A Cold Day, 11-12-20

Brrrr….it got cold! And it snowed lightly today – grass is covered and it didn’t melt – ugh.

Jo had another breakthrough today – I put a treat on the edge of her bed and waited and yes, she ate it in my presence! We did it three times! Sometimes I see her run for the kennel as I’m walking to the building and even this afternoon she did it. She played with the toys all day but never while I was there with her.

Look – she’s isn’t burying her head! She even looked at me!

Such small things that I can get so thrilled about – and then this is what Hazel wanted to do this afternoon. Remember when your toddler wanted to play in the Tupperware drawer? Hazel was sure she heard something in the cupboard and I had to take everything out for her to see that there was nothing there!

At least that cupboard is now clean.

Here’s today’s Christmas pattern, Song In the Air. If you look closely you’ll see both angels and houses.

It’s late and I’m going to take a treat out to Jo and then go to bed.

39 thoughts on “A Cold Day, 11-12-20

  1. Angie from Baltimore

    Jo is having great breakthroughs each day. Makes us want to definitely be included and hear each one. Can you hear us quietly cheering so not to upset her? You must be elated. AND you deserve to!!!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Angie from Baltimore – yes, I am elated every time she does something new! And yes, I can hear you all cheering for Jo – today she has been here one week already!

  2. Vickie Devore

    So happy about Jo!! Took Idiot here a while before seeing the houses — so neat. Stay safe and warm.

  3. Sheila

    So happy to hear of Jo’s progress. If anyone can win her over, it will be you Mary. You have the gift. Stay well!

  4. Beryl in Owatonna

    So happy Jo is warming up some! She looks like a sweetheart. Will you really give her back…she looks like she will fit right in. I am praying the sad eyes disappear soon, you just want to HUG her and tell her it will be OK.
    I don’t know what to say about hazel!! LOL! She has you trained!
    It was cold in Liscomb today too, eapecially after the wind came up. No snow and no ice yesterday either. Maybe some precip on Saturday.
    Keep up the good work…Jo willcome around. HUGS to both of you!

  5. Donna

    If anyone can win Jo over it’s you. I’ll be glad when I hear she let you pet her or wagged her tail at seeing you. I know it may be a while but there’s hope. SHe must have been treated really bad. SO sad. Be still!

  6. Jo in Wyoming

    I saw the houses before I saw the angels…cool pattern.
    Yes, I do remember my little one throwing open the cupboards to get to the pots and lids. Then the music began (bang, bang). Hazel is such a character, always good for a chuckle. Determined.
    Jo is so much better. Playing, walking , eating. It won’t be long. Loretta loves the Greenies, I cut the tiny ones in half so she won’t get sick. She would eat the whole box if I let her.
    Has Hazel and Telly been out to play with Jo?

    Rub her ears for me.

  7. Betty from Canada

    People say you are winning Jo over I think it is a two-way street Ha Ha Keep up the good work Jo.

  8. Sandy

    Hi Mary , glad to hear Jo is making baby steps.Have have hazel and telly begun to make friends with her yet? How would she go living in the house with you? My heart breaks to see animals so abused, you are doing a great job,take care, best wishes from sandy

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Sandy – I am looking forward to the day when Jo stands up and walks to me – then I I’ll being her to the house!

  9. Sunflower from Michigan

    So glad you and Jo are making progress. The rescue dog, Wallie, that my daughter was fostering was adopted last week! She was so happy. She is getting a new foster dog today.
    Weather in Michigan was so beautiful for over a weeks time. It was great to be finishing the garden cleanup while so warm. It’s back to normal now though and we’ve had several frosts.
    The red and white quilt and runner are gorgeous. And, I laugh at comment by Vickie about The Song in the Air, because it took me a long time to see the angels!! My eye saw the houses straight off. Interesting what our eye sees.
    Take care and be still.

