A Trip To The ER

Early Saturday morning as I was sitting at the computer, I heard a kitten crying outside. Sure enough there was a very thin black calico kitten right outside my sewing room door. It ran from me but I put out some food just in case it came back.

I was determined to finish tilling the pumpkin patch before we got rain late this afternoon so I started early before it got too hot. The weeds were starting to multiply and the vines were starting to spread out. One last tilling for the year. I hate this job and I’m really not able to do it easily so until Reed can take over, I think I’ve tilled my last pumpkin patch. 58 hills of pumpkins is too much work for an old lady – ha!

The dirt is so black and workable -I love to see it like this, all cleaned up and ready to grow!

On my way back to the house I heard Telly barking and knew exactly what was happening. She had found the kitten! I ran as fast as I could but the kitten was mortally injured. I picked it up and went into the quilt shop and in the throes of death the kitten bit my right index finger.

I called the clinic to see about getting a tetanus booster and was told to go to the ER.

I got the tetanus shot and they cleaned the bite, gave me antibiotics and warned me about the painful rabies shots and/or death by rabies. I drove back home, got the dead kitten and returned to the vet’s office so they could send the body into Iowa State University for testing.

Honestly, how could a perfectly nice weekend start out so badly?

Yesterday I got the golf cart stuck so I had to push (wearing flip flops no less) while Rick stepped on the gas. You can see what happened. The tires kicked up mud from head to toe while Rick laughed and laughed. I think he kept his foot on the gas pedal longer than was really necessary once I screamed. In high school I remember him chasing me in the cornfield with a mouse -he enjoyed that, too.

So glad I could provide some humor for him.

This afternoon we had more major thunderstorms but not quite an inch of rain. Remember that the corn measured 54-1/2″ on Monday. Today the same stalk measured 65″!! Astounding!

Got the first bunch of Hometown USA pattern requests and they will go in the mail Monday. Thanks to each of you for sending the address label and/or the SASE!

49 thoughts on “A Trip To The ER

  1. Angie

    What a shame about the kitten. Well at least Rick seemed amused and probably made his day of humor. Tell him next time the humor will be because of him.
    Hope all turns out well with the rabies tests.
    You amuse me each time I read your blog. Thanks for sharing.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Angie – forgot to say that the kitten was very thin and obviously did not have a loving home. I’m sorry it’s dead but I was dreading taking on another stray.

      1. ada montessoro

        I’m sure that there are cat rescue organizations there who could have taken the cat.

    2. Kate

      For some reason I cannot comment here unless I do it off someone else’s comment. Anyway, several weeks ago we had a feral cat have five kittens under our porch. My plan was to catch them and get them all spayed or neutered, but at my vet’s it costs over $600 a cat to do so. So we found homes for the kittens. My husband had a tangle with mama cat. She bit him several times through leather gloves and scratched him all over his legs. Now I’m thinking he should have gone to the doctor. Mama cat is still out there. If we catch her again, I am calling animal control.

      1. CountryThreads Post author

        Kate – hope your husband is OK. Yes, Mama needs help or euthanasia which would be a kind thing to do rather than let her have kittens twice a year. Seems like the vets are contributing to the over population of cats creating more cats than there are homes for. Hmmm… I’ve heard the same story from many readers.

  2. Donna 🐱

    Mary I had to chuckle at your muddy front but I may not had laughed if it had been me. I hope the cat wasn’t rabid as those shots sound horrible. Don’t know anyone who had them but from what I hard, not pleasant. I hope your finger heals fast and sad for the cat too.
    Mary I see you have a birthday in 3 days so “HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU” (early). 🎂🎉🎂

  3. joanne

    Your humor keeps you going. TAke Care on the. Bite. Nothing but hot humid weather in ew England.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Joanne – after the storms rolled through it cooled off -very welcome!

