A Short But Great Visit, 3-30 – 23

Here is Rick’s granddaughter, Camber, age 7 and very cute. She has her own IPhone 12 that Great Grandma didn’t want because it was just too much so no problem for a 7 year old. They got up very early this morning and are almost home – the mayor has to be back for a huge street dance and 4th of July celebration lasting all weekend.

We had a full porch last evening! It was very fun!

Rick had therapy again this morning and later this afternoon I’m going with our church ladies to see a local production of the Church Basement Ladies. I saw this many years ago at a dinner theater in Chanhassen, MN and loved it.

I’m giving you a heads up- tomorrow is July 1, Dirty Dozen Day, with another twist this year. I hope many of you join in this game and just see how much you get done. Please send a picture of your project to my email so I can show everybody on the blog. I have several projects left over from last year which will go on the list again this year. Failure – ugh.

I have simply been enthralled reading your ideas for a 30 minute radio show and if you haven’t read all the comments you really should. When I read that little card I just never really considered that this blog is almost just what you’ve described. Once again – it’s the blog about nothing – just ordinary every day life that at times could be boring but on the other hand it could be described as non threatening. I’d love to add some of your suggestions – maybe once a week? What do you think? As always there will NEVER be politics! If you suggest it I will never print it. That goes for any “touchy” subjects, too. Life is just too short.

Some of you loved the joke!! I thought it was pretty funny. I have specific posts coming for Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday – I’m planning ahead – haha! Did I tell you I have bursitis in my right hip? Ouch!

Remember the little poodle named Angel adopted by Gloria from CC? Another reader was confused that she was the Gloria who left a disparaging remark but I never identified that person as Gloria from CC which is how she signs in. So the bottom line (I can’t believe I have to explain this) is that the Gloria who spoke so negatively has been blocked from the blog.

Thanks for listening – I’m off to the play!

35 thoughts on “A Short But Great Visit, 3-30 – 23

  1. Sandy

    Hi Mary, camber is cute, how did she get her name? I’m interested in the play also, can you tell us what it is about please, thanks! Looking for my list of quilts to make or finish today , not sure I like the Carolina chain blocks, but will sew them together and hope for the best! Take care everyone, best wishes from Sandy

  2. MaureenHP

    Enjoy! It’s such a fun show.
    I’m ready for the Dirty Dozen. I think it will help me get out of my rut.

  3. Teresa from Port Coquitlam, BC

    Though you always say your blog is about nothing, I too look forward to reading it every day. Thank you for all your time and effort it takes to have this for all of us to read. Have a great Fourth of July.

  4. Dee from Shell Rock

    I’m sure that the visits from everyone was great medicine for Rick. When you’re kind of laid up, company is such a great uplifter. The granddaughter is a sweetie. Have a great weekend. Daughter is on her way but had to go an hour south of work to check out home as they had another derecho in Southern Iowa today. Yesterday’s was no damage, but today their little town lost trees, power lines and poles. She hadn’t heard of any house damage, but they didn’t appear to have any.

  5. Brenda

    Camber is so cute. I know you enjoyed having her company along with all your other visitors.
    My brother received all the reports today from all the testing and there was no spread to the rest of his body, just the lung and a few lymph nodes – non-small cell, stage 3 – so he was told it is very treatable. He will have a long series of treatments so I am praying for strength, patience, and endurance for him and am grateful that it is not worse. Thank you for caring and inquiring about him.

    I am looking forward to all the posts you have planned for us!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Brenda – that is such good news for him! Wow! no spread. Please don’t wait for me to ask, just update us now and then how his treatment is going.

      1. Brenda

        Thanks so much for caring about him. He seems to be bearing the news in a positive way which will aid him during the long road ahead. Bless him – he is my baby brother – 10 years younger.

  6. Marilyn Miller

    We have a group interested in seeing the Church Basement Ladies on their current tour at our local little theater in November. We can hardly wait! I think this one is about getting ready for the children’s Christmas program. They’re always a HOOT! Time spent with friends and family in your screened in porch looks delightful. I’m stuck with bursitis in my left hip for now. I’m a side sleeper so it’s nearly impossible to get a good night’s sleep for me. Horrible storms in our area yesterday, lots of damage, wind gusts @80mph. Straight line winds have layer the corn down in some fields. Awful.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Marilyn Miller – oh, your poor crops! I’ve seen those types of flattened fields before and it’s very disturbing. I’ve had this bursitis off and on, mostly on, since 2021 – I did get a cortisone shot which has helped the sleeping.

