A Finish, A Start and A Bowl of Soup, 2-17-24

My finish is an easy 9 patch and a snowball block that I had Sue quilt for me last spring/summer. This is a true testament on how much I hate binding – it has been quilted since last summer and I finally made myself bind it. I wanted Baptist Fan and since I don’t know how to do that, I enlisted Sue.

Once again Hazel is shouting at me. This is such an nice traditional quilt – how could I leave it sit there for months just because I hate binding?

And I still want to get rid of this couch!!

I cut this out today – it was called a utility charm quilt. You know me – I want to sit and sew while I watch ballgames.

I threw away the band telling me what fabric line this charm pack is from. Anybody know?

And while doing all of this I had soup in the crock pot – sausage soup.

1-2 lbs. Italian sausage – I used 2

1 large onion, chopped

3 lbs. canned tomatoes – I used 2 cans of diced

1 – 3 lb jar Randall Great Northern Beans, precooked

1 – 2 t. Thyme

1 T. Basil

1 T. Seasoning salt

2 bay leaves

Brown onion and sausage and drain.

Add remaining ingredients.

Simmer on stove 1 hour or in crockpot for 4-5 hours

Okay, here’s one of my Caitlin shirts that I showed yesterday:

If I could remember what online site I ordered this from I’d tell you but I bought it right after Christmas and I couldn’t possibly remember. You’ll just have to search – and there’s a lot of shirts to look at!

Tomorrow is Farmer Tim’s birthday and I know he reads this blog – you could send him birthday wishes in the comments.

Happy Birthday, Tim!

129 thoughts on “A Finish, A Start and A Bowl of Soup, 2-17-24

  1. Marcia-Ohio

    Happy Birthday, Farmer Tim🎉🎉🎂 Rest up and enjoy your day. Spring farm work is just around the corner.

  2. Shirley Andersen Smith

    Happy Birthday Farmer Tim. Sneak over and get a bowl of Mary’s soup. Looks yummy.
    Mary, I love the quilt with no binding. Great job. I like the Baptist Fan and clamshell quilt pattern. I can do the clamshell with my rulers for a domestic machine.
    Great sweatshirt and congratulations to Iowa for Caitlin.
    Snowing here off and on since early last week. Probably have had 12 to 14″ overall and does not want to stop. It better, I have my 2 groups next week.
    Shirley from snowy central Oregon

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Shirley – do you normally get that much snow? We don’t have any and we need the moisture. The soup was very good!!

      1. Shirley Andersen Smith

        Yes we should normally get this but the drought has made it hit and miss the last 7 or more years. Hoping the end of the drought is near.

    2. Sue in PA

      Happy Birthday Farmer Tim! I always enjoy Mary’s updates on your fields of corn. Mary, I love your newly finished quilt. Such an easy pattern but it looks more difficult than it is. I love it when I get to the binding stage because I find it easy to do and it means I can now enjoy the finished product and/or give it away and start on another. I do it all by machine now. I used to hand stitch it down but not any more.

  3. Carolyn Boutilier

    Happy Birthday Tim. I love watching your fields grow through Mary’s eyes. Hope you have a good day.
    Carolyn b Shenandoah Valley VA
    We had an inch of snow last evening and gone when the sun came out.

  4. Karel

    Happy Birthday Farmer Tim from farmers in Sioux County, Iowa!! Have a great day and year to come!!

  5. Deb in Japan

    Mary, The soup looks great and I don’t even like beans. I may have to try this one. As for quilting, I’ve got one sitting on my sewing machine that is half sewn. It’s been there for 3 weeks now – guess that’s what happens when Stephen is gone for 7 weeks and I don’t have to pick up and move my sewing. I understand that the women’s Iowa vs. Minnesota game is going crazy with ticket prices right now. I’ve seen them as high as $400 dollars each! YIKES ! ! ! !
    Happy Birthday to Farmer Tim – funny how most of us think of him that way. Farmer Tim, not just Tim.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Deb in Japan – everywhere Caitlin plays is a sell out. Some Iowa people have traveled to other states just to be able to get a ticket to watch her. It would be so fun to go to a game!!!

