After the Storm, 1-15-22

I think we got 8-10” of new snow – the pictures tell the story.

I found Tribe Mama or Tribe daughter (can’t tell them apart) in the hay shed this morning but could see the imprint and the chicken manure in this corner where she waited out the storm. I would not have been able to see her here even if I could have navigated my way through the storm. Here she is now in the infirmary. I am worried about her feet.

Everyone else in the barn is enjoying the south window with its sunlight and warmth.

Hazel is still looking for the rat.

And looking….

Tonight I ordered a rechargeable rat trap which electrocutes the rat. Oh, Amazon, how could I live without you?


Wasn’t this just a couple days ago?


Reader quilts:

This cardinal pattern is now available in the online store.

My friend Ginny’s dogs in South Carolina. Did you know that black dogs are sometimes passed over in favor of lighter more colorful dogs? Not at Ginny’s house!

And here’s a sweet picture of Blanche in her new home!

I almost cried when I got it!

Good Night!

80 thoughts on “After the Storm, 1-15-22

  1. Sandy

    Hi Mary, enjoying lovely sunshine here in New Zealand, but in the shade as l burn!Bella stretched out on cool floor, l don’t envy your cold weather! Looking forward to Connie’s activity next week, best wishes to all, Sandy

  2. susie q

    Good Nite….. I have a white dog and have been cold all day….. while there is no snow there sure is a cold WIND blowing…….

  3. Diane, Squeak, and Buddy in Central Ohio

    Is Blanche doing well? She looks happy. That is sooo nice to see her. We are getting the storm tomorrow night. It is nice to have two indoor rescue kitties! They will check out the snow on the screened in porch, but they like their warm house! Will the chicken be ok? Hope so. Bengals won tiday and Bills are winning—all good😀😀

    1. Kathy in western NY

      Hi Diane,
      Knowing you come from western NY, you can imagine how Buffalo is tonight with those Bills. Such devoted fan base even as cold as it is there.
      Well we will all have total snow amounts to report Monday as it starts Sunday night and the whole day Monday if it continues on this path.
      Stay safe everyone. All we do is shovel a circle area for the dogs to go outside to do their business when it gets this bad.

      1. Diane, Squeak and Buddy in Central Ohio

        Hi Kathy–Oh yes, I’ll bet the Bills’ fans are going wild. We couldn’t believe how cold it looked there and the stands were FULL! The Bengals won, too, so we’re happy for them.
        My cousin lives in Bath and is worried about the storm. My sister lives in Bemus Pt, but is in FL now. I think you are in the Rochester area? I grew up in Cuba–lots of winter activities there–ice skating on the creek and lake, sledding, and one year we built a full sized horse that we kept frozen for weeks by “watering” it every night. Fun times:)
        Stay warm, Kathy.:)

        1. Kathy in western NY

          Yup I am Rochester suburb, north of the Finger Lakes which showed possible ice mix for them and we are right in the path of 12-18” so we shall see. Right now sun is shining and I am sure the sledding hills are being utilized with happy kids. I think it’s just now getting cold enough to ice fish as things were not frozen over yet till maybe this week. You gotta love that Bills Mafia and it was a full capacity stadium but the owners required all had to show vaccination cards to get in.

          1. Jackie in NY

            Hi Kathy – I used to live in Henrietta and still have family in Churchville and Webster! I’m currently in Eastern NY – about an hour north of Albany. I’ll bet you get more snow than us! We’re supposed to get 6-12 inches.

    2. Betty Klostermanff

      It looks like Blanche is in a living room — INSIDE! Looks like somebody has chewed the corner of the davenport.

