A Nativity Followup

This has been such an informative and interesting dialogue regarding the Nativity made by the prisoners of war in Algona, IA.


If you missed this from yesterday it’s worth going back to read.

When we walked out of the exhibit another group was entering and they are the ones who said we should visit the museum 2 blocks away. We mistakenly took this for the POW museum and after paying our admission and seeing nothing but tractors, farm equipment and race cars, we were very disappointed. I thought maybe if we had taken the time to read everything the answers to my questions would have been there. Now I know that this was NOT the POW museum thanks to many readers who set me straight. Well, this just means we’ll have to go back to that museum some time. Thanks to everybody who commented and found info.

It was a lazy morning – Telly felt like sleeping in.

And to all of you who think Hazel is pretty entertaining, you’re right but here’s the other side of the coin. Last evening Rick heard a cat fight outside and Hazel went berserk- I didn’t hear a thing and couldn’t think who it could have been.

Hazel came to bed with me but before I ever got to sleep, Hazel heard something outside – again going ballistic! So at 1:30 am I got up, put my parka over my robe, got boots, gloves, cap and flashlight and followed Hazel outside. It was snowing and blowing like crazy and I remembered I didn’t have my phone. Nevertheless I shined my flashlight into the rafters of the woodshed and sure enough there was a cat I didn’t recognize – thus the cat fight probably with Colton.

I finally convinced Hazel and Telly to come with me to the house. By then I was wide awake and my sleep meds were out of my system so I ended up reading until 3 am. (I’m reading What Alice Forgot.)

Today Hazel had to investigate the woodshed again.

Connie and Roy went to Pasadena, CA for the Rose Parade and Betty is staying at the Garner Pet Resort. Connie says she can’t stay here until she has more manners – haha! I went in to get here and let her run around the grove with Telly this afternoon.

Here’s an action shot!

I think Betty was glad to get away for a bit.

Tomorrow I’m going to bring her to the farm for much longer – she deserves a break from that kennel. I could hardly return her!

The Moda String Along is pretty unstructured so I’ll just do my own thing. Is anybody else going to start a string quilt. Bonnie’s Clue #6 is also a string unit. I have lots to work on while I watch the football games this weekend.

Here’s JB laying on top of all my 4 patches from shirts.

A black cat in a dog kennel.

And then there’s Millie, THE PERFECT CAT!!!

Go Iowa State!

31 thoughts on “A Nativity Followup

  1. MartyCae

    I have been to the POW museum in Algona and it is definitely worth the trip.
    My mother grew up near a POW camp as a young girl of 15 – 17. This was in Lake View. She remembers at Christmas time they came to church for Christmas Eve and sang the most beautiful rendition of Silent Night in German.
    I love the pictures of Hazel!

  2. Janine Hruska

    I am starting a string quilt – got inspired to do one reading here and on Moda’s blog – but it’s from a pattern in one of my favorite books, “Small Pieces, Spectacular Quilts,” by Mary Elizabeth Kinch and Biz Storms. I like almost every pattern in it. The string quilt is called Go With The Flow and is inspired by antique rag rugs. It’s a big quilt so am hoping it puts a dent in my scrap bucket. Some days I just want that mindless sewing. Happy New Year!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Janine Hruska – that is one of my favorite books, too. When I couldn’t find it a couple years ago I was so panicked I ordered again and then of course mine turned up. Maybe I’ll start a string project, too! I’m a fan of mindless sewing – unlike Connie!

  3. Felicia Hamlin

    Queen of the hill or the woodpile, that is Hazel! I read “What Alice forgot”, several years ago and I enjoyed it very much. I know you will too. Happy Sunday!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Felicia – I’d quit now but I just have to find out what it is that Alice forgot! If I had known it was about infertility, I’d never have picked it up or even started it! I could write volumes about that subject and I’m not thrilled to face it in a novel! Guess you can hear the anger in my voice, huh?

  4. Kate

    I read, “What Alice Forgot” quite some time ago and I’ve forgotten what she forgot so I’m going to have o go back and read it again. I have it on my Kindle. I’m with you about kennels. We hire a young woman who pet sits and she comes to our house and feeds and waters the dogs and the chickens and gets our mail and she’s cheaper than the kennel. Oh, and I’ve been cutting squares for the Bullseye quilt. Can’t wait to start it.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Kate – you are so very lucky to have someone who will come to your house! Does she also spend the night?