  10. Kathy Hanson

    How it has to make your heart happy to see Jo starting to make changes! As you can tell by the messages everyone is leaving, we are all so happy to hear this!! I hate to think how terribly she must have been treated! You are her Angel! Always love seeing and hearing about Hazel’s adventures, she is such fun!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Kathy Hanson – since I write about my daily life, I now have to wrote about Jo – I just hope some readers don’t get bored and sign off. I have to bind my red and white quilt so I can get it on the blog – that should be a welcome different subject. Thanks for your support – I can’t wait for Jo to stand up and walk to me!

  11. Frances

    We’re all so happy about Jo’s breakthroughs. She’s so lucky to have you. She will come around. It is hard to think about how badly she was treated to get her to such a depressed state.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Anonymous – the kennel is the south end of what used to be the quilt shop. There are two good sized kennels that both have dog doors that go outside to a large yard. Jo is not in the house yet – as soon as she trusts me enough to stand up and walk to me I can get her into the house. I can’t wait! Maybe I should take pictures of the building and kennel?????

  12. Deb Harrison

    Has Jo met Hazel? Would Hazel be curious or territorial? I wonder if Jo would adjust quicker as part of the pack?

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Deb Harrison – both Telly and Hazel have gone in to see Jo but they just ignore her because she lays huddled in her bed so they leave. I agree that Jo would feel better if she were a member of a pack – we’ll get there!

  13. Janet

    I need Hazel to come to my house so I get my cupboards cleaned out. Jo is coming around. Very heartwarming to read about her progress.
    Thank you once again for taking the animals in and being so patient with them.

  14. Nikki M in Tx

    Glad Jo is making progress…..wish I could remember the exact quote I was given when Ms Maci adopted me… but was something about 6 months before can trust & up to 2 years before they consider themselves at home. It took Ms Maci a long time before would just come to me on her own… now is almost like is an appendage. While she still doesn’t play with toys she will play with me. Of course she spend her previous life in a kennel ( vet said was 7-8 years old when she got me). While she has multiple blankets/ throws purchased her a throw week or so ago at Walmart that is what I refer to as shaggy.. & she loves it.. told son & he purchased 2 for his dogs & they reacted the same. Might try that too. Was $8 for throw and can get queen sized for $18…I feel Jo has made great progress in a short time , hang in there. Have man coming today to do some dozer work , need to find someone to do some brush hogging, hopefully he can recommend someone.

  15. Sue in Marion, IN

    Love, love, love the Jo progress stories! Don’t worry that your blog is boring…the narrative of your everyday life is what makes it interesting. My favorite blogs are the ones where the writers talk about their families, pets, and everyday life. We’re all different…..but all the same.

  16. Connie R.

    I too love hearing about your animals and look forward to reading it each day to see what progress Jo has made. In fact, I love everything about your blog. That Hazel must make you laugh every day!

  17. Sheila in WI

    Yay! Another spot of good news about Jo. It’s only been a week, but she is really changing for the better.
    Cheering you on from WI.

  18. Launa

    What COLD, Mary! It’s 18o outside up here in Idaho @ 7:40am…with a WINTER STORM WARNING ‘til Saturday midnight! Snow on the ground here, too!
    Am so happy Jo is playing with her toys!
    So nice to see the pictures, too!

  19. Diane and Squeak

    Two happy items today:) It’s taken Jo only a week to eat treats in front of you; that is great.
    And, Hazel always makes me smile.
    Our cat, Pyramus, a star in the Goat Gazette years ago, kept looking at one of our cupboards so my husband set a mouse trap in the basement. Clink, clink, clink at 4 AM. She brought us the trap with the tiny mouse IN it and put it on her towel at the end of the bed, then came to my pillow to “tell” me about it. She received much praise and we never had another mouse.
    My Irish Nana said the mice always sent in a scout and if it didn’t return, they went to another house!
    Mary, thanks for keeping us posted on JO’s progress. You are doing a super job with her. Be still:)

