A Fun Morning

 Lucky me!  Claudia let me come to The Honey Barn in Goldfield today before the big Highway 3 Yard Sale starts tomorrow.  And her junk became my treasures.  Ha!  Isn’t that how the old saying goes?  I will take some better pictures of my treasures when I get them moved in.  I wasn’t gone hardly 3 hours but all the dogs had to stay home.  As soon as I got home and opened the car doors, Toby and Gus jumped in and won’t come out, as if to say, if this van moves again, we’re going along, no matter what!  Ha!  It’s too hot to take them in the car today but it’s pretty obvious they’d like to go somewhere – anywhere!

This picture was taken yesterday in the pumpin patch.  I have lots of these pumpkins growing but hardly anything else.  So what happened to all those different varieties that I planted last May?  I can’t find a single blue/green pumpkin out there.  Grrrrr……

Gardening is such a crap shoot, isn’t it?

If you’re yard sale – ing, this weekend, don’t miss the Honey Barn at 412 N. Lincoln in Goldfield. IA.  I didn’t buy ALL the treasures.

Time to mow the ditch and then enjoy my treasures as I move them into my house.

14 thoughts on “A Fun Morning

  1. Ann Barlament

    We used to go yard sale-ing on our way up north and easily turn a 3-hour trip into a 6-7 hour adventure. But we found out that the best sales were up north and Wayne’s sister could sniff out the best ones. Lol

    Glad to see that the dogs are so at-home to be able to want to go for a ride with you. They just want the wind to blow in their face.

    Curious what the flavor is like on the white pumpkin?

  2. Diane Meyer

    I love the picture of the dogs. The apple orchard down the road from us grows lots of pumpkins. I can ask Steve if there is a trick to growing them. Our Walworth County Fair is going on now until Labor Day. Is it HOT! Sewing and home furnishings are judged tomorrow. Many quilts to judge.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      No, Lori, Hwy 3 is 20 miles south of me – Belmond, Hampton, clarion area. You mom would love it!

  3. Rosemary

    I bet you’ll find more than you think once all those vines die. Remember those beetles you had earlier, they probably prevented some pollination, too. And if you did use insecticide for them pests, that might have kept the bees away and thus less pollination, too. You should have been out there in your spare time rubbing flowers together!! You’re right, it’s a crap shoot. Just hoe and hope!! What you’ve got looks great, though!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Rosemary – you old farmer, you! What was the best thing to do? Let the bugs take over and hope for pollination or kill the bugs and hope for pollination? Does this really have to be a crap shoot? I really want to know — for next year!

  4. Launa

    Mary…..Claudia should have sent her flyer sale invite to Donald Trump…….he says he’s pretty popular in Iowa. You certainly found some real treasures today. Don’t know what it is with dogs, but they do like to go for rides in cars and trucks.
    Your pumpkin crop looks wonderful. Are the Orioles back yet?

  5. Betty Klosterman

    About 35 years ago something started growing with the roses. We thought it was a cucumber so I trailed the vines into the yard. Then little round green things appeared and we thought watermelon. Then they started turning orange and we had 11 of the prettiest pumpkins. All the neighbor kids had a pumpkin that year and it was wonderful to watch them grow thanks to some bird.

    Did you get any good bargains in Clarion? There aren’t any people living between # 69 and Clarion any more. And I love the Honey Barn. My aunt remembered back when the man stored the honey in it. It is a fascinating building.

    It was 99 today here in Rapid City and supposed to be the same tomorrow. We just stay inside until it cools off — which it does almost every night. Iowa doesn’t do that. I’ve been working on Angel Quilts and it is easy and fun as they are about 18″ X 21.”

    Love the stories about your adventures, chores, visitors, creative ideas. Keep it all coming.

    Betty Klosterman, Rapid City, SD

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Betty – it’s always fun to hear from you! Yes, the Honey Barn building is very interesting. Claudia told me about how the owner could drive into the basement! Because I had 5 dogs at home, the only place I went was the Honey Barn. Today is hot so I’m going to start marking MY junk for Pumpkin Day. No outside work today.

  6. Carol

    The thrill of the hunt! And you did so well! Is this why you had the big sale in June…to empty your buildings to make room for treasures?

  7. Julianna

    You’re my kinda gal — love those garage sales I always find something 🙂
    Enjoy your treasures!

  8. Miriam

    Oh, Mary! That’s so funny about your dogs! Mine do the same thing when I get home. Usually I park my truck in front of the house to unload, so they get to “go” when I take it to park. When they are lucky, we go down to the end of the section and back, and they are so happy. Usually I will drive around the circle drive a few times to give them the “experience”. They are always happy to “go” whether they get to get out of the truck or have to stay inside while I do errands. In summer, they often have to stay home because of the heat; but in cooler weather they ride everywhere with me… Tinker Bell is a big 50-pound mutt that was dropped in the country in 100+ weather a few years ago, and Odie is 20 pounds of terrier that was also a dump out down the road. When I come back out from my errand, Tinker Bell will be sitting in the driver’s seat looking like the chauffeur with Odie as her passenger. I always enjoy your dog and cat stories. I miss having cats…

  9. Diane

    Oh I love treasures:) Looks like you did great. Are you the have dog will travel group???
    Our son in law grows various pumpkins and he never knows what will come up. He has a bright orange/red one this year and some with huge wart like things. I bought him the wart pumpkin last year in Michigan and he harvested the seeds. Very interesting. Hot here in Central OH.

  10. Louise

    You know Mary if I leave right now and start driving I could be there just in time….however we are in So. Ca with our three gals and their honeys through the week. Celebrating 4 birthdays. We live in 4 different states and I wouldn’t miss it for the world! So have fun but looks like tou already got your treasures….

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