A Visit To School, 3-1-24

I visited Lucy’s 4th grade classroom today as she demonstrated how to make a rug.

I was so proud of her – she did such a great job that afterwards the other students wanted to give it a try.

Well done, Lucy!

Another student demonstrated making waffles and the last student made paper airplanes.

Reader photos

You may have seen a floppy fish for dogs – they’re rechargeable and turn on with a switch. Here are the remains of the one I gave to Hazel after discovering it in a cupboard where I had probably put it to save its life!

On the longarm:

From a reader – so true

I think we’ve all been suffering with the high winds – miserable and I can’t wait till it changes directions. But in CA winds are up to 145 mph? That sounds like a tornado – and then they’ve got many feet of snow, too. How terrible for them! Any CA readers out there who are experiencing this brutal weather?

Good Night, Friends of Mine!

57 thoughts on “A Visit To School, 3-1-24

  1. Marsha from Kansas

    Good post tonight. Great job, Lucy! A teacher in training! Great to get others involved in fiber arts. I love the alternating 9-patch – snowball block quilt. It’s on my bucket list. Really like it with the reds. Boy, Hazel has her own special way of “enjoying” her toys. A trip to the doctor yesterday left me taking pain pills and resting the day away today. But good report for the situation. Answered prayers! Hope I can be a bit more productive tomorrow after KU plays Baylor. KU seems to have two teams this year, pretty awesome and pretty pathetic. Never know which one is going to show up. Baylor is a good team, the A team better be there. :). Happy weekend my Country Threads friends.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Marsha – I’m quite sure it wouldn’t hurt to rest for two days – looking forward to the game!

  2. patti

    great post tonight. encouraging to see the kids are showing how to do things for each other. the quilts are wonderful as is the dog poster. laughed at the animated fish. my cat has one that i can research online. sometimes he plays with it lots, other times not so much. oh well, wishy washy like his mom. ha. happy quilting to all, patti in florida

  3. Signe Burgen Vaughan

    I live east of Reno, NV and we are getting all the remnants of the CA storm. Horrendous winds, rain and snow tonight and tomorrow night. Staying home and sewing!

  4. brendalynne1

    this Winter weather in CA is giving us a very much needed snow pack that helps with the perpetual drought we seem to be in.
    Ir was so nice to see a hero in action today. what a rescue in KY of the female semi tractor trailer that had the driver suspended over the frozen Ohio river…. They prayed together during the rescue. It did get pretty tense at times until they could finally grab onto his leg and pull them over onto the bridge. Loving a happy ending with a hero.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Brendalynne1 – we watched that rescue, too – terrifying!!!

  5. Martha W in WY

    Wonderful demonstration, Lucy! Wow, Hazel destroyed the fish. This is certainly wild weather this winter. CA blizzard, TX grass fires, ND 60 degree temperatures. Cheyenne has a big grass fire west of town. People and livestock had to be evacuated.
    The snowball quilt is very pretty. I admire the cross-stitch wall, too. I hope everyone has a relaxing, productive weekend no matter what you do.

  6. Dianne in So Ca

    Hi Mary! I’m in southern CA (Long Beach) and the weather is great. It was partly cloudy today, no wind and 66 degrees. More rain forecasted for this weekend. We have gotten almost a year’s worth of rain last month (over 10 inches). That is a lot of “weather” for us in Long Beach.
    Many people in CA have experience flooding and landslides and the Sierras are supposed to get a ton of snow. But you Iowans know a lot more about weather than we do!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Dianne in so ca – we haven’t had any “weather” for so long we don’t remember! We should count ourselves lucky but it’s pretty boring.

  7. Vicki Ibarra

    I love the colors and design of Teresa’s quilt. And yay for Lucy showing fellow students how to make a rug. So nice to see her doing this. I still have some hand loomed rugs from when I was a child for which I tore two old bedspreads into fabric strips. One of mom’s friends, Florine, loomed them into rugs. I use one long “hall” type rug on top of a dresser because my husband puts EVERYTHING on that dresser. The rug protects the wood better than anything else I could come up with.
    Looking forward to tomorrow’s Iowa women’s basketball game.

