And you delivered! 8-2-21

Thank you to everyone who sent pictures of their quilt! I knew I could count on you to get us caught up so without further ado, here are today’s reader quilts.

I’ve had this pattern for years and still want to make it!
Thank you, Marlene, for sending this gorgeous cross stitch piece!
Black Beauty by Country Threads

Black Beauty is the most recent pattern in the online store – piecing directions are very detailed so anybody can do it. Maybe I’ll have time to make another block for a table topper. Click on “shop” at the top of the blog home page and you’ll find all the patterns we have for sale in alphabetical order. These are all instant downloads that you will print yourself.

I just read Jo’s blog post this morning and I feel like a lazy slug compared to what she got done last week – go to http://Jo’ to see all the quilts she finished last week. I am impressed!

I am still enjoying the Olympics but am ready for them to be over – but there won’t be anything good on tv then. Ugh – Netflix, here I come. I just have two episodes of Longmire left and I’ll sure miss seeing those guys.

Sandy in NZ – I can’t wait to see pictures of Stella and Luna

Jean E. – how’s your treatment going?

Launa – we need a fire update.

Brenda in SC – how are you and how is Jeff?

Jo in Wyoming – have you been back to the jail?

Betty in Rapid City – it’s been soooo hot there, hasn’t it?

Kathy W. – I enjoy your travelogues.

Beryl H – thinking about your knee surgery.

Barb in Tucson – I know you’re missing your sister.

Kay C. – are you all settled in at your new place?

Cyndy Frey – how’s the piano project coming?

Amy M. – still working from home?

Thanks to all of you for continuing to keep our group connected!

34 thoughts on “And you delivered! 8-2-21

  1. Jo in Wyoming

    Wow! Quilters, you all have been busy. Great, wonderful, fun show today.
    Wow! Mary, you have an incredible memory. So many friends to keep up with. And you each any everyone.

    I went back to jail for about 3 weeks…then another wave of Covid hit there. So I haven’t been back since March. I miss it and hope the inmates are doing ok. I don’t get any news from anyone there. At the fair this week, one of the jail staff is giving a presentation, my plan is to visit with her.

  2. Jo in Wyoming

    iPad auto correct is off today.
    Mary, you remember each and everyone, and what is going on with them.

  3. Kathy B

    Love seeing all the quilts and the cross stitch is a WOW! I would love to do the Black Beauty pattern but I am sure that would take a well experienced quilter.

  4. Janice Hebert

    Wow! What an amazing quilt show today! The setting is just perfect for Vicki’s awesome quilt! And the cross stitch is just beautiful. I too love Black Beauty but I’m not sure I’m experienced enough to make it. Hmmm… will be checking out Jo’s blog. It’s gorgeous here today in MA. Actually, we’ve had a few nice days in a row! A welcome relief after a near record breaking wet July. So much rain and now so many mosquitoes! It is just horrendous. I’m trying a mosquito spray that Paul Harvey recommended years ago. I just hope it works! Jan in MA

  5. Diane and Squeak in Central Ohio

    HI, Thanks for the great quilt show, Mary. I have the Black Beauty pattern from way back AND the fabrics to make it. Maybe it should be August. How hard is it?
    I have my July finished, but with a 50th bday party for our son and my husband’s major back surgery and Carpal Tunnel, Dupyune’s (sp) Contracture, and Ulnar nerve surgeries, I haven’t taken a picture yet.
    It is good to hear from Jo. Sorry you can’t get in, but it’s probably safer.
    Every time you do a quilt show, I think, “Oh, I’d like to make that, and that, and that…..” I’ll have to live to 150 years:)
    Beautiful day here in Central Ohio.

  6. Sherrill

    SO many beauties there!! And that cross-stitch–WOW!! I read Jo’s post before coming here and I cannot believe what she got done–she definitely has WAY more energy than me. HA

  7. Tina W

    It’s really smoky in NE Oregon. Makes my eyes really dry and itchy – or maybe it’s from the wheat harvest. Who knows! The current heat wave and higher than normal winds don’t help the fire effort any I’m sure. I just pray they can get them under control soon.
    The quilts shown today are amazing – and the cross stitch too! Thanks Mary for keeping us all connected.
    Tina W in Oregon

  8. Kay Crandall

    Oooooh – love the quilt show today!! Thanks everyone for sending the pictures, and Mary, the Black Beauty is wonderful!! I would order the pattern and do it in a heartbeat if I hadn’t committed to finishing my dozens of UFOs before I start anything new. It’s been almost two years since I’ve started a new project, but some of my UFOs are so old it’s like working on something new when I get them out. LOL Many many more to go – years of Dirty Dozen ahead of me.