  6. Carmen M.

    Your quilt came out Great! Your Utility quilt will be Easter pretty in those colors!
    Thanks fore the sausage soup recipe!
    Happy Birthday Tim!

  7. Kim from Wi

    Happy Birthday Tim, thanks for sharing your farm with all of us. I appreciate Mary showing us how tall the corn is. Mary, your Caitlyn shirt is perfect, and Harvey truly shines. All the chatter about Peacock and who pays for what was enlightening. You do you and everyone else can take care of their own business. I spoil myself but I also pay the bill.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Kim – I love it — “I spoil myself but I also pay the bill.” Ditto!

  8. Lynn in Scottsdale

    Happy Birthday Farmer Tim! Have a joy-filled day.

    Also, thank you for being a farmer and helping to feed us. Such an important job.

    1. Kathy in western NY

      Happy Birthday Farmer Tim and I piggy back onto Lynn’s comment of thanks for feeding us! We love all our farm stands in my area for supplying us with fresh foods so appreciate the hard workers that farmers are.

      1. Sandy in Indiana

        I also piggybacked on Lynn & Kathy’s comments….Happy Birthday Farmer Tim & Thank You for all you & all the other Farmers do for us! We appreciate you!

        Sandy in Indiana

  9. Sandy

    Hi Mary, happy birthday to farmer Tim! Answer to your question Mary, we leave Brisbane start of June, very mild winter, Sydney, Melbourne and adelaide will be cooler, jerseys and slacks weather. Perth ,western Australia, mild ,then North to Darwin, 31 degrees, hot for me! Southern hemisphere has opposite seasons to north. The family have gone to lunar festival today, dragon dancing etc. Take care everyone, best wishes from Sandy

    1. Pat in AZ

      Happy birthday Sandra! Hitting those milestone birthdays are always so fun. Hope you have an amazing day

    2. Jan Hebert

      Happy Birthday to you, Sandra! I turned 70 last October. And Happy Birthday to farmer Tim! What a great picture of you and your lovely wife! Jan in MA

  10. Chris in NW PA

    Happy Birthday, Farmer Tim! Best wishes for a happy day and healthy year.
    I enjoy Mary’s pictures of your fields.

  11. Charlotte

    Happy and Healthy new Birthday Year, Farmer Tim! I love looking at pictures of your farm in all the seasons.

  12. Linda from Georgia

    Happy Birthday, Farmer Tim!
    The Baptist Fan is one of my favorite quilt patterns. I can’t wait to see the charm quilt. Pretty fabric but don’t recognize it. Will you be selling the pattern?

  13. Debby Krzyston

    🥳 Happy healthy Birthday, Tim! My birthday wish for you is to have a very productive crop this year.
    Debby from Wisconsin 🐝

  14. Li

    Your soup reminds me of Meatball Soup that includes rice with the secret addition of mint at the end. It is a winning combination with the tomatoes.

  15. Bonnie

    Happy Birthday Tim. I grew up in Wisconsin and I so appreciate the photos of your fields and crops. All though I don’t miss ice and snow ( I live in the desert southwest now ) I do miss the changing seasons and the farms with fields of crops and harvesting.

  16. Helen Jane (Tx)

    Happy Birthday Farmer Tim . I look at the (amazing) farm equipment and the storage/equip barn or barns. Tim and Ellen, thanks for an occasional report.

  17. DebMac

    Happy birthday, Farmer Tim.

    Your quilt is beautiful, Mary. I’m not a big fan of binding but by that point, I am just ready to move a quilt on so I bind. My fingers get so sore last February when I did my last hand binding that I bought (probably) every product known to man to help with that and haven’t finished a quilt that needs hand binding since. Did a couple of toddler quilts that I bound by machine. Just haven’t been in the mood for quilting but have done quite a few cross stitch finishes. Now they are sitting in a pile not finally finished so I’m no better with that than you not binding your quilt. Seems there is always part of the process that we don’t really care to do. But I would rather bind than cut out a quilt.

