A Hot Trip Through Missouri, 6-16-21

The AC worked overtime on our trip through Missouri! We spent many happy hours in Hamilton at Missouri Star Quilt Company – these people have thought of everything! I even commented on the great music in the shops and then I heard the announcer say it was the Missouri Star radio station. Every shop was spotless and spacious, not crammed in every corner like in our chicken house/quilt shop!

Our only “complaint” was not enough help cutting fabric – it took forever to cut 3 half yard pieces that I could have gnawed off faster!!! We ended up buying precuts because cutting the fabric was agonizingly slow! Connie and I could have had that fabric cut in seconds and we were there until closing time just trying to buy fabric. After it was finally cut the bolt had to be folded just so and pinned which should have been done on their time, not ours!

The shops were crowded with women on tour busses going to the quilt show. I have to admire the Doan family for their huge undertaking and vision for the town of Hamilton. I would certainly return some time in the future but have a different plan – have swatches with me from store to store and expect to just look the first time through. When I bought something in one shop, I didn’t have the choice of comparing bolts because you can’t haul bolts from one shop to another. That’s the downside of shopping at Missouri Star. I loved the collection of old toy sewing machines!

So we’re having breakfast in our hotel and leaving here shortly for the quilt show downtown. I will take lots of pictures – guess I’d better stick my charger in my purse.

In Bethany, MO we stopped at an antique mall and had a great time – I was shopping for embroidered dresser scarves for a friend in Washington – so fun to have something to search for!

More sewing machines at Missouri Star.

I’m going to catch up on the Dirty Dozen quilts here so I don’t miss posting them.

Rick and Hazel in the porch.

I need to stop and hit the road – we’re meeting Amy, Renee and Beckey at the quilt show. Catch you later!

21 thoughts on “A Hot Trip Through Missouri, 6-16-21

  1. Sheila

    I totally agree with you Mary. First look at Hamilton is really neat, but once you start going to the stores, you see where they don’t have a lot of fabric in any one store. All the fabric in all the stores could be put in one store!! Also, you couldn’t get anything cut except in 1/2 yards or full yards, which upset me. I don’t hardly buy fat quarters anymore because it’s gotten too expensive so I get 3/8 yards or 1/3 yards for almost the same amount of money. Glad you felt the same way!!

  2. Jacque

    I so agree with you about folding and pinning bolts AFTER the customer rush is over. I worked in a shop for 10 years (until it closed when the owner retired) and we always just stacked the “used” bolts against the wall to fold and pin later when time permitted. We also would cut more than one fabric at a time if the desired yardage was the same – that saves time too, especially when you’ve got a lot of customers to serve. Sounds like MSQC could use a bit of customer service training!

  3. Sarah F.

    Did you stop at Crossroads Quilting in Cameron? The shop is in this spring’s Quilt Sampler. It was worth the stop when several of us went to MSQC a few years ago. Easy to get to too. Looking forward to a show report from KC.

  4. Sue in Oregon

    I would love to go to Missouri Star but I probably never will. Wouldn’t want to wait in line so long though. Seems like they could do better than that.
    I love that old-fashioned quilt with the green background. I can’t remember the pattern name. Is it hand quilted? And who made it? It is really lovely. The others are very nice too. Love the bullseye. Makes me want to make another one.
    The photo of Rick and Hazel is so endearing. Looks as though they adore each other.

    1. Karla T

      Hi Sue in Oregon!
      This is Karla T. in Iowa— Thanks for liking my quilt! It’s called “Kites” — I thought it was called
      Job’s Tears, but it is a little different when you see them side by side—- I used an Accuquilt cutter die to
      cut it out…. I machine quilted it– it would look coooler hand quilted, but that would take me forever.
      Sorry I forgot to put my name on it— Karla.

  5. Jo in Wyoming

    Wish I was there. Sounds like great fun.
    I agree, when a customer is ready to go, the cutting and cashiers should be the quickest part. I will fold my own cuts when their slow.
    It has been hot, hot, hot here. The church sewing group had our first gathering in 18 months. So good to see them. Not a stitch was sewn, but lots of laughs, gabbing, catching up.