  7. Gloria from CC

    Camber is a beautiful little girl and it doesn’t surprise me at all that she’s proficient on the Iphone. We’re driving back from DeKalb, IL this afternoon and it’s good to see clear air again. It was just white with smoke there and lots of outdoor activities have been canceled. That’s my contribution to the blog about nothing. Ha!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Gloria from CC – thanks for your contribution – it takes lo of us to continue the blog about nothing! Hug to Angel!

  8. Fiona at Ice Bear Quilts

    My goodness! I remember when Camber was a baby! How time flies! She is as cute as a button.

  9. Sue Hoover

    What a fun day you had. Life on the porch looks like Heaven to me. I’m sure Rick got good care at PT. My mother went to Athletico for back ails and they helped her immensely. They were also quite kind to a 90-year-old who, at times, struggles with speech and memory. Between the exercises & friendship, she is back to a spry 88-year-old! Lol! I love reading your “blog about nothing” and look forward to it every day. Bless you, Mary.

  10. Teresa in Indiana

    Camber is such a cutie! Glad you had some wonderful porch time. The air has finally cleared here too. Tornado watch for last night but turned into a severe storm with strong winds. No damage. Bursitis hurts. Take care! Enjoy the play.

  11. Viv in Idaho

    Looks like you had a fun visit. I am going to try dirty dozen again..you know the old saying – if at first you don’t succeed try, try again!!

  12. Marsha from Kansas

    Camber has sure grown since I remember seeing a picture of her. She is a cutie! I’m ready to give away my cheapest in the store cell phone! I’m afraid I’m one of those that never leaves it turned on. It is just for us to use if we get stranded in the car. We have a land line and I only leave the house to go to the doctor or dentist. I’m afraid I tell people, I pay the bill, I can do what I want. You want me to leave it on and worry if it’s charged, you pay my bill. Ha ha. I tried to scan my Dirty Dozen list from last year and email it to you. I was pleasantly surprised that I got all my goals done except for December because I broke my own rule. One of my rules is I have to know where the whole project is and I couldn’t find the fabric for the binding. But I will take 11!! Many were finished tops for my LAQ but now need backings and a couple of charity quilt tops. I’m looking forward to your weekend posts, too!

  13. Janet

    Bursitis in the hip is no fun at all. I went to physical therapy for 6 weeks. It helped and would continue to help if I did my exercises more frequently. (Or regularly). Sorry you have it too. Makes it hard to sleep.
    Thank you for the blog!

  14. NancyTD

    Camber is a smart girl. We can use the younger ones to help us with all this tech stuff.
    Company on the porch is good medicine. Looks like everyone enjoyed the visit.
    Hope you enjoy the Church Basement Ladies production. Nice break for you too.
    Ready for dirty dozen tomorrow. Caught up on my gardening today. Peeled two bars of Irish Spring soap around my tomato plants to keep the deer away. Used a potato peeler! Hope this helps and not someone’s dumb idea.
    Went and had a summer haircut. Short and cut around my ears. Easy to take care of and time for more SEWING!

  15. Deb in Idaho

    Looks like a lovely time. I love being with my family and friends. Hot here in Idaho which I don’t like. My irrigation water has been off so had to use house water for the garden. Always something, make life fun. Have a great and safe 4th of July everyone.

  16. Bobby Sutton

    What a cutie Camber is! Thats a great name too! All the technology goes over my head. I remember when microwave ovens came out. My 7 year old nephew was the only one in my family that wasn’t afriad to touch it! LOL… how times have changed.
    Sending good vibes for Rick. Enjoy the plsy. I saw it yeRs ago also and loved it.

    Bobby in Maryland

  17. Rosalie

    Looks like you had a great gathering last night!
    Look forward to hearing about the play.

  18. Joy in NW Iowa

    Company on the porch is the best! But bursitis in the hip and getting ready for company is not a good combo! Ugh!
    Your granddaughter is adorable! So nice they were able to visit! And the other relatives!
    We had some very light rain but it did measure to almost 2 tenths! Every drop helps!
    My neighbor gal needs some cards – some of them wedding, which I did not have, so I have been making cards today. I’ll finish them up and then I will probably be sewing.
    Doesn’t look like it will be a cool week here next week, hobby cave will be my spot!
    Mary take care of yourself! We all love you dearly! This that and whatever is our life, and that is fine!💕

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Joy – I’ve had this bursitis for months and months and it keeps me from sleeping but I’ve decided I can function without too much sleep. I did get a cortisone shot last week and he said I can have another one in 4 months. It has definitely helped!