  4. Brenda archambault

    OH. Mary, what a couple of days you’ve had. Hopefully Rick will behave himself, especially after all the TLC you’ve given him. And, hopefully, the cat wasn’t rabid. My husband had the shots nearly 80 years ago and they were quite painful but, after crying thru the first shot, his father offered him 5 cents for each shot he had without crying. He made out like a bandit back then, when 5 cents was a fortune.
    Get well and take care of Mary, please!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Brenda -what a sweet story about the value of a nickel! Yes, I hope the cat wasn’t rabid -I doubt it was but I won’t know till Tuesday.

  5. Vickie Lemonds

    If Telly was scratched, bitten by the kitten,or she bite the kitten, then she needs a rabies booster. I think it is necessary to give this within 24-48 hours of exposure. So sorry this happened to both of you! You’ve had so much on your plate recently. Your good heart deserves a break!

  6. Karen Gaither

    Mary you make me laugh. I guess Rick is feeling so much better than in years past if he is covering you in mud & laughing about it.
    So sorry about the kitten. Why would Telly give the kitten two looks with over 20 other cats. Hopefully, the rabies results will come back soon & negative.
    I hope you will rest & sew tomorrow and get over the past two days!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Karen -Telly thought that fast moving animal was a rodent or something. She has no idea HER cats are the same as that animal. In a perfect world this would not have happened.

  7. Dee t

    Your day started off with beautiful pumpkin patch. I hope this goes as well as everything you do. I don’t know much about cats. But was told to never touch a stray. They may be ferral. It. Sounds like your. Outside work had made progres just in time. I will say a prayerr for you tonight. Get better soon.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Dee – in a perfect world I would have been able to capture the cat and take it to a rescue but our only humane society is overrun with cats and is not accepting more. It’s a vicious circle.

  8. Charlotte Barnard

    Mary lifting your entire gang, but especially YOU, in prayer for complete healing and recovery and a serene summer! Much love, Charlotte

  9. Carmen

    Heat and humidity really makes the corn grow. One older gentleman here says he can hear it growing!!!

  10. Elizabeth Rickert

    Love the “mud” picture and the high school story. With all Rick and you have been througn, laughter is good for the soul. Glad your finger is okay. And you did not really need another cat.

  11. Peggy

    Oh, dear, Mary!! What a day, huh?? Pumpkin patch is lookin’ great!! 🎃
    Sorry about the kitty. You always try your best. I was also thinking of Telly, but thought your “fur babies” probably were well protected for rabies & didn’t know of a boster. Hmmmm?
    You can probably chalk some of this up to the FULL MOON on Thursday. . . A couple days comin’ in & a couple days goin’ out!! 🌝 🌚

  12. Carolyn Boutilier

    Hi Mary, You sure lead an interesting life on your little farm. Glad you have a sense of humor as i really laughed at the mud on your legs. i thought things like that happened to just me. Hope your weekend goes better and stay cool. Carolyn from Shenandoah Valley VA.

  13. Jo

    Oh dear, that picture is worth a thousand words. I’m still laughing. So very glad you stood still for it and shared it with us. The look on your face is priceless!
    Happy Birthday sweetie.

  14. Judi L.

    An early happy birthday to you, Mary. You and my granddaughter share the same birthday. She will be 9 and I taught her to sew/quilt when she turned 6. She currently is making quilts for the local animal shelter.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Judi L -what a great place for quilts -the animal shelter!

  15. Sharlyn

    You are amazing….when is your birthday…love reading about your day…

  16. Ellie

    So sorry about the bite. Perhaps it was best that the kitten passed. You have such a soft heart! Love the mud picture! Your expression is perfect! Happy birthday!

  17. Debbie R

    That muddy picture made us all chuckle….sorry, but as a fellow farm gal it’s just par for the course isn’t it. Just as you never stand behind a sneezing cow, same goes for muddy tires!!!!

  18. Linette Anne Stewart

    I hope everything turns out okay with the kitten bite. A very crazy experience for you! I’m sorry but the mud part was pretty funny! Have a nice 4th of July!!

  19. Launa

    Sending good wishes about your kitten bite…the poor wee thing knew where to go. Sorry that didn’t work out.