    We’ve had a cold and blustery day here. Had another inch of snow yesterday and since our drive is on the north, it’s still covered where the sun doesn’t hit it. Re-potted 5 plants today and trying to get winter decor switched over to spring.

  18. Angie from Baltimore

    Happy Birthday Farmer Tim I look forward to seeing the corn as it grows from seed to ears. Makes me homesick. May your day be delightful. I respect farmers as you don’t get enough recognition. My husband family were wheat farmers and at the mercy of the weather. May you have a great year of great weather

  19. Pat in AZ

    Happy birthday Tim! We all love keeping up with your happenings through Mary. Wishing you many blessings for the coming year.
    Mary, I can’t believe you don’t like that couch! I LOVE it and would cart if off in a heartbeat!
    Take care everyone
    Pat in AZ

    1. Sharon F

      Happy Birthday Farmer Tim! 🥳💐

      Mary, Love, love, love your 9-patch snowball quilt. Yes, they are simple traditional blocks, but your fabric choices really make them soar.

      I’ve been having a hard time finding time to sew much. Spent all day washing windows, more to do tomorrow. I did manage to hand quilt on a project for about a half hour. It’s going to take many more hours to finish it.

  20. Kathie

    Happy Birthday Farmer Tim🎂🎉. I live in the north woods of Wisconsin
    and so admire farmers and all that it takes to be one. You are deeply appreciated
    In all that you do.


  21. Meredith in Cincinnati

    Happy, happy birthday to you, Tim! Love the peeks that Mary gives us of your beautiful fields. And to Mary: beautiful quilt, and thanks for the recipe.

  22. Chris in Alaska

    Happy birthday Farmer Tim ! Mine was this week also 🙂 Mary I love your Easter rabbit that you took to the nursing home . He will get many smiles 🙂 God bless you for how you care for others . You are an inspiration for all of us 🥰

  23. Pat Smith

    Happy Birthday Farmer Tim! I love seeing your fields grow and then be harvested in the fall. I also love seeing all those green and yellow farm implements behind you in the picture. My father worked for John Deere for over 40 years in Ottumwa. Mary, I like that little sofa. It displays your quilts perfectly, and if I lived closer, I’d help you find a new home for it—mine!

  24. Susan Lenz

    Happy Birthday,Farmer Tim! Thank you for all your work in the fields! I hope Mother Nature treats you well this year and everything is a bumper crop! Enjoy your birthday with family and friends🎉🎂 Best wishes from Minnesota.

  25. Diane, Squeak, & Buddy on Central Ohio

    Happy Birthday, FarmerTim. You and your family are good neighbors! I love seeing the seasons on your farm.
    Mary, your quilt is beautiful. I like to hand bind, but I don’t have the very painful hands that you do. I am at a quilt retreat. We had about 4–5” of snow last night, but it will be 41* tomorrow. I am sending some pictures of the retreat and the car that parked us in at the quilt shop🤬

  26. Char in MI

    Happy birthday Farmer Tim!

    Mary, i love your quilt! The Baptist Fan is the perfect quilting pattern for it,

  27. Rhoda Ebersole

    Happy Birthday Tim from Las Vegas.
    Love your quilt Mary
    Yesterday’s Review Journal here had a big article and picture about Caitlin. I will send it to you.

    No snow here

  28. Vicki in Seattle

    “Happy Birthday, Farmer Tim!” I love watching your crops grow over the seasons. Thanks to you and Ellen for sharing your talents and being such good neighbors to Mary.

  29. Colleen in Central Oregon

    Happy birthday Farmer Tim!
    We have snow here, and it just keeps coming! I seem to predict snow storms with migraines, and it’s no fun. But we do need the moisture for later in the year. We have 4 seasons here: fall, winter, spring and fire!

