A Stellar Day, 11-19-20

It was nearly 70 degrees here today and what a perfect day to clean up a few more leaves.

Hazel loved being outside, too.

Sam came out with Ivy, Owen and Stella. This pile of dirt begged to be climbed!

Just too cute!!!

Look what came in my mail today from Karen Juergens in Oregon – a little Hazel with a red coat and white buttons! And the card says Be Still – thank you, Karen!

When I was in Clear Lake a few days ago, I spied Brunhilda on this porch – so fun to see one of our patterns being enjoyed.

A nap.

Here are the Dirty Dozens for today.

And I’ll close with a shot of these headlines from last Sunday’s newspaper.

Who besides me agrees with this?

58 thoughts on “A Stellar Day, 11-19-20

  1. Christina

    70 ?? I was happy we had a high of 7 today !! Our rescue dog , Bailey, has settled into a routine and loves his before dinner walks with me ! Today was a bit cold and windy , but we went ! Loved the quilt pictures as always – hugs to you and jo and Happy Thanksgiving 🦃!

  2. Cheryl Regan

    Until there is vaccine, the only way to stop the spread is a mask and hand washing! Keep on keeping on!

  3. Angie from Baltimore

    Everyone should agree with you. Wear masks save lives.
    I live in a retirement community and the cleaning lady on my floor just tested positive and she did my apartment last week but the ones she cleaned this week are under quarantine so it is scary. I was seeing her working and not wearing her mask and asked her to wear it when cleaning mine. She agreed this was a couple months ago because it is scary.

  4. Frances E

    Oh my word! Heavens yes, this is what everyone should be doing, being kind to your fellow man/woman/child. Protect people. Do unto others….

    1. rhodylvr

      Definitely! It is not just courtesy. Why do we have laws to wear seatbelts? Why do (most) people stop at red lights? We are protecting ourselves and others. Why would people not want to do that?

  5. Sandra McGuire

    I do!!! I wear a mask every time I leave my house! We have to get this virus under control so we can go on with our lives…and stop having thousands of deaths!!! Be safe and follow the rules! PLEASE!!!!!

  6. Maureen

    I couldn’t agree more. Not wearing a mask is nothing but selfish. When we get a vaccine, those who refuse to wear masks should be at the end of the line. Not nice to say, but I am so tired of the people who think only of themselves. We have friends who recently moved from IL to IA and they are appalled at the lack of mask wearing.

  7. Carrolyn V

    Absolutely……it saves us and OTHERS, We can get a fine for not wearing a seat belt and that just protects us! Maybe fines should be given if people can’t use common sense on their own. I would do most anything if I thought there was even a remote chance it could protect others. People around where I live don’t seem to feel that way….their supposed rights supersede others. I saw a little ole lady in a local grocery store struggling to put her mask on over her oxygen mask and tubes. I stopped to offer help and suggested she probably didn’t have to wear one…that I bet she could get a medical excuse. No way, she said….it was for her neighbors. Bless her! Way too few like that . Maybe there is still hope for America with people like her and You, Mary!

  8. Mary in Missouri

    Everyone should wear a mask. Our community does not. So few wear masks and it is scary for those of us who understand the consequences. I do NOT understand their thinking at all.
    All the DD quilts are so wonderful, Kay Crandall, your quilt is gorgeous!!! What colors!

  9. Sue davis

    Hi Mary.
    Gary and I just love to see pictures of Colton. And yes he has grown to be a handsome and big boy. Since I met him when he was little he found a place in my heart.
    And yes everyone found a place snuggled in bed last night. It was a very tight squeeze. There is always a big sigh when the big kids get down on the floor and we can finally stretch out our old legs. 😂🐩🐩🐈🐈🐶. Good night. Sweet dreams.

  10. Kathy in western NY

    I think come 2021 I am going to chose some smarter friends and have less to do with the selfish ones who think masks are stupid. Yup – I have nothing in common with self centered lovers Of themselves so time to let them go as this shows their true character of foolish vanity thinking it will not make them look good. It’s not like you are being asked to give up a kidney for a Gods sake.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Kathy in western NY – when I posted the headline I ranted some and then deleted it but now I wish I hadn’t since I think most all of you agree with me. The next time I see a “friend” without a mask I’m going to ask them why they have no consideration for my health since I’m wearing my mask to protect them. I simply cannot believe people refuse to wear a mask!!!

