A Couple More Details, 11-1-21

Everyone knows it takes a village to accomplish big things! Becky stayed here when we went to Colorado – she took care of Hazel and Telly, all the cats and litter boxes, the parakeet, all the barn chores with goats, geese and chickens and above all, she vacuumed!!! We could not have taken Blanche to Colorado without her help! Thank you, Becky, from the bottom of my heart!

Another detail I forgot were our challenges on the road. On our way out on Thursday the wind was gusting to 50 mph from the northwest. The wind along with all the trucks made it a strenuous drive.

Strenuous as well as boring.

On Friday night when we were leaving, we weren’t probably 25 miles down the road when a large buck deer appeared on the right shoulder of the road. He just stood there with his huge rack of antlers and we could only breathe a sigh of relief and a prayer of thanks that he didn’t step onto the road.

As we were driving through the Omaha area, the traffic got pretty heavy – it was about 5 pm. A car ahead of us stepped on the brakes and Rick got us stopped only inches from that car’s bumper! Once again we offered a prayer of thanks.

North of Ames there was lots of truck traffic going north and suddenly a semi pulling a livestock trailer passed us on the left going at least 90 mph! It was downright frightening!

I just got a text message from Mike that Blanche is adjusting well but is still wary of entering a building. She’s getting along well with her new siblings – it was almost like she recognized that they looked like her. Could that really be possible?

Thanks for all your very kind comments – as animal lovers, you would likely have done the same thing!

It is a very beautiful fall day here and the leaves are falling like snow!

Here are the Dirty Dozen for today:

Hazel says “ play with me”!


33 thoughts on “A Couple More Details, 11-1-21

  1. Frances E

    I too, would have done the same thing. I hope other folks have been as fortunate as you to find such a living man to take on Blanche. You are such a sweet animal lover.

  2. Pat Smith

    I’ve never seen a dog that wants to retrieve every single minute like Hazel. She is truly driven. Big wind is so difficult. We had a day like that in the Winnebago and it was awful trying to hold onto the wheel and keep it in our lane. I loved seeing Blanche and her new wolf hound friends. They all looked so much alike and I’m wondering if they do recognize similarities. Maybe they know and play the same games. Bad things must have happened to her in the house at some point.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Pat Smith – I hope you see this – are the blog posts coming into your email now? Or is that still screwed up?

      1. Pat Smith

        Yes, I think I’m getting everything, thank goodness. I would have hated to miss this story!

  3. Shirley

    You did the right thing with Blanche, hard as it is. All will be happier, especially the chickens.
    Your place looks lovely. I love to walk in the crunchy leaves and kick them around like a kid.

  4. Betty Klosterman

    It sounds like you took I 80 across Nebraska. That is an AWFUL road. When we were there it was night with heavy traffic. Tail lights and headlights as far as you could see. Semis going full blast very fast with lots of poor cars inbetween. I was so relieved when we got to a different road. A few years ago there was a horrible accident involving lots of trucks and cars. There were several people killed, some that were never found. Nobody could stop.
    Glad you got the dog settled. Poor dog. You will never know what she experienced in her short life. It sounds like she is comfortable now. You did your best and saved her from being killed.
    My current project is your Log Cabin Blue Jeans started at least 20 years ago. The blocks are almost finished. It will be interesting…….
    Glad you will be writing again. Betty in Rapid City

  5. NancyTD

    Glad you are safe and sound. Windy and cloudy here. Leaves are blowing in from the neighbor by the tons. It is such fun always cleaning up after them.
    Great sister Becky is. Thanks to her for making your journey possible.
    Decorating for Thanksgiving. Many treasures are CT patterns. Still love them!
    Happy to hear Blanche is adjusting.

  6. Jo in Wyoming

    As we scroll along reading the post and seeing the DD’s …..here comes Hazel. Big smile for her.
    I’m finding it harder to travel now, between the weather and traffic, delays and directions…thank goodness for kids. They get me beyond my 50 mile radius.
    Thanks to Becky and Kayla. They are Godsend.
    I’ve missed the quilt show too. Thanks to all for sending pictures.

  7. Bobby Sutton

    Its too bad you were not able to keep Blanche, but finding her a new and perfect home was anact of an angel. How lucky she is and I know you are happy with the outcome. Now your chickens will be ok and Blanche has a wonderful home. The best of both worlds
    Bobby from Maryland

  8. Sheila in WI

    Wow! Two posts in one day!!! Love it!
    Thank you for all you do, Mary… for your animal friends, to not giving up with this blog, to the mini quilt shows. Thank you!

  9. Kathy in western NY

    Wonderful projects your readers are making and so nice to see the variety of work being done to complete UFO’s on the DD lists.
    Our leaves are still on the trees here. Maybe with the cold now settling in this week they will drop.
    Driving anywhere just isn’t fun with people distracted and making their own rules on the roads. I have noticed it when we take our rides and we both look at each other and shake our heads. I guess unless you steal a car no one goes after you anymore so you just behave badly driving. When we get back out in the motor home someday, it’s going to be an adjustment. I despise being on interstates and looking at so many reading their phones while driving. Thank goodness the angels watched over your carrying the precious cargo all of you are.
    I wondered who took care of everyone!!! Becky !!! What a nice sister to help out like that and give you a sense of relief all would be taken care of. Your mom has to be smiling from Heaven knowing her girls help out when push comes to shove.