  30. Connie R. in Wis

    Happy Birthday Farmer Tim. I also enjoy your farm pictures that Mary posts. Wishing you a great spring for planting and the perfect amount of rain for the growing and harvest season.

    Mary, your quilt is beautiful and I echo the comment that you pick the perfect fabrics to make it sing.

  31. Betty Klosterman

    Happy Birthday, Farmer Tim. And thank you for the pleasure of watching your corn or beans grow. Corn is amazing, not like it used to be. It won’t be long before you are out there planting. Thank you for feeding the people.
    Betty in Rapid City

  32. Jo in Wyoming

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY Tim, and many more to come. Your corn fields are always beautiful.

    Mary, I wish we lived closer…as you know, I love the binding and would do all of yours.
    The soup looks yummy. I made “stuffed pepper soup” tonight. It hit the spot. The temp was 7 when I got up today.
    Only 3 ads to click. I wonder what’s going on?

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Jo – I suppose that cold weather is heading our way – as long as it’s not so windy I can take it. But the wind!!! the next recipe in my book is stuffed pepper soup and I’m going to try it. Wonder if it’s the same as yours.

  33. Catherine Dorsey

    Happy Birthday Tim!!
    Love all soups. I made chicken minestrone yesterday.
    Beautiful couch.
    Love the charms but don’t know the name!!

  34. Lindah in northern CA

    Wow! I’m set up for the weekend: 2 lovely quilt ideas and a soup recipe. Can’t beat that. Thank you!

  35. Kris in WI

    What a lovely couple. Oh, I mean you and your wife, Ellen, Farmer Tim! Not that the JD equipment behind you isn’t nice, too. Have a Happy Birthday and may your new year bring you Mother Nature’s best at the right time and the right amount. We do enjoy Mary’s pictures of your crops in season.

    Mary, your quilts always look nice on the couch…or on the fence railing, draped over a tree limb, on a table, or hung on a wall! Can’t wait to see the next one in spring colors. Nope, no clue as to the fabric line. Kris

  36. Sunflower from Michigan 🌻

    Happy birthday, Farmer Tim. And happy birthday, Sandra.
    Love your finished quilt today, Mary. Take care.

  37. Sally

    Happy Birthday Farmer Tim! 🎉 🎉 🎉
    Mary, I hate binding too, and I have the quits to prove it!

  38. Deb

    Happy Birthday, Farmer Tim!! Hope its a truly lovely birthday and wonderful day. Best wishes from Northern California (Roseville)…. Deb

  39. Marsha from Kansas

    Happy birthday, Farmer Tim!

    We had tomato stew in our crock pot today. I think my Mom just made the recipe up. I love it. No specific amounts of ingredients, just what you need to feed however many are eating. Fresh coin carrots, cubed potatoes, chopped up onion, stew meat (I have used cubed up leftover roast), and can of stewed tomatoes. I like to boil some macaroni and add it the last hour or so. Cook low around 6 hours. We have the same Fiesta bowl, too!

    Really like the snowball and 9-patch quilt. Seems like a good one for leader-ender project. I am still working on the Bonnie Hunter leader-ender project from two years ago. Today I finally got enough twosies sewn together. Needed 860-something but made 900. Now to sew the twosies together into foursies! Progress!!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Marsha – I do not currently have a leader ender project going. I’d better fix that. Even if it’s just squares

  40. Bonnie McKee

    Happy Birthday Farmer Tim! 🎂
    May God bless you abundantly in the coming year!

    Mary, your sausage soup looks and sounds delicious! Thanks for sharing the recipe. 🤗
    I love the simple 9 patch quilt. Binding isn’t my favorite step either. What I love the most is choosing the fabrics.
    It’s late, I’m going to bed.
    Bonnie in Oregon

  41. carol l

    Happy Birthday Tim. Hope you have a wonderful birthday and a great year. Thanks for being a wonderful neighbor to Mary. Love this country blog. Carol in NW Neb.

