A Plant Update




My night blooming cereus greeted me this morning with one huge bloom – what a welcome sight after this past winter. I’ve been watching the flower bud develop for several weeks.
I purchased this orchid last summer at IKEA and after the original blooms died I began to ignore it, watering it if I remembered. Two days ago I was shocked to see it blooming!!! Maybe that’s the answer- I wonder if I can do it again?
And this succulent has grown on the windowsill from a leaf that dropped off awhile back. Now the original leaf has dried up and died but the new growth is thriving! Guess I should try to transplant it. Succulents are so amazing to grow – they tolerate neglect well.
More basketball games today and Iowa State plays tonight at 8 pm. Go Cyclones!

9 thoughts on “A Plant Update

  1. Marilyn

    I am cheering for OSU buckeyes who are down by 4 at the half. Hope they can get ahead in the second half.

  2. Ann Barlament

    Gorgeous orchid!! Thinking now that perhaps I should have saved mine after the first flowers died off, maybe it would have bloomed again? Oh well….

  3. JudyJ

    I struggled with orchids until I discovered the “neglect method” of caring for them. I have some blooming now, including one that is the same as yours. My mother puts three ice cubes in hers once a week, and that seems to work too.

  4. carla bynum

    Hi!!!! Yours looks great!!!! Love the blooms!!!! I have one…I got starts from some my mom has!!!! Mine is growing but I think this is the third year and has not bloomed yet!!!!! Hers usually bloom in late summer but I know she has had a couple blooms already this year!!!!! She usually has all kinds of people waiting for it to bloom!!!!! So fun!!!! Thanks for sharing your pics!!!!!

  5. Patricia G Hayes

    Your cereus is gorgeous, what fun to have them surprise us. Your orchid is superb too. I have five orchids a friend left me when she moved. They are so fun. Love the idea of neglect also the idea of the ice cubes occasionally, once a week if not outside where they get whenever the rains surprise us. .

  6. helen freese

    I had a snake plant for about 20 years, watered it ritually and it got some new leaves over the years. When my husband had his back operated on, I neglected it–taking care of him. One day I passed it and low and behold–it had sent a shoot with a white flower on it. It was like “Hey, here I am, remember me?”

  7. Lee

    Love blooming plants. My shamrock plant from last year is fabulously blooming and my Christmas cactus hasn’t given up yet. I feel blessed to have great light in my kitchen. Thinking of a color way for my plants on the porch when spring finally comes???

  8. Billie

    Beautiful plant-especially after all this snow! Can hardly wait till spring.
    I’m going to try to plant a Japanese Lantern this spring! Do you know
    any helpful tips for growing one in WI further north than you?

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