    1. Betty Klosterman

      I was thinking the same thing about Hazel thinking something was in the cupboard. She just didn’t find it ……yet! Did you find any mouse turds?
      We just wait to hear good news about Jo and all the rest of the animals. In this pandemic thing, any good news, no matter how small, is great. There are some things that are so nice and we can just ignore the things that aren’t. And we can laugh out loud. That is the very best. Betty

  20. Martha Engstler Gettysburg

    The song in the air pattern is so clever. I did see both house then angel right away. A fun quilt for Christmas. Love your progress with Jo and the comments by your readers. Really enjoy comments by readers about their own pets and things going on in their lives. This virus keeps us away from so many friends and family so it’s great to hear how others are dealing with this situation.

  21. Jeanie S, Central Illinois

    I love hearing about your life on the farm as much as the great quilting ideas. Lately, I have been eagerly awaiting news about Jo’s progress; I know it just takes time for her to heal. Does she go out the dog door and explore the yard? Telly and Hazel are such great dogs; I am sure she will be buddies with them some day. Thanks, Mary.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Jeanie S – she has never stood or walked in my presence and now it’s too cold to leave the dog door open so she has not explored anything but half the quilt shop building.

  22. Janet M

    Hi Mary,
    In a previous posting you asked about carpal tunnel surgery. I had this done (on one hand) this past summer. Like you, I am a church organist. My surgery was on a Tuesday. I did not play for church the following Sunday but was back the next week. It was about 12 days following surgery. I almost think I could have played that first Sunday but decided not to. It was a quick, easy surgery. I only took Tylenol and Ibuprofin for pain and after 3 days covered the area with a bandaid. I still have some numbness in a couple fingers but they do not hurt and I know they will not get worse. I can play piano and organ as well as always. I would recommend it but don’t have both hands done at once!!! (Yes, I know someone who did that!!)
    Take care and be still!!

  23. Kathy in western NY

    How exciting it has to be each time you walk in to see Jo never knowing what to expect now. The poor baby really is scared if she continues to stay in her bed that I feel so sorry for her. She deserves so much love and praise when she finally is tucked inside at night with you and Rick and Telly and Hazel and feels so wanted. Keep the stories going, your life is never boring to me. Like it was said, the blogs that deal with every day family and routines we have are my favorite to read as well. We had a bit of frost on our lawn this morning so it’s getting colder here in NY. I rather like this time to make casseroles and soups and use my crock pot to make the house smell good. Went to the grocery store today and got a lot of food like coffee, canned soups for casseroles, tuna, canned pet food for cat, baking supplies but they didn’t have any yeast left. People are bracing for time inside I think so all please stay well.

  24. Dot

    My sister had a little Hazel-sized dog who suddenly started sniffing at an electrical outlet in her kitchen. After several days of this, sis told her husband that something must be going on with that outlet. He pooh-poohed the idea, but unscrewed the cover plate, and there inside the metal box was an electrocuted mouse!

  25. Paula Philpot

    Mary, I had Carpal Tunnel surgery last year week of thanksgiving. It was not bad at all. I also had to have the nerve in the elbow done also at the same time.. I had a splint like thing on for two weeks but it was not bad. When the splint was taken off I couldnt do alot with to begin with but went to physical therapy. I also rubbed a salve into the incision every day and dr said to push on it hard as I did. I cannot even see a scar and I also have to have other hand done at some point. Actually I no longer have any pain in my neck or shoulder since the surgery. I had a wonderful lady surgeon in Lexington KY who was also involved with the first hand transplant year ago. If you want to talk to me just let me know. I have not regretted it one bit. Don’t remember pain either. Paula in KY

  26. Janice Brown

    Good day Mary, So glad to hear of Jo’s progress. Bless your heart for taking on the challenges of foster dogs. Always looking forward to posts about Jo and any other subjects concerning your daily life. Never boring to me. Just a thought . . . would a visit by an extremely young puppy or maybe Buddy work?

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Janice Brown – my dogs ignore her and so does Ivy – probably because she just lays in her bed.

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