Another Sleepless Night

Tossing and turning gets old fast so once again I simply got up which gives me time to post before the whole world wakes up.

Rick and I worked on a “getting ready for winter” project yesterday – one of many.  Remember my rain barrel?  Well, with cold weather coming the end of the week, it was time to empty it and put it away till spring.  I’ve been filling containers for several months and moving the containers to the plant area in the quilt shop.

And I ended up with more rain water than containers so we drained the barrel via a hose into these large containers in the old notions room.

This will solve the problem of no running water in the quilt shop and no hauling water over icy sidewalks.  My very best plants are in the house but the plants living in the shop have grow lights and now rain water!  They will have the best growing conditions so I might have to circulate plants from the house.

Jackie knocked this sweet little saucer off the table yesterday and I wondered if the “giver” was now a blog reader.  This was given to me many years ago and I wanted her to know how much I’ve loved it for all these years.  Speak up if you recognize this dish.

Holly from Fairmont, MN, sent me the story of the box of Mendets she treasures.  Her great grandfather traveled from the east coast to the west coast selling these boxes of Mendets many years ago.  Holly is a high school teacher who tried to tell her students about mending a round pan and they just didn’t understand – not too surprising, is it?

Here is my mended dishpan that I showed you recently.


I end this post on a sad note – we lost a member of our church family and the Garner community yesterday just 2-1/2 short weeks after his dad took him to the clinic because he just wasn’t feeling very well.  Cale died at Mayo from cancer, apparently a very aggressive kind.  Here he is with his mom Angie.  He looks hale and hearty just weeks ago at Homecoming and we are holding his family and friends up in prayer this morning.

50 thoughts on “Another Sleepless Night

  1. Kris in

    Good Morning Mary! The mendets are so cool…. love learning about these little gadgets that made life better! Sorry to hear about the young man passing away. Praying for his family and your whole community. Enjoy your day!

  2. Rita In Iowa

    I can see that broken plate added to a potted plate as a pop of color. Sorry about the lost of your church member, so young.

  3. Rita AM in CT

    So sad to hear about the young man passing.
    I would repair/ glue the cat plate and use as a plant saucer. Such a pretty plate. I’ve started bring the yard statues in for the winter. Winter will be here before we know it.
    Interesting that the mendets were sold as a repair kit. A piece of history. I have an old galvanized watering can the was welded on the bottom seam. Why buy new when you can repair.
    I have to remember to send the check for this months patterns.
    I’ve been to busy to read so I have no new suggestions for the book list.
    I hope what ever is weighing heavy on your mind is settled soon so you won’t toss and turn and can get a good nights sleep.

  4. Sharon Lowy

    So sad for the loss of one so young. He looks so healthy! Prayers for his family. Loved the story of the menders. Fun to learn something like that. Wishing you a wonderful day. We will have a beautiful day today but it will be all over this weekend in Illinois.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Yes, it will be over for us in North Iowa this weekend, too. I just gotta get those chicks rounded up!

  5. Mrs. Goodneedle

    Prayers raised for Cale’s family as they endure this tragic turn of events and immense heartbreak; so incredibly sad. 😔

    The Mendets are fascinating product; once again pointing out true ingenuity born from need, I love it!

  6. Susan from PA

    Amazon still sells Mendets. Who knew? I might get a pack for some of my leaky galvanized tubs.

    1. Nikki M in Tx

      Great to know..have an old dishpan (enamel) that has a hole in it…I use the pant to hold several potted plants ,like one giant saucer)…would love to mend it just for the novelty of it.. Thanks for the tip

  7. Diana

    My husband gets up at 4 to go to work. Many days, I wake up with him, and find that the early mornings are my most productive. Yesterday I started watching my new grandson. Elliott age 2 months, I retired last month as we all decided it was more important for him to be with family than day care. I am loving retirement and the baby, Looking forward to your new book, Take Care

    1. Diane in Maryland

      You will love being Granny Nanny! I did the same when our first grandchild was born 25 years ago! Then for her sister who is 22 and then the grandson who is 13. After they go to school you will be the taxi and snack mom-mom. Taught the girls to sew and the grandson has taught me about fishing! Enjoy… time passes quickly.