      1. Kathy in western NY

        Mary in our county it’s mandatory in the schools to wear masks and guess what, that is the where there is the least amount of cases. Community actions are spreading it. Statistics matter to understand this and at least the children aren’t bringing it home. I applaud parents washing them all the time and teachers enforcing it and now testing kids too, oh and by the way, they are trying to teach them. I applaud health care workers keeping everyone alive under these selfish conditions. The sooner we all do our part, the more normal our lives will be again. So onward to my happy sewing bubble cause I want to pull my felt pieces out as I love Linda’s doggie she made you and it might be fun to have some tv work to do making an Angel ornament I saw.

  11. Diane and Squeak in Central Ohio.

    Two kings and a queen of the mountain—fun. The DDs are always a neat mini quilt show; I love seeing them. It is so important to wear masks and if possible make them. My older neighbors were so happy to receive them.
    62 here today!!

  12. Jo in Wyoming

    Looks like you and the neighbors had some fun today…good for you.
    Love the DD’s today and the witch quilt.
    A mask…it’s the cheapest and easiest measure we all can do to help our medical workers. If you can’t do it for yourself, do it for them. I carry 3 extras in my purse, some in the car, and a couple in the coat pocket. Often I forget to put one on before leaving the car, but I have one in my purse so voila, I have one to use. I live in Wyoming, the most independent state of all…talk about looking out of place with a mask on!! Boy. We now have a 90% positive rate…90% of COVID tests are positive!!
    I agree, those who refuse should get in the back of the line for the vaccine.
    Am I ranting? So be it.

    1. Kathy in western NY

      I applaud you Jo for standing up to your fellow mankind by caring for their health too. You are a true hero being so outnumbered. I am sure your health care system is being pushed beyond its capabilities with those numbers. Stay well.

  13. Brenda C.

    Wear and mask and wash hands – of course. I am staying home with my fabric as much as possible.

  14. Debby Krzyston

    Totally agree…I’d rather wear a mask than a ventilator!
    Staying home for Thanksgiving and Christmas this year.
    We could possibly celebrate Christmas in July, outside. Think about it.
    Happy Turkey Day! Stay safe and be well everyone.💕

    1. Moe Baly

      Debby – that’s a good one – rather wear a mask than a ventilator! I said to myself in March, I will not be making any masks, well, then we couldn’t buy any so I made them for everyone at work. Then made more for me and hubby because we wash after wearing one day. Then made a couple for each family member. I’ve made over 250 so far and now planning on making cute winter masks. The kids love wearing cute masks. I love seeing photos of them in my texts or on FB wearing one of my masks.

  15. Kathy Hanson

    Absolutely – Masks should be mandatory and are in some places…so glad to see that you all are wearing them…me too!! Loved the kids and dogs playing and what a grand day to do it! Always love seeing the DDs thankful for this “hobby” and way to keep busy and productive during this time. Great to have all of you other Blog readers to call friends!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Kathy Hanson – I can’t wait till I can come to Rochester again to shop and visit you guys!

  16. Jeanie S, Central Illinois

    We absolutely wear masks; it is the responsible thing to do.
    It was sunny, windy, and 70 here today, a beautiful fall day.
    So, Mary, who is Stella? Kids and dogs love a dirt pile! 🤗

  17. Mary Howland

    Yes, we’re wearing masks in southern CA yet we just back pedaled and now have more restrictions. I would be ok with a total lockdown after hearing from some people in other countries say that they went through them and now are covid free or almost. I do think we have to look out for those who have less so they can feed their families and pay their rents. Thanks for asking.

