A Little Retail Therapy

I left this morning about 9:30 on perfect roads and 28 degrees with some melting happening on the highway. I stopped at the Village Store first and so began my retail therapy.

More about this shopping later. On to Target in Mason City where I bought pet food and hit the book aisle.

My cart was overflowing with pet items including some new balls for Hazel. We have lost so many balls this winter! When I got through the self checkout, my Target credit card was not accepted! What?? Why?? The manager helped me but it just wouldn’t work so I wrote a check and then went on to the customer service desk where I wrote another check to pay my monthly bill. The manager suggested I call the Target number on the back of my card when I got home.

Then it was on to Fleet Farm to get wild bird seed, baby chick feed, layer feed, oyster shell, cactus potting soil, chore gloves and more. When I got to the car and opened the back door of my van, this was what greeted me.

Hazel found the new balls and helped herself. Look at that face? How could I be mad at her? Here’s the Target bag that she shredded. She was determined to get to those balls. Ha!

So we start for home and realize the wind had come up. This is what the highway looked like – blowing snow sticking to those places where the highway had been wet and now was snow packed. I know not to accelerate fast or step on the brake because the road is now very slippery and traffic has slowed to 40 mph.

Two big trucks and a pickup came up behind the line of cars – I got off on an intersection and let them go by and then I got back on the highway. Here is another distraction – a yellow ball in my lap.

I continued to toss the ball to the back of the van and Hazel continue to drop it back in my lap until I said “Enough!”

The road and visibility continued to deteriorate and I was relieved to get home. I drove down by the barn and dropped off the chicken feed and then started hauling the stuff into the house. This is retail therapy but not the most fun type.

After I hauled everything to the house I called Target to ask why my card was not accepted. Someone had celebrated Valentines Day with two purchases of Edible Arrangements and a subscription to Door Dash. Target flagged my account and had tried to call me. I had gotten that call during the time I was shopping in Target and since it said Unknown Caller I didn’t answer the call! I thanked the customer service rep who said they had cancelled my card, I was not responsible for the charges of around $350 and he jokingly wished me a Happy Valentines Day. Hahaha!

So here’s my fun purchase at the thrift store. When I visited Gloria’s wonderful home last December, I got a kick out of the mink stoles on the back of her dining room chairs. Look what I found for Gloria – I texted her and yes, she wanted it!

The lining was probably worn out and it was removed.

Gloria will tidy it up and it will join the other “ladies” in the dining room.

The visibility has decreased since I got home and I’m glad to be off the road. Time to do chores, get supper and sew something tonight!

Oh, I almost forgot – it’s the goat coat report! Emma is losing her winter coat by the handful – maybe spring really is on the way?

And two beautiful arrangements at the funeral yesterday.

39 thoughts on “A Little Retail Therapy

  1. Jean Elliott

    Was that the thrift store in Clear Lake? I was there when I was in Garner a couple weeks ago but the layout in your picture looks different.

      1. Jean Elliott

        Okay. I got several things when I was there but it was so cold we only went once! I really like that store!

  2. Linda

    Have you considered ordering your pet food from Chewy.com? They deliver it to your house at no extra charge and their prices are competitive with local stores, at least here in Ohio. My shipments usually arrive within 48 hours. My son ordered a large bag of dog food from them but his dog died suddenly before they had opened the bag. His wife contacted Chewy and they told her they’d credit her account but she could donate the food to a shelter or a friend who could use it. Then a week later they received a bouquet of flowers in sympathy from Chewy. I was impressed enough to check them out for myself.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Linda – if I have a big order coming from Chewy, the Fed Ex driver wants to pull in which means catching the dogs inside and closing the dog door before they sneak out when he honks at the gate. We have a double lock entry at the walk – in entrance and he doesn’t want to use it unless he has to.
      So sometimes it’s easier to go to Target and not have to deal with any other delivery people. No perfect solution.