  9. Jean E

    I pushed to come home from the hospital yesterday. Probably shouldn’t have. Lots of pain so am taking the pain pills as soon as I can. This morning I did a sponge bath..have to wash my incision’s all down the front of my chest/stomach! Now to wash my showers. My son is here with me. You’re supposed to use non scented soap to wash the incision..good luck finding that. My daughter finally got Dove. Will be glad to be pain free! The doctor didn’t find any surprises so no chemo or radiation.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Jean E – this is wonderful news! No surprises which is the best thing the dr. could tell you. Keep your pain pills close by.

  10. Betty Klosterman

    Oh, what wonderful replies to your questions and ufo show. They all make me smile. Gotta love Longmire. That is a great show, reruns and all.
    Yes, we have been getting the smoke, too. It does keep the temps lower because the sun can’t shine thru. I’m just so glad that we aren’t really close to the fires. Now THAT is smoke you can’t imagine. Awful. I feel for everybody who is near and the firefighters. They probably think that 95 is comfortable.
    The counted threads on linen. Linen is nice to work with. The needle goes thru like soft butter. Are counted threads coming back? Your stitching is beautiful. I do know that lots of people are doing regular embroidery again. And that was before COVID.
    Jean E – I really sympathize with you. It brings back memories of my recovery from heart surgery. My feet smelled awful and Frank did his ‘best’ to help wash them. Interesting to say the least? Oh, and the surgical stockings! It is so hard to get them on and even worse when we were laughing so hard, too.
    Kay — You’ve done good with UFO’s, but treat yourself. Black Beauty looks like fun. Go for it. It isn’t a huge project, will be fun to do and you’ll be ready to go back to UFO’s. Don’t listen to the Quilt Police. Some things just aren’t that important.
    We are so lucky to have this blog and can share everything. It does help when we can’t be out and about. And thank you, Mary, for all your efforts. They are appreciated.
    Betty in Rapid City

    1. Jean E

      Thank you for the good thoughts Betty! I’m in love with my pain pills..& my son is changing my socks!

      1. Diane and Squeak

        Jean, I am not sure if this applies, but after my husband’s back surgery this time (he has had two others), we were able to rent compression socks that wrap around the legs and velcro in place. They are attached to a machine that plugs in at night and has a battery in the day time. They were $250.00, I think, but well worth the price and really kept him from getting any clots etc.

  11. Charlotte Shira

    WOW! What a beautiful quilt show today! Great job ladies!! Thank you Mary.

  12. Linda

    Your site is so full of fun stuff. It’s like a little mini quilt show! That little quilt with the children’s embroidered clothes is beyond adorable. I would so love to do some of those blocks for my granddaughter. Is there any info on the pattern or way it could be shared or purchased.

  13. Launa

    We had two huge pounding downpours yesterday; one about 9:30 pm and from what we heard on yesterday’s briefing the fire is moving slowly, BUT the men are working with wide firebreaks, removing trees! Those are taken away from National Forest on logging trucks to mills somewhere. Probably in MT? They patrol thru here often.

    So many rumors on Facebook. No one has been told to evacuate yet, but people post rumors on Facebook! Hope we get an early snow this year! I just got a rain alert… our Border Collie must have heard distant thunder as she came onto the deck.
    Lovely pictures today. I enjoyed the Olympic Equestrians this morning!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Launa – I so wish we’d get one of those pounding downpours soon!

  14. Beryl in Owatonna

    Mary, thanks for thinking of me. I am getting more anxious each day but it will soon be over and then soon I will be able to walk without pain and sit without pain!! I think I am ready. I need to do a little cooking first, that will go into the freezer! I will be thinking of you with both knees being done, I will just have one. I am not a ‘doctor’ person so it took all I had to even call for an appointment! I will keep you posted.
    I have blocks sewn together to make myself a Christmas throw. They are pressed and squared up…so I will have something to do when I feel up to it!! I love all of the quilts that have been completed…to be so ambitious! And Jo is a special person, I have never seen anyone who can get so much packed into one day than she does! I hope to meet her one of these days, I have fabric, etc. in a storage unit I need to empty, I will drop it off at her placee on one of my trips to Iowa!!