  8. Kathy in western NY

    Good Morning friends. I love seeing youth practice public speaking in front of their peers to demonstrate and share a task someone might otherwise not do. Good topics and hope to see Lucy keep on creating.
    Thankfully our winds were just last Wednesday as my dogs freak out with all the noises it creates. I feel bad for them not knowing what their lives were put through as they are rescues and for them to become so scared makes me alert to watch over them for comfort. I feel for so many around our country experiencing swings in this weather and losing cattle in Texas to the wildfires hurts everyone.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Kathy – you’re VERY alert and caring to think that your dogs may have something in their past that terrifies them when it’s so windy. We’ve had to keep the dog door closed for two days because the flap is blowing straight out! Today I think the wind will at least change directions – then I don’t care.

  9. Shirley Mann

    Love seeing pics of the rug making demo. She looked cool, calm and collected in her presentation!!!

  10. Donna Jo

    Love the rug demonstration! That’s a great way to get people interested in learning. My senior year of high school I was in a speech class and we had to give a demonstration speech. I demonstrated how to put in contact lens. Steve Anderson demonstrated how to clean a shotgun! This was 1980. I lived in a small farming community. Every guy drove a pickup truck with a shotgun rack! Oh how times have changed! The remains of that fish toy is too funny! Love the dog sign and sweatpants sign!

    1. Barbara Moore

      Donna Jo – my NW Indiana high school was so small, we had just 32 in our graduating class of 1966! Every year, on opening day of squirrel season, the boys could take the morning off to go hunting! We girls were always miffed since that allowance wasn’t available to us😂. I imagine lots of shotguns were cleaned before returning to afternoon classes.
      Barb in Tucson

      1. Donna Jo

        Barb that’s funny getting out for opening day of hunting season! At least they didn’t get the entire day off!

      2. San

        Hi Donna Jo,

        Did they actually make squirrel stew, like they still do here in Western N.C.?

        San / Murphy, NC

        1. Donna Jo

          I don’t know about squirrel stew but my dad always hunted and we ate fried rabbit and squirrels. People think I’m crazy if I say I have eaten it!☺️

  11. Diane in Maryland

    Loved seeing Lucy demonstrating rug making. Looks like the students were very interested. The teacher had a great idea for the class. Mary, you deserve to feel very proud to have passed this talent along!

  12. Sandra Pierson

    Bravo Lucy ! Well done!

    Here in San Diego we are not experiencing wind. Yesterday was in the 70’s and we had a beautiful sunny day.

  13. Diana in Des Moines

    Good job, Lucy!
    Kust a reminder that if anyone reads Jo’s Country Junction – she could use our prayers this weekend as she is hospitalized in Rochester for her radioactive iodine treatments. Isolation and handwork for 3 days has GOT to be boring.
    The winds are relentless and are blowing my gutters around! Need to fill my bird feeders.. At least it’s warm!
    Cleaning out more fabric today for donation to my church. Who knows what I will find. lol

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Diana – thank you for mentioning Jo – I should have done so. I hate to think of her isolated in her room for days but if that’s the solution for her cancer, so be it. We should all remember Jo in our prayers, for comfort and healing.

  14. NancyTD

    Lucy and her classmates did a great job sharing their hobbies with everyone. Hope this a stepping stone to bigger and better things. Great teacher too!
    The wind has calmed down this morning, but to pick later—ugh!
    Beautiful cross stitch and quilts for show and tell.
    Hazel sure can destroy a toy.
    I spent the day cleaning my sewing room. Sure was hard to part with anything. I had a trunk full of goodies to donate. Took it and no thinking back. Today I will look through years of saved magazines. Too many quilts, but I can’t part with them
    Hope everyone is staying safe in the areas experiencing the bad weather.

  15. Fran

    Love the last blurb!

    I love to see children being creative and being able to demonstrate and speak before their peers. She did great!

    Ok before I go to the sewing room today I vow to get my tax return done. Highlight of the day. How lucky I am! NOT I am home this weekend and no socializing because I was not able to get my hearing aids yesterday. So two more days of only one and straining to hear, like I did at lunch yesterday with a friend. Patience is not my strong suit.

