Antique Pie Safe


When I was cleaning in my sewing room yesterday, I decided to move this old pie safe out to the garage. I’m thinking of painting it white. It has an interesting story. About 20 years ago during Garner Junk Days, I saw it sitting on the curb in my sister’s neighborhood. I enlisted her help to stand and guard it while I went home to get the pickup. It had been in someone’s wet basement because the back legs were completely rotted off. The front of the bottom was a lovely curved piece with a mouse hole chewed in the corner. I have used this to hold fabric ever since that day. I turned it upside down so that lovely curve is at the top and it didn’t matter that the back legs were gone. The shelves were nailed in, not loose so it worked great. Painted white I think it would look nice by my shiny black piano to store music. What do you think? I am enamored of painted white furniture right now. I even started a Pinterest board called white cupboards. Check it out and tell me what you think. Paint it or not?

13 thoughts on “Antique Pie Safe

  1. Dianne H.

    My thoughts would be to leave it natural wood but refinish it. My husband is a big fan of leaving wood natural and using a product (I can’t remember the name of it and he’s not home right now, so I can’t ask him.) he’s used for years, that brings out the rich beauty of the wood. We have several pieces that he has refinished that turned out beautifully, including his grandmother’s dining room table with six expansion leaves. I used to be a fan of painting wood and, in some cases, it’s still the best way to go, but during the fifty three years we have been married, he has made me a convert to refinishing wood. Something to consider when painting wood is how well will the wood “take” the paint. Some wood is easier to paint than others. I also agree with Pam K. about having new back legs made and flipping it right-side up.

  2. Fiona at Ice Bear Quilts

    Hi Mary,

    I say paint it too! I think white would look great: either glossy or a bit old fashioned and ‘distressed’, just the thing for sheet music.

    Regards Fiona.

  3. Pam Kottke

    I would consider having someone replace the missing legs and flip it right side-up. I really like the scalloped bottom and the flat top could serve as a shelf.

  4. Carole

    I’ll be the contrarian … as usual. I think that the white paint would highlight all the things that are not well with your treasure. But… you see it in person and know better what you’re dealing with. Years ago I bought a Jacobean style china cabinet at an antique auction and it looked atrocious in its natural stained state. I painted it an antiqued dark teal blue and it houses my Hummels and looks great. Bottom line is it’s your cabinet in your house – do what YOU think will be what’s right and will make you happy. Glad you sister stood guard; this was definitely worth picking up.

  5. Rose Mikulski

    Do whatever you want, it is so cool! Great idea to turn it upside down. I have an old antique humongous wood buffet with detached mirror sitting in my garage–I should tell Bill that I want it for my sewing studio now which is downstairs in the basement and it was you’re idea. ha ha.

  6. Holly

    It would look great painted white and piled with fabric. All the colors would really show off.

  7. Sue Davis

    Paint it! Your getting great advice Claudia and Karen. This will look beautiful when done.

  8. Claudia

    Paint it !! A nice white glossy paint will really spif it up !! It will give it a whole new life. I can see it swaying to the music…..

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