  5. Betty Vest

    I love to read about your life and see pics of dogs and cats and goats. I get so inspired by your quilts. What a wonder life you live.

  6. Starrla Opferman

    Enjoyed all your pictures there certainly were some good shots. The nativity museum sounds very interesting. Your red quilt covering your chair is so pretty. A red and white quilt has been on my list to do. Happy New Year
    Starrla in Mi.

  7. Sharon Lowy

    I wish Hazel had a twin sister who lived and ruled my home in Yorkville, Illinois. Lol

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Sharon Lowry – be careful what you wish for! There are days when I think I’m beaten by a 12 lb. terrier! Haha! She is a force to be reckoned with!

  8. Norma Gebhardt

    I enjoy your blog so much. I am wondering if there are any updates on the new Civil War Book you talked about earlier. Do you know when it will come out and also where or how I can buy it ? Is there still a red and white quilt pattern that can be purchased? Thanks for the time you devote to the blog.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Norma Gebhardt – we just received an advance copy of the book and you will be able to order through this blog. All details will be posted soon! The red and white quilt pattern is no longer available.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Sharon Ludwig – it was a great game, wasn’t it – fast paced scoring, not all one sided. Iowa State could have won but they made some mistakes – which cost them the game. Matt Campbell is very well liked however and there’s next year!

  9. Sue in Oregon

    Love all today’s photos, but the one of Telly curled up in the red chair is a hoot. Comfortable for a little while at least, then I would think she would get a cramp. Betty sure is growing fast. It’s good you went to get her.
    I wondered about Hazel being on the woodpile, too, but I know those little terriors are very fast moving.

  10. Diane in Central Ohio

    Betty is lucky to be able to visit and play with Telly. My NOT perfect Tuxedo, Squeak, is chasing the mouse while I’m trying to read your post! We have a new wandering one here, too, but she does have a collar so I know she’s not a stray. She drives Squeak nuts! Hazel is adorable and knows what she wants to get–lol.
    I enjoyed all of the info on the POW camp. Thanks. 55* here today.

  11. Karen Gaither

    Hazel is so funny to get on top of wood pile. I would be afraid the wood would move and she could have wood fall on her, like a landslide.

    Millie’s photo with the barn as back drop is awesome!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Hazel is quick and the firewood is quite stable – I didn’t give it a thought, Karen! You should see some of the stuff she does!

  12. Kathy in western NY

    How do you keep Hazels fur so white? Do you bathe her, brush her and groom her yourself? Why I ask is I was outside with my terrier mix dog today trying to cut her fur which looks more like Telly’s fur. I think I might need to keep my dogs fur coat cut shorter. It was 54 degrees here today but colder tomorrow.
    I am doing a string along in purple strips. Then will donate it to the assisted living home my MIL is in so they can use it for a raffle. You have such a big heart to go pick up Betty and give her time with your family.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Kathy in western NY – I don’t do anything to Hazel’s coat and don’t give baths very often – never in this cold weather so she must clean up in her blankie!

  13. Mary Hawk

    I tagged you in a Facebook post. Linda McCann, a historian is speaking on Iowa POW camps in LaPorte City in Feb. She may have a book on this too. The event popped up the same day you made your post!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Mary Hawk – in the info I’ve received I see that she spoke in Northwood, very close to us, and yes, she has a book.

        1. Janice

          I’ve learned so much from this post – never knew there were camps for POW’s here in the states. My dad was in the CCC’s, would love to hear more about it as he’s gone now. Wish I had asked him more about his years in the Army too. He was stationed in the New Hebrides – I do know there were wild boar there and he used to talk about the island people. Some were cannibals! As I was typing this I questioned that but googled it and sure enough there were cannibals on those islands!

  14. Jackie Baumhauer

    I make a few units for each clue that is given out. Right now I’m still too busy to make all the units. I find it interesting that some tops are quilted and bound, a couple a days after the last clue. I enjoy seeing the variety of fabrics people use.

  15. Carol

    I love how kitties sit with their paws tucked. Millie is a doppelgänger of my kitty…named Kitty, ha, I hope the cat on the losing end of the fight is ok. Love your red chair quilts. And the cat in the dog kennel, so funny!

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