A busy Monday



My night blooming cereus is blooming again-this is the first of 4 buds to open. Pictures just cannot do this plant justice!
Last year I strung clothesline rope from ground to roof where the hops vine just wouldn’t die and in the fall I cut several of the ropes down for decorating and it worked great. I will string the rope again this spring.
Yard work has been my agenda for several nice days but my old body is revolting so today I cleaned house and hung pictures. Telly was out this morning and when I walked up to the highway to look for her, I noticed 2 dead bodies on the road -about cat size. So I walked home and got a shovel. The 2 cats were unrecognizable but I went home and accounted for all of mine. I’m afraid someone dumped these 2 who were killed on the highway before they ever got to our yard. What a sad ending for those 2 poor unloved cats.
This season I’m going to group all my house plants and good junk in this area behind the quilt shop which I just finished cleaning. I think it will be a cool little spot to sit. Don’t miss the junk garden when you visit!

7 thoughts on “A busy Monday

  1. Marian

    People who dump animals deserve the same fate. I just talked to a friend who witnessed some idiot throwing a Jack Russell terrier out of his car window at about 50 mph this weekend. Fortunately the dog is okay and my friend has found a good home for it……makes me sick!

  2. MartyCae Klein

    I just don’t understand the “dumping” of animals. I love my cats with all my heart and the thought of some poor, unloved cat or dog makes my heart break. My big tom (Harry S Truman) was dumped at our acreage and he is such a wonderful cat. Good for hours of entertainment. My Trixie is my sewing buddy, her owner had to go to a nursing home so we adopted her. She is the best behaved cat I have ever owned. SHAME on dumpers!

  3. Kay Fielder

    I really believe those horrible people will have to answer to God. How can people be so cruel ?

  4. Linda

    I can’t even imagine that someone could do that—how can anyone be that cruel????? The poor things-it makes me sick…

  5. Lynn Willis

    Mary what a wonderful thing you did burying those poor cats. It was a lovely act of kindness

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