    1. Cindy in NE IA

      Fran, what did you decide to go with for hearing aids. Mine are several years old, so thinking the end of them will be coming. Thanks!

  16. Cindy in NE IA

    Great post! My Callie feels the same about total destruction of toys! I have rescued some of those stuffed toys before total destruction, restuffed, new squeaker and then sewn them up good as new. The surprise in her face when she sees them again is hilarious! Not long before the poly-fil is flying again. Lol!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Cindy – she realizes it’s the toy she destroyed? I’m going to try this

      1. Cindy in NE IA

        We name her toys and so I tell the that one is back to play. She acts like she recognizes it. Gently takes it and then the attack begins! I can almost hear her say she destroyed them one lol. When she gets a brand new toy, she acts different. She’s nice to them for awhile before she rips it apart 😀

        1. Mary Etherington Post author

          Cindy – oh my! That’s funny – what kind of dog are we talking about here?

          1. Cindy in NE IA

            Callie is a rescue dog. I think she is probably an exotic blend of Staffordshire Terrier, Boxer and who knows what else.

          2. Mary Etherington Post author

            Cindy – I love that you describe her as an “exotic blend”! So sweet!

        2. Lois Ann Johnson

          Cindy: Your Callie sounds a lot like my “Bailey,” who is an American Staffordshire Terrier. I think that particular breed of dog are big “chewers.” Bailey cannot have any sort of stuffed toy to play with because she will have it destroyed in no time! I once bought her some tennis balls so we could play “fetch.” Haha! She destroyed them as soon as I had them out of the package. Now I just let her have hard bones and hard plastic toys for chewing.

      2. Diane in Maryland

        Mary, you would be a miracle worker if you put that one that Hazel destroyed back together! LOL

  17. Marilyn Miller

    Hello Mary, I look forward to reading your blog ‘about nothing’ DAILY’ and have for years, prior to that the ‘Goat Gazette’ which I still miss. Years ago I purchased the rug book and CD from your shop while visiting family in Clear Lake. My husband made the frame right away. I am ashamed to say that I’ve yet to put it to use. Then I see the pictures of your young little friend’s demonstration at her school. Shame on me! I’ll get it done yet! BTW… I absolutely love the piece now on your longarm. Is that a panel? If so, do you know where you found it? Thanks! Have a beautiful weekend. It’s kinda shaping up that way here in west central Illinois, just across from the southeastern most town in Iowa, Keokuk.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Marilyn – I will look – I believe it’s by Sandy Gervais. At the bottom it says something like “all good things happen between June and Sept”. I’ll post it. I just need to bind it now – you know how much I love that part. Get your rug frame out – your husband will be tickled that his work was not in vain and the rug becomes somewhat addictive doing row by row. I should start another one!

    2. DebMac

      Hi Marilyn, are you in Hamilton? I lived in Carthage for a few years and grew up around Coatsburg, IL. Nice to see “old home” people.

  18. Diane in Colorado

    I’ve heard floods in CA as well. They certainly have been dealing with a lot!!
    Love the quilt you have on the longarm! Is it a collage quilt or a panel?
    Dogs are never “just dogs”, are they? Mine are beloved family members. We are missing Akira terribly.
    I’m heading to Estes for a girlfriend weekend at the cabin. Skyler will be with us and I imagine will be doted on, so she got a good brushing last night and now she is super soft and pretty!
    Have a good weekend, All!!

  19. Gail in Ohio

    Great photos today, as always! I’m catching up on e-mails this morning after spending more time at my sister’s house trying to help organize – I have a week or so off now to catch up on my own badly-needed organization! Sure hope I can work some stitching in – that stitchwork display is an inspiration…
    Bless Lucy’s heart – such a great presentation! I think it’s so good for kids to do that – helps them grow and helps them to interact with people later in life!

  20. Jill Klop

    I love that Lucy demonstrated rug making! That’s awesome! My son has a floppy fish for his dog and is going to give it to us for our dog. She’ll either love it or be afraid of it! I love the sweatpants meme! So true! Recovering from the flu! Why is it harder to recover from stuff as we get older?