    Such fun reading about Mendits, rain water barrels and getting ready for winter. I live in Southern California so all the work getting ready for winter storms, freezing temps, and snow is foreign to me. I have thought that if I were to move into a true winter region of the country I would probably die from lack of winter preparation,,, No joke! I am up early this AM as I am praying for my 35 yr old daughter who has been fighting brain cancer since she was 27 yrs old. I weep for the loss of your brother in Christ but even more for those who morn the loss of his everyday prescence. Such a loss, something I don’t look forward to. Just shared this with my quilting buddy who loss her husband recently: No matter whether you go to heaven or you stay here, always remember: HEAVEN NEVER DISAPPOINTS! Every word from the Bible and from Jesus tells us that HEAVEN NEVER DISAPPOINTS. So for those of us grieving for the loss of someone, trust Jesus. You will see your loved one again. Get some rest Mary and take a nap! You are such a whirlwind of activity!!!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Our pastor talked about this just last week – Heaven will be whatever we love most and it will be different for everyone. My Heaven will be all my pets, a great sewing room, house, garden – almost identical to what I have now since I think it’s close to perfect! Remember – save your fork, the best is yet to come!

      1. CountryThreads Post author

        And I forgot to say I’m so sorry for your daughter who is fighting cancer – isn’t it just a horrible disease?

      2. Diane Bauer

        What a message of hope!!! I’ve not ever heard Heaven described quite like this, but I love it!! I love your vision!!

        1. CountryThreads Post author

          My vision is unique, I’m sure, but if Heaven is just exactly what I love the most then all my pets will be there and they will all get along! I’ll never have trouble with a sewing machine or any other equipment of any kind. I’ll get to drive a favorite car, everybody I love will be there, I can eat cookies all day and never get fat, my hair will be thick instead of thin, I’ll be fit and healthy, and I’ll live in a beautiful house. Many of those are true today and many are not. Just think of what perfection means to you and always remember to keep your fork, the best is yet to come.

  9. Paula Philpot

    What a good idea the mendets were, never heard that story before. Sorry for the guy, he looks so healthy. Paula in KY

  10. Diane, Squeak's Mom

    Cancer is such an ugly disease, but it is heartening to know that researchers are finding more and more cures. Maybe someday, no cancer. Blessings on that family during this difficult time.
    I noticed that the Mendets were made in Amsterdam, NY. I had family there for many, many years. Small world. You night be able to mend the cute cat plate with Super Glue.
    Love the posts, Mary.

  11. Carolyn Boutilier

    Sorry for the loss of the young man. Very interesting on the mendets. I have 2 enamel pans that are used and may get the mendets for repair. This weekend I will get my plants outside potted and put in the garage for the winter. Have a good day.
    Carolyn b

  12. Gloria from CC

    Good morning Mary – so sorry to hear about Cale. Many prayers will be sent to his family and friends. I have a remedy for your sleepless nights: Nighty Night an organic caffeine free herbal tea. Works like a charm every time I drink it. I buy it at a health food store here in WI but I’m sure Amazon has it too. I drink it an hour before I go to bed and then read for a bit.
    I put all my plants inside last weekend. Love all your pictures. Closed 7 ads.

  13. Kim J LeMere

    What a terrible loss of such a young man, may his family feel our love and prayers for Cale and for them. I loved seeing the menders, what a great gadget. I hope you get time for a nap with getting up so early. We are busy chasing leaves and planting pansies for the winter that lies ahead in TN.

  14. Joyce from NY

    So sad about that boy, so young & so much life to live, my heart goes out to the family & friends. I have brought several of my plants in, the weather is going to be pretty nice all week. I was hoping to mow lawn once more. I will have to check out Amazon for mendits, I have a couple galvanized pans that could use it.

  15. Alice

    Mom & dad had a junk drawer in the kitchen & I remember a package of Mendets in that drawer. Also a package of little squares to repair any holes in the screen doors. Farmers always learn to repair rather than throw away, at least my parents did as they were from the depression era. It’s been good training for me! Super glue that sweet little plate.

