A Fun Day

What a fun day of sewing, talking, laughing, looking at quilts, eating and then throw  in a little music – all with friends!  That’s my kind of day!  Steph and Carol came to sew and Rose and Bill stopped on their way to Colorado.  Rose sent Connie and me identical fabric packs as hers and the 3 of us made quilts – of course with 3 different results.

And now I can’t find the picture of Rose’s quilt!

After lunch Becky arrived and had a moment with Hope on the couch.  Becky thought Hope was so sweet to lay on her lap.

And then it was time for a little music. Bill brought his guitar – what lovely jazz chords Bill played along with our country renditions of several old time hymns.  It would be such fun if he lived closer and we could do this every week and work up a program.  Bill is a much more sophisticated musician than Becky and I but he was kind enough to join us and it was great fun!

Do any of you remember Ina, our machine quilter?  I’ll bet you do.  If you’ve been watching Master Chef on Fox you might recognize the name Cassie Peterson from Clear Lake, Iowa who was one of the contestants.  Cassie is Ina’s granddaughter!  Steph, Carol and I picked Ina up last night and went for a bite to eat to catch up with Ina and hear about Cassie’s reality tv experience in LA.  Cassie was eliminated in this week’s episode but we all agreed she presented herself well and commended her on a job well done.  Congratulations, Cassie!

We will be sewing again today and I will show you what we’re all working on.  This is the best vacation!  I’m looking forward to another fun evening with friends and more sewing.

Sadly, I have no news to report about Heidi.  I dreamed last night that she was here this morning and I was so anxious to get downstairs to see if it was true but it was just a dream.  I have no idea where she can be.

9 thoughts on “A Fun Day

  1. Diane

    Look at you at that beautiful “pin cushion” piano:) What a fun group!! Soooo sorry about Heidi. My kitty, Fluff, ( she lived to be 22 yrs!!) was missing for 2 weeks in a blizzard and suddenly came out from under the porch so I’m thinking good thoughts for Heidi. Diane

  2. Launa

    Cooler morning here Mary! Am so thankful for that, but not the new wild fire south of us.
    I hope Heidi is hiding due to the road sealing noise and will come out like Diane’s cat, Fluff. It’s the not knowing that mystifies us when a much loved pet goes missing.
    Your group sewing quilts are great without borders!! Know you enjoyed the music and visiting.

  3. Delores

    Friends!!!!! Beautiful smiles!!!!! And, I would love to have been able to hear the wonderful music you guys shared.

  4. Ann Barlament

    How wonderful to be surrounded by friends that quilt and play instruments!! My favorite song is Little Brown Church in the Vale…I can still vision my grandfather pumping the organ and playing chords (he never learned to read music).

    Using the same fabrics to create something new…FUN! My friend gave me a roll of batiks, told me to use half the fabrics, make something new and give her back the rest so she could do the same. I made a feathered star…but I don’t recall seeing what she made. LOL

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Ann – I can recall the same thing happening with Connie and me! Ha!

  5. Angie Rowland

    Glad you had a GREAT day with friends but sad to hear Heidi is not home. may she rest in peace if she has crossed the bridge.

  6. Carol

    Oh, I cannot wait to see the third quilt! It’s exciting to see the same fabrics yield different looks! It looks like your jam fest was great fun! I think you should have invited your chef friend to the quilt weekend, and you all could have made a group quilt for her while she catered your meals! Yummers! Those chefs have such secrets about flavors and techniques that make all the difference!

    I am sad for Heidi and for your loving heart, I hope there is a miracle around the corner and that she returns to you safe and sound.

  7. Becky from IA

    What a great day!!! Sounds like so much fun!!! Isn’t it great to be retired to be able to do what ever you want when ever you what!
    So sad about Heidi…..your poor heart isn’t over Faye….now this. I’m praying for her safe return!

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