  3. Diane Bauer

    I just LOVE your posts!! You lead a very busy life, for sure! Just wondering if you know about Chewy.com? I order all of my dog food/toys/treats through them and they deliver it right to my door–no lugging it through the store and out to the car anymore. It’s less expensive than what I’d pay here in town and the shipping is free.
    My Target card wasn’t accepted one day I was in our local store either. I thought the chip cards were supposed to be so much more secure, but mine seem to get compromised even more often these days than ever before. Glad the companies are watching and flagging suspicious activity.
    Hazel sure is a character!!! I think she’s got you wrapped right around her paws!
    I was out to the barn this afternoon to work Patch. The wind was whipping around the arena, but we tacked up and worked anyway. Horses lose their brains in the wind and he was very full of himself. I took treats to Pete and Christa says she thinks he has improved quite a bit–enough that she said I could take him for a walk out in the pasture over the weekend. I am anxious to tell Jenica the good news!
    What a find for Gloria!! And what a cute way to repurpose stoles! My Grandmother had one years ago. I wonder what happened to it???
    I’m gathering fabric for Caring Hands. I’ve read the directions but will probably do a little ad libbing as I like to make my HSTs in multiples so I don’t have to worry about the bias side of the triangles. I’ll have to do the math to figure out how big to cut my squares. I figure with the huge number of HSTs I’ll need, duplicates will get lost in the mix pretty easily.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Diane Bauer – my Chewy order was the last one I made on my credit card before it got hacked! I do order from them but they don’t always have just what I want. I also order from Amazon but they send it by post office and my mailbox is outside the fence and the mailman won’t bring it up to the house so if it’s heavy it becomes a real problem.
      So glad to hear Patch/Pete is improving! Yes, Hazel knows how to push my buttons for sure.
      A tow ban has just been issued – it’s BAD out there!

  4. Martha Engstler

    The flowers at the funeral are fabulous, especially the red one. I don’t think I’ve ever seen one more beautiful. So glad you got home without major problems. It is so frightening to be caught in snow and of course the wind doesn’t help. You sure had a full day. After that trip I think you deserve a drink and a relaxing evening. We hear about the weather in the mid west and it doesn’t sound good in Iowa. Hope the little chicks are snug and warm. Happy Valentines day.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Martha Engstler – they are enjoying their baby chick feed right now! All 6 growing like weeds!

  5. Jo in Wyoming

    That Hazel is darling! I too get those squeak balls and restuff the toys Loretta has conquered. It’s never ending. Patch, patch, patch.
    Your hyway looked awful, I’m glad you got home safely. I do hope Emma is right, losing her coat, spring is around the corner.

  6. Launa

    Mary, What a busy day you had! Nice Hazel kept you company on your adventure. I sat at a work table by the windows today cutting my Bullseyes. The snow was coming down faster then. Hope to get the quarters sewn together tomorrow.
    Thanks for sharing the beautiful flowers!

  7. Kathy in western NY

    Nothing like the determination of a terrier dog! Hazel cracks me up. Glad you got out and about today. It’s frustrating to think our credit cards should not be “stolen” but it continues to happen. Hope you have a beer in hand and are snug as a bug.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Kathy In W. NY – funny you should mention a beer – one in my hand now while I watch the news.

  8. Darlynn Venne

    Mary, I see in your wagon ?mealworms? with a chicken. Do you know if I can feed the same meal worms to the birds? The ones at the specialty bird stores are kind of expensive.

  9. Brenda archambault

    Mary, you’ve had quite a day and accomplished so much. I had my hair cut at 7, a meeting at 8 finalizing the layout for challenge and art quilts for our biennial show next week, and then came home and continued handwork on a Dear Jane quilt that has become a career. I noticed the new Vince Flynn book at the Target display. Do you have a public library in town, or do you have to depend on retail stores? Also, the thrift store looked so clean. What a treat!
    Now it’s time for a drink and the news, then rescuing and serving the over sauteed pork chops. Caught them just in time.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Brenda archambault – yes, we do have a very nice new library. Their hours are somewhat different and I don’t always get to town on the day my book is due and sometimes I’m not finished and unless the book is ancient they prefer not to renew it. So I buy from Amazon and Target – it’s a little luxury I give to myself instead of going on vacation. Smile!

  10. Fiona at Ice Bear Quilts

    Hi Mary,
    I love the photo of Hazel with the balls she unpacked herself! I mean what is a girl to do, with such temptation sitting in a Target bag?
    Glad you got some retail therapy even though the weather didn’t cooperate.
    To answer your question from the other day, the Insider Book Club is the Martingale book club: you sign up for a fee (about $15) and every month get offered a new book for a special price. You don’t have to buy it if you don’t want it, and can also substitute another book instead (although then you have to let Martingale know: if you do nothing you get sent the book automatically). You have to buy four books over the year: if you buy six books through the program your membership is renewed for free. Anyway. Your and Connie’s new book was the selection for February. You can find the details top left on the Martingale website.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Fiona – thank you for the explanation. I’m still wanting some real retail therapy!

  11. Jane Wolfe

    I’ve been trying to get some retail therapy forever it seems like. Snow , ice or horrible cold have stopped me every time. Today I did venture out to the grocery store in beautiful 48* sunshine only to come home & an hour later it was down to 34* & now it is 20* with the wind howling & probably snow blowing here as well. Will this winter ever end?? Love how Hazel entertained herself while you finished shopping!!

  12. Paula

    Is that the thrift store in Clear Lake? If it is, I love that store. We went to it many times when visiting our family there. They moved south now, so not sure I will ever get to shop there again! Thanks for putting up the photos!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Paula – yes, the Village Store in Clear Lake – the best thrift store anywhere!

