A Farm Update

Monday was a hot day in North Iowa but it was the only time I could find help to clean the barn. The two fellows wanted to come at 1:00 – the hottest part of the day. And they kept their word! Holy Cow, it was 98 degrees and they worked fast. Reed and I helped but they did the lion’s share. Cleaning the barn completely is a job I don’t do more than once a year, thank goodness.

I closed the little chicks up so nobody could wander off and Reed and I will clean their pen when they’re a little older and can venture outside.

Towards evening the sky got dark and a storm started brewing – the wind came up and we had a lightening strike very close to the barn – I saw it and I’ve never heard anything so loud! It knocked out several breakers in the barn and took out our cable service. The yard is once again covered with sticks and twigs. Actually we did not get any rain but Clear Lake got hit hard with trees down, docks torn out and power outages.

Tonite I wandered out to the grove to see what the dogs were barking at and was shocked to see this huge old maple split in half and taking down many more trees with it.

This is one project I won’t touch – it can stay that way as far as I’m concerned.

Connie and I filled a stack of orders today and we both want to thank you for the sweet notes you wrote. I wish we could answer each of you personally but it’s impossible. I think we should have a group show and tell of Cobblestone quilts, don’t you?

And on Saturday the corn across the road came up – with the heat and humidity over the weekend it’s already 3-4″ high!

I’m not sure you can see it in this picture but trust me, it’s up – and growing!

One job I’m glad to be done with is watering the plants at the cemetery! It was just too hot and windy over the weekend – they needed to be watered every day. Next year if it’s going to be 100 degrees, I’m opting out of taking flowers to the cemetery!

I am so far behind with the mowing that some of it is going to seed. I can’t mow tomorrow but Thursday I plan to mow all day long. It better not rain!

15 thoughts on “A Farm Update

  1. Martha Engstler

    I’m so glad you got help cleaning out the barn, you have more than enough other big jobs to do. I think we didn’t have spring this year. Sounds like you also went from winter to summer.

    1. Evelyn Pecht

      Martha, did your Engstler ancestors come from the Bettingen (Schmelz) area of Germany? My great grandmother emigrated and lived in Floyd County. Her mother was Catharina Engstler (1820-1881), born in Bettingen, the daughter of Mathias Engstler and Margaretha Merfeld.


      1. CountryThreads Post author

        Evelyn – did Martha answer you? Maybe she didn’t see your comment.

  2. Mary R.

    We are also very hot here in Louisiana (New Orleans). Tomorrow is supposed to feel like 105 degrees with so much moisture. Can’t believe we were watching Alberto’s track last Friday and a possibility of flooding. Be careful with the heat and stay inside as much as possible.

  3. Paula (Texas)

    Can’t believe it’s as hot where you are as here along the Texas Coast! I sympathize.

  4. Betty Klosterman

    Was the maple tree bad on the inside? We can’t tell by looking at the picture.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Betty – yes, I think so and I’m not so sure that lightening strike wasn’t at that tree.

  5. Sandy Kolarik

    I’m glad you got help, you have more than enough on your plate. I haven’t heard how your husband is doing hope all is well in that area. He too must be grateful for all the help.

  6. Dorothy Howatd

    Plant daylilies, hosta, Lily if the valley at the cemetery. I did that for my parents, they look great all summer. No watering. Stella a’doro lilies.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Dorothy – no plantings are allowed otherwise I’d do it.

  7. Dee Winter

    My son came home early from work on Friday, worked all afternoon and into the evening mowing our yard. We have a large one, and with his work schedule, he’d not gotten it mowed because of the rain we had on the weekends for a couple weeks. So he had the lawn tractor, the brush mower on a big tractor, he used the other big tractor to move some farm equipment so he could mow there and then I came along, did some weed whacking and raking, so he got the skid loader w/bucket out to scoop that up for the burn pile. It still needs some work, but he played with his friends on the river this weekend, and the heat was a deal breaker for me. Those young guys are just plain heaven sent.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Dee – you are lucky to have your son to help you! Isn’t it a great feeling when it’s done?

  8. Diane

    Whew–great to have that job done. That old Maple will be great for woodpeckers to peck on and enjoy their bugs:) We had no Spring either in Central Ohio. Four months of January and now it’s July!! Ugh. I love Spring and Fall, but we seem to have only Winter and Summer anymore. Take it easy, Mary. My father in law always said, “There will be work to be done when we’re dead and gone.” Let’s hope that’s not for years and years!!

  9. Tanya

    In Texas, we have many rural cemeteries with irises that seem to grow wild and multiply so much that my sweet mother always called them “Cemetery Irises”. Beautiful and much better than having to water so much! 🙂

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