A Busy Day, 6-7-24

The day started with our UPS driver calling ahead to say he had a big box for Rick – he ordered a 250 gallon gas tank and Mark called when he was less than a quarter mile away. Get the gate opener, corral the dogs, let him back his truck in. The minute the door opened, Keeper jumped in. I’ll never forget when Susannah was a baby – before the fence – she’d jump in the back of the UPS truck every chance she got.

Box had been crushed and broken so it had to be inspected to make sure it was all ok.

It seems ok but in the meantime my window washers arrived and so did Sue who came from Austin, MN to help with the patterns. I also picked today to let the young chickens outside for the first time. OMG! (Rick was not here.)

The gold and white guy is Bob and pretty black and white hen behind him (above his tail) is Lisa

Here’s Sue and Keeper on a ride on the wilderness trail.

Keeper thought he should sit on Sue’s lap.

We ate lunch in the porch – here are Sue’s biggest fans! I’d call them beggars.

It was threatening rain so I left Sue working and I finished the mowing. I am exhausted tonight.

Reader Photos

My peonies have never been so beautiful!


P.S. it wasn’t pretty but The Fever won tonight. Caitlin had 30 points but the whole game made me nervous. It was too close for comfort. But as Caitlin said “a win’s a win”.

6 thoughts on “A Busy Day, 6-7-24

  1. Carolyn Rector

    Had to click on as link at the top of the blog to be able to get into comments.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Carolyn – I don’t “see” what you see – I don’t know anything about a link.

  2. Sally

    Love all the pictures! Keeper is such a happy dog! The chickens have grown so fast. The quilt retreat in Alaska looks amazing! The quilts and flowers are beautiful.

  3. patti

    the pictures are great. love all the alaska ones. and your chickens got to go outside. hope you don’t have problems getting them back inside. today was the day after my charity group. i turned in four tops with backs and bindings for others to finish. i had also run across a throw from quite a while ago that needed a label. got that done, washed and donated it also. photo was sent to mary. it’s called ‘blue lasagna’ and was made in 2005. i decided it had been alone long enough and needed someone to love. away it went. one of the places we donate to helps people and families coming from shelters and setting up their new homes. they need blankets, comforters, etc. i want to go through quilts i brought back from my parents and repurpose them to these people. the quilts were barely used and could help others rather than sitting here being lonely. that will be on the agenda for next month. am dealing with the epidural in my back. sometimes the pain in worse but i was doing alot trying to get ready for my group. now i’m resting. hugs and good stitches to everyone. patti in florida

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Patti – I love Blue lasagna and will post it. I think the comment section is fixed now. Sounds like you worked too hard and now need to rest. You’re doing a good thing donating your quilts!

  4. Jeanie S, Central IL

    I love all the pictures today; your pink peonies are especially beautiful. The dogs were so cute out on the porch; Hazel looks like she is on guard duty.
    Thanks, Mary 🥰

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