A Birthday Pillowcase

It’s Aidan’s birthday tomorrow and he requested a pillowcase in bright blue and bright green with his name on it.

 Voila!  A birthday present for Aidan.

I don’t sew like I used to BH – Before Hazel,  Hazel takes all my time as puppies tend to do.  We are constantly working on training and behavior and Rox and Telly have to just fall into line with us.  Hazel naps and that’s when I sew – a little.  The day will come when I’ll be able to sew more again but for right now, Hazel is my main concern.

After my “speech” the other day about wasting time. I’ve heard from many of you.  We all get the same 24 hours every day but it’s up to each one of us to choose how to spend those hours.  I could get so much more cleaning done if I’d make a point of it but I would rather sit on the porch and read.  I guess that’s called retirement!

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  1. Bronwen Cox

    I live in Australia and some years ago visited your shop in Garner. I was welcomed by a large friendly cat as I got out of our car. As I went into the store, the cat came in too and the cat already inside (Emma , I think) was not at all pleased to see the newcomer. I loved your shop and still use the cat pattern from ‘No ordinary cats’ for cushion covers and bag fronts. I hope your retirement brings lots of joy and sewing.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Bronwen – so fun to hear about your visit to Country Threads. Emma died in 2001 so your visit was awhile ago. I’d almost forgotten about No Ordinary Cats! Retirement is really great!

  2. Karen Strohschein

    Ooops! I just read the other comments and you have already answered me question.
    Thanks so much for blogging. I just retired and am keeping a list of all the books you
    have recommended plus the many quilt ideas you share. Thank you!

  3. Karen Strohschein

    I love having the name on the pillowcase. I have some pillowcases for grandkids just
    waiting to be sewn. Where can I find the pieced name patterns? Thanks! Karen

  4. Sam Lund

    Ooh!!! He IS going to love it!! You are the sweetest to take your precious and limited time to sew that for him. I laughed so hard – BH. She’s a gift! Love you!

  5. Karen Juergens

    I love your attitude about life and living! I too, would rather sew or read or play with my grandkids than clean! My kids used to say, ” Mom, who is coming to dinner, since you are cleaning the house”? They knew that I only cleaned when I had the excuse/burden of company coming! I have been collecting many of your Country Threads books-so inspiring. I know that I can’t make all of them in this life, but I want to leave some as my legacy!

    I love your blog, and the rural life you live in Iowa!


  6. Diane

    I dust sometimes–2 week dust and 6 week dust are about the same amount:) I quilt and play with grandchildren often. I make pillowcases. I enjoy life:) Love the pillowcase. Our grandkids get one at Easter–to take home the eggs and one at Christmas. Fun. They relate to their sports, likes, or hobbies.

  7. Sherrill Pecere

    You’ve got so much to tend to where you are that it’s probably just a few precious moments to sit and read. I have a house that I could do a MUCH better job of cleaning but I’d rather be sewing so that’s what I do! It’s just me and a little dust doesn’t bother me much! LOL

  8. Ellen Sharp

    I know how much you like to read…I just finished Whistling Past The Graveyard…gave it 5 stars….I really loved this book…the characters are wonderful…let me know what you think!!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Ellen – 2 authors with same book title. Which wrote the one you liked?

  9. sandra

    I wish you would put out an alphabet pattern book.I am always trying to find alphabets.Do you have any suggestions for finding patterns?

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Sandra – what did I say yesterday? Do your own alphabet! Have you even tried!

  10. Cindie

    Aidan will certainly love your gift. He is a lucky kid to have you in his life.

  11. Carolyn W.

    A friend once said, “if you came to see me come on in, but if you came to see my house this is not the day I am showing it.”

  12. Norma

    Did you just make up the patchwork lettering or did you have patterns for the pillowcase. I love it

  13. Launa

    What a great birthday gift..something Aidan will long remember. After all the outside chores you accomplish you deserve to have some “downtime” with a good book, my friend!

  14. Ann Barlament

    Garbage pickup is Thursday, so I run the vacuum through LR & BR, empty all the wadte baskets and move the garbage bucket down to the road. Beg single, I’d wash dishes when the sink was full. If you come to visit, it’s to spend time with me…not the dirt & dust bunnies.

    I had two signs in my house: My other house is immaculate. Feel free to write in my dust, just don’t date it!!

    Loving “Aiden’s” pillowcase!!! I’m certain that Aiden will also love it!!!

  15. ANITA Fetzer

    I used to clean like my life depended on it,no more I’ve “disposed” of things I no longer “love” and keep what’s left presentable. If I want to sit on the porch and read or sew or nap I do my husband is fine with this and our dog loves it. Gathering fabric and courage to start a Gypsy Wife quilt. Something I’ve wanted to do for ages. Thanks for encouraging me. Need to finish the Log Cabin I’m working on first though. Enjoy the summer.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Anita – keep us up on your Gypsy Wife progress. I love mine and am almost tempted to make another!


    In order to have time to do the things I want to do outside of work (not retired yet) something has to give. I have to admit cleaning and dusting and such have never been high on my list of priorities unless something special is coming up . . . but the amount of thread and scraps in my sewing area is getting rather ridiculous. I made two pillowcases for my two very special grandchildren last night, start to finish. Birthday party tomorrow! And tonight we will spend an obscene (for us) amount of money on some gifts to add to the stash I’ve picked up on clearance here and there. The pillowcases will be the wrapping paper, tied up with in one case, ribbon, and in another case, a strip WOF of the pillowcase trim fabric (I had to slice a 2.5″ self-made jelly roll down to 2″ for the trim piece.)

  17. Vickie E from Snellville

    I am also retired. It took a lot of years working to get to this point in my life. If you want to sit on the porch and read — do it. Remember when you were working and it interfeared with your social life? I do! If I want to spend the day reading or driving to quilt shops then I do it. You only have so many years left and life is sometimes shorter than we realize it will be! Enjoy yourself and your new puppy and your animals! I look forward to each post to see what is happening on the farm.

  18. Linda Benjamin

    Is there a pattern for the “letters” you used on Aidan’s pillowcase. It appears you used snowballs, HST and straight piecing. I’m working on a baby quilt/girl and would like to incorporate her name. I presume you can make the letters any size.

    You’re retired …. you can spend your day any way you want too!!!!! I’m retired, too and it’s fun to be able to sit down and read a book in mid-day!

  19. Martha Engstler

    After you clean, it just gets dirty again.Porch sitting with a book sounds like that’s more productive for your inner peace. I keep wondering what kind of vacuum you bought not to long ago that is so good at picking up pet hair. I have a house guest coming to visit who is very allergic to cats.

  20. MartyCae

    Cat hair is part of my decorating scheme! I would rather sew than vaccum.

  21. Kathy Hanson

    AMEN! Sit on the porch and read whenever you want to – after all, you have worked hard for years and retirement is for that – do what you want!! Love the pillowcase and so will Aidan!

  22. Brenda archambault

    Love the pillowcase! I do find that IF I make a list of things to be done, there’s a better chance they’ll get done sooner, rather than later. But I do have to remind myself that I AM retired and can slow down when I want to. Have a great weekend.

  23. Kelley

    That is so pretty. I would much rather sit on my porch and read than clean. My Westie likes to sit with me and keep an eye on the house. We have all winter to clean!

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