  6. Connie. From PV

    Have a wonderful day at the show. Give my love to Beckey Renee and Amy. It’s been too long
    Make sure your car is all locked up. Hoping KC will be kinder to you this trip

  7. Lynn Lahr

    Going to Missouri Star is on my bucket list. It would be hard to mix and match fabrics from different stores if you cannot carry the bolts with you. A quilt show just sounds like so much fun. I miss the AQS show in Des Moines and the Madison Wisconsin show has been cancelled this year too. Maybe next year. Enjoy. Thanks for sharing pictures!!!

  8. Ginny

    I am glad to hear the antique mall is back in business, we used to stop there when we were transporting dogs ( remember the two huge mastiffs!). The antique store had a bad fire which was sad.
    Missouri Star Quilt is quite amazing and they certainly brought jobs and prosperity to a small town. Maybe email them and mention the slow cutting and how it affects sales. I have contacted them in years past and they are receptive to suggestions. I am so happy that you are able to go to the quilt show this year. It looks like Hazel is keeping Rick company. Be safe.

  9. Kathy in western NY

    So happy to see you are having some fun! I visited Missouri Star several years ago and felt like I was in a quilters Disneyland. I felt so fortunate I got to chat with Jennie as she was sewing in one of the stores before they remodeled. We parked our motor home on Main Street by a hardware store and I never will forget how her and I chatted about camping. Her trunk show I saw in Syracuse is another good memory. They are a genuine family giving jobs to so many there. When I return, I will go with a list of what I need as I felt overwhelmed with each store and ended up buying mostly backings! I got a tour of their retreat center and that was amazing!
    Looking forward to your next post with pictures too. The DD today really are very nice as always. Such a joy to read your blog.

  10. Carolyn meadows

    I laughter when you talked about the slowness at Missouri Star Quilt Company. It took 41 days for my order to arrive. Everything I ordered was in stock when I ordered. I called to make sure because I really wanted a certain bundle of fabric.

  11. Mrs. Goodneedle

    Lucky you, at Missouri Star! I was fortunate to be able to shop there a couple of summers ago, and know exactly what you mean about matching fabrics from store to store, that’s the hardest part. My husband spent his time wandering beyond the Missouri Star “proper” (while I shopped) and ended up way down the street in a small engine shop, or something like that, and chatted with a man who praised Jenny and her family for their vision and determination to breathe life back into Hamilton. Can’t wait to see the sights from the show! Enjoy your trip~

  12. Tanya T. in Houston

    So tickled that you and Connie are having fun! And, I love the photo of Rick and Hazel having their own fun back home! Oh, to be a fly on the wall at the show with you…touch it all for us!

    1. Susan K in Texas

      We’ve stopped at most of the quilt shops along the road in Missouri on our way to visit our son in Iowa. We’ve stopped at Missouri Star several times. Once we went during one of their first Birthday Bash celebrations. I liked how the fabric wasn’t jammed into every nook and corner – it made it easier for large groups to look. We always found them to be super friendly (Jenny’s daughter in law cut our fabric once) and I met Jenny once too. I can imagine with a large tour bus stopping in that the stores would be much busier. Since they just reopened maybe staff hasn’t totally gotten back up to speed.
      Love the picture of Hazel with Rick. Have fun at the quilt show!

  13. Linda Baker

    Mary, your blog always makes me smile, but lately it reminds me we are two birds of a feather. My mom’s picnic basket looks just like the one you bought recently, and I have two of those covered cake pans. One was my mom’s the other belonged to my MIL. My mom and one of her sisters must have been the queens of embroidery. I have so many dresser scarves they embroidered, just like the ones in your pictures. Glad you’re having such a good time on your trip. You’d better do what my friend did on a hot day in Shipshewana Indiana. She bought a basket and wore it on her head for shade.

  14. Sandy

    Hi Mary , love the Jobs tears quilt (first of the D.D,s) it’s on my bucket list of quilts to make! Great photo of Rick and Hazel, take care, best wishes from sandy

  15. Patricia Mayer

    It makes me happy to know you are out and having fun!!! Hazel looks fine at home. Blessings ..

  16. Sandy Narayan

    Thank you for the review! I’ve always wanted to plan a trip so it’s good to hear the food & bad.

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