  18. Susan B.

    I don’t understand why anyone would not wear a mask. I, for one, will do whatever it takes to stop the spread of this virus, and I certainly don’t want to get sick! My 21-year old daughter was exposed last Thursday. She’s a volunteer with our church’s middle school youth group. The leader tested positive the following day. They all wore masks, socially distanced, and spent a lot of the meeting outside. My daughter tested on Monday and she was negative, but still has to self quarantine the full 14 days. That will be Thanksgiving. She’s going to test again on Wednesday. So far, so good. If she’s negative Wednesday, her brother can be here for Thanksgiving. I’ll keep you posted about her results. If she doesn’t have it (I don’t think she does) it will be due to mask wearing and taking all the necessary precautions. That’s what we should all be doing!

  19. Kathy in Oak Creek, WI

    Me and my family agree with you on the masks. It’s a matter of goodwill towards all. My neighbors are part of the ‘masks are intruding my personal freedom’ group so guess what they got? Yes, covid – just in time for the holidays. It’s very sad.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Kathy in Oak Creek, WI – I think it’s called justice when those who won’t wear a mask are the ones who get sick.

  20. Jeanne H in Finger Lakes of New York

    Living in NY where wearing a mask has been mandated since the start, whenever I see someone not wearing one – there are a few, not many, but still – I always want to ask them for their doctor’s excuse letter.
    People who refuse to wear a mask need to understand that their personal liberty ends where theirs begins to affect another’s. They do not have the right to spread a disease.

  21. Nancy TD

    Agree with the paper headline. Masks, hand washing, and social distancing are a must for all of us.The quilts were great. Lucky to have quilting as a hobby and everyone showing their finishes. The kids were having fun being out on a perfect day. Yard work seems fun lately -good to be outside and enjoy the nice weather. Be safe

  22. Sally J.

    YES!! Wear a mask to help protect yourself and others. What a simple concept and i can’t understand why some people don’t get it!! Wonderful DD’s today. Be still and stay safe. Hugs to all of my blog sisters!

  23. Joy

    Like the mayor is Sioux Falls said ‘wear your dang mask’. Who needs to go anywhere warm when it’s sit on the patio weather in November! Love it! Beautiful quilts!

  24. Susan K on Texas

    We drove up to Iowa yesterday for a weekend visit to see our grandson. In Oklahoma we made a pit stop and we were the only ones wearing masks. I was very uncomfortable. We always wear our masks when we’re out. We stay home for the most part. We’ll never get this stopped if everyone doesn’t take precautions!
    The assisted living facilities were going to let residents go home for thanksgiving and Christmas if they followed different precautions. We don’t feel it’s safe enough to bring my mother in law out and worry about her being exposed by those who do leave. We know that not all will follow the precautions. For now her facility has been safe with only a few workers testing positive and being quarantined immediately. The staff at the facility wear protective gear around the residents thank goodness.

  25. Mrs. Goodneedle

    “Be still”… this phrase is so apropos and yet, sometimes, I want to do the exact opposite and shout it at full volume: especially while watching the news. I’m trying to cultivate peace (by piece-ing ;)) but it’s difficult with the bombardment all around. Your blog is a bastion of calm for me. Thank you. That little felt Hazel with the button coat is just the cutest thing! 🙂 Hugs~

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Mrs. Goodneedle-if we all remain calm, wear a mask and wash our hands, we can win this war against the pandemic. Be still to me means to stop fretting, follow the rules and let God take care of us.

  26. Diane in Maryland

    Looks like everyone agrees about wearing a mask. Such a simple thing to do to try to protect ourselves and others. Friends of mine took their pets to vet appts in FL a week or so ago. None of the employees wore mask and when asked why not, he was told because it was her right not to! The people there with pets had one on tho. All of our local stores require masks and for children in elementary and middle schools. The high school is virtual learning.
    No one likes masks but do it for yourself and others. Loved the comment about wearing a mask instead of a ventilator! Good point. Here’s another – I look so much younger by covering up all the lines around my mouth…haha And for those who want to have a little “work” done – this is a great time to get Juvederm, Botox or have a face lift.. hahal Most of us quilters would rather spend the money on fabric tho!
    I did have the Country Threads wall hanging up with the falling leaves but switched it to the “Oh, Nuts!” squirrel one. This one just makes me happy every time I walk past it!
    I love the quilts shows! I haven’t made much progress on my number 1. Maybe today….
    Mary, thanks for sending the warm weather our way! Will in the 60’s today and tomorrow. My husband is outside with the leaf blower, again, but this may be the last time he has to do this as most of the trees are bare. He will blow most away from the house and then get the rest with the mower.

