A New Puppy and A New Venture

Remember I told you that Connie and Roy were getting a black lab puppy? I am tickled to introduce you to BETTY!

She is 9 weeks old and silky soft with loose ripples of skin and a little tummy that sways back and forth when she walks. I just love her!

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She is very calm or maybe just tired or maybe sad but she’ll perk up in a few days after she gets used to her new family. Ben and Claire are going to be at the lake this weekend and will meet her then.

Country Threads is starting on a new venture as a vendor at the consignment store in Garner called Junkin’ Gal. We’re starting with a very small space until we see how it goes. We’d like to have an outlet for stuff we’re sick of as well as bags of fabric and finished quilts, Here’s our booth, before and after.

Betty came along to help and she was a hit with the customers.

Tomorrow is September 1 and I will be showing you the Two Hour Couch Quilts. Get ready to sew up a quilt over this long holiday weekend!

39 thoughts on “A New Puppy and A New Venture

  1. Karen Gaither

    Betty is beautiful and sounds like a perfect sewing companion for Connie!
    Good luck with your booth!

  2. Ann Barlament

    Betty is absolutely adorable!! While I grew up with German shepherds, I’ve grown very fond of Black labs, they are so much more mellow!!!

  3. Carol

    Thanks so much for the couch throw pattern…I need to make another one for my kitties, who are snoozing on the couch now…If Betty ever needs a petsitter, my furkids would surely share part of THEIR couch with her, even when she gets bigger. And my kitties like dogs! . The only problem is that we live in California!
    By the way, will Betty get to go to puppy school? As a former volunteer in the adoption center of our local animal shelter, puppy school is very, very important, so Betty can continue to blossom into the best dog ever. Last September one of my Calicoes (adopted 13 years ago from a no-kill shelter in Fresno) crossed the Rainbow Bridge, so there is actually even more room on THEIR couch where Betty can snuggle.
    Our pets are wonderful family members…

  4. Polly Perkins

    Oh what fun new ventures. Betty looks sweet. I have a new kitten totally unplanned for. She just showed up and is very sweet.

  5. Diane

    Awww. Betty is adorable. Good thing she didn’t have a for sale sign on her!! What is the difference between an English Lab and ??? a regular Lab?

    I’d love to shop in your new little venture. Too bad it’s soooo far from Central Ohio. We’re in for a HOT week next week. Of course, school has already started for most kids.

  6. Kathy Hanson

    Very busy weekend, just saw this blog and picture of precious Betty! Would so love to give her a hug! She will be so loved and enjoyed!! Hope your holiday will be special. Can’t wait to hear how Betty and Hazel get on!

  7. Holly Woodyatt

    Love Betty. She is a doll. We acquired a lab a yr ago this week-end after we had to put our border collie to sleep. Her name is Lily and she has been a sweetheart. I am sure Connie will enjoy Betty.

  8. Susan Sundermeyer

    I’m in love ❤️ I am eagerly waiting for the birth of a litter of English Labs due this next week. I hoping to be able to use the little fella or gal in my Hospice work to go visiting with me.

  9. Janice Hebert

    Oh my! Betty is precious! She does look smart and so healthy with those bright eyes and shiny coat. Someone mentioned her feet – I love her feet too! Love puppies. I do hope that Hazel and Betty hit it off, very clever having them meet on neutral ground. Looking forward to the quilts – I may just pull out my fabric and sew along. My mowing is done too!

  10. Gloria B.

    Exciting news…adorable pup and booth we’d all like to see. Good luck with both.

  11. Sue in Oregon

    What an adorable puppy. Her little face is so pretty.
    Love your consignment corner. That will be a great venture for you both. You will probably move to bigger quarters before you know it.
    Happy Labor Day

  12. Launa

    What a lucky Lab pup! Pepper will soon have a wee companion here as a Yorkie pup is coming….guess that makes me a Grand again!
    I see a few treasures in your booth. Good luck there at Junkin Gal.
    Looking forward to the 2 hour couch quilt picture tomorrow.
    Off to play with some fabrics for an upcoming project.

  13. Carol

    Mary, I just mailed $3.00 for the Sugar Maple pattern! Just in time, I hope! I missed out on Cobblestone, shame on me for not attending to a calendar in my retirement days!

  14. Jane Dumler

    Nothing as cute as a lab puppy. Over the years we have had three and they all reached the ripe old age of 14 plus. Now we are doing lab rescues and have had some lovely dogs this way too. Enjoy the pup and all her antics. Betty looks so smart and calm!

  15. Joanne

    Betty is adorable! Good Luck on your venture Need some junk for junk in girls. I have plenty😄

  16. Debbie B

    What an adorable puppy. Looks like she will be a fun one to have around. Congrats on your new venture.

  17. Fiona at Ice Bear Quilts

    I think Betty looks adorable, and I wish I was close enough to Garner to have a rummage in your new booth: it looks as if it is packed with treasures!

  18. Tanya T.

    I love the idea of Betty and Hazel with big red bows for a Christmas photo op! Maybe they would cooperate! 🙂

  19. Rose Mikulski

    I love Betty! Has Hazel met her yet? Wouldn’t they look cute next to each other, the black and white. Good luck with your booth, wish I lived closer. Have a great Labor Day weekend!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Rose – they have not met yet – we are going to introduce them on neutral ground hopefully next week some time. My weekend is very quiet – maybe I can read and sew! We’re all caught up with the mowing!

  20. Susan Fiorito

    Oh I love Betty she is just beautiful! Her coat is so shiny and healthy.
    I love your booth. So many fun things.

  21. Carrolyn V

    I am not a real dog lover….but I had two I bought for my kids……a schnauzer who lived 21 years and a peekapoo who lived to be 25…….much longer than my children stayed home to care for them! Then an eight year old granddog came to live with Grandma due to an allergy of a grandchild and lived to be seventeen! But those pix of Betty really make me want to have a dog again! What a sweetie! If I really am honest…maybe I am a “closet dog lover”. …..that would really please my husband!

  22. Martha Engstler

    Good ;luck with your space at the consignment shop, I know you and Connie will do great. Sweet puppy. They don’t stay small enough to be held like Connie is able to do now unfortunately. Am really looking forward to the Two Hour Couch Quilt show tomorrow. I have fabric just waiting for such a great program. Many thanks.

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