    Have a great birthday, Mary. Your pumpkin patch looks terrific.

  20. Sue

    Oh, Dear!! One of those quick and unfortunate happenings that will stay with you for a time. I sure hope they don’t find rabies.
    I am so envious of your deep, dark soil. It looks good enough to eat. And, I just can’t believe how fast veggies grow there. Just amazing.
    Happy Birthday and 4th of July

  21. Janie

    Yep, strays are a vicious circle. Too bad there weren’t more organizations that could spay and neuter strays and release. Just not enough resources. Hope your tests turn out negative for rabies. Beautiful pumpkin patch! I only have 2 lowly pumpkin plants; I hope I get something!

  22. Martha Engstler

    To bad the rescue people don’t have room for more kitties. We have some dear souls around our town that do take stray cats to a vet in a near by town where they spay and neuter for a very small price then clip their ear so others can tell. The grocery store likes to have them around to keep the rodent population down.

  23. Maria Honkala

    Mary, I have been through the rabies scare. !5 years ago I went into our barn to take care of our daughter’s 4H Heifer and found a dead skunk in the corner of the barn. The heifer was agitated but unharmed. I called the closest vet and the said to bring the skunk to them and they would pack it with ice in a special insulated box. I was then to take it to a Greyhound bus station, where it was sent to the Vermont State Health Dept. It was determined the cow stamped the skunk to death but was not bitten. She had a rabies shot every week for 4 weeks. It turned out the skunk was rabid, our farm was quarantined and I was the only one who could take cars of her for 30 days. This all cost a fortune for us, bus fare, vet visits, etc. Thank God our 12 year old didn’t do the chores that morning, she may have touched the rabid skunk. Please make sure Telly gets booster shots! Good luck to you. -Maria

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Maria -Holy Smokes! The heifer took the fall for you and probably saved you from the shots. I won’t know until Tuesday afternoon. I’ll let you all know the results from Iowa State.

  24. barbara woods

    hubby got cat bit once and had to have all that. they said cats mouths were much dirtier than dogs

  25. Diane

    Ok Mary. Here’s your prescription to go along with the ER visit and your birthday. Monday–Mary day. Read, sew, laugh:) Tuesday–another Mary day. Out to lunch AND dinner and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

    I married a Rick, but his name is Glenn. He would have howled AND stepped longer on the gas!! LOL. Gotta love them because they are fun AND annoying!! AND, I just nursed him through 2 knee replacements and he’s still a pistol.

    Sorry about the kitten, but God might have been looking out after you in a funny way by letting it cross the Rainbow Bridge. It could have been very sick or very healthy and you’d have another cat:( You also reminded to me to check on my Tetanus shot so thank you.

    I am anxious to see your pumpkins. Take care of YOU. Hugs, Diane

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Diane – yes, I’m sure Rick kept his foot on the gas longer than was necessary just because I was yelling. He laughed and laughed!

  26. Ann Barlament

    What a way to start your birthday week!!!

    Your pumpkin patch is marvelous. Doubtful my gardening was ever that cleanly picked of weeds. Hopefully those vines will soon block out the weeds and give you time for other things.

    I think I’m with Rick..hahaha!!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Ann – that’s the plan – vines are growing and trailing so I actually let the tiller run out of gas because I think I’m done for the season! Yay!

  27. Patricia

    Oh Mary Mary. You do have the most adventures and happenings on your farm and in your life. I’ve been skipping around on posts so I will wish a slightly belated 70th Happy birthday. You were almost a Yankee doodle dandy. I tell you I don’t think you ever stop moving. Your place looks marvelous, you have such a great relationship with Reed and do so much with him, – God bless you. Yes the story of the stuck golf cart? I laughed with everybody else. Were you able to get the mud out of your clothes? Delphiniums and a lilac tree? I think you scored. Such thoughtful gifts. We only have 2 mounds of pumpkins planted The last couple years our pumpkins have been a real bust. Nothing to speak of. Don’t know why. Your soil looks fabulous. Take care – looking forward to your next post. Pat

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