A Big Finish

Scrap Vortex is finished – pieced, quilted and bound!  It felt like a long time in the making but it got to be 58″ x 88″. – kind of long and narrow but I wanted to be done.  Like my friend Rose pointed out, it’s addictive and I am still keeping scrap pieces for my next scrap vortex.  This was a quilt along with Amanda Jean Nyberg known as Crazy Mom Quilts.  I really should send her a picture.

I even threw in some diagonal string blocks that were just collecting dust and a few other small pieced blocks.  It’s quilted with semi-straight lines.  Hard to keep them straight when there’s no rhyme or reason in the piecing.


I had a piece of blue checked backing that was 60″ wide and I used up a bunch of leftover binding pieces.

What a great feeling of accomplishment!

Here are my sweet boarders this week, Lexie and Gipper, sharing the pool on a warm afternoon.


23 thoughts on “A Big Finish

  1. Nikki Mahaffey

    Had my doubts but the end result is great………..love scrap quilts and this is great.

  2. Launa

    Mary, Returned today and sure enjoyed seeing Lexie and Gipper as comfy cozy as two peas in a pod in the pool. What talent these critters have to pose for you. Delightfully beautiful is all I can say about your Scrap Vortex…..just amazing how you put the colors and added some leftover blocks, too.

  3. Katherine Schloemer

    What a great way to use up those extra block and scraps. Have to think about this one for a quilt. I look forward to your pictures each day. Always wondering if it will be garden, quilts or sharing the animals in your life. Love them all.

  4. Martha C Engstler

    I look forward to your beautiful pictures, your quilts, garden and boarders. Lexie and Gipper are a riot in that little pool. Reminds me of how kitties curl up with each other in little boxes or bowls.

  5. patti leal

    fantastic scrap vortex. have a long way to go on mine. of course, you should send amanda jane a picture. i’m sure she’ll love it. patti in florida

  6. eydie

    Great post on all fronts, Mary! I was just thinking how “Gypsy Esk” this quilt looks; quite
    Is there any water left in the pool? Hilarious photo!!!

  7. arlena galbreath

    Your quilt looks great, going to try it. working on gyspy wife quilt now, harder then what it looks trying to figure out what fabric to use!!

  8. Ann Barlament

    Scrap vortex….what I would call a “left-over” quilt. I have one made out of bright flannel, small pieces on the front and larger ones on the back. It has no batting and is the perfect weight when taking a nap!

  9. Diane Deibler

    I love all of those colors together. It looks like something people would have made during the depression-use whatever is available!!

  10. Diane

    Bright and beautiful, Mary:) Those two look very comfortable in their little spa:)

  11. Karen

    What a wonderful splash of color the Scrap Vortex is! I too was not sure if it would turn out so well as I watched your blocks being sewn up — I know you were wondering too! Aren’t you glad you “went along with it”? I am! Might have to do one myself, though my scraps aren’t nearly as colorful as yours are …

  12. Maryjane

    Wow! Now that’s a scrap quilt – even the bindings! I, too, was a little dubious when you were making the blocks but it turned out wonderful. Love it! Those cute dogs in the pool – too funny. You may have to get a bigger pool. lol Thanks for sending the latest pics.

  13. Fiona at Ice Bear Quilts

    I love your Scrap Vortex quilt, it looks fabulous, and what a great way of using up block odds and ends and scraps!
    Kind regards, Fiona.

  14. Louise

    Oh Mary…WOW you are truly amazing..love, love it! What a good stash reducer. I defintely think you should send a picture to Amanda! Also love the pic of Lexie and Gipper.

  15. Penny C

    Wow I super Love your scrap vortex!!!! I was not sure about it as I watched the blocks being made, but I so love the result!!! You are a great inspiration, need to get back sewing!!! The doggies are beautiful, lost my sweet little dog of 13 years on January 30th, still not sure if I am ready to get another. Have a rescue cat but she does not like to be held, loves to be brushed and petted, but do not pick her up or try to hold her!!! LOL

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