dumped out stuff look better then my bought on purpose stuff? LOL

  14. Cindy A.

    What a great lot of stuff! I love looking through baskets like yours and would probably take the whole thing home with me were I to find it at a yard sale. As a teacup collector I was especially taken with the cup and holder. As a crocheter I loved the baskets and the chicken pincushion, especially since the latter appears to be done in purple and yellow, one of my favorite color combos. Love the quilt underneath it all too. Enjoy playing with your goodies and remembering when and where you found each one.

  15. terry

    Oh my……. What wonderful treasures. Especially liked the strawberry pincushion with stitched face. Can’t figure out why items such as your collection makes my heart pitter-patter, they just do. Thanks for sharing.

    Terry in So. Calif.

  16. Ann Barlament

    Some of these treasures remind me of the things I found in my Great Grandmother’s Treadle sewing machine. I even framed a few of the old, old items….they make me smile!

  17. Barb

    Love, love, love all you little treasures. I hope they all went back in the basket for future perusing.
    The clothespins are the best treasure of the whole lot. Have never seen them. Love your posts. You give me a little pick me up smile every time I receive one. Keep posting and sharing, Mary.

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