Anybody Got A Jellyroll?

Here’s a new idea for a jellyroll quilt.  It’s fast, easy, a nice size and looks great with straight line quilting.

I added 10 strips for a total of 50   2-1/2″ strips.

Divide strips into pairs and lay right sides together.

Stitch 2 strips together lengthwise.

Press open or to the dark strip.

Cut off the selvage and cut the remaining long strip into 4 equal pieces.  From the width of the strip minus the selvage you just trimmed off you should be able to cut 4 pieces 10″ or 10-1/4″ long.  Whatever your measurement, cut all your strips the same.

Sew 4 sections together.

For the first vertical row on the left, sew 4 rectangle blocks together.

Repeat for the second vertical row.  Then take off 3 strips at the bottom of the row and move to the top of the row to offset the second row from the first.  Refer to the photo.  Continue every other row.

The scraps in this bag are all that’s left of the jellyroll after I made my blocks.  Pretty efficient use of fabric, don’t you think?

Remember the Ernie Joe Mauer fabric from Ikea  that my friend Rose gave me?  I used it on the back – I just love it!

Here is a full picture of the quilt for layout purposes.  My jellyroll was by Denise Schmidt which included several solid color strips so I added 10 more solid strips.  The finished size of my block measured 9-3/4″ x 16-1/2″.  The fabrics were very bright and very graphic designs which looked great with solids.

I hope you’ll give this a try.  Let me know how you like it and send me a picture if you can.

P.S.  I got 4 blue ribbons and one red ribbon on my plants at the fair.  The night blooming cereus bloom opened about 6 hours after the judging was over – ha!

36 thoughts on “Anybody Got A Jellyroll?

  1. Ann

    I keep trying to sign up for emails but I keep getting an error notification. Is it possible for you to add me to you list ? Thank you.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Ann – I don’t think so. Try unsubscribing first – if you can! And then resubscribe. Otherwise you need somebody smarter than me – so sorry!

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  4. jennifer

    hello! have loved this pattern since I saw it, but didn’t start making it, since I have about a gazillion WIPs! but then: last Friday was my birthday, so I said- what the heck? I have a RWB jelly roll, and added some more strips. almost done- I LOVE LOVE LOVE it! ( I didn’t quite follow the direction, though. oops! totally not intentional. ) but it’s almost done, and I used all stash. so happy to have such a simple, but GREAT pattern- thanks! I plan on doing this one again with my kona solids rainbow JR, and adding some kona black to it. I think that will look stunning.

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  6. Robby H.

    I hopped over here from Jo’s Country Junction to look at this clever quilt. Yours is just as lovely as Jo’s. Thanks for sharing this terrific idea!

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  8. Danna

    I loved this pattern! I used a honeybun. It is a little crazy because there wasn’t solids in it. It turned out cute. I can’t get a pic to upload. I will do this again with a jelly roll.

  9. Louise

    Hey thanks for the jelly roll quilt pattern..I do have a few jelly rolls hanging out in my sewing room.
    That IKEA fabric is perfect on that quilt! Congrats on the Fair ribbons…

  10. Felicia Hamlin

    Love this quilt Mary, I love lots of color like this one. Congrats on your ribbons! If sometime I go by your house, could I get cutting from your Cereus Plant? You are a little far from me otherwise I will be visiting more often. Too bad the Cereus didn’t bloom when it should. Felicia

  11. Jane b.

    This is one I’m defiantly going to try. Have some bright strips which should work.

  12. patti leal

    as i was jotting down a short bit of directions, it crossed my mind that this would look great with novelty prints for kids. you’d have to cut four pieces of each fat so you’d get two blocks out of a group. still would work. i have a gazillion fat quarters and half yards of novelties. quick and easy way to use up those and still have quilts to give the kiddos also. thanks again. patti

    1. Patricia

      Thank you for that info!!
      I’m ‘Patti’ too, although my family calls me ‘Trish’.

  13. patti leal

    what a fantastic quilt. i love the whole concept, plus i have about a gazillion jelly rolls. i could become a chain sewing factory (but i won’t). congrats on the ribbons from the fair. sounds like your late flowering plant is like a child who won’t talk till everyone is gone. enjoy. patti in florida

  14. Sharon Geiger

    I am enjoying your blog. I hope you survived having so many dogs at your farm! We have cats…..lots of Cats! We live next door to a dairy farm so I think the cats hang out at both farms! I will have to try the jelly roll quilt some day. I have way too many unfinished quilts now!

  15. Heather k

    I love this ! I have several jelly rolls I had to have , just aging in my fabric because I have no idea what to do with them.

  16. Rose Mikulski

    I really love this quilt; perfect for the backing since it’s 60″ wide. You know I’m going to have to make one, the idea of offsetting the blocks is genius. And the straight line quilting is perfect to show off the quilt. I had to show the quilt to Bill who had given me the eye when I kept unrolling the yardage of Ernie fabric at Ikea and my response was “Mary is going to want some of this.” I’m glad you used it on your beautiful quilt, are we going to name it the Ernie Quilt?

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Rose – yes, I think we should call it the Ernie quilt. I had to trim off a sliver of the back because of the white selvage but you can’t tell that those edge blocks are a tiny bit smaller. Such a great quilt for a kid gift – not much time or money involved and yet a nice quilt. Tell Bill thank you for the great fabric – isn’t it just perfect?

  17. Launa

    Good for your plants winning ribbons in the fair, Mary!!!
    Do you ever enter any quilts? Thanks for the instructions for your Jelly Roll quilt; always nice to have a new creative idea for the strips.
    We’re COOLING off some today…the high this afternoon is only predicted to be 102 degrees.

    1. Patricia

      Are you in AZ? I’m in the far North end of Phoenix, and I never thought when we moved here 9 years ago that 102° in the summer would be such a blessed break!! As long as the humidity stays below 18%, we’re good!! 😁

  18. Cathie Braman

    Just love this quick quilt. Will have to look into jelly rolls – never used them. But this is
    just great!!!! Love it!!! Congratulations on the plants too.

  19. Ann Gupton

    Mary…congratulations on your ribbons!
    Love your quilt. Fun…bright colors!!!

  20. Beth T.

    Thanks for this! Its graphic look would make a great quilt for the guys on my list, but different fabrics would change it up and it would still be a lot of fun to make.

  21. Eleanor from RI

    Congratulations on all the ribbons. So glad that you were able to enter the plants at the fair. You did good!

    I had the midnight cereus many years ago. While I had it, it bloomed one time. It was amazing to watch. We moved and I now don’t have enough light for plants. So I gave it back and unfortunately, he left it out in the fall and the plant froze to death.

    Love your doggies. How nice that they all get along together.

  22. Donna Ondler

    Mary congrats on your ribbons and I love your quilt too and the backing is perfect. Great design and very few scraps. “You done good!” 😊👍😊

  23. Angie Rowland

    Congrats on your ribbons. I have a couple of jeyy rolls that this woud work GREAT. Thanks for the ideas.

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