A Friday Finish

I finished the little cat quilt and for those of you who asked about the fabric I did check the selvedge.  Since I only have a half yard, I just so happen to have the 18″ with no marking and I’ve probably had this piece of fabric for about 10 years so I cannot help you.  I am so sorry.  Here’s a picture of the back with those uneven straight quilted lines again which I show you only to illustrate that if I can machine quilt, so can you.

Remember the cat above the garage?  This  cat has been living up there since October and I’ve never seen it do anything but sleep.  It is deaf and it developed a respiratory condition.  I never let my own cats come in contact with this cat and finally I decided I just had to do something.  I bought a live animal trap and when I caught her I made the very hard decision to have her tested for feline leukemia and then euthanized.  I am a firm believer in quality of life versus quantity of life.  The vet thought I could bring her home but I would just be prolonging the inevitable.  She would get run over here in our yard or on the highway and I would rather see her drift off than be violently killed.  And frankly, don’t you think I have enough stress right now with Faye?

I’m off to the care center monthly birthday party to play the piano.  Have a nice weekend everybody!

29 thoughts on “A Friday Finish

  1. Angie Rowland

    Sometimes putting them down is more humane. With her it isn’t convince but caring. Most people would have never stayed in the first place.

  2. Diane

    It really is the most humane thing to do. What a sad thing that she was dropped off. I do love the quilt:)

  3. Paula S.

    You did the right thing for that kitty. You are correct to focus on Faye now.

  4. Marie

    The fabric is a Robert Kauffman fabric designed by Nancy Wolff. There was a similar very cute fabric that featured dogs. It is about 10 years old. I did find some of her fabrics on Etsy, but not that specific one.

  5. Esther L

    Of course you did the right thing for the kitty, only someone who really cares would do the right thing. As far as your straight line quilting I LOVE LOVE LOVE it. I do all my quilting in straight lines since I saw some of yours, in fact I made a king size quilt, 120 X 120 and it would not fit my frame so I took it to a long armed and told her I just wanted straight line quilting done on it, she has since called me and asked if I was sure that’s all I wanted done. Haha

  6. Carol

    A hard decision to make, sad to say goodbye. Even though it wasn’t a house kitty, I think you probably got used to her/his presence.

    Love the bright kitty quilt!

  7. ANITA Fetzer

    You did the right thing,her quality of life is not good and yes if she was left to her own she would be hit by a car or severely mistreated. You are a kind person.

  8. Carolyn

    I will never forget the words of my vet ten years ago when it was time to put my black poodle down. “We have the option to be kinder to our pets than we do to our humans.”

    1. Ramona Tankersley

      Isn’t that the truth. I am so glad I live in a right to die state. Don’t know if that will ever apply to me but I am comforted to know I have the choice.

  9. Rickie

    I agree you did the right thing. We have the means to relieve suffering for our pets when they are beyond help. You really did a good thing. No more suffering for that kitty. good for you to be such a model pet lover. and yes, I believe you’ve had quite enough stress recently!!! Pat yourself on the back.

  10. Jane b.

    The cat was lucky enough to have someone strong enough to end her suffering. It takes an emotionally tougher son to do the right thing.

  11. Charlotte Barnard

    Mary: You always put first the quality of life and comfort of the animals who come into your care. This cat found you so that she could have some security and comfort until it was her time. God bless you for having the courage to take these difficult (for you) but necessary and therefore loving steps when the time did indeed come. Wishing you the very best, always.

  12. Felicia Hamlin

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  13. Felicia Hamlin

    Hi Mary, I was reading your post about Ben and the readers’ comments about not being able to found the page. I had problems to but I found it.

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  14. Kathy

    I do empathize with the decision you made to euthanize the homeless kitty. I’m sure its last days were comfortable and she was able to have a warm bed and kibbles to tide her over. I have a couple of feral cats that spring over the fence to gobble down the leftovers that my patio cat leaves. I feel for them as they must fend for themselves. Anytime they see me, they run away so no way to socialize them. I hope I can be as compassionate as you are in helping them if they need medical help in the coming months.

    I love the cat quilt and it inspires me to check out the store that is going out of business to find some cat material. I hope I can do a decent job on the quilting as I’ve only completed a quilted vest and a small sample piece some years ago. Thanks for your wonderful commentaries on your daily life.

  15. Launa

    Mary, Your new cat quilt is so colorful. Someone dropped off a pregnant cat and she was so sweet and loving. I called our vet and asked how soon after she had the kittens could I bring her in to be spayed? He said, “Best to bring her in now, I’ll do a test when she arrives and I’ll do the surgery in the morning.” She had a happy home for a number of years with us and got along with the dogs. Spay and neuter.

  16. Paula

    I love the way you used the fabric just on the right side. Like the cat quilt. I agree with you on the cat. Have a good weekend. Paula in KY

  17. Elizabeth

    Decisions like this are hard! We had a lovely elderly cat dropped off near our apartment, whom we named Gunpowder, and for awhile he was okay, but he clearly had been living in a home where all of his needs were met; he had no idea about how to scavenge for food, or challenge other cats to get what they wanted to eat. Poor dear gentleman cat! We fed him and he did fine for awhile, but ended up getting sick — sneezing, watery eyes etc. – and we were afraid he would infect all of the other strays, as well as our “outside cat.” who had been neutered and given shots but did not want to live inside. We finally bit the bullet and trapped him and had him put to sleep. There is no doubt in my mind that we did the right thing, just as you did with your stray who was dumped. Still, I feel sad that we had to make that decision because someone else did not care for their pet — and I miss him, dear sweet old gentleman cat!

  18. Carol in Florida

    I definitely think you did the right thing. Not just for you but for the cat. FIV has no nice answers. Have a good day.

  19. Julianna

    Mary, I had to make that difficult decision once and said I’d never do it again. Then our next pet had so many medical issues he waited until we all arrived home, went out onto the deck w/us and passed in front of us. Neither is ideal or pleasant and both certainly break your heart. This is when I just hate being an adult! God bless your heart as you go through this tough road w/Faye. They truly are our family! she is so blessed to be w/you and Rick.

  20. Marilyn Hooton

    Mary, when you do straight line quilting do you start top to bottom each time? I have been doing some when I saw yours and love them.

  21. Becky in TX

    The poor Kitty….but you did the right thing. She had a great life living in the barn rather then out in the wild…you did good!!!

  22. San

    Animals give us so much, comfort and peace is something they deserve from us in the face of extreme illness no matter how hard the decision. You did the right thing Mary. Kitty was very lucky to have a warm, safe home.

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