  27. Kim J LeMere

    The “little Hazel” in the red coat is just adorable, what a lovely gift. I really in enjoyed seeing the king of the dirt pile, what a fun day and its warm enough to be enjoy being outside. I totally agree about wearing a mask, its a must for us when we do go out and about (which isn’t often) we still do grocery pickup and we sometimes do drive thru food (I’m tired of cooking so much) but we are staying safe for ourselves and for others. We will travel to Wisconsin to spend a week with our daughter for Thanksgiving but she has been working from home and ordering food for pick up so we feel very safe going to see her. Driving across multiple states is more scary so we pack a picnic and stop only when needed for gas or a bathroom.

  28. the other Angie

    Absolutely, yes! I am totally with you on the issue of wearing a mask! I live in a small town where the number of virus cases is increasing like crazy – at a much greater rate than our state. But, when I go to the grocery store – with signs “requiring” people to wear masks – I am one of the very few who bothers to put one on. That is so crazy!! There are at least two restaurants here where even the servers do not wear masks! What is wrong with people? That level of selfishness is obscene. Those who refuse to wear masks reveal a lot about themselves and we need to pay attention to that!

    Otherwise … the DDs are super! And the day outdoors looked like so much fun – for everyone. It is so nice to have a day like that this time of year. I feel like when we can be outside, things feel a bit more normal.

    Thanks so much for creating this wonderful gathering of quilters!! Given the change in our lives because of Covid, this community is such a gift for all of us. I hope I did not miss a post – I have been waiting for more news about Jo. I hope she is continuing to make progress. I am so thankful that you two found each other.

    Have a fun weekend!

    1. Diane and Squeak in Central Ohio

      What state are you in, Angie? Not wearing masks is not good.
      Both of our kids are public high school teachers so I worry about them and the grandkids. The teachers are working 12 and 14 hour days, it is just very difficult for students and teachers! One thing they both said was that the students have been awesome about wearing their masks😃. Too bad the adults won’t learn from the kids!
      Many of the schools in Ohio are going back to remote learning. That is so hard for everyone.

      1. Kathy in western NY

        Diane I was just thinking tonight how elementary teachers might get fewer colds in their classrooms this winter with the children wearing masks. I wonder if this will be the case as colds are spread through air particles too and if the masks are kept over their noses as they should be, then colds can’t be transmitted as easily. Just hope they are washed consistently though.

        1. Diane in Maryland

          Every place in shools which are open locally are also disinfected every day. Each desk, door knob, and every surface imaginable. Children are washing their hands more frequently and all water fountains are turned off. I’ve been told that many have been removed even before the pandemic. All of this should help. But, one wonders if we’re raising a generation of germophobics.

          Quilt friends – be very careful confronting someone about not wearing a mask! Employees and customers have been attacked and beaten for requesting people to put on a mask even tho every store around here has a sign on their door that one is required. Stay safe. And well.

  29. Ellie

    I hear doctors and nurses as well as other healthcare workers talking about the in human schedules they have been following for months as they try to cope with this virus. If we stop and think about it it is so disrespectful to these hard working folks when people won’t wear masks. They are working 12 hour shifts many days in a row with little or no time off to rest or see their families. It just isn’t fair ! If the only things we can do to help them out is wear a mask and wash our hands then what is the problem? It really seems like a no brained!

  30. Tanya T. in Houston

    I agree! Remember the three W’s:
    1. Wear a mask.
    2. Wash your hands.
    3. Wait…at least six feet apart.
    Stay safe and well, my friends!

  31. Pat Book

    I agree totally, but even wearing masks people still need to be on guard with those that don’t, because masks aren’t 100% safe against getting Co-vid

  32. Patty McDonald

    Add me to the list of mask fans. I wear it everywhere….I’ve only been for gas, groceries, hardware store and 3 times for take out since March. Maybe I’m a little paranoid but I want to protect myself and others. You never know who has a weak immune system and I would hate to be the one that spreads this virus. I’ve heard many comment they would not get the vaccine. I’ve been told it will change our DNA so our bodies can fight the virus. I know there are many that have conspiracy theory ideas so I don’t know what to believe. Ask if your readers would get the vaccine. I’m curious as to their comments.