  42. Gloria from CC

    Happy Birthday Farmer Tim and as a retired Mfg Engineer from John Deere, THANK YOU for being a loyal JD customer. I was in the Drive Train Division – first in cast iron machining and then steel machining. I hope you’ve never had drive train problems. Nothing runs like a Deere!
    Love the quilt on your couch and the soup recipe looks yummy. Peace be with you on this beautiful Sunday.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Gloria from CC – I stare at Tim’s machinery and just shake my head – it’s so complicated, so efficient and so beautiful. “Nothing runs like a Deere!” You’re right.

  43. Beth Laverty

    Happy Birthday Tim,

    Mary, Thanks for the soup recipe. I am going to make it today. It is a cold winter day and this will go nicely!!!

  44. Rachel Summy

    Happy Birthday Farmer Tim! Nothing like the site of tall corn, you do it well!
    Simple soups are the best and yours looks so yummy, thanks Mary!

  45. Donna Jo

    Happy birthday Farmer Tim! 🎂

    Mary I absolutely hate hand sewing binding down. I have since learned how to machine bind and it’s changed my life! It’s easy once you get the hang of it. Love your quilt!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Donna Jo – I do bind by machine – that’s how I finally bound this one but I like the look of hand binding better. Just one of those things I’ve had to give up because of my hands.

    2. Jeanne in Co.

      Happy Birthday, Farmer Tim. My husband’s birthday was Feb. 17th. He always told me the best people were born in Feb., reminding me of President’s Day. You look like you’re in that same group- you have a beautiful wife, a beautiful home, and a beautiful farm. You have been blessed. I always get homesick for Iowa when Mary shares the wonderful pictures of your fields, even when it shows the dust flying from your machinery working in the fields. I pray God will give you a year of sunshine and rain and good crops.

  46. Patricia

    Hope you have a wonderful birthday Farmer Tim. I live in an are of Maryland called the Ag Reserve. There are still a number of families still farming here. I mostly see corn, soybeans and sometimes sorghum. There are 60 acres behind us that have been in production all the time we’ve lived here about 41 yrs It recently was sold for a housing development.
    Mary I love your newly bound quilt adorning your couch. I love the colors. Great CC t- shirt. I wonder if she’ll stay on another year at Iowa. Because she started in 2020 during COVID , they said she was eligible for another. I hope she does.
    The soup looks sooo good. Thanks for the recipe. You and Harvey are quite a cute pair. Glad others will enjoy him.
    Hazel sure keeps you entertained! Happy Sunday everyone. Pai in Maryland.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Patricia – we’re all wondering if Caitlin will stay – of course we all hope so to continue watching her. Sounds like you watch farming up close which will end with a housing development. How do you feel about that?

      1. Janet S

        Patricia, We are in an area of super growth in Minnesota. Recently, friends sold their farm of less than 100 acres for $9.5 million for development. It sounds great but, of course, they had to spend a wad to save on taxes (they bought 7 houses for kids etc.). Anyway, the next issue comes when houses are built and they need schools, roads, water/sewer etc. You would think the developer would have to pay for it (which they may) but our taxes have increased terribly. The city can’t get rid of the brown water we have because the treatment plant wasn’t designed for this many families so we are to build new. It just keeps going on endlessly. On the plus side, we have met a lot of nice people who just want a nice home. It made me chuckle when someone wanted to stop further development because ‘we moved here for the peace and quiet of a small town’. That’s life.

        1. Mary Etherington Post author

          Janet s – we have a similar issue in Garner. The senior living wants to put up solar panels but the people living just north of that lot don’t want to look at those panels. Some of these people moved to town from the country where the views were lovely. It just makes me so thankful I live in the country because I can truly see both sides of this argument. I’m lucky – I get to look out at Farmer Tim’s fields!

