A Gift

Just when I felt like giving up, a package came in the mail from a reader named Susan with a sweet letter.  This is what she sent me – a picture of a smiling baby goat.  It made me smile, too.

Christmas Sew-Along

If you’ve received your book, Sew Charming by Country Threads, turn to page 20 -21.  I consider this one of the easiest patterns in the book and one that I can give the measurements easily in case you don’t have your book yet.  Then you can get started with the group.  

Look this over for a couple days so you can decide how you want to proceed.  I am going to make mine Christmas but it could easily be scrap, dark for fall, bright for spring, red,white and blue for summer, pastel for Easter.  Sometimes I need to mull quilts over in my mind before I start cutting so that’s what your assignment is for the next few days.  Just think!  It will go so much easier and so much faster if you have a color plan in your head before we start.

Here’s a look around the room.

Pam posing for Pincess and the Pea?

EJM relaxing as usual.

Progress on my Marcia Derse initial quilt.

28 thoughts on “A Gift

  1. Patty McDonald

    Hi Mary. I’ve never commented here but really enjoy your blog. I’m 64 and I’m still in love with having chickens, a huge garden, and five dogs (also quilting). Your blog makes me feel I’m ‘normal’. I’m happy there are other like minded ‘mature’ ladies that love the farm life. Also, I laughed reading Helen Freeses’ comment. I’m for Trump too. We prayed for a candidate that could turn our nation back to God. My husband and I say God uses imperfect people and believe He answered much prayer with Trump. If Hillary had won, we knew God was still in control and we would continue to pray for our nation and her. I just don’t get all this anger. Have a blessed day. Patty Mc

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Patty – it’s nice to hear from another “normal” mature adult who enjoys the simple life with the animals. What kind of dogs do you have?

      1. Patty McDonald

        We have 3 yellow labs (two sisters are 13years old and one is 1 1/2), a coon hound (2years and the smartest dog), and our sons 14 year old German Sheppard. All of them have different personalities, different barks, different likes and dislikes. They spend most of their day playing and sleeping in our office/bird room. No birds in that room it is where we have morning coffee and watch the birds. We have traveled and stayed at some pretty nice places, but there is no place like living on our land, growing food, having a well, and being(or feeling like) we are self sufficient. We’ve lived here over 40 years and the city has moved in around us. It’s hard to explain the joy we feel living here to people that have never experienced this life. There is a huge amount of work but it doesn’t feel like work when you love it! We are blessed.

        1. CountryThreads Post author

          Patty – we understand completely about living on a piece of land and all the “work” that goes along with it. This is what we do for fun!”

  2. Connie McGrew

    Anxiously awaiting the arrival of your book from Amazon. I’ve been studying the picture of the split square quilt. This does use charm pack, right? I was thinking all the quilts in the book use a charm pack or you can cut other fabric. I’m trying to decide which color scheme to use. Excited!

  3. Marilyn

    Sweet baby goat face. You, Mary, are my daily inspiration. I might not respond each day but I DO read your blog each day. I have your book “Rags to Rugs” and DVD (bought it from you many weeks ago!) and my husband David quickly built the frame and I quickly cut strips (which took several weeks). Other projects have gotten in the way………so I am finishing those immediate ones so I can give attention to my “new” rug, hopefully after Thanksgiving.

  4. Pamela

    Lovin the goat photo and kitties always melt my heart.
    I have you book on pre-order but it isn’t expected to arrive prior to my return from Thanksgiving holiday Nov 29.
    Keep the pace slow for now as I only see a tiny image in my phone today. Cataract surgery is Dec 6.

  5. Ann Barlament

    What a sweet picture of that smiling goat!!! Your initial quilt looks fun and eclectic.

  6. helen freese

    I am happy about the election also. In fact I had a dream of driving and seeing one of those billboard posters from God. It said: YOU’RE WELCOME. ANYTIME. YOU KNOW WHERE TO FIND ME…..GOD.

  7. Martha Engstler

    The pictures of your kitties are so sweet and right now I’m very sad because we just returned from the vet where we unexpectedly had to have our kitty, Lucy, put down. She had a large mass that showed on on the xray that might have been kidney. At 14 we knew there wasn’t anything that could be done. Kitties are such love and I’m looking at the half full glass and the love she gave us.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Oh, Martha – how sorry I am for you right now! Especially when it was so unexpected and so shocking. So, so sorry, my friend!

  8. Diane

    Pam is a princess and Ernie Joe is just huggable. I might not get to sew along, but I’ll read along as all of you make that neat pattern:)

  9. Carolyn

    I do love your blog! Have read it for so long you seem more like family I wait to anxiously to hear from. From you ur love of quilting to your love of animals you are one exceptional person we all treasure.

  10. Carol

    I love how free you are in your quilt designing, using traditional blocks and form but making your work so individual. Your initial quilt is going to be wonderful!

  11. Peggy

    Love your pictures, Mary, as usual. My book is due to be delivered “any minute” I’m sure!! Your initial blocks certainly are scrap!! Can’t tell how big it is. . . Could it be a pillow?? You could make another personalized one with initials of EJM!! Ha! 😹🐾. He’d like that!!

  12. Cindy Jantti

    I spent Saturday sewing with friends and came home to the new book in my chair! What a sweet treat to read thru this after spending the day sewing. The pattern you picked out is one that I really liked. I plan to go home tonight after work and pick thru my stash to find something to use! Looking forward to it!

  13. Judy

    Mary, When I ordered Sew Scrappy from Amazon this morning, it was out of stock. But then it popped up that I could have the kindle edition for an extra 2.99 so now I will have both. Looking forward to sewing with all of you. Judy

  14. Rose Mikulski

    I’ve already picked out the fabrics for the sew-along, I have some French General Charm packs which would be perfect, so I’m ready to start. Love that painting of the baby goat, just confirms that people like you for who you are. And your initial quilt, the patches you made are too wonderful and free spirited, mine is a little more controlled, but I’m having fun. Have a good day!

  15. MartyCae

    Got my book on Saturday! Can’t wait to start. Love the picture of Ernie Joe – what a handsome cat!

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