  13. Angie

    WOW you are brave to venture out but when you need supplies you have to move when you can. The poppies in the arrangement were unusual but very pretty. Glad you are home and safe.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Angie – it was such a nice day when I left! I knew I couldn’t go tomorrow and I want to watch BB on Saturday.

  14. CAROL Ramsey

    Dear Mary, I was going to recommend Chewy.com too. I get all my cat food, both canned and dry food, litter, treats, toys, and even prescription canned Hill’s AD for my oldest Persians.. Chewy.com has an
    online veterinary pharmacy, and all they need is a faxed script from your veterinarian. It is very handy since
    I no longer drive. I have recommended Chewy.com to LOTS of family and friends..it’s like Amazon Prime for pets! I’m in the central San Joaquin Valley, north of Fresno, and it is FREEZING here, with lots of rain, thunder, lightening, and tons of snow in the mountains. We need all the rain we can get to help us survive the drought all over California. By the way, you are invited to our quilt guild’s biannual show March 2-3
    at the Madera County Fairgrounds.. we are the Heart of California Quilters’ Guild, and we have some very gifted and talented quilters in our quilting community. Now it’s time to feed my feline family.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Carol Ramsey – I hope you get enough rain to help with the drought. My friends in Colorado say the same thing. Wouldn’t I just love to show up at your quilt show! Kind of you to ask!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Elizabeth a Hinze – meant to say — I bought The Au Pair by Emma Rous.

  15. Nikki Mahaffey

    My book arrived in today’s mail…no need to explain my focus for the day. Only dilemma is which quilt do I want make first! Bought a new Macpro…oh do I have some adapting to do…..

  16. Mary hawk

    I received a lantern like that at Dad’s service and I love it. This is a spate of bad weather. Highway 218 by Vinton was blown shut for several days, 12 foot drifts in spots. Stay warm and safe

  17. Pat Smith

    Ah the Target in Mason City…It is my favorite, and I look forward all year to my Mason City day. Vermont didn’t have any Target stores because the state is so restrictive on store size and Target wouldn’t agree to a compromise. But they recently put a Target in the mall where the Bon Ton was before it closed. It is the smallest Target I’ve ever been, but it is a start. I can see Hazel is one of those ball fixated dogs since she even wants it thrown while you’re driving! I howled at the picture of her and the ripped up Target bag. I think it’s very cute, but I’ve never had a dog that had that fixation. Our goldens wanted 2or3 throws and then they were over it. Our Sonny is not the least bit interested in it and can’t understand why other dogs are. My grandmother had a fur coat that looked just like that one you got for Gloria, and she wore it every time she went out even in weather we thought was too warm.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Pat Smith – Connie’s yellow lab, Lucy, was obsessed with balls and just wouldn’t quit and I was always secretly glad my dogs didn’t care a thing about balls. Paybacks are hell! Haha!

  18. Betty Klosterman

    That is such a very nice second hand store. Look at the first picture to the right side of the screen. Go to the 3rd white shelf from the top and see the white “bowl” with the stem. I have 3 of them in small, med and large. They are made to stack for a centerpiece with green stuff, etc for a centerpiece. I bought them at the greenhouse at Clarion about 1962 or 63. I still think they are pretty neat, even if they are on the top shelf of my cupboard. The one on the shelf looks like the medium.
    Our weather report says snow after midnight into tomorrow with about 5″ of snow. Who knows. We’ll just have to wait and see. This is winter!

  19. Kathy Hanson

    So glad you got home safely – and that they stopped the big bill that someone rang up with your card number!! Isn’t it maddening that this happens?! I have had it happen too and so frustrating! Hazel looked pretty proud of herself getting her balls out of the bag. She sure wanted to play with you! Retail Therapy is such fun – some days!! Hopefully no more funerals for awhile – you have done so many lately. Looks like Emma may be a bit ahead of herself, sounds like maybe we will have more cold weather. I am sure she will be fine. I will be at the Midwest Llama Winter Conference this weekend in Onalaska Wisconsin. It will be fun to see the llama friends and learn lots for the presenters.

  20. Diane in WI

    Winter driving can be so scary sometimes. I wonder if that weather is on its way to Wisconsin. At least you had an adorable passenger with you. Those red roses were beautiful. I received a pot of gerbera daisies once and kept them growing in the house when it got too cold outside. Have a relaxing weekend. I clicked on a bunch of ads for you.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Diane In WI – thanks for clicking the ads. Several people have told me they are seeing only one ad.

  21. Becky from TX

    That’s the terrier in Hazel! Mine dog would have started with the dog treats and then the balls later!!!! Emma’s coat is amazing how she sheds it that way. I sure hope Spring is around the corner otherwise she going to get a little chilly.

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