  47. Linda in Michigan

    Happy Birthday, Tim!
    Mary, your quilt looks great on that couch. Too bad we live so far away-binding is probably my favorite part of quilt making. I would gladly bind your quilts for you.

  48. Jeanine in SE Iowa

    Happy Birthday, Tim! 🚜🎂 My husband is a retired farmer so I know how much work it is to be a farmer, although the equipment is much more efficient now than when he farmed. He said he wouldn’t know how to use the techy equipment as he is “old School.” Thanks for all the work you put into it, and thanks for looking out for Mary when she needs you.
    Have a great day, everyone, and I, to, like your quilt Mary. I should make a snowball quilt. I don’t think I have ever made one……if I did, it was a long time ago.
    A bright sunny day here in Oskaloosa! On our way to church soon.

  49. Margie from Ohio

    Wow, so much in this post. Your quilt is gorgeous! Your quilt you are about to make is going to be stunning. It looks like something I might be able to do! Thanks for sharing all that you do.
    Happy Birthday Farmer Tim! Thank you for growing our food. I lived in a small city, but Dad owned a farm and worked in a factory.

  50. Kathy Burton

    Happiest of Birthday’s to you Tim! I’m from Wadsworth Ohio. I blew up 146 balloons for my son’s birthday yesterday. I call it “my sea of balloons “. Grandchildren just love it. I hope you have balloons at your birthday even though we are not children. 😁 Enjoy this special day to honor your life. Eat cake!!
    Salutations from, Kathy

  51. Linda in MI

    Happy, happy birthday Farmer Tim! Thank you for farming, you are the backbone of America. Without our very hard working farmers we wouldn’t have the fabulous selection of fresh foods in our markets. Both sets of my grandparents were farmers and my dad started seed in the winter and raised a huge garden to keep everyone and his friends in juicy tomatoes each summer and plenty of other vegetables for mom to can and freeze to keep us fed in the off season. It’s hard work but rewarding and I appreciate you!

  52. Fran

    Thak you for the recipe. I do one very similar with the same beans and chicken.

    Love your quilt you finished. Very pretty.

    I am in a little slump and not getting the baby quilts done. Binding almost done. And then there are the receiving blankets. I need to get myself in gear. I blame it on too much retreating. HA

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Fran – retreating can do it – round the clock quilting would wear anybody out!

  53. Diane in Maryland

    Happy Birthday, Farmer Tim!

    Mary, love your quilt on the sofa and Harvey! The buttons on his shirt cuffs are nice! Do you give the quilts to the assisted living homenand do they hang them again the next year when that season comes again? It may be too much trouble but I am wondering if you couldn’t just change them each season and bring the quilt home? That way the residents could enjoy seeing a different one with the change of seasons.

    To Patricia… Are you in Montgomery County, MD.? I thought the purpose of the Agricultural Preservation was to not have development of those acres that are part of the preservation? I didn’t realize that part could be sold for development. I am in Kent County and this is also an agricultural county where grain is grown.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Diane – the quilts remain my property and I change them out at seasons or holidays. I don’t think anybody has time to rehang them so I’m in charge. When they’d rather hang something other than quilts they’ll all come home to me.

      1. Diane in Maryland

        I am sure the residents, employees and visitors love seeing your quilts! Such a nice thing to do … So like you!!

  54. Linda Carpenter

    Mary, I got an Accuquilt cutter because of my shoulders (rotator cuff history) and I am having a very good time cutting and sewing blocks, don’t care if they ever become quilts. (I’m 74) I’m trying to use up my stash, but it’s amazing how much there is once you try to use it up. Ha. I have a bunch of brown scraps that I was just going to pass on, now I think I’ll cut 9 patch squares and make a Snowball, yours is so pretty. Enjoy your blog so much! (it’s cold here, but the forecast is heading for the 60s next week.) Linda in Colorado

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Linda Carpenter – good to know about your Accuquilt cutter. – my friend Rose has one and she loves hers, too. I understand rotator cuff history – I have a small tear right now.

