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No, it isn’t 7:30 am on Saturday morning – that’s when we normally get the Ag Report on TV.  I just thought it sounded more professional than “news from the barn”.  Ha!  I took the very last 2 pumpkins to the barn this morning and Baby Moo came on a quick trot when I broke them open.  I save quite a few pumpkins and dole them out to the goats and the chickens as winter wears on as a treat but this is the last of them.


And these guys look at me as if to say “Oh, puh-lease, let’s get outside and eat some tree leaves!  Isn’t it just about time?.  We are so bored.”  

We have two doors that we open each morning and close every night since part of the barn has heat.  If you look closely you can see the rope and pulley that lifts the door which is then hooked on the left for the daytime hours.  The flaps also keep the cold air out but allow the goats to go in and out.

Remember the Christmas tree?  Here it is nearly stripped of needles – Charlene says ‘yum and thank you, Connie’.

And warm in the nest this morning – one brown egg and one green egg.  Thank you, ladies!

And remember when my friends hauled  this hay for me?  They loaded it on the hay rack, unloaded it and stacked it here for me to use this winter.  It’s the nicest hay I’ve ever had and I think about them every time I feed hay to my goats.

Here are those same gals who all bought identical sewing machines to leave in the shop so that when we sew together they don’t have to carry their machines.   What will they sew first on their new machines?

Remember the see thru vinyl art bags that Connie made?  Many of you wanted to know what pattern Connie used and I promised to provide that information.  Here it is by Crazy Mom.  Buy it online.

And here is Connie’s sweet Hilary.


13 thoughts on “Ag Report

  1. Jeanine

    I tried giving pumpkins to my chickens this past summer and they wouldn’t have anything to do with them, even when I cut them open. I had read that other people had given them to their chickens, so wanted to try it out. Nothing doing!! Sure did enjoy the Ag Report!! Love reading about your farm animals. We had goats long ago when our kids were home.

  2. Diane

    I love your goats. My dad had 2 who won prizes every year at the local fair. Only 2 entered! Hilary is beautiful. Thanks for sharing about the pumpkins and hay. Interesting for sure!!

  3. Betty Klosterman

    Oh, what fun for all the ladies to come sew in your fabulous sewing shop. It sounds just wonderful. Iowa has good hay, along with all the other crops. The goats look rather fat and fluffy with all their fur. Even the Christmas tree is decorated with tufts of their fur. And the chickens. Who can forget the chickens. They are great. Keep on sharing as we all love hearing about everything.
    Did the ice melt so Rick and all the other truckers could get moving again? All the traffic on the east coast would be horrible when the weather conditions are good. When they are bad….. It is so scary because you might be driving alright, but who knows what the next guy is going to do? At this time in our life, if it is bad or slippery, we just stay home. Life is better that way. The weather report says we are supposed to have 70 degrees on Thursday. That is winter in the banana belt of Rapid City, SD.

  4. Tammy Guerrero

    I so enjoy all of your pictures of your barn friends. I also live on a farm. I appreciate your love for animals. All of God’s creatures are special and need love. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Rhonda D

    I enjoy seeing your animal photos- the goat area in your barn looks much swankier than ours. I won’t tell my goats & ponies if you don’t 🙂

  6. Kelley K

    I just recently started following your blog, thanks to a friend’s recommendation. I grew up as a farm girl and sure enjoy looking at all your pictures of the animals, barns, etc. Thank you for posting!

  7. Launa

    Hi Mary, AG Report is a GREAT WAY TO START THE DAY!!!! Thanks for the wonderful visuals of farm life in your Iowa winter weather and the info on where Connie got the cute bag pattern. I read that giving canned pumpkin along with less dry dog food to overweight dogs is a good way to help them safely lose weight.

  8. Vickie Devore

    I loved the ag report! My husband is a farmer with cows, sheep and lots of barn cats. Since he has been ill I’ve been doing most of the chores and if someone had told me I would look forward to going out each morning and evening — well just never would have believed them. Have got to where I do watch his Rural Evening News too….but it will never take the place of quilting. Love your reports so much and look forward to them. I think our snow is letting up just a bit (about 30 minutes south of Indianapolis, Indiana) so hope it reaches you soon. Love you, take care, vickie

  9. Nancy Brudelie

    I love your blog. I just ordered a rug loom so I’ll soon be twining away! All your pictures of finished rugs made me want to give it a try!

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