A Finished Quilt!

I started this very simple 4-patch quilt a few weeks ago – it is intended to be a gift to a resident at the care center who has nothing special on her bed, just the standard issue pink quilted bedspread that is threadbare.  This lady entered the care center after Mom did and even though neither could speak well after strokes, they enjoyed each other’s  company.

Back to the sheets – wow, what a subject!  I totally understand the corner straps/garters – I grew up in the 50’s and 60’s and wore hose as a teenager.  Pantyhouse were an overpriced luxury – one runner and it all got tossed in the trash.  My mom would hear none of that!  But, the sheets – it’s not the corners where I have the most trouble – it’s in the middle of the bed, about where my butt lays.  Everytime I turn over, I create another fold in the fitted sheet.  I am glad to hear that I’m not the only one exasperated with sheets!  

Connie recommended the book “The Girl on the Train” and I have been reading any spare moment – it’s very disturbing but compelling  and  I still cannot figure out what has happened.  Now that’s the description of a good book!

22 thoughts on “A Finished Quilt!

  1. MartyCae

    How sweet of you to make a quilt for the lady in the home. I find that quite a few residents have very little in the way of special comforts there. Also I think it is great that you visit. I’m sure everyone is happy to see you there.

    My Aunt liked the kids from the elementary school visiting. They did it on a regular basis.

  2. Nikki Mahaffey

    Quilt is lovely..sometimes the simplest are the prettiest. Get your corners tight and make extra long garter or two for center of bed and may just solve problem..

  3. Louise

    What a sweet thing to do Mary. Thay quilt will really brighten her day! Garters, I remember them well and those darned nylons with seams. Thank goodness they came out with the seamless ones. We had to purchase with our babysitting money….spring is on it’s way here in the pacific northwest! I know because the forsythia is in bloom…

  4. Patty DeHeer

    Mary, what a nice gesture for someone in the nursing home. My mother-in-law spent several years in the nursing home and it was always such a treat to have visitors, and even more special if they brought a little something for her. Her mind may not have remembered it 10 minutes later, but it was worth it to see her face light up when we brought something for her.
    I learned to quilt from my Grandma Ann, and she always said the best thing about a quilt is that it gives such comfort to someone you care about, even when you can’t be there. When ever I need a hug, I wrap myself up in Grandma Ann’s quilt. It’s almost as if she’s hugging me herself, even though she’s been gone over 20 years now. Now I’m the one passing on the quilt to my children and grandchildren, and the importance of sharing them with others.

  5. Rose Mikulski

    I love this quilt and the straight line quilting! I know what you mean about the book from what I read about it in reviews. I may read it.

  6. Mary C.

    I love it…just goes to show the simplest blocks and the right fabrics can make a great quilt. And a real gift of love for someone who may be lonely. Every time she looks at it she remembers that you cared enough to make something just for her to keep her warm.

  7. Paula in Texas

    The 4 patch quilt is awesome, what a lucky lady your friend will be when she is able to have this beautiful quilt on her bed.

    My husband has a hip condition, he will loudly agree with you about the issue of looseness and wrinkles with the fitted sheets. He says the wrinkles cause his hips to hurt. I am hoping that a reader will share a solution.

    I am glad you are reporting that Spring is coming, we are having an unusually cold March in Texas.

  8. Carole

    I love the quilt! That ‘beaded bracelet’ fabric is such a wow and makes the design look like so much more than a simple 4 patch and alternate solid block. It’s so nice of you to gift it to someone who will really appreciate it. On the sheet topic I found a great solution that, while it doesn’t help with the problem you have, has worked great for me. Because of my back, I do nothing but toss and turn all night and tend to wear out the centers of fitted sheets. Totally by accident, not having an extra fitted sheet one day when the current sheet gave up the ghost, I decided to use a flat sheet sideways. While it only covers the top of the mattress from top to bottom, there is plenty of sheet of tuck in on each side and believe me, it goes no where even with all my movement. Unfortunately, it’s hard to buy sheets that aren’t in sets. That’s also why I have 4 different sets of pillowcases for the 9 pillows that I must have.

  9. anita fetzer

    Don’t know how to solve your sheet/butt problem but another fabulous book I just read is “All the Light We Cannot See” by Doerr. It is a beautifully written book. Good luck in bed 🙂

  10. Launa

    The quilt is really quite a cheerful mix of colors and such a wonderful gift. I took a quilt to a friend who was in the hospital and she was thrilled to receive it. She insisted it was on her bed there.
    Sure do hope you solve the sheet problem soon.
    Does your area have therapy dogs visit the care facilities? They do a wonder of good.

  11. Sandy

    Mary, the lady at the are facility is going to love that sweet quilt!
    We are leaving on a trip next week and I have been hoping for a good book. I am going to get the Girl On The Train!



  12. Donna O

    I love it and I’m sure the recipient will too. So simple but so lovely. You sure can produce so much besides taking care of all those furry ones. You amaze me.

  13. Debbie archer

    I know the lady you made the quilt for will love it! It is beautiful!

  14. Barbara Russell

    What a pretty quilt. so simple but lovely. My mother in law always said, it is all in the fabric! It should certainly brighten things up for the resident, how nice of you to do.

  15. Leslie

    Yes, you aren’t the only one with sheet problems! LOL. Thanks much for the book suggestion. Miss the book reviews from Goat Gazette.
    Love the quilt. What a lovely gesture. Isn’t retirement great?

  16. Zeta

    Even the simplest of quilts will warm the
    Heart and lift the Spirits of any one.
    Quilts of comPassion out of Toledo Ohio will
    Be. Testimony to all causes.

  17. Jane

    Beautiful quilt and I’m sure she loves it though her communication was hurt after her stroke. A friend of mine had a stroke and Knew in her brain what to say but had trouble getting the works out for many months. Each stroke affects people differently but it is amazing none the less. Will be saying prayers for your Mom and this other lady.
    As for sheets, I too was frustrated having to re make a bed every single morning. The fitted sheet didn’t fit!
    My solution was to sew about a 10-13″ elastic straps about 20″ from the corner darts to slip under the corner of the mattress. As for the middle section, I did purchase an elastic adjustable strap that went under the mattress to grasp both side seams to tighten the fitted sheet and help eliminate that looseness shown on the top.

  18. Patrisha

    thanks for the quilt picture and the story . I have been in such a funk with the weather and all I just couldn’t get going on my sewing. But you inspired me with that quilt and the way it was quilted. So yesterday I quilted a baby quilt and bound it, made a bib to match and am quilting a baptist fan on another baby quilt today. Hope this last as I also plan to retire this June. Like everybody I have bucket list waiting for me.

  19. Patrisha

    Bummer, it cut off part of my message.
    This works for me with the sheet deal. Take a flat sheet, the size that fits your bed, fold in half lengthwise. Put across the mattress in the center of the bed where the bulk usually is. Tuck in tight on both sides. Hospitals do it all the time. Hope this helps.

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