      1. Mary Etherington Post author

        Betty – yes, I was thrilled to see her in the living room – I also noticed the chewed off end of the couch but I don’t think it was Blanche

  4. Jane Plourde

    Hi. I’m a fellow quilter and from Northeast Nebraska. I follow your blogs but also am just a reader. I enjoy reading your stories and don’t want it to end. So I’ll let you know how my winter is. We left Nebr the day after Christmas to rent a park model in Mesa Az for 2 months. We enjoy all there is to do from walking in the dessert to Atving, concerts and lots of sightseeing. There is no room in our SUV to take a sewing machine. You might find me at the end of our driveway soaking up the sun binding one of the quilts I took. Or embroidering on a project. I do not miss the snow and ice. I hope we can do this again next year. I’m sure when we return March 1 there will be some winter for me but till then I will enjoy the sun and your very interesting blogs. Thank you.

  5. Diane Bauer

    You got a lot!!! Rochester only got 2-4” tops. I started my car for the first time in a week and moved it out of the way so the plow could clear the lot. I need to get out ahead of the next storm and make my way back to Colorado.

    So good to see Blanche!!! I’m glad her furever family sent you a picture!!! Glad the barn animals were enjoying today’s sunshine!

  6. Carol Reents, Frankfort IN

    We went to the Greater Indianapolis Garage Sale at the Indiana State Fairgounds. Nary a snowflake around. It was a strange storm because an area of Indiana received no snow. I’m glad I don’t own a snow removal business. Will the electric trap work on mice? You have shown a couple of bulls eye quilts. I have all the blocks done from the quilt along, just need to sew them altogether. Oh my unfinished projects!

    1. Sue in Marion, Indiana

      I’m in Marion and we got nothing but cold temps and wind. Channel 13 weather people keep saying we’re in a “snow hole” this winter as the storms keep tracking closer to the Ohio River on south. We had a dusting of wet snow on November 14th and that’s been it!

  7. Karen

    The pictures of the snow are beautiful. I don’t remember seeing snow except for very light flurries this past April in Indiana. Maybe one day I can fly up north in time for a big storm to come through. And then fly home to Florida as soon as possible LOL

  8. Nancy J.

    Compare Blanche to her demeanor when she arrived at your home. You were a big part of her transformation. It makes my heart happy to see her, too.

  9. Betty Klosterman

    I just remembered another mouse story. It is so much fun to listen to the stories the old timers tell. Some of the things they did. Chuck told me this story many years later.
    This is at maybe 80 years ago. Chuck and Donna were married and Herman was married to Mazie. Herman and Mazie were having supper at Chuck and Donna’s in the country. They lived in a old creaky house. Both Mazie and Donna were very pregnant, especially Donna who could hardly move. They were in the kitchen, the warmest room in the house. Donna was at the counter when she saw a mouse running across the floor. She said “I can’t chase him, but I can hit him” and she had a can of peas in her hand. She let the peas fly, creamed the mouse and Herman couldn’t handle it and threw up.

  10. Karen C

    Sorry to see you got so much snow to deal with—and the cold temps. We were in Cedar Rapids visiting my Mom during the last storm and cold burst. I was fortunate to check for a snow scraper before the storm and made it to the hardware store 15 minutes before it closed to get one. About six inches of snow on that storm but the dry fluffy kind, easier to move. Now we’re back in Maryland waiting for our turn at the storm you just had. The cold air arrived this morning. I was at the farmers market this morning waiting in18 degrees to buy frozen blueberries the vendor had picked and frozen at the end of summer. Pretty silly, but they’re looking good for some pancakes in the morning. Hope all your animals are okay,and that your hen’ s feet recover and that Rick’s condition holds steady until the surgery occurs. You’re a champion to keep everything humming along, AND clean your windows. I don’t remember the last time mine got done. Hang in there.

  11. Kathy in western NY

    What a sweet picture of Blanche and I am glad we all know she is thriving well with her new owner. You did right giving her life and a chance to grow up and be especially proud you played the most important role by saving her. Now she has happy safe days being fed and you worked hard to ensure she could have that.
    I so love every Bulleyes quilt you show. Looks so cozy on this cold night.

  12. Mary K Hearn

    Luv the barn picture.. I am from southwest Iowa been a fan of yours for years. I Have made many of your quilts and have more of your patterns on my wish list to complete. I loved your shop.