  55. Tanya T. In Houston

    A big birthday shout out to Farmer Tim!

    Love those EASY quilts and that great soup recipe!

  56. Marian in SE MN

    Happy Birthday Tim! Hope you are ready for spring. You have the best neighbor in the world. We enjoy the pictures of your corn.
    Quilts are great. Enjoy the sunny days and the coming warmth.

  57. Joy in NW Iowa

    Happy birthday farmer Tim. I compared your corn and watch your rainfall and compare both to ours here in NW Iowa. Having been in farming all my life and a farmwife since 1972, watching the crops and the weather and worrying along with my husband who is 78 and still buying seed for next year 😉, the love for the land stays forever!

    I bind all my quilts with the machine. It is stronger!

  58. Janice

    Happy Birthday Tim. Have a great day! I enjoy seeing all the photos of your farm that Mary shares with us. Hope it is a good farming year for you.

    Mary, love your finished quilt on the couch, and Harvey.

    Janice, Traverse City, Mi

  59. Jackie in NY

    Hi Mary!! Love that quilt in your couch! I’m a big sucker for traditional scrappy quilts. That soup looks so good! I’m definitely going to try that! We made the heart attack potatoes last week and they were delicious. My daughter-in-law coaches girls varsity basketball (high school). They had a lot of injuries this year so their season just ended.

  60. Jan in Arizona

    Happy Birthday, Farmer Tim!! I enjoy seeing pictures of your farm across from Mary.
    Sandy, Happy Birthday to you, too! Do something special to commemorate arriving at the 70’s decade.
    Mary, the finished quilt is beautiful. That is the style and colors I right up my alley.
    I’m beginning to think about machine binding more often. I still struggle with it looking nice and even all the way around. I know: Practice, Practice, Practice. My hands would surely thank me. Plus, think of the time I’d save to allow me to do more quilt projects! 🙂

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Jan in AZ – my fingers can’t close around that tiny needle any more so I’ve had to get quite proficient at machine binding.

  61. Heather K

    Happy Birthday Farmer Tim! I love the pictures Mary shares with us. Mary – I love the snowball 9 patch! I rarely handbind- i don’t enjoy and I tell myself machine is more sturdy because I use and wash my quilts ;). I have an accuquilt cutter like one of your other readers -I love it

  62. Teresa in Indiana

    Your quilt looks great on your couch that you want to get rid of. I’m so happy you finally got the binding finished. Thanks for the soup recipe. It looks really good. I’ll have to try it sometime soon. I go for shoulder replacement in two weeks and am trying to get a wedding quilt ready to send off to the longarmer. Happy Happy Birthday Farmer Tim. May you have a great day!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Teresa – shoulder replacement! What leads up to the necessity of this very serious surgery? I am curious – what happened? How long ago? I had rotator cuff surgery and I think it was a painful recovery. Do you have help? Is it scheduled around March 1? Will you let us know how it goes?

      1. Teresa in Indiana

        Mary, The shoulder replacement is due to extreme arthritis in the shoulder joint that has deteriorated to the point that the injections are no longer helping. I’m scheduled for March 2 and will definitely keep you informed. I look forward to your email every morning. 💖

  63. Farmer Tim

    Wow!! Thank You Mary for making your followers aware of my Birthday and Thank You followers for making my birthday extra special. I am blessed to be able to do what Ido! I Can’t wait for Mary to be posting spring pictures!!!!

  64. Cynthia from SWMN

    Sending a greeting and tip of the hat to your wonderful neighbor, Farmer Tim! Happy Birthday! My husband Larry is still farming, and I joined him in 1973! Your crops always look great, and your field work gets done so fast!

  65. Pamela Dempsey in Northeast Texas

    Happy birthday Farmer Tim! Hope you enjoyed it! The sausage soup sounds delicious 😋

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