  19. Kim from TN

    Camber is just precious, and the young ones are so tech savvy. What a treat for Rick and you to have some porch friends stop by, makes those summer days special. So glad his recovery is going well. Well, we took the plunge 3 weeks ago and rented a home in Wisconsin not far from our daughter’s home. We traveled back to TN, sold our home and then proceeded to pitch, donate, pass on lots of our belongings. We hired a team to load the truck and drive it north and tomorrow they will unload us, and we will begin to settle in. It seems strange that we are back in Wisconsin (our home for 25 years) but its feel so right. I don’t have my dirty dozen list done but I will enjoy seeing what others have to finish. Take care and enjoy the play.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Kim from TN – you accomplished a lot, I’d say! Was it hard to leave your home? How could you decide what to keep and what to throw? That is one major move!

  20. Lorraine

    Sounds like having your company was such a good time. Camber is a little cutie and the young sure do know all that tech savvy. Sorry to hear about your hip-hope there is something you can do to get better. I saw this play few years ago and it is the greatest and I have never laughed so hard so I know you will enjoy the play.

  21. Karen Miller

    Our church secretaries as well as some of us pastors’ wives went to see Church Basement Ladies many years ago and we had a great time. I think our laughter was the loudest in the room.
    I’m thinking about joining in the Dirty Dozen challenge this year. I tried it two years ago and got quite a few knocked off the list. Most of the things needing to be done now is layering the tops with batting and backing and then doing the quilting. I don’t relish the thought of doing it on my domestic sewing machine but nor can I afford to pay a long armer to do it for me so I might as well bite the bullet. Lol
    Glad you had a nice visit with family. Love your front porch.

  22. Jeanie Stufflebeam, Central Illinois

    It was so fun to see pictures of Camber; she is adorable. I love her beautiful auburn hair. I remember her as a darling toddler in her Christmas dress.
    Your porch is a wonderful place for entertaining.
    I hope your pain goes away ; you are busy enough without having to deal with bursitis.
    We are leaving Nebraska tomorrow heading to Wyoming for two weeks meeting up with camping friends. This trip will be six weeks long; we have not been gone more than two weeks for several years.
    We both loved the volcano joke-hilarious, and we both enjoy your blog. Thanks so much.
    I hope you enjoy the play and your outing with friends. 🥰

  23. Susan K in Texas

    Fun times with visitors. That porch looks like the perfect place to visit.
    And so glad you had help to clean out the barn. Lots of hard work but nice to have help to do it.
    We are in Iowa now. We drove to Kearney Missouri on Wednesday and then the rest of the way to Iowa on Thursday. We missed the bad winds in Missouri and drove in rain most of the day. We did see three semis laying on their side – two in Missouri and one in Iowa.
    Today we have a new grandbaby. It’s the third boy and I can’t wait to meet him. We are watching the older two boys.
    No sewing for now. Too busy snuggling grandsons!

  24. Diana in Des Moines

    Family visits are food for the soul and aid in healing.
    Friends and I saw Church Basement Ladies a few years ago at Hoyt Sherman in Des Moines. We laughed so hard, we thought we’d all pee our pants!!
    My grandmother used to talk about the ladies radio shows back in the day. I’ve seen PBS documentaries reminiscing about the shows. I think that’s why we like your blog. You share your life with us: quilts and patterns, recipes, farm animals, pets, your collections, etc. Just like the old radio shows. Blogs are the new radio shows.
    We are all just old souls!

  25. Kathy in western NY

    I am sure Ricks spirits are better after a porchful of people visiting and hugs from the little one. How cute she is. So is his son a mayor of his village?
    We had a few days in our motor home at a state campground along Lake Ontario, even had a lighthouse on the premises and it was so relaxing….Till the wildfire smoke made it difficult to see the waves. We are back home now. The air quality is bothering me so when I go for my Medicare appt soon I will talk to the doctor about it. I don’t smoke but I talk hoarse and cough so this getting older is not easy.
    I must say I love so much reading everyone’s comments about what we all are doing and saying. Such a good group of online friendship you have formed here Mary. It’s nice to read Kim is moving back near her daughter and setting up a new home. I don’t even know her but I think couple years ago she might have taken a cooking school with her daughter in NC, but not sure. And Gloria’s journey with sweet Angel. I could go on and on how so many here have touched our daily lives Mary. Thank you for wonderful reading as I am not one who does social media except reading good blogs such as yours.

  26. Donna Albright

    I loved the picture of everyone sitting around on the porch. Nothing better that having a house full of family and listening to the buzz of different conversations. I just opened up my windows and doors for the first time in several days….first heat and then smoke kept them shut. I know I’ll have to close them later because of the heat and humidity but for now, I can air out the joint, as my mom used to say.
    I love reading your blog about nothing….it’s like talking to family.
    I picked up two quilts from the long arm quilter yesterday. That makes 3 to bind, label, and make sleeves for and 1 to finish the label for. All before the state fair!!! I may be sitting on the porch a good bit of time with needle in hand.

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