  13. Connie R in Wis

    It was so nice to see the picture of Blanche looking so good. That Hazel just doesn’t give up, does she. And dear Telly right next to her. Love the Bullseye quilt. I made one during your quilt along and, it’s still my favorite quilt.

  14. Jan in NW WI

    Looks like you got quite a bit of snow! My daughter lives in the Des Moines area and they got 11 inches. Here in NW WI we caught the tail end of the storm and only had a trace (for now). Did you know that black cats, (just like black dogs) are frequently overlooked when people are adopting as well. The cats are the most abused as well. So….. if you see a black kitty (or dog) know that they are passed over frequently. Over the years we have fostered and adopted many cats and given them a safe place. Of those, at least 10 have been black. We currently have 2 rescues, a black cat (17 years old) that we got when he was 6 weeks and sick, and a black lab/burnese mountain dog mix who is 11. Stay warm!

  15. Jo in Wyoming

    Wow Mary…looks like you got some Wyoming wind with your snow! Those are some kinda drifts.
    It was breezy here, chilly, and the sun was out about all day.
    The embroidery group met at the store today. When class was over, they just kept visiting with each other. It’s always fun to hear “what’s new”.

  16. Dianna in Wisconsin

    Not much snow here but it is going to be very cold. Does anyone help clearing your driveway?

    Hazel doesn’t give up! She would be so happy to catch him.
    About 40 years ago I went down to the basement to do some laundry. I saw a mouse on the pipe leading to the wash basin. I quietly walked over to my husband’s work area and found a piece of wood. Quietly walked back to the mouse and dealt my deadly blow. I’m not normally brave or able to kill any living thing but the mouse had been getting into my kitchen cupboards and I was so mad!

    My husband was working out of town so I called my father-in-law to tell him my good news…..I was so excited to catch him. My father-in-law was a farmer and had seen plenty of mice in his days so I don’t think he was overly impressed! I was a city girl and was so proud of my accomplishment!! I still lauThe gh about how silly I was.

    Hope Hazel gets her catch.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Dianna in WI – Rick is able to run the tractor and blower – thank goodness!

  17. Jamie in Phoenix

    Blanche looks so happy!

    Will Hazel and Telly be safe around the rat trap? Just call me a worrier!

      1. RuthW in MD

        The electronic mice and rat zappers have an inner chamber that zaps the creature AFTER it enters the trap. My daughter was at an old boarding school and they had mice in their dorms. So my husband bought three electronic mice traps and baited them and set them out. That night, the two girls went to bed, and not 5min later heard, “ZZZTT!” They rolled to the edge of their upper and lower bunks and looked at the traps. One had a red light showing on it! In the morning they took the traps to the dorm mother and said, “THESE traps Work!! Tell Maintenance to get more of these!”

  18. Sue in Oregon

    All of you get snow and we get Tsunamis. We woke up to Tsunamis warnings on our computers and were quite astonished by that. Then we noticed that the wave was to be 1.5 feet. We laughed because we get 30-foot waves in bad storms. It is very deep off-shore here and much of the shoreline is high rocks and cliffs. So, the surge isn’t really noticed either. Crescent City CA, though, is a different story. Their bay is shallow and I guess they did get high water from the surge. Another northern CA city was affected as well. Can’t remember which one. And, then, the rest of the day was lovely. Sunny, no wind and quite warm for Jan
    I will send you some of it to help melt the snow away. Your pictures tell quite a winter story. Oh…I noticed one photo about 6 down, where a snow pile looks just like Hazel with her nose at the rat hole. Her little tail is sticking out even. Take a look.