  15. Marsha from Kansas

    Procrastinator is my middle name. 🙂 I finished my July project last week. Just need to get a picture sent to you. Enjoying all the finished projects. I see them and think, Oooohhh, I want to do those! Then I look at my own list. But I heard somewhere to finish an older project and then you can start a new one. That sounded like a good compromise to me! Please still keep on with the Dirty Dozen. It helps to keep me motivated. I don’t know how Jo gets so much done either. With her childcare, gardening this time of year, and all of her charity organizing, just wow! Thanks for suggesting her blog to us.

  16. Ruth

    I am also interested in the childrens clothes quilt! I will keep watching for the information on the cross stitch childrens clothes pattern. I think I would like to do that cross stitch pattern, although it has been about 30 years since I last threaded an embroidery needle.

  17. Amy M

    Hi Mary, I don’t think you should feel lazy at all. When I see what you accomplish, now I’m the slug. I was on a call last week where we were asked to raise our hands on UFOs-10, 20, 30 etc. I just said “Can I claim Toy Story-to infinity and beyond?” The reality is I have no idea! But somewhere between 2 and 3 lifetimes I’m sure! Yes still working from home and I plan to permanently however we have a new head of our department starting today so we will see if he has different ideas. The catch (hopefully a good one for us) is he isn’t moving to Kansas City for one year (a kid finishing high school) so I think it will be hard for him to say anything. I’ve been trying to sort into projects and colors etc so I have piles everywhere (yes included my guest bathroom) good thing I live alone. I’m also on a hunt for my walking feet that I know I had when I went on a sewing trip in Oct 2019 and I’m sure I threw them in a project bag or something. I’ve made myself a new rule-everything machine related has to go back into the machine case!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Amy M – tell me how your retreat went! Would you feel less overwhelmed with UFOs if you simply gave some of them away and got them out of your place? Try to separate them from almost finished to barely started and attack them that way – like paying a little bill first to feel like you’ve made some progress and work your way to the big ones. Maybe you haven’t gone in your retreat yet – I cannot remember!

  18. Cheryl

    I love the children’s clothes quilt. It’s just precious! As far as the Olympics….my favorite athlete is Walter the CAT!

  19. Sandra Corrigan

    My arthritis has finally settled down and I can get back to sewing again.The projects were all lovely. I would love to have the pattern for the embroidered doll clothes quilt.That would be a great summertime quilt to make.Please guide me the pattern for this. Thank you and thank all of you for sharing your finished work.

  20. Jennie Cruzan

    I have not been sewing much this year. Taking care of my husband. He is getting better. Just love all the quilts and handwork. Everyone stay safe!

  21. Janet S

    Mary, I loved Longmeier also. For you and anyone with Netflix, you absolutely must watch the movie “Poms” with Diane Keaton. You’ll love it.
    Tons of comments with lots of news today.

  22. Sheila in WI

    Absolutely loved this post with mini quilt show. So much fun to see what everyone is doing. Thank you for providing this forum for us to enjoy quilts and such a wonderful variety of people.

  23. Susan K in Texas

    Wonderful quilt show! So many beautiful projects! And so varied in design and colors.
    I’ve been doing a quilt along with a fabric bundle I won from EQ8. It’s the Spring in Paris QAL by Brigitte Heitland. I’ve been working hard not to start any new projects all year and then this summer hit. I’ll have more UFOs to add to the pile.
    Our son and his family left Monday. I miss my grandson Wyatt – he’s so much fun. But I’ll get to see him the end of the month when we go up for a baby shower for grandson #2.
    Take care everyone!

      1. Susan K in Texas

        The aloes are definitely replenishing. I won’t have as many but the ones that survived are healthy and producing more pups. The mild spring with lots of rain helped. And so far we’ve only had one week of really hot (in the 100’s) weather.

        1. Mary Etherington Post author

          Susan K in Texas – are they all outside now? Isn’t the greenhouse too hot for them?

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