  16. Diane Bauer

    Cancer is such a devastating disease. Prayers for Cale’s family and friends as all mourn this loss.

    We are anticipating snow Thursday and Friday so are preparing as best we can here. I’m hopeful we will have a return to fall and now just pass into winter—that’s usually what happens in Colorado.

    I had a sleepless night as well—to bed by 10 and awake by 1 am. My brain was taking a tour of a lively house I used to live in! Hope you get some rest this afternoon!! I’m headed in to see clients and then a sewing lesson on my new machine!

  17. Diane Deibler

    Interesting to read about the mendets.. Here I thought my dad just fixed pails etc with what he had on hand. Have to ask mom if she remembers them. Yes, so sad about Cale. My heart is breaking for his family .

  18. MartyCae

    So sorry to hear about the young man. Heartbreaking to see a young person ill.
    I have to empty my rain barrels too. Don’t know why I am waiting! Too many quilt books and patterns to look at!

  19. Diann Smith

    Sorry for the loss of one so young.

    On another note your photos are so interesting. I have been going to your site quite often just to enjoy the day and the photos. Yesterday’s were especially good. Keep it up.

  20. Carol at Pin Oak Quilting

    Oh Lord, my heart breaks for the family of this young man, especially his mom. I can’t possibly know her grief but it has always been my fear, to lose a child. It must be something from which you never recover, it would be a daily sadness.

  21. Caryn Goulden

    Cale’s passing is so sad. Prayers for his family and friends. There are the terms widow, widower, orphan, but there is no name for a parent who loses a child. Unspeakable grief.
    Sorry you couldn’t sleep. Rest/nap a bit this afternoon. The plate is so cute. Superglue!!
    I remember basins and buckets that were repaired but never knew how until now!

  22. Barbara A wegner

    Ditto to all of the above comments! I agree about tossing & turning trying to sleep! much better to get up & do something! I have done that for years & usually can function well enough the next day with abit of anap! I have gotten lots done this way! Gotta go do the fall yard stuff! I closed about 8 ads I think today & during the night I closed more too, Keep up inspiring all of us!

  23. Launa

    Mary, Sending prayers for Cale and his family. Keep the faith! So very sad to lose a young person. Ours is not to wonder why!
    It’s a real snow day up here…23o with about 3” all over and light snow coming down. Trees are heavy with it. I plan to watch it falling gently down outside my sewing room window today.
    Closed three ads.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      The picture in my mind’s eye of the scene out your window is lovely!

  24. Sue in Oregon

    What a sad, heartbreaking story of the young man, Cale. May he rest in peace and have a beautiful life in heaven. Today will be a day of mourning for your whole town.
    That little dish is (was) adorable. Hope you can super glue it.
    Very interesting about Mendits. I don’t have any enamel pans, but I sure could use some screen repair kits.
    Take care, Mary. That sleepy-time tea sounds like a good idea.

  25. Arrowhead Gramma

    Prayers for Cale’s family during this time. May they feel the loving arms of comfort reaching out to them. He looks so hale and hardy in the photo. ❤️🙏❤️

  26. Linda

    I had not known Cale’s story, only that GHS played a great game For Cale against the Midgets Homecoming, and beat us severely! We passed the hat for Cale at half time. Sunday morning At church, we said prayers for Cale.

    The dish. I think it is the same dish we bought for a friend’s cat, Callie, many years ago at Hemingway’s home in Key West. Hemingway’s cats all have five toes on each paw. He left all his estate to the cats and their care. A doctor comes twice a week to monitor the cats. The house is a lovely history of Hemingway. Callie passed recently at a very grand old age. She was much loved and missed much.


    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Linda – you must be from Estherville – what a nice tribute for Cale to pass the hat! We’ve all said it was a super gesture. Yes, I know Hemingway’s story – that’s why Ernie is named Ernie – for Ernest Hemingway and then Joe Maurer for the Twins baseball catcher/first baseman who both use big mits! You didn’t give me this sweet little dish, did you? I wish I could remember – I’ve had it for many years.
      Still waiting to hear about funeral arrangements and if it will be held in our church or at the school possibly.