  19. Sandy

    Hi Mary, back again, the tsunami waves have hit waterfront houses in tonga badly, we may get some waves on the east coast of the north island, but wellington is fine. We have blue painted lines on the roads in low lying areas of wellington, but it would take several hours to reach us as we are on the inner Harbour. Some places in New Zealand heard the boom from the volcanic eruption! Just watching the original All creatures great and small, a great show! Best wishes from Sandy

  20. Luci

    Since I live in Georgia, snow is an unusual occurrence. I happen to be one of those people who likes snow. Izzy is bringing snow into our forecast for today, and they first said 3-5 inches. Snow rarely lasts more than a day or two, so you can imagine my excitement. Well, not so fast she cried, because they have changed our forecast to 1-3 inches of snow, lots of wind with power outages likely, and sleet. To say I am always grateful for knitting, weaving, quilting, reading, and all of those enjoyable projects is an understatement for sure, but it would be nice to see 5 inches of snow.

  21. Anonymous

    Mary I am so HAPPY to see Blanche!! I have been worried about her being moved around so much. I pray that this time around it will be permanent. Thank you so much for sharing her pic!

  22. Susan B. in Virginia

    We’re expecting some of your snow today. Woke up to 12 degree temps this morning and they say the snow will change to freezing rain later creating lots of power outages. Fortunately, we have a whole house generator so we don’t have to worry about the power going out. We have a white cat named Casper and ever since we got her my daughter has wanted to get a black cat and name it Boo. I didn’t know they were looked over. Maybe I should consider it. I’ve told her when she moves out and gets her own place she can have all the cats she wants — hmmmm. I don’t think I’ll give in. We have enough pets for now (the cat and 3 dogs). Everyone in the storm’s path, stay safe and warm!

  23. NancyTD

    Glad to see Blanche looking so good. Hope the rat is history soon. Hazel will be disappointed if she isn’t the one to get it.
    Rochester had 4.1 inches of snow, but the wind made some big drifts that made it look like a lot more.
    Schools have gone to distance learning until the end of the month. We now have to mask up in public again.
    Hope Rick and his nurse are on the road to recovery.

  24. Bonnie Specchio

    We live on a farm in central Illinois, but spend our winters “snow-birding” it in Gulf Shores, Alabama. Since we have homes, children and grandchildren in both states, I say we are “Illi-bamians”! This morning it is 14 degrees in Illinois and 40 degrees in Gulf Shores, but very windy so it feels much colder. I don’t mind and find it mildly amusing when folks down here complain about the freezing weather. Hope everyone stays warm and safe today.

  25. Lynette in Orlando

    Well, I am a Florida girl and I see all that snow and I just think gee I’m glad it’s not me!!! I’m not one for the cold weather. But it sure is beautiful to look at and I enjoyed your pictures. To me, all that looks like a good day to hunker down and sew the day away. It’s going to be a miserable day here — rainy and gloomy and I already have my plans to sew the day away, My room is warm and cozy. I’ll put a good movie on and have at it. A friend of mine is having a mice issue — I am going to look into that electric zapper you wrote about. They keep eating the food out of the trap and avoid tripping it. ugh. She can’t do poison because of her dogs. Love Hazel trying to get that rat!!!! Good dog!!!!!

  26. Carol P

    Beautiful pictures. I know you worry about your animals in this weather.

    Glad Rock’s foot is healing.

  27. Vicki

    How delightful you received a picture of Blanche! She looks happy and you must feel so good after all you did for her. I am currently in Florida, enjoying the sun and warmer temperatures. It is nice to get a break from the midwest snow. I do not envy you all the shoveling/plowing that must be done. Last year, my Iowa home had 53 inches of snow over the winter. Yugh!

    I continue to enjoy your farm adventures. Take care.

