After the Dogs

Today I clean my house after having 3 boarders here for the past 6 days.  During those 6 days we had several inches of rain and with a permanent dog door, you know that means very dirty floors.  Concrete floors and pine floors are both easy and to clean however as well as a leather couch, the front of the frig, the glass outside doors, the porch couch cushions – you get the idea.  Ha!  It’s all part of the job and I really don’t mind – I love the dogs and I have lots of time to clean.

Lucy was a challenge but I know in my heart there is a great dog inside that insecure wiggly body.  On Monday evening she was just beside herself with energy and mischief so I had had enough.  I put her in the kennel yard and was prepared to lay awake listening to her bark.  In the middle of the night I woke up and realized I had been asleep and Lucy wasn’t barking.  I got up to go to the bathroom and had to step over a very muddy Lucy who had dug herself out of the kennel yard and come in the house through the dog door, walked upstairs and went to sleep!  Ha!  The joke was on me, wasn’t it?  She was so happy to see her mom and dad last night and I’ll bet she’s glad to be home today.  I am also glad she’s home today so I can walk through the house unimpeded and get something done.

I am going to pass on our favorite tomato salad recipe that we eat at this time of the year only, when the tomatoes are plentiful and very ripe.  Becky has always called this Syrian Salad.  Here’s what you need.



Raw onion

Ground pepper

Garlic salt

Lemon juice


Chop tomatoes, onion and lettuce in whatever quantities you choose.  

Season with pepper and garlic salt.  Mix and chill.

Mix 1/4 c. lemon juice and 1/4 c. salad oil (your choice) and pour over lettuce mixture.  Mix.  Serve.

Delicious!  Won’t keep – gets limp and soggy so make only what you want for one meal.  Adjust quantities and seasoning to your own taste.

Back to cleaning house!  No dogs coming for 10 days – hmmmm…where can I go?

14 thoughts on “After the Dogs

      1. Sherry Whalen

        It is this Saturday and Sunday – same deal, flea market, flower and quilt show, etc. and perhaps no rain….

  1. Kathy

    Oh that determined Lucy to be near you! What devotion. She obviously feels secure with you. Loved the story. Enjoy your next couple of days “off”. I just made a tomato salad for my lunch only I put it on a wrap.

  2. Becky Rose

    The Syrian Salad is even great the next day, because the more it marinates, the better the flavor!

  3. Ann Barlament

    Ahhh…Lucy made certain you didn’t sleep alone. And what a smart dog to figure out how to accomplish her task.

  4. Kathy

    Animals (cats and dogs) can be a lot of work to clean up their messes and then the dust, dirt and fur that leave. If you love them as you obviously do (and I do also) it is no problem as their presence gives you the joy and fun to have them around.
    I love the recipe for the salad dressing and will try it out tonight. Your skills keep multiplying every time I read one of your posts. Have fun this week and get ready for the next dog visitor!

  5. Becky from IA

    Love the story about Lucy!!! I know that is what happens when you mix rain and a doggie dog. I have one that both the cat and dog use. My floors are never clean….but we love them. I so enjoy all your stories!
    I’ll have to your salad recipe.
    Have a great week!

  6. LMK

    city-wide yard/garage sales in kasson, on the way to mantorville, the last couple of years that’s as far as we get (lots of sales) plus we see all the pretty semi- trucks. tag sales in austin and hayfield this weekend too. have fun whatever you do. paul is going over to his brother’s in jackson, mn sunday for a couple days of fishing. looks like nice weather over the weekend. by the way… i enjoy your daily goings on.

  7. Diane M

    Lucy is a beautiful dog; I’m glad is has a new home. My three cats are afraid of thunder and lightning. A friend and I went to the Quilt Expo in Madison today. It was really busy. Lots of inspiration to create new things. My Sweet Autumn clematis is just about completely in bloom. It is so fragrant. The bees really love it.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Diane M – every year at this time I think I’m going to plant a fall clematis and then in the spring I forget. I know they are so beautiful!

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