      1. Linda

        no, I didn’t give you the dish. I should have for all the time you spent helping me with that punch needle work. It is so pretty. I wonder where that last project is waiting to be picked up again.

  27. Teresa

    How sad for Cale’s family and friends. The shock and suddenness of his diagnosis and death would be absolutely heartbreaking.

    The living go on with a new normal. We have to rejoice in each day we are given.

  28. Jan VanDeWalle

    Prayers for Cale and family, so sad to have a young person pass. Cancer is a nasty disease!
    Love the little cat dish, hope you can glue it up and still enjoy it. I have never seen that pattern before. closed 7 ads today Chilly here todays but the sun is out so looks warmer 😉
    Jan in Oregon

  29. Susan K

    How heartbreaking for Cale’s family and friends. Prayers for all! That picture of Cale and his Mom just tugs at your heart for sure.
    That’s a lot of rainwater for the winter. It will save your plants and you having to haul water so it’s a good thing.
    My husband is working as fast as he can building a new greenhouse here. Unfortunately his parents are having a hard time right now so his time is limited. His dad is in memory care and is not sleeping at night which causes behavior problems and he tries to get out of bed and falls which caused a trip to the ER. Then his mom gets upset. And then she fell but luckily was only bruised. So a busy crazy week here.

  30. Jan from TN

    Sorry about your church family member, Cale. So you & so fast! Prayers for his Dad & family. My older brother was recently diagnosed with a brain tumor. It was removed 9/27 — a six hour surgery! 12 days later & we still don’t know if it was benign or malignant. So frustrating waiting. He’s already survived non-Hodgkins Lymphoma a few years back, as did my older sister. I think he’s had enough challenges in the last few years. He’s very active recreational pilot & we pray his tumor turns out to be benign & he can get on with his live! 🤞
    I was able to close 6 ads this evening.
    We finally got about 1/2″ of rain here in TN. Temps have finally cooled off too. And they’ll get even cooler next week. Just hate that it gets dark SOOOOO early in the fall! 😒

  31. Betty Klosterman

    That young man looked like the picture of health. Guess we just never know what is going to happen. His family and friends have to be crushed an the whole community.
    I don’t know if we had a Mendet kit when we lived on the farm or if it was something that Dad fixed up, but I don’t remember it having a little washer. The dishpan had the repair with a very tiny screw and a burr (?) that had to be 1/8″ across. We used it all the time, even in town. Don’t know what happened to it.
    With the sump pumps running nearly all the time, it would be nice if we could hold the water to use when there wasn’t any rain. If you can imagine, it is October and our grass is still green and we haven’t had to water. The trees are turning fast now and we are waiting for a bad blizzard that is starting in a couple hours with cold air. Tonight and tomorrow are supposed to be extreme conditions with snow, ice and lots of wind. I’ll just stay inside til it is over and then get out and shovel. In the meantime, I’ll sew and maybe make some cornbread! It’s headed your way but maybe will be over before it gets there.

  32. Earlene in Arixona

    Prayers for Cale and his family. The loss of a young man is so devastating. I was able to close 4 ads today. Hope you get some sleep tonight.

  33. Kate Schloemer

    I know what it’s like to not be able to sleep. I’m up very early and can’t sleep because of my sciatic nerve.
    I’m not getting pictures in your post.

  34. Shirley R Mann

    Praying for Cale’s family and friends. I know they are devastated. So very, very sorry.

  35. Ruth

    I have been missing your posts after the “Time Flies” post, as they don’t load when I go to your site. But today I went to the ARCHIVES on your site and clicked on October and the most recent ones loaded!! So I worked around my problem. Congratulations on preparing water for the quilt shop plants! Thank you for showing the Mendits/Mendets. So interesting!
    I’m in Maryland, and it is getting colder in the mornings. Still haven’t turned the heat on, but today might be the day. Thank you for blogging!

  36. Connie R,

    My heart breaks for Cale’s family. My prayers go out to the family after such a sudden and devastating loss.

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