  28. Linda

    Mary when Leader Dog for the Blind called and said they had a little black lab who needed a good home my husband wanted to pass him up and wait for another golden like Duffy we raised that went with a blind man in Pennsylvania. I insisted if we were going to give away another puppy I would fall in love with it had to be that lab. I said that selfishly because I think goldens are the best dogs ever so maybe I wouldn’t get so nuts over a black lab. When we went to pick up Miles and they brought this little black English lab already forming a block head, this fluffy jet black ball of fluff, both our mouths fell open and ooohhhh is all we could say. We ended up getting Miles back after his formal review because he is a great conversationalist and a blind person may not understand that he just talks about what he wants, like lots of attention. He is such a love, beautiful big ol headed boy who is a real joy. The only drawback to black dogs in my estimation, I loose him in the dark! Love and Blessings to you and yours, Linda

  29. Jane from St Marys

    The green ball in Blanche’s picture is the same ball only in pink that our red heeler Clare loves to fetch! She lost it in the last snow storm & we couldn’t find it until that snow melted. I put it up before this snow because I didn’t want it lost again! However….it won’t bounce in the snow so she doesn’t get to play with it yet. Instead she “herds” me up to the barn to feed the cats! Wish Hazel would come & teach Clare how to hunt rats & mice. She will if prompted but left on her own….not something she would do I’m pretty sure! We ended up with around 9 or 10″ of snow that had to be scooped out of the bunks by hand so the cattle could be fed. Needless to say I’ve had enough snow for this season! The farmer man needs to figure out what’s wrong with the snow blower today! Let the melting begin!!

  30. Linda in Michigan

    Good morning, everyone! The storm missed us, but this morning the temp is 6.1 degrees. My long-haired rescue cat, who I call my Ginger Boy is outside, snooping around. He loves the cold weather. It won’t be long and he’ll be back in the house to sleep the day away. What a life!
    I like the lay-out of the Bull’s Eye, with the solid blocks in between. Mine is sewed into a top, but still needs to be layered and quilted.
    Blanche looks like she found another good home, what a nice outcome for her.
    Is Rick able to do the snowplowing with his leg problems? All that snow is beautiful, but a lot of work.

  31. Lori

    Bullseye quilts are always great.
    Love the picture of your barn.
    Ok, I have a story that was told to me by an older gal, who has recently died. When she was much younger, she and her friends were drinking homemade wine out of an old glass gallon jug, when they got to the bottom of the jug, there was a dead mouse!

  32. Brenda in Brainerd MN

    I’m a faithful reader, but I rarely comment…..however, as an old “farm girl,” the weather has always been of interest to me. I’m planning to do a temperature quilt this year and have been recording my highs and lows so far since New Year’s. Here in Brainerd, MN, I’ve determined that I will require 27 different fabrics, each representing 5 degrees, all the way from -35 (which we’ve already officially had) to 100 above! Yes, that’s what we have here, along with lots of snow. Today is going to be a beauty, cloudy and in the 20’s. Thanks so much to Mary and everyone else who takes the time to write such interesting bits….and yes, Mary, I’m still working on hand-piecing the sashing for that pile of wonderful old blocks that you sent me a while back. I’ll let you know when I finish….Husband is scheduled for some surgery tomorrow, so that’s my plan to take to the hospital for waiting room work.

    1. Jeanine from Iowa

      Hi Brenda,
      I live in Iowa now, but I was raised in your neck of the woods—-Pine River. I came down to Iowa to go to a Bible College, and ended up marrying a farmer…….two things I said I would not do…..marry a farmer and live in Iowa! We have been happily married for 53 years, and now Iowa is my home. I still have a sister and brother in Pine River.

  33. Cathy Davis

    Blanche looks like she is thriving! I hope she’s not responsible for that chewed up couch corner in the background ☺️.

  34. Kathy Hanson

    I wrote a nice long message and it disappeared! Anyway, we didn’t get as much snow as you did, about 2-4 inches. Penny just loves the snow – runs and jumps and has a ball! So much fun to watch. We ‘old folks’ really love watching but the running to keep up is a bit tricky!! Loved seeing the pictures of the barn and chickens, also Hazel being on the prowl and Telly keeping her company! Are you needing to get someone to plow you out this time? I don’t imagine that Rick will be able to take care of that for now. Hopefully he will have the good result others have had with the surgery! Good day for quilting or knitting..I got the quilt top finished< the one that I had shown the beginnings of – now to get it quilted, I think I will put it on my bed! Hopefully you will have a good day! hang in there.

