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“Remembering the Past” by Julie Hendricksen, Reproduction Quilts Inspired by Antique Favorites

We’ve attended many markets and shows with our friend Julie and have watched her purchase some wonderful antique quilts that would likely end up in a book at some point.  Oh, what fun to recreate them with Julie’s excellent directions!  I can hardly wait to start sewing.

On page 13 I love the 3 antique blocks shown at the bottom of the page as well as the red and white border on the quilt above the blocks.  We tend to use dark borders but when I see a light border, I like it!

On page 43 Julie points out that some pinwheels turn one way while a few turn the other way – and she also shows a block that has a plaid which nearly overwhelms the pinwheel and star.  I love this.

Many antique quilts have light binding, another choice we rarely make but when I see it used I often like it as on the quilt shown on page 66, “In the Pink”.

My favorite quilt in the book is 81 Patch on page 74.  This is the only quilt in the book that Julie did not remake and that’s the one I want to start with.  After that one I want to make Flying North on page 48.  I love the way some of the blocks disappear into the background.

Here’s what Connie says about the book:

I love so many of the quilts in Julie’s new book but I am such a fan of anything with a star pattern that choosing   “Star Crossing” was an easy favorite choice.  The layout of the Sawtooth Star blocks form a dramatic X which is achieved by simply changing the background fabrics.  Brilliant!  The other thing I look for is an easy way to increase the size of the quilt to fit my bed.  The quilt shown is 74-1/2″” square. Easy to enlarge – just make more blocks.  “Star Crossing” is found on page 53.  This book is a home run for Julie.  Congrats!

5 thoughts on “A Book Review

  1. Donna Sproston

    My daughter lives in Sun Prairie, WI, home to Julie’s JJ Stitches quilt shop. It was the first one I visited after I retired and was determined that I would make a quilt or two or three….. On the back of one of the books I bought that day was a picture of your first Charm School book. I ordered that one, and soon after I joined your charm square of the month club. So I credit all three of you for inspiring me to start quilting.

  2. Betty Klosterman

    There is a group of quilters in Sun Prairie who do the challenge quilts. We have had the pleasure to have their creations on display at our quilt shows over the years and they are wonderful. To see the challenge and what they come up with are out of this world made by very inventive quilters.

  3. Launa

    I had seen the book advertised in a quilt magazine and after your review including page numbers thought to check Amazon online and sure enough they show 10 of the beautiful quilts featured in the book. Always good to get a peek inside before shopping; I’ll check Julie’s shop next since Donna S. mentioned the name. Thanks for recommending Remembering The Past.

    Hope you survived the “wild weather”!

  4. Moe Baly

    Mary and Connie I had been lucky enough to see Julie’s quilts at guild when she lectured, and again recently at the Quilt Expo in Madison Wis. amazing collection, fabulous book! Thanks for posting

  5. Connie Olson

    I ordered the book from Amazon and just got it and I LOVE it! Thanks for recommending it, it’s awesome! I love your postings and they just uplift my day!!

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