A Stormy Afternoon in SE Iowa

Just a quick post to let you know the tornadoes that occurred in Iowa yesterday took place in Bondurant, Marshalltown and Pella, about 3hours southeast of Garner. Forest City had another 4″ of rain flooding the golf course once again but we had only about 1-1/2″. More later.

14 thoughts on “A Stormy Afternoon in SE Iowa

  1. Brenda archambault

    Good to hear all’s well in Garner. Was worried about you and yours.

  2. Carrolyn V

    I am so relieved, dear Mary! You have already had your share of travails this year!

  3. Angie

    I have been to spells and we loved it. I pray that folks are safe. The pictures are frightening. I am glad you are safe as well. You can’t do anything about them but head for cover. How sad but I am glad you are safe.

  4. Carolyn Boutilier

    Hi Mary, First thing I did was to check to see if Garner was in line of the tornado. thank goodness you were safe. Sorry for the people that had damage or injuries.
    Carolyn B Shenandoah Valley

  5. Pat Smith

    We are in MN heading to Forest City today for GNR. We got an email yesterday that they had to stop parking rigs due to huge rain and were sending people to dry camp in the parking lot of the middle and high school. We are arriving this afternoon and are hoping they are able to resume parking. I’m so glad you didn’t get the brunt of the tornado activity. It is a fear of mine to have a tornado come through the parked Winnebagos at GNR. I’m sure there must be a plan. Growing up in SE Iowa, a lot of trips were made to the basement…

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Pat -hope they get the parking straightened out for you. Golf course is looking bad again! Want to meet for coffee someday next week?

  6. Delores

    Mary, thanks for letting us know you and yours are safe. The TV pics of the tornadoes are difficult to watch and hearing the stories of those involved are heart-wrenching.

  7. Diane

    I checked my map to be sure I knew where Garner was. Sorry to hear of all the destruction. I had the impression from the news that there was a lot of damage. Stay safe.

  8. Lee

    Stay safe! Even though you don’t get the tornado…the sky can scare you to death!!! Lee

  9. Janice

    Tornadoes are rare in New England, but we do get them occasionally. So frightening, do you have a safe place that you go to Mary? I’m hoping your little friend Reed’s family does too. I guess we are in for some wet weather this weekend. Stay safe!


  10. Sue Davis, Argyle, Texas

    Hi Mary
    First thing this morning when I heard the news I looked to see if you had posted anything. Then I thought that was silly if there was bad weather the last thing you would be doing is writing a post.
    So I went to google to see where the weather was. I glad y’all are safe but I pray for the folks that are in the mist of cleanup and shattered nerves. I wish you could send that inch and a half to argyle, tx. It’s so very dry and unbearably hot😰
    Stay safe, sue Davis, argyle tx 🐩

  11. Susan

    I thought about you all day yesterday. Southern Ohio is getting hit with thunderstorm after thunderstorm today. There has been at least 1 tornado in southeast Indiana that I know of. We are all under a tornado watch until late tonight.

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