  35. Sharon F

    Your snow makes a lovely picture. I like to look at pretty snow – briefly. Then I’m ready for it to be gone. Sorry it’s made a lot more work for you. We have used the electronic rat traps with some success. I don’t think they will be a threat to your dogs because they only have a small hole for the rat to enter.

  36. Launa

    Here I am wishing for more snow! 16o out up here in Idaho this morning…my arthritis is feeling a storm coming! Wish it would hurry!
    Three football games today….hope they are more exciting than the Raider loss yesterday and Bills n Patriots game!
    Hazel is so determined looking for that rat! Hope the rechargeable shocking trap catches yours! My husband has great success with ours!
    Thanks for posting the pictures! Blanche looks so contented.

  37. Susan K in Texas

    It’s been cold and windy here. I can’t wait for summer warmth! The snow pictures sure are pretty though. That Hazel sure gets hyper focused on the rats and mice doesn’t she?!
    I’ve got two black cats. I adopted them in November. They take black cats & kittens off the adoption lists in October due to Halloween and people abusing them. Oh how I hate an animal abuser!! I don’t know why someone wouldn’t adopt a black cats – they’ve always been a favorite of mine.
    Thanks for the pictures of the snow. I hope the chicken is ok. She picked the wrong day to spend out of the warm barn!

  38. Donna Wyatt

    Good morning, Mary! We too got about 9-11 inches, it is so white out there it almost hurts your eyes. IT’s nice to have something to cover up the gray green stubble.

    I have been able to do some sewing and all those beautiful quilts you post make me long to do more. I will continue to finish what I have started but ohhh, its so tempting to start another project. I found a project I started many years ago, I did a little on it yesterday and realized I really didn’t like it, so will give it to a friend to finish and keep.

    Anxious to hear how you like you electric killing machine. We live on a small acreage in an old farm house and every fall it seems those little guys find a way in. Would be nice to find where they are getting in at, but unlike deer, they don’t leave a trail. 🙂

    Must get busy, surely something is calling my name, besides laundry and cleaning.

    Have a wonderful week!

  39. Loisann

    My daughter works for a local humane society. Black cats are hard to give away too. Guess it makes sense to some people.

  40. Linda in So CA

    Thrilled to see Blanche. She looks so relaxed & happy. I admit I shed a few tears when I saw her! I wonder if she’s the one who has been chewing on the couch. Your snow looks deep & cold. Too much to shovel by hand. Follow eagles in Decorah on line so I’m able to monitor the snow fall. Cameras are in the trees & they have some great camera operators; they don’t miss a thing including the cows grazing in the pasture, deer, coyotes… How’s Colton?

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Linda in So Cal – I think Colton is better today but I’m still taking him to vet in am. And I’m not even sure where Jackie is today – I hope she didn’t sneak out the dog door!

  41. Jeanine from Iowa

    Hi Brenda,
    I live in Iowa now, but I was raised in your neck of the woods—-Pine River. I came down to Iowa to go to a Bible College, and ended up marrying a farmer…….two things I said I would not do…..marry a farmer and live in Iowa! We have been happily married for 53 years, and now Iowa is my home. I still have a sister and brother in Pine River.

  42. Dee in Ohio

    Hazel sure is a busy dog. My dog big adventure is dumping the trash in the bathroom when he doesn’t like the food I give him. We have been lucky not getting snow so far this winter.

  43. Jane Boyer

    We have a black lab(?) cross and dachshund/Jack Russell cross. They love to get me up in the middle of the night if they hear noises outside. Deer can jump into the yard over the chain link fence and rabbits can get under the fence in places. I’ve had to contend with rabbits stuck in the fence and possums cornered. Lab just watches as little dog tries to lick the rabbits. I end up carrying him back to the house and am left to wonder what neighbors think when I’m out in my pajamas with a flashlight can carrying the dog.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Jane Boyer – this sounds real familiar except that I thankfully have no neighbors to see what I’m wearing!