  21. Jan in Arizona

    Week in review:
    Oh, my gosh, so many wonderful soup recipes. Yum.
    Good for Lucy!
    Caitlin’s on to the next chapter in basketball. But, not before more excitement to see on the college level! March Madness isn’t far away!
    Mary, I love your red, white and blue quilt! Plus, you made the design your own by using cornerstones in the sashing – added a little pizazz. Different colors of blue added more texture visually, I think.
    Quilt share is always inspiring. That snowball quilt is so pretty. I had some left over scraps from a charity quilt made last year which have been used for “Harvey” (picture to come soon), and am working on a small table topper – snowball style – with the remaining scraps from the scraps. Would we call them scorts? (scrap + ort) I’ve steered away from panels, for the most part. Yet, seeing all the different border possibilities – I may need to rethink that.
    Take care all.

  22. Lynn

    I live in CA in a burn scar area. With all thr rain and wind I have too many trees to count that have fallen. Lucky none on the house, road or wires. It has been scary as my husband passed last month.
    Have my two dogs 🐕. They are a blessing. They love their stuffed toys and don’t tear them apart. Not like my last ones. More like Hazel.
    More wind and rain today.

    1. Colleen in Central Oregon

      Lynn, my condolences on your husband’s passing. I can understand why the weather would be of concern to you.

    2. Mary Etherington Post author

      Lynn – are you all alone? What if you need help? I hate to think of the cleanup for all of you. So many trees to clean up !

    3. Pat in AZ

      Lynn, so sorry for your loss. With that and the terrible weather you have had, you must be reeling. Big hug to you

    4. Jo in Wyoming

      Lynn, hang there, your neighbors will pitch in to help. I can relate to your fear. Our guys always kept the “outside chores “ in good repair. Today I came home from work and somebody has graduated the ruts in my driveway! We have had brutal winds. 2 big grass fires. Nothing like Texas, but scary too.
      I’m so very sorry to hear of your loss. We all sending big hugs.

  23. DebMac

    So nice to see Lucy demonstrating how to loom a rug. Reminds me of having to demonstrations in 4-H many, many years ago. I hated it but it was a big help in learning how to speak in public. Kudos to Lucy for sparking interest in others.
    Such a pretty snowball quilt, I so often forget just how nice a simple quilt can be. (And I like pink.)
    Jack just went through a “leather” chew toy in less than 30 minutes this last week. All those interesting angles got chewed off.
    I was just unsettled with the wind we had. Not really anxious but the low noise bothered me. Kinda like riding in a car with windows down. Was much happier when the wind stopped.

  24. Deb in VA

    Lucy is just the cutest to want to teach her class. I assume she is your granddaughter, Mary. She certainly seems delightful!
    I have 8 grandSONS and only one granddaughter who is just 4. I will love it when she gets a little older to have fun doing things together with her….but alas she’s 8 hours away.

  25. Colleen in Central Oregon

    Kudos to Lucy! She looks like she’s enjoying her demonstration.
    The quilts and crosstitchings are beautiful, but I really LOVE the round tuit! I need to get a round tuit myself! Haha! Maybe that would help me get more done.

  26. Jeanie S, Central IL

    Lynn, my condolences on losing your husband-so sorry.
    Lucy is adorable! I see your influence at work, Mary. She is creating crafting interest among her peers—quilting will be next.
    I, too, love the snowball quilt; I am adding it to my list.

  27. Vicki in Seattle

    Mary, thanks for sharing your talents with Lucy!
    She is precious and looks so comfortable in front of her classmates. Glad you got to attend her presentation.

  28. Kathy in SW MN

    Fun blog today.
    When I was in college (Speech class) we had to give demonstration. One girl showed how to wrap a package; one gal demonstrated Tupperware (she was a dealer) and we all had to listen for the “burp” when she lifted the lid. We did hear it. Of course, I don’t remeber what I demonstrated!!!! We were told not be nervous–just think of all the people as cabbage heads.
    I guess that is what you learn in college.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Kathy -in 4-H I demonstrated how to make a bed with perfect corners. I should continue to put it into use.

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