  10. Lois Ann Johnson

    I love the look on Hazel’s face in that photo you posted! She is so adorable! I am glad your electronics are all working once again. It is terrible when things don’t work. . Some nice weather ahead for this week in northern Iowa!

  11. Jan P

    Hi Mary,
    I am so glad to see your emails today! I was really getting worried! You make the day for so many of us!
    The whole Blanche story is amazing! Lots of angels working on this one! So happy for Blanche!

  12. Kim J LeMere

    I’m so glad that Mike let you know how Blanche is doing in her new home. I’m glad you go there safely and back home safely, traffic can be scary at times. My husband drove semi for a few years after retiring from 30 years in IT and it could be a challenge at times.
    I love the quilt with all those cars and stars for wheels, how adorable. Our leaves are just dropping here in TN and I cleaned up some pots and planted pansy for the colder months. I love that my pots have color all year around compared to living in snow county.

    1. Noel

      Do you live in southern TN? This will be our second winter in the “middle” of TN. I noticed that the Dusty Millers up near our house stayed alive all winter last year. Wonder if I should try the pansies!

  13. Jeanne S

    Such a cute, cute picture of Hazel looking at you and wanting to play. She obviously missed you while you were gone. She’s probably missing Blanch too. We’ve driven those miles between Eastern Iowa and Colo. many times. It is a tiring trip to do in one day. We’re all glad that God gave you journey mercies (especially when you stopped with Blanche at the rest stop).
    Bless you for all you do for those animals in your care.

  14. Carolyn Boutilier

    Thanks for the update on Blanche and glad you & Rick made it safely back home.
    Beautiful day here in the valley but our first freeze of the season is this evening.
    Carolyn b Shenandoah Valley Va.

  15. Meredith

    So glad to see you’re back blogging. You had your blog friends pretty worried for a few days. Lucky Blanche to have such loving, caring people in her life. Kudos to Rick and you!
    Would love to know the source for the car pattern. Nancy, can you share where you found it? Cute, cute!

    1. Diane in WI

      The pattern for the cars and stars was in the August 2021issue of American Patchwork and Quilting. Hope you can find a copy of the magazine. I’d like to make a quilt for my grandson from the pattern.

  16. Lynn

    Mary, I am a firm believer that dogs recognize there own breed. My Golden was only around them and labs. Took her to a dog show with all breeds. Tail down and funny look on her face. Then see saw another Golden. Totally different look and tail up and wagging.
    Thought you would appreciate the story. Sounds like Blanche will be very happy. Thanks to you for getting her there.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Lynn – I love that story! It’s just exactly as Blanche acted when she saw Mike’s dogs – hey, somebody who looks like me! Thank you so much!!

  17. Diane, Squeak, and Buddy

    Whew. I was getting worried, but didn’t want to email in case it was iPad related. Sooo happy Blanche is with a good person and others like her. You, Rick, and Becky are angels on earth😃. It is so good Rick could drive. Buddy is settling in very nicely. We, too, are learning about him. Someone must have kicked him because he does not like shoes or fast walking. He runs and hides. My husband ( size 13 1/2 4 E shoes);is now mostly in sock feet! Buddy is very sweet and does not even try to go outside. He just watches on the porch.
    Hugs to little Hazel.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Diane – oh, my! Hugs right back to Buddy! It’s always a mystery when you take in an abandoned animal as to what they have lived through. I’m so happy Buddy has joined your family!

      1. Diane, Squeak, and Buddy.

        We are, too, Mary. He is very relaxed except around the shoes. Squeak is just the opposite~~nervous Nellie, but sweet. Her trip to the Vet for shots was traumatic. We are contemplating not getting her shots anymore. She is never outside and she hid all day. Poor little girl. Hi to Millie, too. Tuxedoes are such pretty kitties😺.

        1. Mary Etherington Post author

          Diane – I quit getting all those shots for my cats – mine are all about 15 years old and they have lots of immunity built up. SqueaK doesn’t need them either!

  18. NancyTD

    The car quilt is in American Patchwork magazine August 2021 issue. It was a bed size quilt. I did the cars on 10 inch background with 1 inch lattice. Cornerstones are scraps from the cars. It is for my new great grandson. We have 5 great grand daughters, so this was fun to do. Hope this helps everyone.

  19. Marie C

    Love the car quilt. The picture of your house is so inviting. All our leaves have blown away in the last few days. It sounds like they are going to harvest around our house today. The view is always different after the corn comes out.

  20. Jeanne H in Finger Lakes of New York

    Such a relief that you and Rick made it safely to Colorado and back home. Whew! What a trip! So glad Blanche is settling in at her new home. I think dogs do recognize when other dogs are the same breed, so she will have her new pack members to observe and follow. We had a Bearded Collie, and he was always thrilled when we visited friends in NH who had 2 of them. A nice big fenced-in yard to play in, and companions if the humans went out.

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