  44. Jackie in NY

    Mary – did I understand you correctly that the chicken was outside all night, huddled in the corner of the building during the snowstorm? Oh the poor thing! I hope she’ll be ok! Our snow is still coming tonight, but I think we survived the frigid temps! It was a good day to stay inside and sew. The hubs put up a new super bright LED overhead light in my sewing room (we bought the light a year ago – I’ve been politely asking to have it installed every weekend lately 😉). What a difference – I can actually see to sew or cut fabric after 3 in the afternoon!

    1. Kathy in western NY

      Hi Jackie, Small world! Churchville is a stones throw from us. Webster is such a neat town with all its building up in recent years. There are several of us from central NY area that follow Mary’s blog. I agree with you that brighter lights help us to sew much better as we get up there! I sure need them now. It looks like you will be okay with this storm, but our area could get dumped on. I will take this over an ice storm or big wind event any day. I don’t mind being inside looking out as long as I have food, books, sewing, electricity and my pets snuggled safely next to me.

    2. Mary Etherington Post author

      Jackie in NY – yes, you understood correctly! When I close up the barn every night I walk around the whole thing – that day I hadn’t let the chickens out so even though I walked where I could during the storm I was convinced they were all inside. The wind was blowing the snow around so much I really couldn’t see but she must have been in the goat pen and gone out their doors with the flaps. I just hope she’ll be ok – the other tribe mama does live in the goat pen but she was already roosting inside. I let everybody out today but you can bet I’ll search tonight!

    1. Mary Says Sew!

      The photo of the barn with the snow falling would make a great Christmas card! Or a post card or a card with a blank inside, for any ocassion.

  45. Kris in WI

    Just a quick note about the snow here. We only had about 1 1/2″ and and it glittered like diamonds. Our big drifts were only 6″ high. Nothing to complain about, that’s for sure! There were a few flurries when I went out to shovel yesterday and I tried to catch the flakes on my mittens to get a closer look; perfect 1/4″ size flakes! Beautiful…as long as they don’t pile up too high. Your Hazel is a hoot! She is so determined. I have to show the Hazel and Telly picture to my husband. He gets a kick out of those two. It was good to see Blanche inside. You definitely played a role in convincing her to trust people. Good luck with your fur and feather friends who are under the weather and prayers for you and Rick.

  46. Polly Perkins

    Yikes. Sure glad we missed all that snow. Just a couple of inches of ice and snow for us. We have not had much at all and I am sure the farmers would like some to help out the crops after a really tough drought this summer.

  47. Donna Sproston

    I have been missing my nearly daily dose of news from your farm, and today I finally googled for the blog and subscribed with my new email. After nearly sixty years in Illinois, we sold our house and moved to Wisconsin. We agreed to sell out log home near Monmouth two months ago today, and a month ago today, we closed on our town house in Sun Prairie. Needless to say, it has been a bit hectic but we are getting use to city living. It was that time in our life to be closer to family. My husband had open heart surgery on Memorial Day, and I still go to Mayo every few months to be sure I remain cancer free. i will pray that Rick’s Mayo experience is as amazing as mine. The plan for this week is to do some piecing and quilting. Tonight I will catch up on the posts from Garner over the last two months.

    1. Betty Klosterman

      Isn’t Sun Prairie, WI where they have a great quilting group? They have sent different challenges to our quilt show.
      Betty in RapidCity

      1. Donna Sproston

        Probably. I have not checked into the local quilt scene yet, but I know the Madison show is famous and there is a great shop JJ Stitches here in town. I have not unpacked my fabric boxes yet.

  48. Bea knight

    Hi Mary
    I love Blanche!! Thankyou for taking care of her and then finding her a home. She is a gorgeous dog!
    I love your chickens so much! They are so so beautiful 😁
    Keep warm prayers for Ricks speedy healing
    Bea knight south Florida

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