  33. Moe Baly

    I’ve been wearing a mask 9 hours a day since March, at work in my office near Chicago. There are only 8 of us in the building but we all wear masks, do safe distancing, and wash our hands. Nobody has even had a head cold which usually makes the rounds. I am so afraid, Mary. I do not want this virus, so I clean the first hour or two at work before everyone gets there. All bathrooms, including urinals, toilets, sinks, doorknobs, doors, light switches, flusher handles, tables, desks, calculators, keyboards, phones, etc. Anything anyone touches, it’s sanitized…. every day. At home even though its only me and hubby, I clean too. I sanitize anything that comes into the house or remove the original packaging. Groceries get put on the floor, then into the sink to be washed, or wiped with a disinfectant wipe. If I go in a store, I go in quick and leave quick. I wash my hands back in the car. I’m hoping all my precautions will keep us safe. Please stay safe out there in Iowa. Love seeing all your photos and hearing your stories. You are a bright light during this dark time.

  34. Nikki M in Tx

    I try desperately not to get on my soapbox but since you asked point blank here goes….masks do save lives! Are they 100% effective…No. Do they make a difference..Yes!!! Social distancing ( 6 ft.) also makes a difference. In Tarrant County ( Fort Worth Texas) confirmed New cases 11/18/2020 was 2122, …. 11/19/2020 Thursday confirmed New cases 1777,… the week of November 8 – 14 , 8400 cases (new),… this was the highest weekly total since the pandemic began. The county is requesting stay at home if possible. These numbers are before Thanksgiving, & the other holidays ahead. While I feel social gatherings need to be limited to your inner circle to minimize exposure, I fear this won’t occur & numbers will soar even higher in the coming weeks. Enough Debbie Downer!!!………Be Still…..
    Wash your hands, cover you face, social distance, & have a safe holiday!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Nikki M – I couldn’t agree more! I was at the clinic today for an unrelated appointment and the old guy ahead of me shuffled up to the door without a mask. I stayed way back and he turned to look at me with my mask, my gater and a face shield and he said to me, don’t you look important! I’ll get the door for you to which I answered that I wasn’t coming any closer until he got a mask on or left. He left and the nurse told me he comes in several times a week to get his temp taken, never has a mask, they give him one and he leaves only to repeat the whole process in a couple of days. I am at the point where I will demand to know why the offender isn’t wearing a mask! Don’t they listen to the news? Don’t they care? So now I can get off my soapbox, too.

      1. Nikki M in Tx

        Mary if more of us mask wearers are vocal maybe more nonwearers will hear the message…No they won’t… can’t fix stupid!!!

        Have a safe & good holiday.

  35. Sherry Whalen

    I definitely a mask proponent! I wish people could set aside their ‘right to freedom’ to not wear a mask and just take a look at the desperate and exhausted healthcare workers who know that masks work – after all they have been wearing masks in hospitals and health care settings for at least 100 years, because they know they work to help stem the spread of germs. Wearing a piece of cloth on your face is such a small price for the protection of everyone, especially our healthcare workers. The lack of empathy being displayed by some is heartbreaking.

    We didn’t have 70 degrees yesterday – but it was nice, I think 66 – which is pretty nice for November 19th!

  36. Lorna

    I enjoy the connection your blog brings to us all !
    Does there happen to be a Brunhilda pattern available at this time?
    I didn’t see one in your shop…Maybe there will be one?
    Have a lovely Thanksgiving!

  37. Jane Boyer

    Hubby and I both wear masks and try to limit close contacts with others. One man I personally know had the attitude “Covid is fake” and really believed it until he got Covid and was hospitalized on oxygen. He can count his blessings that he didn’t need a respirator. I will remind people to keep their distance because our lives and health are at stake. Thank God for quilting and books and jigsaw puzzles. Dogs and car are pretty good company, too.

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